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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

im back from singapore!!! all d walkin n shoppin is makin me kinda sick of shoppin adi...hahha.... mayb for a mth la... den im back 2 my window shoppin ;) very very bad.... =)
1st day- we left for d bus at bout 7.00, d bus left at 8. well it was a cute bus... looks really nice inside. much beta den non-international flightz, as d seats were futher apart. n d toilet is FREAKIN small!!! masuk aso dunno how 2 sit/ squat/ stand/ wtv... i jus wonder how ppl actually do their business dere. n it was stated very clearly dat its oni 4 'light usage'. when i saw it.... i dunno y but i jus cudden help laughin... =) d journey was quite smooth. we checked in at Elizabeth Hotel (my hotel ;p) den went around orchard road n started our shoppin... we watch d chrstmas concert ( well not really watch but, dere were so many ppl! so we jus yam cha at a coffee shop n listened 2 d concert, d a cappellaz from Indo wer so DEM good!after walkin around, we went 2 wash up. well, dere a really funny scene where EVERY1 sure noe, beta 2 C! well, Lynn saw a 'ghost'! yea.... in our hotel.=) well, she finished bathing n left d door open, so i went 2 close d toilet door.den i settled down watchin Sweet Home Alabama. Lynn went 2 brush her teeth. apparently, d toilet door is also a huge mirror, so when Lynn went dere, she suddenly screamed! i tot she accidently step on a lizard or sumthing. den she quickly jumped on my bed n hugged me. wahaahahaha..... she was so funny! she laugh till her tears came out n i din noe whether was she laughin or crying! dne oni i knew dat she din realize dat dere was a mirror on d door n she thought dat she saw a ghost , which was actually herself... doinkz la.... =)
2nd day- we went 2 visit Haw Par Villa. well, its kinda like a Buddist place n dey hv wats in Hell n bla bla.... well, actually me n Lynn were quite uncomfortable, we also din take much pics dere.... dun really like dat place..... its jus not rite la. after dat, we left 4 china town. walked like alot, got tired n went back in d afternoon.took a short nap, den went 2 Marina Bay 4 Seafood BBQ. it was quite good! went back, walked around den went 2 dream land.
3rd day- woke up, buffet breakfast, packed our bag den CIAO! our bus was at 10am. got in2 our bus, after an hour,sum probs accured in d bus aircond... so it was quite hot. bout half n hour before we reach PJ, den oni d aircond became ok. well, dats d oni sucky part lo.
im leavin 4 Kuching tmr! i dunno wat 2 do dere but, jus hope i hv fun! n i how dat i hv enuff batteriez 2 gila around! tata!
*pray 4 journey mercy*

Saturday, December 24, 2005

merry christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n hv a very happy, fulfilling newyear!
well, 2day is D-day 2 sing at church..... my voice is ok... still sexy... lol ;) but nvm it's ok... i'll jus do my very very best! =)
d 1st thing i did dis mornin was 2 enrol myself in Sunway University College. it feels like time is passin very fast! its like im gonna start college in 1 week! yea.... n i still dun hv a clue how on earth am i gonna get 2 college.... i've got transportation prob... mum says i gotta car-pool. unfortunately, all of my frens r startin college on March! n i cant drive yet... even if i can, i got no car.... doinkz.... -.-
im goin 2 Singapore tmr 4 Christmas!!!!! i cant wait 2 c d B-E-A-U-tiful lights! im gonna hv sum big time photot sessions dere man! lol..=) goin dere for 3 days den right after dat 2 kuching 4 another 3 days.... gonna b rushy...but, i dun mind as long as i hv FUN fUN FUN!!!!!
neway, im so darn glad dat my work is finished! no more workin for me!!!! yipee! tok bout work, studiez n bla bla bla....... dere so many things 2 do! studiez, piano, vocal, dance classes, im gonna work my ass 2 KLPAC n KL young singers. so wish me luck! 2006 here i cum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*HaVe yOuRsELf a MeRrY LiL cHrIsTmAs*

