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Thursday, September 29, 2005

flu flu flu..... i hate flu........ i cant breath, im totally wheezing 24 hours.... lol but i wud rather get it now than during SPM la.... so nvm, bear wif it 1st... =)

jus got 2 know d GOOD news yesterday.
d Hip hop Dance Results r OUT!!!!!! weehee!!!
cheewei, kelvin, chengchoo, lynn n i got DISTINCTION!!!!!!!!!! wahahaha.... freakin happie man!
i was so afraid, coz all of us were aiming 4 a distinction. sumore i 4gotten my last 8 counts, ended up doin my own freestyle pulak.... den din do my climax sumore...... so im very glad.... THank God!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!! (^.^)v

back to work again. ciaoz.

*sleepy, i think its d flu*
*i need motivation*
*God loves everyone!*
*huggz n kisses*

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

feelin kinda tired 2day..... fallin ill as well... im down with FluFluFlu!!!! my nose is blocked 2 d max....

no more school from 2day, so stayin home 2 study n going 2 d library in d afternoons. haihz... wat a routine....... i got my forecast results adi... did ok but not 2 good.oni a few As' n all credits...... >.<>

aja aja fighting! go go jia yiu!

*i hate havin flu*
*feeling sleepy*
*i need sum motivation*

Monday, September 26, 2005

ChengChoo, Cheewei, Kelv, lynnlynn n I had our dance exam yesterday at 'Dance V Me Academy'. finally it was d day of d HipHop exam... we're freakin nervous man... sumore we din practise mush dis week due 2 extra things 2 do..... so........

we arrived at Kelv's house at 4.15. each of us practised at least once while waitin for his dad 2 cum pick us up. six of us (plus his dad) sardined in2 d car n of we went..... we kinda lost our way, coz dere was sum probs wif d map..... anyway thank God we got dere oni 20 mins late...

as we stepped in 2 academy, within less then 2 mins, lynn was called 2 que 4 d exam... sumore dat time she wanted 2 go toilet.... wa... really a rush. lynn went in 1st, then Kelv, then me...... i was kinda ok.... i think my starting was good n facial was ok..... then towards d last 8 steps, suddenly i blanked out. Luckily dat part was a freestyle......... but i din get 2 do my flip n scale/scorpion. =( dat last part was d climax n i din get 2 do sumthing unusual.... coz most of d people posed on d ground..... n i din noe y, but i did dat 2!!! hiahz................ i knew i cud do beta.... but nvm..... -.- at least i covered up......... i'll try harder d next time.... i was aiming 4 a distiction, but now......... i dunno n i hv no idea wat will i get.

after me was cheewei den chengchoo. all of us r actually qualified 2 pass, gettin a distiction? no 1 knows... we'll jus hv 2 pray n hope 4 d best. d results r cuming out in a month's time. den d certs will b presented in a convocation nite... =) i cant wait!

after d exam, Kelv's dad came n picked us up. den lynnlynn brought us 2 KFC 2 'celebrate' our 'finished exam'. we ate n chat 4 a very long time.... its been a long time since me n lynn sat down n really tok 2 these bunch of hyped up ppl. after KFC, we pulak went 2 Mc'ds 2 eat sundae (chicken fats!!!) tok n tok oni la... ^.^

half way through d conversation, sum1 called n hp, it sounded like tracey. n she sounded like she cried. she said dat she wanted 2 speak 2 Bradley. den i was like : huh? Bradley? im not hangin out wif him, n i haven been hangin out wif him 4 a VERY VERY long time (actually, we din even went out b4) she kept quiet n she was like ok. den she put down d fon. at 1st i was like.... haha... its Karma..... then i felt this lil nudge in me. i felt kinda sad n pityful towards her.... come 2 think bout it, she n Brad r actually Victims towards each other.... n she jus 2 young 2 noe how 2 react towards their problems. i felt like callin her back 2 ask how is she n whether she was ok.... but i was afraid dat she'll misunderstand so i did'nt. i hope she n him will b fine n i hope dat God touch her through her problems...

anyway, after Mc'Ds lynnlynn fetched every1 home... by d time we reached home was about 11pm. den we had our sweet dreams.

dis mornin woke up at 8.15, studied Science n Moral in d mornin n jus now i went through my test papers..... hiahz.. all those dumb mistakes! i hope i will learn from mistakes n do well during d real thing. newayz... ciao! back 2 work!

