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Monday, October 31, 2005

well, well, well......... its exactly 2 more weeks 2 SPM!!! feelin nervours... i dreamt of myself takin exam ytd nite.... n boi i was definitely a NITEMARE..... i dreamt i was late 4 d exam!! gosh... how cud it b! haihz..... i hope everything will go on well, n d things dat i've read will go in my coconut.

well, last Friday was 1 of d most interesting days 4 me. it was our skool's graduation 4 fm 5 n 6. n yea.... a group of us were required 2 perform.... turn out well.... towards d end of d graduation, we lead d crowd 2 sing 'auld lang syne' gosh..... i felt so........(i dunno how 2 explain) happie dat im graduating n sad dat im actually leaving..... so soon! d lyrics of dat song n 'graduation,frens 4eva' spoke 2 me..... sum how.... theres dis lil voice in me dat keeps on tellin me 2 tok 2 ShiYin, my long lost bestfren. but i din.... after d graduation, all of us arranged d tables 2 get ready 4 d big day. till now im wondering.... Y DIDNT I BRING MY CAM!!!! took lots of photos.... but i dun even noe hu 2 claim d photos from.... lol... nvm.

after skool while i was walkin out wif my frens, i bucked out sum guts 2 go tok 2 shiyin. we were actually like err...... errr......... (we din really noe wat 2 say, coz dere were so many misunderstandings, miscommunications n rumours dat spreaded round d skool) den we jus kept tokin n tellin out wat happened n wat we felt dat time..... den TA-DA!!!!! everything became fine!!!! yay!!! after 1 yr of not tokin 2 her....... =) feelin happie

-thx GOD-

Thursday, October 27, 2005

hehhee.... tot dat i wudden hv time 2 cum on9 but..... k la.... jus came 4 a while.... =)

oh welll, IM GRADUATING TMR!!! WEEEEHHHHEEEEE* im happy, but sad in a way... im jus so excited 4 wats cumin on in life! oh well, tmr is d last day of skool till SPM.... out of nowhere, Pn ANG asked a few of us 2 sing 'GRADUATION (frens 4eva)' haha.. its so not me.... its like lil rappin.... hahhaa... but no bad.... perform jus 4 d fun of it! cant wait ! =)

gosh, after lookin at d pics dat KeeTz posted on his blog.............. gosh......... aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh................ i feel so like screamin!!! I WANNA GO!!! ITS MY DREAM!

Hiram College from U.S sent me info bout Theater Arts 2day. hmmm.... i dunnno which 2 decide... im mean obviously i wanna go NY.uni n University of Michigan but its very expensive..... plus living cost n all.... >.<>

well, 4 d next few days, its gonna b intensive 4 me.....
-Thursday: 3 hours of Math classes
-Friday: 4 hours of Math classes
- Saturday: 8 hours of seminar for 4 subjects.....

mum's b'day is cumin..... haihz.. n its 1 day b4 SPM...... wat can i do 4 her? thinkin*
newayz, have u guys heard Il Divo's songs? goodness! listen 2 it! n u'll melt! they sound like 4 Josh Grobans!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which make things beta n beta!

*havin mixed feelings- happy, sad, hyped-up,jus feelin weird*
*aja aja fightin!*

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

sumthing is wrong..... im tired even if i wake up at 8! hmmmm..... i gotta start waking up early, in case i feel sleepy on d big day.... scared la..... hmmmm, i went 2 skool 2day after 1 week of self study at home. guess wat, oni 4 ppl in my class (plus me) came. well well, gosh... really regreted goin 2 skool, cud hv been more productive at home. but at least i got my economi n commerce exam paper. i got A!!!!!! yay!! i feel so happie!!!! heheehehhe =) if oni it was SPM n Trials.... i oni got a B 4 my econs n commerce 2 trials, how sad.... >.<>

dis will probably my last post until after SPM... so Pray 4 me ya!!! wish me luck! =)