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

We say 'I Love You' just about everyday,
Sometimes the words whispered as we fall asleep at night,
Sometimes they're spoken at the end of a conversation or accompanied by a quick kiss as we rushed out of the door.
The words are always there, but sometimes we forget to think about how much they really mean.
Everytime you hear me say this 3 little words,
I want you to remember that they're coming from the bottom of my heart.
I want you to remember that I love you for everything you are.
I want you to remember that you're the best person I've known and I feel so lucky to have you in my life.
I want you to remember that true love is forever and there is no love truer that the love I feel for you.
I want you to remember that you're the most wonderful thing that has happened to me.
My happy ending,
my dream come true,
my Friend and Love,
all wrapped up in one.

*RachyL Taylor*
sounds really beautiful huh! =)
im tired tired n tired... dats all i can say. starting work from 7 till 8 is gila bukan babi man! actually d time is not bad... its jus dat d kids r so dem HypeR!!!! dey can reall drive me up d ceiling! >.<>
me n lYnn jus finished practising wif Stanley. he came over 2 our hse n 'conducted' n 'coached' us.... i hope everything will b good on d day..... PLZ.... i wan my voice BacK!! T.T practise was kinda efective tho... we got wat we needa know, so we're gonna hope 4 d best n den jus put on a great show! ( i hope ;p)

*pray 4 health*

Sunday, December 18, 2005

d most Boring daY of d year
went 2 Amali seminar which was suppose 2 last bout 6 hours. however, sum stupid stuff happened dat d instructor (which happened2 b OUR instructor) had sumthing on. So basically if u wanna noe how long was i dere...2 b actual, i went dere at 7 n came home bout 5.35 to 5.40? yea.... really can die lo.... sumore i had 2 miss d musical... hiahz.... very bad la.... sniff* really wanna watch it..... >.<>

Friday, December 16, 2005

i happy 2day dat i've passed my Undang by 47/50. i was very nervous in d mornin coz i did d CD dat Jon gave me (Thx LOADS!!!! its d MAIN reason dat i've passed!!) out of 4, i failed 2. so it was like a 50/50 dat i wud pass or fail. neway, i got 2 d drivin centre at 8.25 den made our way 2 d examination wateva u call it.... waited till bout 10 sumthing oni i went in 4 d test... fuyoh.. i was really scared out of my Guttz! VERY NERVOUS.! after doin d questions, i kept on checkin n checkin until i felt dat i was 'kinda' ready... den TA-DA!!!! d results came out n i passed !! yay!!!! =)

tmr got Amali n im goin alone >.<>
i need prayers plz...... coz im singin on Sunday n i hv a lil solo part..... so.... plz pray dat i'll get my voice back. THX!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

i desperately need prayer.
Undang test is tmr n im VERY scared..... >.<>

*we need ur prayer*
*thx 4 d motivation (wInKz)*

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

well, well....lest start from Saturday. i went to undang seminar wif shiyin at Damansara. basically d place dat we gathered n listened 2 d 'seminar' was a container.... hiahz... imagine more den 5 hours in a container... tsk tsk.... so yea.... we were dying of borEdom. we met Penny n her fren dere. after d tiring 'seminar' dat we din pay attention 2 AT ALL... shiyin semangat wanna go movie.... so i teman her go watch Narnia. d show was VERY GOOD 5 star movie...(to me la ;P) den i heard from Lynn dat d movie got 'isi tersirat' n it is related 2 christianity. which makes it even more betta! =) HA! rite after dat i went into d cinema again, dis time wif cheer frens n lynnlynn. we watched Perhaps Love.... well, it was ok. 2 sum ppl, it was 2 deep n was kinda hard 2 understand. but k la, so far so good. den went yam cha at Maju, USJ6

