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Sunday, January 29, 2006

hApPiE ChInEsE NeW YeAr eVeRyoNe!!!!!
as usual, CNYs r like d hottest days of d year... oh man!!! dis is kinda like driving me nutz. if it wasn't because of the CNY celebration, i guess every1 wud b walking around wif a bad mood..... well, thk God 4 it.
i wanna play fire crackers!! i hv never seen 1 b4... dats shows how 'jakun' i am... >.<>
Lynn, KElv n I r leaving for Singapore on the Thursday... well, i didnt had d heart 2 go.... >.<>.<>

Monday, January 23, 2006

Last Saturday, DeaR n I went for a theater play at KLPAC. we took the public transport there n althou it was tiring, but we had fun =) well, theres oni 2 words to describe the play. Artistic. it was a solo by a Korean Lady and her expressions were very good! imagine acting alone for the whole 1 hour..... not easy Definitely! Despite, polio at te age of 3, she still did very well and followed her dreams to fulfill what her mother dreamed of her to be. Well, her mum was a performer 2 during the world war 2. And her mother hoped that She, Manri KIM would be her successor. well, i think shes done a GREAT joB!! althou during parts of the play we were kinda like thinkin of what was she doin... hmmm, we should've read d flyers given 2 us b4 the play!! LOL. well, im looking forward 2 our next play DeaR*
Yesterday, shi yin n me finally had a double date. Basically coz she was FREAKING excited 2 meet keeTz, so i had 2 plan it out b4 she bugged me more... ngek ngek :p well, turned out that we went 2 KimGary's and had lunch. keeTz, i think dat u n Alvin can get along quite well hor... =) yea.. basically the other time was eating n watching a comedy in front of us (shiyin n alvin). after lunch, we went off separate ways. We Walked around the mall for a while then keeTz dropped me back home.
I had driving at 4pm and it was kinda like raining. I was really scared.. i mean... just incase i bang anything or skid through anywhere.... wtv. but thk God everything went on well. i din roll down d slopes. d engine control was pretty good and basically i was quite satisfied with myself. =) at least i managed 2 boost my own self confidence, coz before that i made a mess out of everything. so HA!!!!!!!
came back, had dinner, did sum theater reading, then we went 2 Mc'Ds 2 meet up wif d SideWayz CreW. YUpZ!! Serene was dere n she gave loads of cool ideas!!! Thx 2 her our story line is more interesting! =)
im currently at college rite now. having theater class later. =) oh well, gtg! tata*

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

im so freaking tired!! -.- im stuck at college n my next class is like in 3 hours time! >.<
well, ytd was a fun day, tiring tho. class from 8 -1pm. i actually shared d same class wif Lynn n its UNbelievable!!! its jus so.... Weird!! i dunno =p after college, den went makan n a movie wif my darling aHmat ^.^ den went 4 music practise at the Music walk.. after dat went 4 recording at sum HUGE mansion at SS19. after dat went 2 cheer practise.... we finally finshed d whole thing... i jus hv 2 rmb n prac d step by myself den okiez adi =) Singapore is jus sssoo soon!! went 4 my freaking Late dinner till 12 den balik bath n dozed of almost immediately.
walau... dis morning i feel like a zombie.... im all tired n lazy. well. im look 4ward 4 tmr. NO CLASSES!!!! yay!!! den got gym sumore!!! YAY!!!! weeeehhheee* =)

*off 4 assignment*

Monday, January 16, 2006

guess wat!!!! LynN is officially a sunway Student! yea, means we're goin 2 go US toether next time!!!! im so GlaD! tmr is her 1st day at school so i hope every1 will pray dat she will learn 2 adapt quickly n settle down. =) aja-aja LyNN!!!!! =)
neway, 2day im suppose 2 hand up my 1st assignment. which was my english essay which worth 20% of my marks. yea, n i actually 4 gotten 2 type out my OUTLINE!!!!!@#$%^&*( i cant believe it...cRaPZ* thk goOdness i wasnt d oni one. so d lecturer gave us chance and say since it was our 1st assignment she wun do much about it.... wheW* after dat, she gave us a BEautifuL poem 2 work on.
DREAMZ - A Poem by Langston Hughes
Hold fast ti dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow.