Thursday, October 20, 2005

hmmm.... jus edited my blog skin..... different kind of concept...so take a look at it n tell me wat do u think bout it ok! =)

well, 2day i feel more awake... thk God..... mayb its becoz of a mornin prayer dat i made... wish is 2 b awake...... anyhow, anyway.. it is workin la... so praise God XD
hope 2day will b a productive day, im goin on 2 so Sejarah so hope wateva i study will go in la... =)

*nice weather*
*study hard gurl*
*24 more days 2 SPM*

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

fuyoh!!! freakin sleepy 2day...... woke up at 8 den started studying..... but half way through nodded of a lil.... >.<
oh well baxk 2 my granma story...... =) Sunday was a baptismal service. well n Lynn was suppose 2 play d Piano n I was suppose 2 sing.... everything went quite well on dat day... anyway, i was my 1st time seeing ppl get baptised in dat place, so it was sumthin diff. n Fermand was Giler semangated!!!!! fuyoh!!!!!!!!!

ytd went 2 skool, n had moral n geo test. everything was goin on well. except dat i was very sleepy n i dunno y... it has been like dat 4 weeks... so i spent my whole recess sleeping in class.... =) yea... it was a good nap. ^.^

ok dis r d 10 reasons y i say dat i put on ALOT of weight.

1. i can fit in2 Lynn's Jeans!!
2. Lynn's jeans actually feels tight 4 me. >.<
3. i can't fit in2 my own jeans without complainin dat its tight.
4. i hv guy frens callin me FAT GURL. note dat guys seldom comment unless its obvious. also take notice of d s in frens
5. mum is callin me 'yuan yuan' translate: round round -.-
6. obviously d weighing machine says so!
7. i've been eating alot of Junk lately X(
8. dis is d cause of d ^study, eat, sleep^ routine!
9. i havnt been doin any excersize 4 d past few months already.
10.note dat my face has changed it's shape, from oval 2 egg....... eggie eggie

congrates YenN u gotta do sumthing bout it...... but wat? im turnin in2 an eating monster.... in other words, a rubbish bin... -.-

*fat pimply pizza*
*study hard gurl*
*aja aja fighting!*

Monday, October 17, 2005

ok.... dis will b quite long coz deres so many things 2 write about!

firstly, d kinderworld concert 2005 was held last Saturday at prime college auditorium. n also it was my 1st time handling d kids during concert. normally i'll b in charge of d sound system. so we got dere at like bout 4.30 n started preparing d decorating d stage wif flowers.... as u can c from d concert pics. later me n lynn went down 2 Mc D's 2 bungkus 19 sets of value meals.... yup, n carried it all by ourselfs up 2 d 4th floor auditorium. as soon as we reach dere (which was about 5.30) parents n kids begin 2 fill up d hall. (well dey r suppose 2 cum at 6) in a way its good coz we can prepare earlier, but it was kinda rushy tho.. coz all of d teachers including us haven had our dinner... oh well, soon it started n i was incharge of d kids at Putra Heights. (Lynn's students)

well, i had 2 help them wif their make-up n hair. d worse part was Lynn 4gotten d make up set, n we cudden take d USJ2's makeup set coz dey had 2 use it as well, so i had 2 run all d way 2 d end of d back stage n colour my fingers wif red blusher n run all d way back 2 the other end... so i did that like as many rounds as d kids im suppose to help put on make up... it was tiring... >.<>

-ok dats for d concert-
kinda bz now... so i'll hv 2 continue my granma story tmr.... catcha later!*

b4 the service start. from d right, me, steph, eryn, michelle, lynnie..... all in blue

after d whole baptismal service....wat 2 do sidewayz r crazzy!!! yea man! i like it! ;p me, eric, cax, jon in between cax n kelv, iain, lynn........

d line was freakin long!! so chattin is our entertainment...... rite lynn?

ppl eating!!! yea.... n we oni ate nasi kua instead of nasi lemak....... so oni rice n sambal... but its ok.....=)

Sunday, October 16, 2005

me & mum....... as usual, mum will look a quite stressed after concerts

back at home... when everything is finally Finished!!! wooohoooo*

drama........ The Frog Prince.

so long farewell, auf wei der shen gOOdbYe!

yeas...... dey r flexi-kids 2!