sunday, woke up 4 church. rite after dat, we went makan den off we go 2 Melaka, A'Famosa. b4 dat, we dropped by a place called d-paradise. its like a flora n fauna place. very natural n nice.... n dey hv nice passion fruits 2! well, if u like sour stuff... u'll luv it. =) we din go in coz we had 2 pay n its like a long day thingi, so we decided 2 save dat 4 next time. we went 2 Tampin 4 lunch, den 2 A'Famosa Resort. i dunno y but 4 d 1st time SSSSOOOO many ppl was checkin out n in..... really Good business i guess.. we waited 4 bout 2 hours until we finally got our bunglos.=) went in hang around, ate dinner (granma cooked 2 pots of curry fish n sum other chicken stew.), played badminton n watched TV. at nite, i went down 2 d pool wif dad n taught him how 2 swim. after he left, i syok sendiri, doin cartwheels, roundoffs n ugly toe-touches in2 d pool (perhaps dats where i got my flu... lol) after washin up, d Cowboy town released fireworks... dey were beautiful, but obviously not as nice as those during MERDEKA la.....
monday, woke up late bout 9. which feels so good! ate breakfast den went for outdoor activities.1st stop was d shooting range. haha... im kinda proud of myself 4 being QUITE accurate (hehe...self-praise). after dat we went 4 archery.... im NOT good at it. my muscle not big enuff.. hehhe, aim adi, but when release d arrow, my arrow fly 1 side coz not strong enuf 2 hold d bow. after dat was d best! a buggy ride. i actually DRovE!!! 4 d 1st time in my entire life!!! woohhooooo! at least we r still alive! hehhehhehee, lynn cudden stand my drivin 4 sure. but everything was fun! not 2 mention, VERY MUDDY. after dat, balik rumah! =) end of retreat.

Friday, December 09, 2005

ArGh!!!!!!!!! im so pissed!!!
i dunno y but im jus so.... in a bad mood.
i losing my voice, time, n wtv.... most of all, my freakin PATIENCE!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!
NOISE NOISE N ALLLL ONI NOISE!!!!!!!!! ARGH.... i canot tahan adi... thx God its oni 4 a month... i hope.
well, dere r lots of changes in my plannings. n very sudden 2! perhaps dats d reason 2 my (canot tolerate noise n easily irritated) attitude.
hmm, mum suddenly sign up driving skool 4 me. which is good. a lil sudden. tmr im takin seminar, (jus knew it like bout 5pm jus now). i might b starting vocal lessons with a pro. (malaysian top opera soprano) which is very tentioning.... im scared, i heard dat she doesnt even accept sum people with diploma. n they arranged an audition 4 me sumtime next week. n YES!!!! im losing my voice!! woohooo* >.<
i'll b goin 2 Sunway University College instead of Taylor's.... i think im kinda ... i dunno, dissapointed? well, coz i've got no choice of Uni when i go US. i oni can go 2 Western Michigan University. i'm not really convinced yet... mayb i still need time 2 sink dat info in...
2day's work kinda sux.... i dunno, i can handle kids well... yea, i mean really well compared 2 other teachers, especially d new teachers. unfortunately, i tink my cells in my body is dying really fast, perhaps growing white hair.... i jus cant stand them! rest time was suppose 2 b from 2-4... buy d time i made sure every1 was asleep, it was about 3 sumthing.... (sumhow, d kids were DARN hyper) so i oni got very lil rest.
well, gtg sleep now.... im DARN tired.... of everything...

Thursday, December 08, 2005

yesterday was SJ Prom 2005. was kinda cool.. =) hurm, yin met at my place at bout 2.15 den we went 2 d saloon 2gether,(4 me 2 trim n curl, 4 her 2 wash n style) finished at bout 3.30 den went back 2 d kindie 2 do our make up. d pro (my mum ;P) did everything nicely n we got wat we wanted....4 free! lol..=) den, i dunno y did we leave so early, but nigel (yin's cousin) fetched us 2 Colin's hse (4 i dunno wat) so we hung out dere, i painted yin's nails, played wif Colin's drum sets n piano till it was bout 7.30? yea... den Ben came 2 pic us up.. traffic was kinda sucky.. well, we got dere bout 8 sumthing n thank God we went late... coz d event haven even started even when we got dere. shortly, everythin started n obviously d best part was when d food came... at least dere was sumting 2 munch on.. i cant imagine it if dere was oni performances.. lol. d nite went on... den d ballroom dance started, me n kim went 2 d dance floor n had our 1st 'slow' dance. LOL. wasnt 2 bad tho.. hahaha..=) i went home kinda early, i was tired anyway...Lynn came 2 pick me.by d time i get d clay off my hair n bath n wait 4 it 2 dry.... so i slept bout 1 sumthing n woke up at 6 sumthing 4 work.... haihz... i feel like crap now... so i dunno whether u guys understand wat m i sayin anot... i wana do is 2 sleep.. so NiteZ*