dun u tink its SO meaningful?? tink bout it!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

o rite!!! ytd dear fetched me 2 PJ 4 dRam Projects Audition. well, i was very nervous when i got in, i thought that the walls are sound prove. so i started thorwing my voice while i did my act. yea... i had voice training (especially in cheer) so i doubt that it was soft la... >.< successful =")" la =")">
woke up late dis morning. the alarm was suppose 2 ring at 6.30, unfortunatelt i dunno what happened, we woke up at 7 and we had 2 be at church at 7.20! walau.... rush like MAD!!! crazzy! luckily we arrived on time and all =)
now doin assignment. gtg =) tata*

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

feeling bored bored bored at college!!!! woke up at 6.30 dis mornin n came to college wif shiyin.. den went eat breakfast wif her n bf... walau, i adi tiang lampu man >.<>

went 4 driving ytd after college, i took straight 3 hours in a row... quite tiring loz, but i felt.... productive!! i tink if i drive n practise parking everyday, i'll hv huge bicepz =p well, i drove 2 Shah Alam n back, did those roundings around, came back den went 4 dance practise =)

well, plz pray 4 those hu r haven examz... keeTz n kW.
dun get 2 stressed up ok!!!! u guys can do it!!
dear, chill k! one more day, den u r done!!!! =)

Sunday, January 08, 2006

im currently at college now. well, im using d comp ere but i deres no MSN!!!! omg... >.<>
weel, d past few days hv been very tiring 4 me. it all started on Friday afternoon when we went 2 d gym. n its been like 6 months since i've done anything! so when i got home, my body begin 2 ache.... but its ok, got flip n spend time wif darling. =)
Saturday was another LONG dAy. woke up at 6.30 to help mummy deliver sum junk 2 d junk-site, had breakfast den went of 2 cheer practise. yea..... its also been a LONG LONG time since cheer, bout 6 months ?? started jogging, dancing n all in d drizzle. we ended bout like 12.30, den went 4 lunch n headed 2 church 4 dance practise.
sunday, went 2 church at 7.30. makan, den dance practise till bout 2 sumthing. den had our music practise till i dunno wat time, coz i went home early 4 my very 1st driving lessons =)
wat i can say bout driving is.....driving is FUN!!!!!!! i cant wait till i get my licence, den i use Lynn's car... =p. d instructor said dat im ok, jus dat i press on d excelerator 2 fast. so... gotta work wif it!! =)

anyway, i need everyone 2 pray 4 Lynn plz. well, basically her application 2 UNISA is kinda freky. although we haven gotten d results but d chances seem 2 b VERY VERY low.... well, becouse she din take any University level English. for example, TOEFL, IELTS... etc. what she did was, after fm5 she applied into Prime college 4 a diploma. to cut d story short, she doesnt hv any foundation.... only a diploma in Early Childhood Education. since d chances r VERY VERY low, she've decided 2 study in Americe, (which is d 2nd option) so, i jus hope every1 will pray 4 her..... not necessaryly being excepted in2 UNISA, but 2 get in2 d right uni thats suitable 4 her.... be it US or Australia. THX. =)

Friday, January 06, 2006

went 2 college 2day for sum intro 2 d library, how 2 check 4 d books n all. after dat we hv our student ID photo taken, den we makan Chicken rice wif darling. went home, practised vocal. well, i tink i kinda slack on singin adi.... i cant dat high anymore... so i've made a point 2 practise every week day. i hv 2 work harder 2 achieve my goal. which is a distinction for my vocal diploma by the end of the year. after dat, a few of d sidewayz crew, (xZ, kW, cX, Darling n i) went 2 BB GYM. its been a LONG LONG time!!!! man... all those memories. well, we did our tumbling n stuff dere... i suddenly feel like a lil junior dat cudden do anything. i cant do my back-walk n front handspring anymore. hiahz.... im kinda dissapointed. >.<>

