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Friday, April 28, 2006

well, well.. i guess this is my second last day resting. Soon I'm going to work then I wouldnt be so dead bored at home. Life at home doing nothing is so NOT progressive. Theres no motivation. even when i wake up early, there is nothing to do but piano, read, on9... Which makes me stay in bed longer... I guess i've broken my latest record! Woke up at 11am!! LOL.. but still feel tired after that. I think the more i sleep, the more tired i'll get. Hmm... no nice story book. no nothing. Well, i hope working in Pizza Uno's will be a great experience for me. I hope i'll be able to cook lil ez dishes although i dont work in the kitchen. I hope i'll be able to build my self confidence. hope my PR gets beta. hmm.... talking about work, before i got my job at Uno's a asked a friend who worked freelance to call me if they need anyone. And yeah... she called me. She asked me whether was i free for the KL MotorRoad Show coming up in May. Payment= RM200 a day. Cool cash huh!!! =) unfortunately, im starting work on Sunday and i can take leave. so nvm la... next time. =)
Well, yesterday was the last Practise for the MoMoe Show on Saturday (which is tmr!) we finished the whole routine, and i hope dat i wont b blur... XP Mag hurt her back, same case as me last yr. i just hope she get well soon and she will heal as back problems r major problems... Florence is a great flyer and shes getting better as time passes. (which is great for CHARM, another great flyer coming up!) Yesterday's practise lasted till about 11.45pm (reall late huh!) i can home half dead.... felt that i just wanna collapse on my bed without bathing... but... then again. im clean (winkZ*)
People's reaction when they saw my huge bruises:-
1. Lynn: omg!!! u just came back from war arrgh?!
2. Mum: tsk tsk..... wah.. is dis what u do for cheer? beta rub it or else it will cause blood clot. u starting work next week, later ppl think u kena abuse!
3. CH: whoa!! wats dat!!
4. Derek: poor girl.
5. Kelvin: i've done cheer for 2 years and I've never gotten such a big bruise!
6. Aunt ChingChing: wah!! u play volley ball arrrr?!
7. Florence: isit because of me? (sad face)
8. Cw:some ppl in the world gets bruises easily, i think u r one of em.
9. Music teacher: WAH!!! r u sure its bcoz of cheer? stop cheer la! play music, wun hurt urself wan!!! laughs n laughs n laughs...
10. Myself: its been 9months since i stopped cheer, of coz la clumsy abit! XP but i like wat im doing. might wana reconsider joining Charm again.. winkz*

*Pray for me and my work plz. i hope i can find favour in my boss's eyes than i can get promoted to b the cashier. Then, my working hours can be more flexible*

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

This week has been quite busy although I have'nt started working yet. Well, I've been helping out CHARM on a show this Saturday at MidValley. The performance is for the company MoMoE, Sachs& Sacha. SO basically its kinda 'Japanesie' LOL yeah... So i think everyone is going to watch us perform wearing 'JENG' clothes. *sigh* im doing it only for the money man. We're gonna be paid RM150 for the performance. But the CHARM rules stated that 20% of all performance maoney has to be contributed to the CHARM fund. Never mind lah~ at least i get money. =)
Yesterday, ChengChoo, Florence, SuKean n me went to Cheras MoMoE head quarters to pick out attire. Well, the minute we stepped into the office... OMG! the bAgs r so COOL!!!! Makes me feel like stealing it home... haha!!! or at least buy it if i see it (dats when u get my pay lar~) =) came back to subang at bout 5 sumthing,changed, den straigth tp practise.Practise was kinda tirong for someone like me that has retired from cheer last year. Muscles ache like TooTz^ Ass ache, arms ache, fingers ache, thigh ache, everywhere! siao.. haha. Well, let me just name the part of my body that was hurt.
1.My right middle finger knuckle's skin is gone due to excessive amount of tossing.
2.My right thigh has a bruise with ChengChoo's shoe pattern (circular) due to single tight stands.
3.My left arm has a huge bruise dat ache like nutz due to i dunno how.
4.Below my neck, theres another bruise with another shoe's pattern (lines) due to I dunno (but im sure kena kick la while doing certain stunt)
5.A tiny bruise on my knee (that one i duno care as it doesnt hurt much)
6.On my shin, another bruise due to i dont know.
When i showed Lynn all of the bruises, she was like " owh!! just came back from war ar?? "
Yeah.. i guess so... LOL although it was tiring and painful, i felt that i had fun (which is the most important thing. XD

Well, I'm going to start work next week. Which means, no more playing for a month. HOw to play?! working hours are from 11.30 - 11.30! *sigh* no yF, no prayer meeting, no dance class, change of music lesson's time, no more yam cha, no going for dinner with family, no everything. hiahz... very saddening lah~ =(

i finally got a job!!! =) im so happy!!!! =)
woke up dis mornin, kaTie came over 2 prepare fast 4 me, den after dat he fetched me 2 taipan for JOb Scouting!!!! 1st i went into SanFransisco Pizza. one of the staff went to look for d job application form, but cudden find it. so she told me to come back later when the manager comes back. 2nd was Strawberry fields Kafe, same thing happened. 3rd was Pizza Uno. the minute i asked the manager, she said yes then, told me 2 fill up the Job Application form. i was jumping in my heart as i was my 1st time working out. (use 2 work wif mum, she kinda underpay me.. ;p)