*tiring day*
*bullied by Kiddoz*
*effectes of teachin, losing voice n bruises*

Monday, December 05, 2005

haha.... i jus dunnno where 2 start. i've got SOOOO much 2 write! =)
oh well, lets start wif 2nd Dec.Friday. last day of SPM. well, i think EST was.... ok, althou it was a total diff kinda question... anyhow, i din make much of a diff 2 me cozwell, throughout my whole 2 years studying in commerce i oni went 2 EST class once n did d exam twice. basically coz i took dat subject as n extra... so... lol..=) all i can do is jus hope 4 d best. after d exam, almost immediately, me n shiyin went 2 taipan.. lol our 1st shoppin (4 me window shoppin) well, she decided 2 take a cab dere, unfortunately dere wasnt any so well actually walked dere.. OMgoSH, n its been like so FREAKIN long since i did any excersize! 1st stop was a hair saloon, asked bout d price (4 me 2 cut n curl temporary) n (4 her 2 highlight) lol... im sure were gonna look diff, mayb funny on prom..=) next was a boutique beside d saloon.... yea.. while i was givin styling tipz 2 her i saw dis cool coat. perfect 4 Lynn, really sumthing dat she wanted... i guess... den i decided 2 get it 4 her christmas pressie... =) well i was really DARN worried coz Lynn's taste in clothes is really.... i dunno wat 2 say bout it.... ok i can put it in a way dat shes really picture perfect. any tinnie winnie mistake, den she'll forget bout it.... n i can say dat... shes kinda materialistic.. =) shes d kinda person dat prefers quality den quantity (which is in a way good). yea... it was d most expensive pressie i've gotten 4 her ever since i was born.. so i was really worried.. what if she din like it? neway, shiyin told me dat i look good in it.. so if she doesnt like it, i cud take it... haha... sounds mean, but it does make sense! so... finally i made up my mind 2 get it 4 my dear one n oni Sista.. huggz*
after gettin it, we moved on 2 d next boutique, yea, got clothes 4 yin 2 try n stuff.. finally, shes done shoppin n we headed back. luciky dere was a texsi! hahha... was glad dat i din hv 2 walk such a 'long' way back as i was REALLY desperately tired. i got home bout 3.30 had my shower, den made sum transport arrangements wif keeTz. den i slept through till bout 4.30... keeTz picked me up, den we're of 2 practise 4 d High Praise nite! woohooooo*prac was really tiring..mayb coz i was already tired. but d nite was Fab! we really did went nuts!!! =) HA!

Saturday. d next day.....=) was our shoppin spree!!! =) haaha... i've waited long 4 dis day..=) althou i was excited, i was soooo lazy 2 drag myself out of bed, but i had 2 wake up at 6.30, or else dere wudden b a way 2 go 2 USJ 2... so i had 2 follow mum 2 work.... mum fetch me n yin dere n finally we SHoped! lol.... whoa.. dat gurl really meant Shoppin Spree man! bought freakin lots of stuff. i din get anything until d last min when i stepped in2 Bodyglove... hmmm... had my time dere n till i called Lynn 4 transportation arrangements. oni then i found out dat i had 2 get my own transport 2 pyramid from d KTM station... jus then kT smsed me dat nite's movie plan.. so called him up den decided 2 meet up wif them at d KTM station... thankGod or else i wud hv 2 sit a bus ALONE 2 pyramid.... well, actually my plan was 2 go home, get a nice bath, freshen up, n change in2 a more...covered top as we're goin 2 d cinema. but i had no choice but 2 get a long sleeve top from Midvalley.
soon i met up wif keeTz, Cax n Kelv at d station, den of we went 4 Harry Potter. met up wif Lynn, kW, n datuk Tan. celebrated Datuk Tan's bday at pizza hut den went 4 our movie... not 2 4get, when me n keeTz went 2 get d ticketz, yea.... sum1 actually added sum stuff in our drinks.(salt 4 me, parmesan n salt 4 kTz). movie was kinda good, if u exclude Lynn's clinging on 2 my arm, not 2 mention pinching it due 2 fear.... lol.. chicken shit la u!!! =) yea besides dat, d fella sitting in front of me was like FREAKin tall... sumore sit so Straight...so i had 2 lean 2ward, my left n right 2 get a better view. not oni dat, dat fella kept on movin, 1st 2 d left den 2 d right.. i was kinda pissed! neway, finally d day, ended with a beauty sleep.

