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Friday, March 31, 2006

hmmm... im just plain bored... finished 2 n a quarter chapters of theater n bleh... i needa break... my hands r so tired from writing notes... =( but at least its my last chapter den i can start revising my Geog, Enviromental Science thingi. =) omG! finals in 2 weekz!! bluek*

well well, its 31st today n yup i bet loads of ppl ate baskin robbins or at least 'tar pau' =P hmm... kaTie kena saman kereta (not because he speed drive, nor illegal parking. instead he parked in a legal space without paying 50cents. aih.. sadness) so instead of Baskin robbins, we went on a budget treat instead! basically wat we did was, we went 2 an indian shop, got a Pint of vanilla choc ice-cream that cost rm4.99 (much bigger than the Pints they sell at B.Robbins) went 2 my hse, chopped 2 huges bananas in2 pieces in ENJOYED! =) t'was nice n cheap!! hahaha XP

Love is something unexplainable,
It is something unforsakable;
Everyone needs love to live,
Without Love in this world not a soul can breathe.

*pray 4 ppl wif examz.. dats ME n a few more others =)
*health health health
*i need inspiration
*really needa stick wif d GSP = Get Slim Program =(

Monday, March 27, 2006

two days ago, LynN,kWah, kaTie n I went to istana budaya for an opera show. M! The Opera. I was suppose 2 watch d show because i had to write a review about it. also, i was very keen in watching Malaysia's first opera. the whole thing was very artistic and it reminds me of the interesting art background that malays have. the tune of their songs was different (something that u can never hear from an english opera) Doreen Tang was VERY good. However, the lead actor M wasnt as good as the other Male actors. i dunno y?? the other male actor's voices were very clear and powerful and M's wasnt.
the whole play was very interesting excluding the language and pronunciation. i dunno y but i still dun understand y wud dey use 2 languages. mayb my brains are slow n rusty when it comes to malay but its quite weird 2 speak in english n then suddenly BM! also, their pronunciation wasnt really clear enough, so it took me a few minutes 2 realise everytime they switch languages. haihz.. TYPICAL malaysian lah* =) but other than that i was very impressed. Malaysian opera wei!! dun play play!! winkz*

im gonna b quite bz dis week. Friday is suppose 2 b my rest day but im having LAN exam in the morning, music n thie afternoon and jazz dance in the evening. so no time lerh!! also im about 2 sit for my finals in 3 weekz!! tention* canot play liao.... must study.... >.<

today is Pastor Victor Gonzales' (i dun think i spelled his name correctly) Birthday!!


God Bless =)

Saturday, March 25, 2006

went to bukit Gasing 2day along wif engpark, kW n kT!!! fun fun fun! i dun consider that as a morning jog tho... more like a jungle trek.. XP well.... it was qute long... we went in there 4 bout like more than 2 hours.... me n kT kinda like got lost... n i tell u.... its not ez man.... phew* not 2 mention that d weather was very damp recently, so adding the damp ground... i think all of us also almost slipped at least once.. after the jungle trekking, we went PJ 4 breakfast/ brunch. my Pan Mee was Great!!!!! i dunno bout the other's Prawn Mee but.... i guess the food there was quite good. =) slurpz*

Thursday, March 23, 2006

there were some problems these past few days that has been irritating some of us. i dunno what caused it but i really feel like blurting all out now as i hv been quiet about this and i felt that i should be heard or else it would be very unfair. its like that, if u wanna listen 2 ppl's point of view, listen 2 both parties n not only 1. that way, it'll b fair.
well, i think there is some confusion between K and the Sues ever since i dont know when. K has been treating us quite coldly and we felt that we were given silent treatment. this had been goin on for a few weeks, even b4 the camp. We thought that K had sum personal probie, that why me and Lynn actually tried toking 2 him via sms n Msn and dunno for wat reason, he acted so cold to us. We felt something was not right. we tried asking him y is he acting differently and stuff but all he said was ' no ar... where got'. Fine....we let it be.
one day when we went 'yam cha' together wif our old frens, he spoke quite sarcastically about us being TOO busy throughout the weekend to go 2 camp. i duno c the big deal. yes, we din go 4 camp althou we did plan 2 go but i had a major performance on that Saturday night! i was playing the lead, u cant expect me 2 bail?! also all of us had classes on Monday AND tuesday! we took the opportunity 2 go 2 PD since 4 of us were free. n i know that some of u are quite annoyed by it coz it seem to u guys like we skipped camp 4 PD. but i really hope that u dont think of it that way after u all read this blog. we had a reason.
the reason of us being annoyed by the post on K's blog is not because of the PARODY thingi (we really dont mind it that much) if anyone would post the same thing, we would even laugh about it ourselves. its just that all the while..... silent treatment.... n then suddenly! woohooo! a joke! sp sarcastic.straight into our faces. hey, next time if there is anything that u dont like about, jus tell it 2 us straight in the face yea... we wun mind wan. coz being giving us the cold shoulder all the while and suddenly being so 'funny' like dat is certainly......annoying.