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Yesterday night, WMU friends went to Dawn's Mum's new restaurant for dinner. It was some sort like a 'goodbye' dinner to HouMan and a hangout time together... Food was good, the place is called riverside, Fisherman sumthing.... Man, thinking about friends leaving is sure painful. Especially Dawn.. =( im so gonna miss her.....haihz.... dunwanna think la... just needa find time to hangout more with her....
*Dawn!!! whey u go so far!!! cant u go Michigan or sumthing???? u beta come back n visit us during christmas or sumthing la!!!!! sobz*
After dinner, me n Lynn we kinda 'stuck' in 1 utama coz Lynn doesnt know how 2 drive back. As u know shes a very 'safe' driver... im not saying safe as in she doesnt drive recklessly (believe me, whne she is in the mood, she does!! winkz*) whenever shes not sure about the place, she just wouldnt take risks. So we went around 1 utama.
Well, Rach went 2 yF but im so sorry i couldnt make it there in time. *i'll meet u dere next week yeah!! sorry*
Dis morning SideWayZ went 2 Subang Utama for the SU Easter rally. well,typical malaysian time la... start so late, by the time worship ended, Cax had 2 balik adi... how sad. However, d rally was good. Met Ching Ching (for d pics plz go to <www.yennzpic.blogspot.com>) Went for lunch wif kaTie at Mandy's in Summit. Came back freaking full wif a slight headache. Slept, n tada* im ere! (SS-ing, ignore me)
Lately I've been thinking about VulcanZ. really miss those days coz we really had loads of fun n not to mention STRESS* Well, i guess stress keeps people going huh. Last year this time, i'll be at Chee Wei's hse wif Eric and ChengChoo editng out cheer routine's song. After that i'll be rushing to the Gym wif them doing flipz, push-ups, V-sits, Tossing Deanna, working on the Liberty Extention. Man, it was really stressful and tiring that time but no doubt it was fun. And i missed it alot. Miss u Guys Vulcanianz!!! HuGgZ* Cheer hard n dont give up!!
im still looking for a job... wanted to work at church but it was overcrowded i heard. FreeLance? hmmm d timing is quite flexible n the pay is good. i dunwanna work wif mummy. She'll underpay me! LOL Help! it only my fourth day of School Holidays n im bored 2 d skull!

*pray for Salvation for Rach, my daddy, grandparents*
*pray 4 my christian walk*
*come to prayer meeting yeah! :) *

Thursday, April 20, 2006

i've got a surprise 4 *u*

im freaking bored out of my skull..... i need work.. help!!!!! any recommendations???? =( sobz*

found this passage, real meaningful:

You are the result of yourself
Don't blame anyone;never complain of anyone or anything
Because basically you have made of your life what you wanted.
Accept the difficulties of edifying yourself
And worth of starting to correct your character.

The truimph of the true man arises from the ashes of his mistakes.
Never complain of your loniliness or your luck
Face it with courage and accept it.
Somehow,they are the result of your acts and
It shows that you'll always win.

Don't feel frustrated of your own failures,
neither unload them to someone else
Accept yourself now or you'll go on justifying yourself like a child.
Remember that anytime is good to start
And that no time is so good to give up/
Dont forget that the cause of your present is your past,
As the cause of your future will be your present.

Learn from the brave, from the strong,
From those who doesnt accept situations
From those who live in spite of everything.
Think less of your problems and more of your work.
Learn to rise from your pain,
And to be greater than the greatest of your obstacles.
Look at the mirror of yourself and you'll be free and strong
And you'll stop being a puppet of circumstances.

For you yourself are your destiny.

Wake up ans stare at the sun in the mornings and
breathe the air of Dawn.( not dawn Dawn)
You're part of the strength of your life now,
Rise up, fight, walk, be sure that you'll win in life
Don't ever think of 'fate'
For fate is the excuse of failures.

Attributed to Pablo Neruda (Chilean Writer)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

finished exam!!! yipee!!!!! =)
im free!!!!!!!! well, too free actually. i needa look 4 a job. i need cash and to spend my time wisely. Goals to achieve during my 5week break:
1. improve in music (finished all the assigned songs perfectly)
2. patch up my christian walk, its gettin a lil dry =(
3. go earn sum cash so i can pay my dance classes
4. learn sumthing new

check out this poem-
Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever God may be
For my unconquerable soul.
In the fell of clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cry aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbow'd.
Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid.
It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with the punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

