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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

i sprent d whole day 2 day relaxing..... aaahhhhhhhhh...... haven felt so relaxed in a LONG time...=) SPM is 9/10 done.. oni 1 more paper 2 go... hmm i dunno wat 2 read la.... nuthing 2 read i guess? =)


Monday, November 28, 2005

Yay!!!!!!! im finally finally finally........ not really free.... but 9/10 free hehehe... =) jus so happy dat i hv no more READING SUBJECTS..... =) 2 day is another of my break day. economy was good.. jus hope i din do any of those dumb 'not suppose 2 do' mistakes... =) may God bless those papers..=) HA!

one more EST 2 go.... actually im kinda worried 4 it coz i dun have a class 4 dat subject coz i took dat as n extra.. so jus hope everything wud b d usual wan..=)

dis friday is d HIGH PRAISE yay!!! finally!! woohoooo..... dat day will b d MAXIMUM FREEDOM!!!!!!!! wahahaha.... im so excited i cant wait... i think im goin kuku... =P

*continue 2 pray 4 those hu r takin exams..*
+God is GOOD, all d time+
+All d time, God is GOOD+

Friday, November 25, 2005

aaahhh...... finally dis week is GONE!!! i feel so relieved coz i manage 2 pull through d 4 subjects..=) HA!
waa.... SPM not even over, but i've got plannings adi!! ahahha im so excited!! i cant WAIT!!!!!
here is a rough schedule dat i'm plannin after SPM...welll, if everything goes on wellll.... ngek ngek.. =p

tonight: dinner wif dad's pals at sunway pyramid! its been a LONG time since i stepped in2 a mall. =)
2nd Dec ( right after EST paper): high praise at FGA USJ!!!! =)
3rd Dec: last minute shoppin spree wif Shiyin, teman her go get her prom stuff.
7th Dec: goin 2 SJ prom wif Shiyin n Kimhan.
8th Dec: goin 2 our own skool prom wif Wayne n d bunch of Nuttiez! =)
11th-12th: goin 2 A' Famosa wif family n relatives. (i haven been 2 d wate theme park4 a LONG time!
25th Dec: a trip 2 Singapore! goin dere for 2 nites
28th Dec: goin 2 Kuching 4 holiday ( i dunno go dere do wat aso... lol)
1st Jan: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!
3rd Jan: start college at Taylors 4 American Degree Program.

waa..... deres so many thing 4 me 2 do next yr.... n i'll hv 2 rush things due 2 d limited time i hv.... jus hope dat i can keep up wif it la.

*continue praying*
*thank u guys 4 ur prayers..... *
*staying positive is d key 2 happiness*

Monday, November 21, 2005

im feelin really stressful.......... i feel like im gonna collaspe anytime.not physically but mentally. mayb cuz i totally 4gotten everything, so reading n revising again is crappy.... hiahz.... i jus feel so akward!

ytd nite my fren called n asked my wat r d important chapters 4 commerce.yea, 2 my surprise he doesnt hv a fm 4 text book nor any fm 4 book 2 read.... goodness gracious me... n dats like a few hours b4 d exam.... omg. im speechless. newayz, i gave him like an hour plus of tuition through my hp.so i cant imagine how much will his bill b la... seriously teachin sum1 last minute is so NOT ez....coz dere was so much 4 cover! especially through d fon! after i hang up, i felt so stress n tired... i dunno y...dat nite, i woke up half way, cried, den went back 4 sleep. i dunno y! n its oni commerce! i dunno wats wrong wif me...i need peace.

*continue 2 pray 4 those hu r havin exams*
*tired n feel like giving up N BURNIN BOOKZ*

Friday, November 18, 2005

im feelin really tired...even after sleepin more den usual.... >.<
i cudden concentrade n eventhough i kept on readin, nuthing went in2 my coconut.... plz pray 4 me k.... i really need it.. thx.

*HiGh pRaIsE at FGA USJ on d 2nd December (right after EST paper...so no excuse 2 not go ya!) for any info log on 2 www.ushz.blogspot.com.

anyway, from now on i wun post pics in dis blog anymore... coz its very blur 2 c pics in dis blog. so 2 check 4 any updated picz, plz go 2 my linkiez at d right. look 4 *YenN'z piCz*. its d 1st link ya... or jus log on 2 www.yennzpic.blogspot.com. sorry 4 d trouble....ya (^.^)

*please pray 4 those hu r takin their exams*
*pray 4 health 2*

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

math was coollll!!! =) im so hhapy wif it... jus gotta trust God now n how 4 d best! yippeee!!! XD
i will b havin a short lil break.... no more exams dis week.... so gotta get ready 4 d next challenge. thk God... at least dey let us BREATH.... =)

"waaa...... sueyenn, wat happen 2 ur face?? all pimple adi arrr....", says Candice/
"haha..... look at dat yenney's face... 2 stress adi isit? wakakakaka.......:, says Alphaeus.
"tsk tsk tsk.... look at u la.... al d pimples cumin out adi..... wat happen la...", says Nigel.

*plz continue 2 pray 4 those hu r takin SPM n STPM*
*sleepy pimply doink*

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

jus came back from doin d Sejarah paper.... since tmr is math i decided 2 'rest' awhile.... oh well...
sejarah sux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all d spotted question din come out! so much 4 maritim, agraria, malayan union........ wat came out? ROM...... worse part was during da break, i went 2 library 2 study... n i met my sejarah teacher..... she actually told me 2 read ROM..... n i jus went through it.... im SUCH A DUMB DOINK COCONUT!!!! y din i take it seriously......y...y.... argh~

*i desperately need prayers...*
*please keep all FM 5 students in ur prayers... no matter wat. we really need them*

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

jus came back from a 7 hour math crash course.... n im feelin d exitement man!! woohoo....! got my touch back! n im ready 4 it!! yay!!! hope it stays dat way la.... hehehehe.... =)
im havin dis slight headache since jus now... n dis lil stomach upset.... dunno y i jus feel like vommitin... wats wrong? hmmmm canot afford 2 get sick la.... pray 4 my health plz...

newayz, back 2 d math course.... i was so surprised i met Kim Han n frens dere! i mean especially dis course is at a 'house'... not public la... hehe.... bet he was surprised 2! newayz, good 2 c him... haven met him in a while.... i went 2 d course wif shiyin....=) yea.... we had dis forgive n forget session n became frens again.... =) i feel so happy bout it! woooHOOOOO* n we kinda had dis lil bongin session la 2day, went makan lunch 2gether n all... yea man! FRENSHIP REMAINS N NEVER CAN END!

*wanna vommit*

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

well..well.... 2 day is my final last day of lazing around.... after dis, my hectic life is gonna go on n on n on again..... which is in a way good, n bad... d good thing is coz im kinda dying of BOREDOM rite now.....lol. n d bad part is i've got no chance 2 sleep late anymore.... haha... i haven been apig 4 a while... ;)

dis mornin i was awaken by Shiyin's call haha..... yea.. n i actually spoke 2 her in my freakin croaky voice....den she was like... were u sleepin?? lol.. how embarassin =P

tmr is d last paper n den im OFFICIALLY FREE!!! woooohooooooo*