watever probs u have, im sure we would be happy to sit down and lisen to it. we would definitely try to understand it and sort things out. but i no longer understand wats going on around ere! watever it is i hope that i doesnt affect any of our frenship as this is clearly jus a misunderstanding. lets just 4get about it ok =)


Monday, March 20, 2006

wakey wakey!!!! yawnz* i slept till 9.30am today, woke up because it was very cold eventhough the air-cind wasnt on. i simply love Tuesdays coz it is one of the few days that i can wake up late. =) oh well, betcha all know bout my PD trip (the one all of us got sun-burned) Guess wat! the week after that (which is2 days ago) we went to PD again, this time wif my family. we went there for dinner as it was my dad's fren's mother's 90th birthday and yes she is still well, happy and strong. it was a huge event and there were ALOT of people. the food was GREAT. the restaurant is called 'Seaview' btw, in case u wanna go there and try =) it is owned my dad's fren's nephew. And yes, it has great seaview (at nite, coz u dun get 2 c the dirty water in PD) XP.
i am so sorry for not bringin my cam. my precious cam....cam ....cam.. =( i charged it and placed it on the table and it was ready to have a nice photo-taking session but... aik.. i was just as careless as i m. so no pics for u guys (kW & kT) sorry yeah. u wanna c d food, next time u go dere n eat :P


Monday, March 13, 2006

finally! i feel more relaxed =) well, 1st of all the Greasy was good! can say dat it was a success (excluding the microphone problems). well, basically d whole Saturdat was spent for that show. woke up early in the morning to fetch mummy 2 asia jaya ( she went singpore with her frens) after that i went straight 2 Uni for Greasy practise. after practise, kT came n fetched me 2 pyramid all with Yin n Alvin. we had lunch with Sarah n Shandy. after that, we went to 'a cut above' to do our hair n make up. well, i've never felt so pissed with a hairdresser b4. my hairdresser was very busy with d 'bigger hair models' so she asked a junior 2 do my hair for me. dat lady was so noob, she tried curling my hair again n again until it's like all rotten n dried then oni she was satisfied (luckily she oni tried curling one part of my hair, the rest was taken over by a senior) then she tried to tie my hair. it was d 1st time meeting a hairdresser that din even noe how 2 tie a half ponytail! i was so annoyed by her until i jus took the comb n did everything by myself. >=( not oni i was pissed at her, many of the other gurls were also pissed. showz how 'good' was she lah* after the hair n makeup session, we went back 2 Uni, ate our lunch n then waited to perform. every1 was so nervous!!! everything was good and im glad that i din forget any steps as i was standing at the middle front. THANK GOD!!! after the show, eng park, kWah, LynN, kT n I went for ice cream at swensen's! slurp* it was my 1st time there and d ice cream was supper yummy!!!! lickz*
on Sunday, kWah, LynN, kT n I went for a one day trip at Port dickson after church. reached there at about 11.30 then we sun bathed till 2.30. gosh....... wait till u c us man... all of us r BLACK! errr..... im RED tho :p enjoyed it very much as it was very relaxing.
2day's classes at Uni were very small n quiet. basically not many ppl came as they went 2 take their results. so LAN class was more sleepy than usual. English class was used 2 watch a movie ( whole nine yards) and then by Geog class, i was as hyper as a kid. i cudden sit still as i was so anxious about my results. Chinese boy brought choc's that his cousin brought from US. it tasted superb!! THX!
After Geog class, kT came n fatched me 2 Seafield 2 get my SPM results. the school looked cleaner and slightly nicer than before as there were sum new decos ere n dere. Got my results, called every1 that i was suppose 2 call, then we went Giant to buy Carrot n Kangkung for lunch. we had korean noodles, watched a movie n chilled.