*sumthing in my heart, is burnin like a fire, i wana live 4 U, my God*
*feelin a lil sick, sore throat n blocked nose*
*my face is evolving in2 a pizza*

we're dere at 'Dance V Me Academy'. jus finished our dance exam...... lynnlynn, moi, kelv, cheewei, chengchoo......... n back dere.... dat tall guy, wif d cap. he's from d twisties advertisment! d 1 wif d afro hair..... gosh... his cute.... LOL

Cheewei very happy 2 hv all of us around him huh... nah... his use 2 it adi.... =) we were very nervous............ so we decided 2 syoki syok a while.....

b4 dance exam at Kelvin'z house.... ahaha... hiphop exam.. but d ppl all aso act cool oni... heheehehe..... wa... Kel very 'yeng'..... *cough* LOL

yea... we shudden b puttin dis pic in... but i jus wanna show u guyz how 'creative' sum ppl might b.... tokin bout extra CRAZZYness..... :p

ok we went 2 Mc'Ds... n since exam is over... sum ppl dat we noe jus went nutz....... dis is very BAD 4 KIDS!!

lucky boi jus loves sittin around... his gettin old tho.... but his still a cutie pie.. :)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

dis week has been kinda sucky... well im jus so freakin angry wif those 'mou liu' ppl. cant dey jus stop all dis kinda nonsence? wake up man! y do u ppl hv 2 invade ppl's life?get ur own! AgRH!!

i din go skool on Monday. well so wat does it hv 2 do wif u ppl? my problem la... i wana study at home canot ke? hu gav u d rights 2 even say those kinda words?! buzz off ok! stupid! n u call urself a guy? ugh.. (MWW) u r disgusting

tuesday i went 2 d library. on d way back, i met sum old frens from other skools. den dey told me dat dey heard bout me n (SYC)'s fight. WAT? me n her fight? since when? wat d heck r these ppl tokin about? wat does this whole problem hv 2 do wif (SYC)? ARgH!!!!! wats her problem?

i really dunno wat 2 do... i feel so annoyed. its like all d blames r on me.... y? y? y? especially when i hv nuthing 2 do wif it.... NIL! y cant dey just leave me alone? n buzz off! crap la....... wats their problem.... >=(

well at least ytd was abit brighter den d other days. after skool we had our seminar..... den went 4 a American Education Fair at KL Central Meridian Hotel ( i think). got lots of cool info n im really excited. i hope everything goes according 2 plans...... just dat d Universities r really costly.... hmm... go dere aso hv 2 work n study.. but its ok. =) i dun mind.

din go skool 2day. studyin Sejarah Bab9.

*peace out*
*i believe in Karma!*
*sleepy head*

Monday, September 19, 2005

i din go skool 2day...... stay home n study... 2day i was quite productive...=)

haihz.... i dunno wats d tracy's problem la.... im so angry n pissed wif her.... nuthing 2 do wan... she n shiyin go look 4 ppl 2 cari gaduh wif me..... hiahz... i got nuthing 2 say..... i jus hope dat God will Bless dem.....n wake dem up from their 'sleep'.

ytd after church, we missused d new dancing room at church.... woohoo.... =) finally! after dat me, lynn, Kelv n d other Sidewayz Crew went pyramid 4 lunch n a movie. we had Kim Gary.. n khee wah paid d RM 150 bill.... its alot of $$$ n he's really nuts 2 do dat..... anyway.... thanx again ok! next tim is our turn! (^.^) after dat, we went 2 watch 'She's on Duty'.d show was kinda good....lol. got 1 part where sum of us freaked out... 4 nuthing... LOL. yea its like my 1st show in about maybe 5 months.... so its was sumthing diff dat day.

*hoping 4 d beta*
*wishing 4 d best*
*giving God d Glory*
*praising Him 4 d rest*

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

wa... i tot dat trials wud end ytd... manatau.. 2 day sumore gave 1 sudden exam.... BM1 & 2... hmmm... i think ok kua... but d peribahasa i dunno la... dat 1 i alwiz dunnowan.... sad case wei... but now.. at least its over......... woohoooo!! 5 weeks of examz over!!!!! but 2bad SPM is still not.... so.. still hv 2 study...... later goin 2 library

yay... tmr im gonna fill in my leaving skool cert! i cant wait.... :) hmmmm... tmr sumore givin out SPM timetable... hiahz.... d stupid govement go change aso i dunno 4 wat... lazy bums la... drag until SPM so freakin long.

newayz... gtg......

