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Monday, February 27, 2006

YenN @ UNI
geography exam tmr..... study study study!!!!!!
there is going to be a musical hair show called GREASY on the 11th of March.
anyone hu is interested please call Wayne 017-2356863 for more infomation n ticket booking.
ur presence is very much appreciated, thank u!!!
*please pray 4 good health.. every1 is getting sick*

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I've been qiute stressed up lately and I hv no idea why... Maybe I'm just not use to the university lifestyle yet >.<>
Yesterday after my theater midterm, i spoke to my lecturer about switching productions from Cupid Kills to Greasy. He disapproved and said that i should stick with it and since i'm almost done with my 25hours job. He also said that since i already confirmed what was i suppose 2 do with him last week and that i should fulfill my responsibilities. Yea, i actually agreed that I'm not being responsible for this production as bailing at the very last minute is very unprofessional. so i was fine with it. but i dunno why on earth and where did my tears came from.... i actually teared in front of him >.<>
after my shift at Cupid Kills, i went 2 'Greasy" practise. we did a new rock n roll dance... which was quite fun... it kind of helped me release that little stresss of mine and the good thing was i sweated alot! means im excersizing... lol... at last. after practise, Dawn, Chyn Wey, LynN n I went to Asia Cafe for dinner, Pool and a Game of Speed :) which was like FUN in a long time..

*pray for good heath not only for me but for the people around as the weather is also affecting everyone's heath*

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

dats d oni thing i can say at this particular moment.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

LynN graduated as a diploma student last Saturday. check out d pics at www.yennzpic.blogspot.com

Stanley n Serene is goin back dis Friday.... im so gonna miss u all man!! >.<
Weent for our 'last dinner' wif them n Sidewayz at Burger King and then Ah Lok cafe.... had sum fun and then went back home.
going to watch movie later. Looking forward 2 it!! XD

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

It has been a tiring weekend and up till now, i still have not recovered the sleep that im suppose to have. whatever it is.... it was still fun! We (geography class) went to GuaTempurung and it was a fabulous and tiring trip. it took the whole day. we la=eft home at about 5.45 and came home at about 10.45 (coz we went to Serene's hse for d camp promo video at bout 9)
woke up early on Sunday as i was serving and that we had to meet at church at 7am coz we din have practise. the day continues with my dear when we went to KLPAC. we got there early so we hung out at the Sentul Park. BEAUTIFUL!!!! after that, we watched Going North by Syed Alwi. The ploay was'nt that bad. Infact there were hilarious parts! sarcasm! good good! hmm.... after that we went to church again for a dance practise and then performed that nite for the Vietnamese Rally.
monday!!!!! my favorite dat of the week! went to college n did my english oral presentation which was about 20% out of the hundred. however, i tink we din really well coz we didn't show anything visual. We WERE Suppose to!!! we also did a powerpoint and it is still waiting to be presented!! >.<>
tuesday was kinda sucky. actually d suckiest DAY!! i hated it..... HATED it badly!!!! i fought with Lynn. a major fight actually. n i actually walked back coz Lynn stopped her car at d middle of the road and told me 2 get out. it wasnt much of a prob, i needed a walk anyway. i jus couldnt believe dat we wud fight over something so freaking bloody small! *cipanz* but thk God 4 darling, i felt much beta after toking 2 him and chattin wif him later at nite. ThX!!! luv ya!
went to college today, everything went well but im still not tokin 2 Lynn. too bad la! jus dat our fights never lasted more than a few hours. but wtv it is..... im still not gonna say anything.

*sometimes i jus feel that i dont belong here, this place, this world*

Thursday, February 09, 2006

i went to pyramid today for a lil shopping wif Lynn, coz she needa go get her bag..... shes freaking into bags.. i think every 6 months she'll get into this bag fever n start going aroung shopping for it... so perhaps now is d time =P neway, d first shop we wet was BATA, n instantly Lynn found her DreaM bag... moreover its at BATA!!! so we hv 50% off! *YenN grinz* on the other hand, when she was looking at d bags, i saw dis cute sandals (somthing that i've wanted 4 a long time, jus that i cudden find a nice n cheap one ) n i bought it!!! so both "cHinese Gurl Sisters were happy at the end of the day XD
i got my 'P'!!!!! so Lynn let me take the wheel back form pyramid to USJ17... well, she was kinda like worse than my mum.. coz hse basically yells n get nervous bout any car near us.... lol (Lynn, i finally noe how u feel when mum nags at ur driving... hehe)
btw, i got a 5/5 for my review!!! wooohooooo* thx dear 4 helping me in it!!! muax**

HaPpY VaLeNtInEs DaY PpL!!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

its been been been a long time since i came on9 coz i was too busy. newayz, great 2 b back again =)
oh well, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2 ALL OF U!!!! well, d Singapore trip last weekend was kinda fun... althou we were tied up wif a shuper duper hectic schedule. practise n pratise eveyday.... freaking tiring man. den by d time we reach out apartment 2 bath at nite is like 1am adi...... tiring... >.<
back 2 college dis week. well, i feel so lazy coz of all d tiredness at singapore.... i din really had time 2 get back my precious sleep (we spent d last nite playing n i slept at 4am!! frankly speaking, it was my 1st time sleeping so late =p) On tuesday wan my LyyLynn's bday... we planned a surprise party at college in d mornin.. well, it was kinda funny coz b4 d cake was ready, Lynn adi came out if d toilet n saw d cake... so it was a lil weird. after dat at nite, we went makan at victoria station. food was dat bad... naormal oni la . later dat nite, Stephanie sent a cake 2 our hse. when we opended it.... OMG!!!!! it looks like Lynn's drawing!! i dunno hwere dey got d pic from but d cake was SOOOO beautiful!!!!!! din wanna cut it... but had to la :p
2day got exam....kinda sucky tho.... but ok la... >.<

neway, i've updated new picz so check it out yea!