SPIDER boys.....


TanGo any1?

go 2 sleep me pretty eyes, dreams comes soon.......

RocK & RoLL...... i luv their attire...... its all StarZ!!!

10 lil indian bois

okok these cuTe kids r d tiniest tots u've ever seen!!! n yeas dey can shake!

sum chinese dance dat i dunno how 2 translate

lil 3 yr old cheerleaders wif pomponz!

back from d concert. everything went well... but dad is hungry... so as a good daughter 'ehem' i make MagGie Mee 4 him! lol.... perasaannya*

-KinDerWorld ConceRt & GraduaTion 2005-

Friday, October 14, 2005

d whole of VuLcanZ.
from top left: Jeremy, WeeYong, ZhenWei, Tharma, Jon, YiPing, Kelvin, FuHun, Sebas, KheenHo, JunKang.

middle left :Billy, Natasha, Mitra, Muffin, Deanna, JingYi, JoLing, LizZhi, Bernice, Amira, Sofia, Jasmine, JiaWei.

bottom left:YikPeng, Denice, CheeWei, PnChong, PnZaleha, PnWang, PnChen, Yenn, ChengChoo n WaiHo

hmmmm.... i think im gettin sick la.... dunno y.... havin a slight sore throat.... hmmm... plz plz i hope not... >.<>

later goin 2 church 2 use d dance room!! weehee!!!!! i like ta move it, move it. i like ta MOVE IT!! finally gonna b normal n move around.... seriously found out dat im slightly over weight....hehe.... pai se..pai se... i really gotta do sumthing bout it!!!! hmmmm.... mayb i shud try fasting.... like d muslims..... =)

*positive thinkin wun let u do anything but it'll let u do everythin better den negative thinkin will*

-VulcanZ-all gurlz- look carefully, u'll spot a bimbo wearing red socks....... ;p y? y? y? do u hv 2 do that?

hmmm...... yeap.... those were d days when we were forced 2 practice at d field... nobody wanted us... until we got d best newcomer title......... so yea... keep it up!! win more 2 build our own Gym!!!!!! =)

eh.... no big-V pic..... but this was d good old days.... (where im slightly brave enuff 2 fly.......) wat 2 do 'chicken shit' haha..... check out all d old lookin faces..... compare them 2 now.... obviously we look better these days.... ahahha..... perasaan!! im in d middle!!!! =)

d evolved big-V it was'nt like dat d last time thou....... naik pangkat adi.... wana compare d old wan? hehe....

-VULCANZ- 2 small 2 name d ppl but definitely can c me coz im wearing d blur pants on d A! =) long live d Vulcanianz! muaxiez n Huggiez!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

hmm.... i've been thinkin about holidays, i mean since i've been stickin my nose into books 4 like EVERY SINGLE DAY... so im like thinkin 2 myself.... gosh when can i hv my break? i wan a holiday! hmm... sumore kT went 2 Canada/US adi.... so im like thinkin d next time i'll b overseas is when i go 2 study... n its 4 long term... im really missin holidays....

recently a kid's parent from mum's kindie passed away... oMg.. imagine losing ur dad or mum when u r like 5. dat is d saddest thing! the single mum told my mum bout d news while crying... n it was really sad 2 hear.... i mean dat parent is still young n out of nowhere he died of heart attack.... dats bad.... d world is really changing. last time ppl die of heart attack when dey r like mostly old... n now.. gosh... its so scary.