*relieved dat test is over*

Sunday, September 11, 2005

one of d showhouses wif a cute gazebo!

dis is lynn's fav pic.... its me n my crazzy frog brothers! dey sure do look like me man! lol! croak*

d pool, wif a lil waterfall at d side..... loooks very nice huh...

outside d semi-Ds. even d road 2 d houses look so, diff.... it feels like im at a resort af sumthing

yupz, its us again! sistas will alwiz be crazzy sistas.... luv u lynnlynn! muaxiez!

mum n dad on d way back 2 d office of 'Setia Eco Park'

dis room is very sweet..... like d bed colour n d back ground...

ok, dad is being really hyper dat day... wat 2 do, beautiful dream houses all around us.... all aso jakun adi! anywayz, check out d lights behind dad.... FUNKY RITE!! even d stairs' railing is already funky...... i so love d lights! ;)

another beautiful picture in one of d houses... i dunno how 2 discribe d pic, its jus so funky n cute!

rite.... heres d JAKUN being totally cheeky n crazy... wat 2 do, she has fallen in love wif d room.

dis is d best man! my future house MUST have a room like dat... a music room! wif drums, keyboard, guitars, violins, a cool personal minus 1 system........... n loads more.... i'll b woeking toward dat beautiful dream man!

yea man... dis is my room! ahha... no la.... my room has gotta b more funky... but i luv d pic thou.....:)

ok dis room is nice... simple but outstanding.... i LOVE d pic dere! so funky yet classy.

lynnlynn n her future bedroom.... :) dis room is not dat speacial btw.... we jus SS oni.. lol

in d pond. water plants, lil fishies.... n lynnlynn lookin so small n cutie.. lol....

one push n i'll drop in! so nice...so nice..so nice.... my saliva cumin out adi la....

deres a lil pond behind/beside me..... d place is jus so....... nature-ish :)

one of d gazeboes from d houses..... mummy look so adorable.... manjanya... hahaha.....lol ;P

a jakuzi dats connected 2 nature... well dis is like d most cool toilet u can c in town... but its not dat logical....later bathing half way den ppl climb in from outside..... lol :)

ohaiyogozaimas! watashiwa suelynn des. lynnlynn is lurving her sofa/chair/mini bed.

ok dis room is my fav part of d house! 'our' own personal gym! d mirors makes d room looks so big!

another of d living room.. or mayb d family room. oh, wats d diff..... its jus so NICE!

lurving d gardens... 2 beautiful 2 resist. oni things is dat d person over dere syok sendiri oni... lol

dis is another of d living rooms... d antique style thou.... but its nice rite! :)

dad is enjoying himself in his 'study room' woohoo...... chun man...

at 1 of d living rooms wif lynnlynnn... its really a nice house! huggiez!

wahaha...lol... posing sumore... :) dis is d dining room... n a very nice wall over dere..!
woke up very late 2day, coz got no exam so no skoool .... but i still feel so sleepy... i dunno la... dis few days macam no energy oni wan... hmmm.... im gettin old. lol.

ytd we went 2 Setia Alam Eco Park 4 a free family potrait....so after dat we went 2 look at d showhouses..... n d houses were.... FUYOH!!!!! marverlouso! stupendous! eccellente! check out d pic below..... u'll really drool!

newayz, moral exam tmr........( my worst subject) so GTG! :) hv fun laughing at d shoy sendiri pics! lol...


really nice garden dere.... aikz... got 2 wheelbarrows at d left eh...

dad n mum...at d gazebo... ahah... we're already pretendin dat d hse is ours... lol

ne n lynnlynn outside of one of d showhouses... i mean our 'dream bungalows'/.. fuyoh!! d place dem chun!

moi beside d pool... saddness.... cant c d whole pool.. but seriously.... its d most cool pool i've eva seen!

me n lynnlynn on our way 2 'd valley of dreams' check out d eye bags... its due 2 lack of sleep... -.-

Friday, September 09, 2005

i kena whacked 2day at skool.....
sounds weird n impossible, but yea... it happened... n i m really blur n pissed bout it.

i was eating wif my frens, when suddenly Brad n Trac started fighting.... every1 stone la.... she whack him den he whack her.... well its a really weird sight 2 c, coz u dun c ppl d opposite sex fighting...

dunno y n suddenly she yelled f**king b***h den she came n punched me a few times on my back..... seriously i was dem darn shocked. wat d heck? wat did i do....?! suddenly involve me wan? den d guys pulled her back.. n tried 2 stop d fight between her n Brad. i felt so insulted n weird, i din do anything..not even stared at her... 4 wat? dey break up their problem la... wat does it hv 2 do wif me? if other ppl think dat deres sumthing goin on between me n Brad... get a life! im not interested...... i hv so many other beta things 2 do den 2 get involved wif any1, sumore at dis time of d yr...... stupid stupid stupid! AgRh!