Sunday. woke up really early d next day, well not 2 church, but 2 giv out KINDERWORLD leaflets. well, mum jus dun seem 2 trust other ppl giving them out, so we gave them out ourselves. we walked d almost d WHOLE putra heights. from 6.45- bout 10... by d time we got home was 10.15, so we oni had like 15mins 2 get outselve ready 4 church,.. i was DARN FREAKIN tired man! my feet were hurting like mad, my hips were... not movable, my eyes cudden open due 2 d past few hectic days... so whoa... i was really like ................ speechless. i got 2 church, n actully slept through sum parts of d sermon... yea.. i actually did it... how EMBARASSING!!! finally, i got home... n slept from 2-5.30 den watched Sweet18.

2day was my 1st day of work after SOOOOO long of erm... not workin... yea... so started at bout 7.30 in d morn... gave one 2 one reading 4 BM n English. den taught dem sum Christmas carols, gave them sum drawing lessons. ate luch while feedin those slow pokes.... yea dat was really testing my patience... really if dey were my lil brothers..... i'll strangle them... seriously. den gave those primary skool kids tuition... finally my rest time... read a lil, prepared d next day's work 4 d primary skool kids, den had bout half n hour of nap wif dem. woke up at 4, after makin sure dey finish their water, i gave them Music n Movement.... really tiring man! den, had our story tellin n singin time... (if i go on doing this, perhaps i might lose my voice in 2 months time) finally dinner was served... again, it was testin my patience.... i jus cant stand kids stuffin food in2 their mouths n NOT chewing AT ALL! ArgH! work ended at 7.30. den i accompanied mum 2 Summit 2 d Popular Bookshop Fair 2 get sum stuff. finally got home at 8.45
after my Shower, Lynn actually left a Christmas pressie 4 me on my bed... obviously i was Shocked! i mean... coz was Way..... 2 early 2 exchange pressies.... neway, i shook d box... d 1st thing dat came 2 my mind was cereal.... ahahaa... weird, but i does sound loike cereals in a box! she asked me 2 open it den i found sum crystal stones which mum agve 2 her a LOng time ago... n sum tissue. in d tissue was my pressie! n i was SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO freakin surprised dat she actually got my colour contact lens!!!! ahaha.... im so happy, glad, shocked.... wtv u can call it... im jus so... speechless! XD Lynn said dat d reason she gv it 2 me earlywas so dat i cud wear it 2 prom.. =) how thoughtfull of her! muax* huggz*
Lynn asked me 2 try it on, yea.. n it took me Ages 2 get those in2 my eyes...lol n i tot it was ez..=) i look..... ahhahaha... diff!!!! Lynn said dat my eyes look very dear.... n Big.. lol.... maybe coz it make my eyeballs bigger...lol =) i was so... (i dunno wat 2 say) suddenly i felt dat i had 2 giv Lynn her preessie 2! well, coz Christmas we wudden b around.... welll im GLAD dat she liked d coat.. =) im jus so Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well... it paid of! after d tiring long day.... i finally had sumthing in return... Lynn's Love =) huggz* (not 2 4get, contacts!! hehehehehe.....;P)

*super happy Yenn*