mum is holding her kindie concert dis Saturday evening/nite at Prime College Summit. so i'll b helpin out... for d 1st time dealin wif d kids during concert. coz normally i'll handle the music in d PA room.... so hmmm.... hope d kids r good n well behaved on dat day... =) really hope d performances wud not b boring 2 d parents n i hope all d kids do their thing well n none of them wud get stage fright. n mostly.... i hope d parents wud do their part by being co-operative. well hv faith.. God will Bless it. ^.^

i've just spoken 2 a consultant from Taylor's college about the American Degree Transfer Program. I'm still undecided whether i wana do it at Taylor's or Inti... so hmmm i hope i'll get more info bout it... if any1 wud recommend 2 me which is better.... plz do... thx ya!

exam 2day was ok.... if oni dis econs paper was my trials paper..... i wud hv prettier marks on my forecast results....but ok la....

*while most r dreamin of success, winners wake up and work hard 2 achieve it*
*more motivated, but still needin it*
*Jesus loves everyone on d planet*

Monday, October 10, 2005

kinda tired 2day again....... woke up at 6.15 den went 2 help mum at d kindi 4 their full dress concert rehearsal....... it was so tiring.... basically coz d kids in d class dat i took care of.. got abit of problem wan.... i mean no offence la... but mmg got la....... one kids is hyper, one is violent, one is erm...... a lil down syndrome, 1 is erm...... lil siao siao wan...... hmmmmm i really pity dem la..... may God bless dem n b wif dem....

im havin exam on dis Weds till next week...... gosh, how many exams wud dey wanna giv? oh well, i plan 2 jus go 2 skool n jus do it.......screw it la.... jus try my best oni.......

*Jesus loVes U*
*fat pimply pizza, yum*

Friday, October 07, 2005

im so tired 2day.... dunno y.
i think im breakin in2 pieces.......... >.<
cudden study much 2day........ how hopeless of me..... i desperately need motivation....... any help any1????
later goin 2 mis-use d dance floor at church.... YIPPEEEEE!!!!!!

*i need sum help ere!!!!!!! wake up sleepy head!!!*
*do u noe how does a fat pimply pizza looks like?*
*wat lies behind us & wat lies before us r tiny matters compared 2 wat lies within us*

Thursday, October 06, 2005

really tired now....... woke up in d mornin ate my koko krunch den study...........
den went 2 cook my lunch. no vege, no nuthing... but lazy 2 go out 2 makan, so made cream of chicken (campbell) egg & cheese..... well turn out 2 b quite satisfying after all.... =)
study again............... slept a lil while........ study den on9...... i think im turnin in2 a Zombie.... n i really dun like dis stupid lifestyle!

*i desperately need motivation*
*im gettin really fat n pimply*

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

still down wif flu..... dunno how long it'll last... pray 4 me ya. =) thx...
i need motivation..... i feel so dead....... lifeless.
doin d same thing everyday is really drivin me nutz.
thank God dere is internet, my 1 n oni entertainment........... sad but true.

dis is sumthing for a long lost beloved Gurlfren of mine.....

That was the day, when i first met you,
It was the day, my life came true,
I remembered the way u smiled,
The things we did, really made us go wild.
We we're evrywhere together, the school, the field,
Our friendship went really far, it was very real.
We would spend our time singin and chattin,
So mUch time together dat was really our thing.
We would share our joy, sorrow n fears,
Yet we hung close together all through these years.
So many memories together we made,
memories of nonsence dat made me felt great.
But there came a day our friendship ended,
That was the day, ouw war really started.
For some reasons we bitched and fought
We hated each other, although its was not our fault.
The fact is that people change, and we're one of them,
We have huge egos, and we wanted to pretend.
Truthfully inside me hurts so much and im so sorry
I want you back, i want to share those burdens you use to carry.
It has been more than a year not talking to you my friend,
And i miss you so much, i dont know since when it begin.
If only we could talk again and still be friends
I'm willing to do anything to make our friendship mend.

dedicated to: SCSY

oh well, gotta get back 2 study..... tata

*God Loves everyOne, no matter how bad u r*
*i need tons of MOTIVATION!!!!!!!*
*STUDY study study study.......... i feel like a low down clown~