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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Okay people! Now of some Fun stuff......
FGA USJ Youths and Young Adults are organizing a fun filled Hawaiian Rally at our Church.
Its a Hawaiian Night *duh*
We'll Guarantee...
*Great Performances by the SidewayZ*
*Superb High Praise*
*Fun Fun FUN Games*
*COOL Prizes*
Everyone is welcomed.
Christians, Non Christians.... EVERYONE!

So don't you dare miss the fun!
If u wanna know where is FGA, just give me a tag ok?

Till then, see you peepz!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

On the 3rd day of Christmas.....

Woke up feeling weird. My Aunt is visiting today.....
I was suppose to go out with my mum to help her run her errands.
But I couldn't take it.... Stomach was Aching like tootz.
Had Breakfast, den changed back into my Pajamas n went to watch TV.

Well... since I'm alone (with the maids) I'll just stay up stairs n watch TV.
I'm just bored.

High School Musical...... here I come!


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

On the First Day of Christmas......
we went to KL for a walk.. =)

went to a Hong Kong restaurant at BB Plaza.
Siu Long Pau something...

Lynn had Sweet & Sour Ramen

I had Spicy Sauce Ramen

Mum Had Peanut Ramen

Dad had Beef Brisket & Dumplings

We went to Star Hill Gallery and there was snow!

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow

Malaysians get fascinated by the man made snow that was actually foam.
Looks really nice though. =)

This year, many places we decorated with the White Christmas's theme

After walking at LOT 10, BB Plaza, Sungai Wang & Star Hill Gallery, we dropped by KL plaza's F.O.S for shopping

On the way back to the Car Park, we stopped by at Sungai Wang for Gui Ling Kao.

Good for health, complexion & throat

I am going to own this Baby in future. My Fair Lady.

We then stopped by Atria Shopping Mall (i didn't knew it existed) at Damansara Jaya to meet up with my uncle for Kopi Si Peng
At night.......

Went to kT's for Open House with kW & LynN.
Then to Lecka-Lecka's for cocktail!

YenN & kT

Star Hill Gallery was just beside us. =)

LynN & Khee Wah

Naughty couple. reserved for who i wonder?

KheeWah had a Blue Lagoon
*can't compare to Avanti's. Their Blue Lagoon Rox my socks!*

I had Cosmopolitan
*not that strong but.... can still taste the alchohol. Not too bad

LynN had Sex on the Beach.
Not literally but yeah she did! =)

kT had Long Island Ice Tea

Drink yup u drunkard!

U think u cool?

Drink Up the Sex Babe!

Look at his face. So Red!
He was High........ I had to shuff lemon into his mouth to make him sober.

Conformation: Yes he was high. n he slept.

Thanks to KiKiWaWa.....
We got to go KL... =)

On the second day of Christmas......
We went to kindergarten to work. I mean paint & clean up.

we got out the old paint, stirred em and started working

If you read my sister's blog, you would know how annoying it is to have a maid in the house.
Worst to have HER in the house.
Super sampat LOA nutcase.
I just told her 3 freaking times not to cook dinner so that my mum can cook.
Babi, I went downstairs n she was going to cook.
Not like she dont understand English. Shes just retarded.

Yeah, anyway this is her. She wanted to help paint so i let her....
How would I know she got paint on her entire hand, the brush, her face, legs, and Hair!
OMG..... shes worst than a kid!

I officially just past my last Christmas in Malaysia.......

*time flies*

Sunday, December 24, 2006

DaD n MuM's 22nd Wedding Anniversary

Sweet! I would love to celebrate this special day with my future husband for as long as we live, coz its so... ROMANTIC!!!!!

Anyways, yesterday (23rd Dec 06) dad brought mum n us (haha.. yeah the "tiang lampu" daughters) to Sunway Hotel's Avanti Italian American Ristorante.
We arrived there real excited coz its been a while since we ate out at a cool classy place. so.... ere it is!
Enjoy the pix while you drool over the 4 course meal worth Rm 90++ per set!