1 thing dat i felt proud, at d same time stupid about, is bout me not fighting back... well, not fighting back makes me look like im in d wrong, n dat im easily bullied... well, i dun care wat other ppl think bout me n say... u cant please every1 in d world anyway. all i noe is dat i did not do anything wrong n dat i've got nuthing 2 do wif dat crazy person. on d other hand, wat i felt proud about was dat i think i did d rite thing, by not responding 2 dis kinda person (4 wat?!) if i stand up n whack her back, im in d wrong also rite?! so wat 4? waste time n energy. im not as childish. GET A LIFE!

think of ur future.... thinks r not gonna b as simple n ez when u go out 2 d real world! think if u bcum 'tai ko' n 'tai ka che' can let u hv ur way so easily? no way man! dats y those ppl NEVER succeed in life!

newayz, after reccess i got back 2 class n had my Math paper... gosh... dis time's test was really hard, siumore after dat shocking incident dat happened. managed 2 finish 2 paper anyway. den we had our pizza party. we were awarded 2 most patriotic class, so d skool belanja us makan. den i teman my fren 2 d MPT5 audition. well, i noe she'll pass... i hv confidence in her. =) huggz Aqma!

*peace out*
*smell d cup of coffee*

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

d exam season is too long.... its not oni killin me,,,, its reallly killin all of us.... 5 weeks!!! omg.... i cant take it anymore... >.<>

i oni got a B 4 Math..... =( n i also din very badly 4 science... i feel so dem darn disappointed!!!! sumore econz...., perdagangan..... hiahz....... i really dunno wat 2 do.. i feel so tensed up n irritated......

goin 2 library now.... study........... i cant wait 4 it 2 end!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

feelin very tired 2day althou i woke up at 8.15.... it was a goodnite tho...
at home alone now... i'm actually feelin really scared n worried.
few weeks ago, sum weird guy (suspected loan shark) (confirm bad guy) called my house n said he wanna speak 2 Mr.Lim (dat person does'nt even exist ere!) me n my mum told him dat deres no such person ere... den he got dem pissed n cursed on d fon.... den few days later, he called again....

ytd, bout 7.30, a man on a motorbike came 2 my hse n rang d door bell 4 about 10mins.... i was really scared coz.... well i dunno how 2 explain la... i was afraid he wud climb in n break in d hse or sumthing.... sumore i tried callin lynn n mum.. but both of their fons were engaged... den i call my dad n he said dat he's still at office.... tell u i was scared out of my guts....

i really hope dat no weird person wud cum or call again... its reallly freaky. even if im at home alone ( like now) i'll get freaked out everytime i hear weird sounds outside d hse...... haihz.....

d oni thing i can do now is hope n pray dat God wud protect d house n my family......

Monday, September 05, 2005

im so darn sick n tired of studyin rite now.... i reall really really hope dat dis stupid exam wud end soon! tokin bout end... it has not even started! AgRh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so stressed la... i jus feel like dumpin everything n take a very very very long nap.... mayb wake up like next yr?? haihz..........

exam 2day sucks.... i was so freakin tired until i 4gotten 2 do 1 question... d least i can do is tembak rite.... haihz.... stupid stupid stupid me.....! AgRh!!!!! sumore math teacher told me i din do really well 4 my math... sumore u put so much hope in d subject. haihz... >.<>

dis Friday is d audition 4 MPT5 & 6. hmmm. i still dunno wat song 2 sing... i dun even noe whether i wanna go anot..... but teacher said i must sing.... hmmm... actually i dun mind.. its jus dat i hv no1 2 play 4 me... den i hv 2 sing n play at d same time... its not a big prob... but i feel so weird! sumore im not singing any norm song... im gonna sing those 'auntie auntie' song... >.<>

my watch broke 2day... my precious adidas watch... ='( suddenly oni..... haihz... dis few days arent good 4 me...... i jus feel so down, depressed n stressed.