*feeling tired, happy, satisfied but sum how sad*

Thursday, January 05, 2006

2nd day at college was quite good. My Darling came 2 pick me Extra early 2 day... lol, jus in case... :) 2day's class was English n Theater. English was bout brainstorming n not lying 2 urself when u write n essays. we shud write from our hearts.. no censoring ;) theater was ok, but listenin 2 d outline course adi gimmie chills adi.... so many things 2 do!!!! aikz... >.<
im trying my best 2 keep up wif it... aja-aja!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

my official 1st day at college. well, it was quite a 'ride'. coz, i cudden sleep last nite.. so i woke up really early n all. so i felt like a Zombie... n my darling Ahmat got stuck in a very very very bad traffic jam. so we were stuck in d car 4 more than an hour. my 1st class is at 8am. n by d time i reached college was about 8.45. i was quite worried actually. i was thinkin bout wat shud i tell d lecturer in d car.... so i've decided 2 speak 2 my lecturer n d head of department.
so when i reach college, i went 2 look 4 my class, but found no1 dere. den i went 2 look for my LAN lecturer, no there either. lastly, i went 2 my head of department's office, oni 2 find her pace empty. den i gave up. i decided 2 tok 2 them after my English class. i went in2 my English class n sat beside a gurl n den asked her how was LAN class. it was then oni i found out dat LAN class is cancelled 4 this whole week! YYYYAAAHHHOOOOOOOO! i was very relieved man! speechless*
after dat i had English class which was suppose 2 last 4 two hours. but since its d 1st day, class oni lasted 4 bout half n hour. after dat we had Geo. i think Geo is gonna b quite fun. deres field tripz n all. but deres also reports n journals 2 do... well, im jus excited with all d new stuffz n i really hope i can do it well!
after class my darling ahmat came n pick me again. went makan, visit Iain den head back home! now im ere, so its time 2 go n rest. tata*

*thX 4 everything, muaX*

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2day is d orientation 4 ADTP at Sunway University College. yeas, im officially a sunway student now. well, mayb i was 2 nervous 2 get 2 college 2day until i cudden sleep at all last nite.... i felt like a Zombie 2 day, looked like 1 also.
d orientation was from 9-bout 4 thirty or more..... well, basicallt its like n intro 2 Sunway. how 2 get ID card, how 2 dis how 2 dat.... well, i came back n felt like im gonna pengsan anytime. so i did my chores, n took n hours nap. den here i m!
time table 4 'spring semester' 2006
Monday- 8.00- 9.00 (LAN), 9.00-11 ( English), 11-1 (Geography)
Tuesday-1.30- 3.00 (Theater Introduction)
Wednesday- 8.00-9.00 (LAN), 9.00-11 (English), 11-1 (Geography)
Thursday- 12.30- 1.30 (English), 1.30- 3.00 (Theater)
Friday- 8.00-9.00 (LAN)

im gettin sick adi...... might b havin fever... i can feel it cumin.
*plz pray 4 me lo?*

Monday, January 02, 2006

back from holiday, back from Singpore, back from Kuching, back 2 reality. good or bad i dunno. all i noe is time flies like flash!! a new year wif new resolutions 2 keep!

1. aim 4 distinctions 4 d next dance, vocal n piano exam.
2. study hard n study smart 2 score at college.
3. able 2 drive properly n pass by 1st of March.
4. improve tumbling, flexibility n jumping skillz.
5. make every1 around me happy.
6. a more solid spiritual walk.
7. 2 get back in shape (not d std 6 shape ok kW! keep dat in mind!! ;P)
8. 2 join anything activity dat has 2 do with theater/ performing arts. (KLpac)

im starting college tmr. its SO SOONNNNN! i dun even noe how am i suppose 2 get dere. well, 1st day my daddy fetching lo... after dat, i'll hv 2 arrange myself adi.... so its... hurm..... kinda sad? i suppose.. but im looking forward 2 it. im excited, anxious, nervous...... jus feelin cold n a tummy full of butterfliez.... i cant explain how m i feeling now. its jus, weird.

wish me luck! =)
HaPpY 2006* may all ur resolutions n wishes cum true!!!