thankx for ur prayers ppl!!!!! huggz*

Friday, March 10, 2006

Today is D-day!!! Finally!!! Greasy!!!! but, im worried... im scared... just so freakin anxious.. =(
haihz..... my co-singer is not reallyu prepared yet i guess... ytd during practise... when he sang, ppl laughed at him =( i feel so bad for him.... but cant blame him la... he really tried.... some people jus cant i guess =( worst still...... i am dueting wif him ='( sigh* sniff* sobz*
im currently at college, waiting for time to pass... rehersal is starting at 10 all the way till 1pm. after that we're goin 2 pyramid- a cut above academr to do our hair n make up. then i hope we get 2 rest a while.... mayb if we did rest, we'll hv 2 sleep in the hall itself..
too all the youth at YIC camp now... HAVE FUN!!!!! =)
neway, just wish us luck again yea!! i desperately need it....
*plz pray for my co-singer man*
*pray for GREAT weather*
*Pray for good health*
*pray for confidence*
*pray for a MIRACLE!*
*pray for my sore throat and cough that just started this morning*
*pray that all of us we hv the energy 2 last the whole day*

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

tired tired tired tired..... all i wanna do is jus 2 sleep till night falls and wake up again tmr. woke up late 2day.. well, if it was jus a normal day, i wud jus probably screw it and skip LAN class. but i had a presentation 2 do jus now... so i had 2 wake Lynn up 2 fetch me 2 uni.... (im so sorry gurlll.... really sorry... i'll treat u a meal k!!!! sorry!!!! ) well, reached uni.... den went 2 LAN class, then teacher said nvm do next week coz 2day got no projector.... sniff* make me rush 4 no reason oni =( now.... im so freaking tired... i so wanna look 4 a place 2 snooze off man!!

ytd after Geog class me n Yin went to a cut above 2 go try out our hair for 'Greasy'. gosh i was so neervous... i was so scared that they'll do sum wierd style n make me walk around pyramid wif it... my hair dresser wanted 2 do d beehive style. she kept combing up my hair and tried 2 pin it up. she ssaid i had loads of hair (wish was true) den she took d 'beehive' down n changed 2 a diff style (phew*) coz she said later when i start jumping n dancing... the thing will fall out..
well, d hair turned out quite nice actually =) now i have d urge 2 curl my hair.... stiull thinkin bout it tho =P

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

i haven been sleepling enough lately.... mayb coz i've been on9 at nite 2 often until i forget d time. hmm... must change that adi.. hmmmmm.. neway, d greasy thing is well..... not so good. mainly coz i think dat its not SO professional. how can u say its professional when dey dunno who 2 pick as lead.. so they plan on having 2 ppl playing 1 character???? well.. if dats is gonna happen... i tink its gonna b a HUGE prob... wth* haihz... worse of all.... im competitng wif my best fren... haihz.. haihz..... im having unnessesary stress man!! dunnno 4 wat! =( oh well, deres jus nothing i could do.... jus pray man!
neway, ytd while i practice... i pierced d back of my shoulder =( i was jus sitting dere n lil did i know there was a needle about a quarter length of a normal sewing needle.... den i jus lean back....den oUcH* giler painful man!! d pierced part wasnt painful but it was d whole shoulder! haihya... if i knew i was gonna get pierced... i wud hv done it 2 my belly button la.... LOL
well, alvin was kind enough 2 ask me 2 go c a doc 4 titanus jab.. but i dunwan ler.... scared. since i got d jab during fm3 so wtv la..
11th March : Greasy (the whole day... from practise 2 make up to hair do to performance)
12th March : representing ADTP/ WMU as a student ambassador (whole day work again...)
13th March : a Biggie day 4 me..... SPM results!!! walau.. i hope dat i day i get food poisoning of somthing... >.<>.<

greasy tickets for sale!!! its a musical hairshow btw.... gonna b fun! :P

*plz pray 4 good health... immune system is goin down*