Blue Lagoon- some cherry thingi with vodka & other stuff.
*Superbly yummilicious*

Singapore Sling- Erm Pineapple thingi with D.O.M Benedictine.
*ok ok nia*


Bread with Olive oil & Vinegar
Fresh & Crunchy Bread! :)


Fritto Misto, Salsa Agrodolce
Seafood and Vegetable Fritto Misto served with sweet and sour sauce
Its not bad in fact better than Sushi King's Tempura!

Cocktail di Gamberi
Tiger Prawn Cocktail with butter lettuce and wasabi
I didn't have the opportunity to try that... But according to mum, its really good!

Salmone Marinato alla Siciliana con crostone melba
Sicilian Orange Marinated Salmon served melba pesto toast
This is another superlicious dish. =)

Pasta/ Soup

Zuppa di Zucca e carote
Pumkin and Carrot Soup with sun dried Tomato
This is not bad. quite appetizing

Cernia Grigliata Servita con una crosta al formaggio
Grilled Garrupa served with Cheese Crust
Its ok to eat this in a small portion, too much can be quite "jelak"

Spaghetti alla Scogliera
Spicy Spaghetti with Mussel, Clams, Sea Scallops, Calamari, and Prawns
This is the BOMB! The BEST!

Main Fare

Tonno al Forno
Baked fillet of Tuna with fresh Tomato & Basil
The Tuna Fillet is half raw in the middle, so its very fresh. And the tomatoes gives a fresh juicy tang to the tongue.

Saltimbocca alla Romana
Pan Fried Scaloppine serve with Beef Bacon and Sage Sauce
The sauce and bacon is very nice although the Turkey is a little tough.

Cernia Grigliata Servita con una crosta al formaggio
Grilled Garrupa served with a cheese crust
Its definitely fresh and the sauce just adds more of the cheesyness


Piatto di Formaggi Misti
Mix Cheese platter with Condiment
Yes, This is great to all CHEESE LOVERS!

Gelati Misti
Mix Ice Cream served with Fresh Whipped Cream
The Ice cream is more than just Ice cream. It gives a refreshing feel.

These happy and hyper performers come from Philippines.
They call themselves the "Singing Chefs"
Basically, they go around singing to the guests at every table and ask if guests want any particular song.

This guys is the super hyper cute Santa Clause WITH Great Voice! =)

Without this young lad here, there wont be any music. So, big applause to him!

They are superb in Harmonizing. real cool!

Yes its me! Well, since the "Singing Chefs" were around us singing lovely songs and stuff, my mum insisted me to go n sing for her too...
She wanted me to sing "You Raise Me Up"
Yeah... I would do that gladly if I had the chords for the song, then I could sit at the piano n play to accompany myself. Too bad...
I was so shy.....
Anyway, Mum knew but she didn't care. So she told one of the "Singing Chefs" that she wants me to sing for her.
Well, and I did!
Great Experience!
I wouldn't mind doing it part time =)

The "Singing Chefs" knew that yesterday was my parents anniversary. They dedicated "My Endless Love" to my parents. After that, they invited my parents to have a slow ballroom dance.
*Romantic huh!!!*

How lovely......romantic!

My dear Sister ever so crazy.
Visit her at www.darlynn.blogspot.com

A Picture with my handsome daddikins!

Dear Mummy was so cute... she wrote "Thank you" on the table to daddy for treating us this super expensive meal AND for always being there for us. ALL of us.
I love u dad!!

This is the process of my masterpiece.


Pose pose abit in between....

Did I mention they had a huge piece of waxed paper as their table cloth?
And that they provided Crayons?
Just great for Kids n even adults! Time flies when u r busy drawing while waiting for ur food.

DarLyNn's Drawing.
Let me ask you... does is look like a cute hungry toddler bitting into the piece of bread,
or a dolphin without a tail jumping over a brown rock?

Daddy drew this.
He says this is him in the next 20 years! Check out the ear piercing man!
I've got a cool dad!

My dear dear dear Sister

Me n My Christmas Tree at Sunway Hotel.
Lynn says, I look like a candy cane. Just right for the occasion.
Dad says, U r missing a Santarina hat!

My darling Parents!
Happy 22nd Anniversary!

Just outside the Hotel.
*plastic bag potong stim* =.=

I love the lights!!!

YenN & DarLynN