*looking for a part time job. any recommendation?*

Monday, April 17, 2006

Life, is difficult
So many obstacles,
So many unfairness.
Why? Why ought we go throught this?
Why ought we face all this?
Life is difficult.
Look outside your window and feel the breeze,
That will be the time you'll feel so free,
Under every rainbow, you'll find a pot of gold;
Under every circumstance, that is when you grow.
In life you'll face hardships and difficulties,
But, when you are about to drop and die,
Just like an eagle, God's hand will come soaring by.
He will pick you up and comfort you,
He will dry your tears and be with you.
After all he has done for us,
Is it worth it if we give up?
Is it worth it if we give in?
Yesterday was Easter Day and I would like to Thank the Lord
Thank You for Dying for us
Thank You for Resurrecting
Thank You for Your Love
Thank you for Your sacrifce.
~Luke 24:1-8
On the first day of the week, very early in the morning, the women took the spices that they had prepared and went to the tomb. They found the stone rolled away from teh tomb, but when they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus. While they were wondering about this, suddenly, two men in clothes that gleamed like lightning stood beside them. In their fright, the women bowed their faces to the ground, but the men said to them,"Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; He has Risen! Remember how He told you, while he was still with you in Galilee: 'The Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, be crucified and onthe 3rd day be risen again.' Then, they remembered His words.

*HapPy Easter!*

Friday, April 14, 2006

finished theater exam!! yipee!!!!!! freaking happy!!! but currently stuck in uni due d heavy downpour..... i drove 2 uni 2 day =) thk God i got ere safely n i have 2 pray dat i reach home safely... =) oh well...

2day is good friday. its d day dat our Lord Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Thank You Jesus for dat or else i'll be in hell. =)

PC Fair starts 2day i really wanna go.... but cant due 2 exams on Monday... aih.. i wan my palm!!!!

*continue praying 4 health n exams*
*always give thanks for the things you have*

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

@ uNI now
ytd was kaTie's bday, went out 4 lunch n dessert wif him in Nando's n then Swensens.. was simple but a very nice date. just eat, kheng khai, walk around for d food to digest, den eat again. sWeeT! =) looking forward to more of these kind of dates.
well, finals is starting the day after tmr. Im having theater as my 1st exam subject. wah.. tention!!!! i freaking hope i can pass wif at least a BA ><>

*pray 4 exams*
*good health*
*easter day*

Monday, April 10, 2006

As the lake reflecting the clear full moon,
and the beautiful twinking stars in the sky,
I just want to say these words to you
on this wonderful day that'll pass once by.

HaPpY 20th BirThdaY Dear Ong Kee Weng!!!

*LoVe Ya~*

Sunday, April 09, 2006

wa..... my precious sleep was interupted by my dumb dumb tummy ytd nite. woke up at bout 3-4am due 2 very horrible tummy ache. after toilet, treid 2 sleep again. but dunno y canot... ish.... been awake ever since. waited 4 time 2 pass 2 tried studying. den went 2 church. During yF meeting, my tummy started 2 erupt again..... churning like crazy sumore i was seating directly in front of d air-cond... whoa.... suffer like mad oni arr... ='( came home, tried studyin, but 2 tired due 2 lack of sleep. sumore my tummy was becoming worse. felt like cuttin my tummy n pulling everything inside out.... beh tahan..

*pray 4 health n exams*
*bless all our activities*

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

my mum wrote me a letter quite long ago... hahah!! weord i know, staying in d same house but got letter... LOL.. well, its very meaningful n i thought that it would b great 2 share it if u all.

A Swedish Proveb sounds like this, "God gives every bird his worm, but He does not throw it into its nest." In these words of wisdom, we learn how God does not want His people to be lazy and always expecting something for free. Instead, He wants us to learn to be hardworking. If we work in such a manner, then we will understand why God does not mind us having wealth. However, is we wat to taste success by means of cheating and lying, taking shortcuts and pursuing cunning schemes, then He will not be pleased with us. Thus, He will not reward us. God Himself works hard. It took Him 6 days to create the entire world, and then He rested on the 7th day to enjoy His Craftmanship. Friends, if you are not willing to work hard, please do not expect God to bless you. You may be lucky once in a while and hit the Jackpot, but success will never come knocking on your door. So, if you want to be successful in life, then you must first be ready to pay the price of disipline and diligence. If you are not willing to work hard, no matter how hard you pray, nothing will ever come to pass. Remember God does not propagate laziness.


yeah.... i feel that dis peice is very meaningful and it speaks to evry single one of us.. =)

*at uNi*

old poems

i was suppose 2 b studyin. while lookin through my old planner, an envelope fell out. when i opened it, all my old written poems r inside. i was really excited to see them as those poems were written during my examination times in secondary school. check sum of it out.

Mother Nature, hear our prayer
mother nature calls to us every now and then,
although everyone knows but they just seem to pretend.
the fact that this is very true,
that the problem lies within us, yes you!
please do something Mother Nature says,
befire it turns out bad, come what may;
please cleanse the rive, the earth, the air,
before one day we regret in despair.
just a little part done by everyone,
will chang the earth before it is gone.
do your bit i plead and pray,
think of our children suffering one day!
imagining what will happen on that final doomed day,
gives me chills down my spine, Oh Lord i pray
forgive us humans, our wrongs and sins,
teach us, guide us, from all our doings.
Last of all i repeat again,
repent now before it begins
turn from your ways, your sinful thoughts
before our future dies, i pray not

dis is just one of the few not so lame ones... LOL. those were the days lah* when i use to write. maybe i shall start again soon. dunno when =)


hmm... i had a weird nitemare yts n d nite b4. well, i dunno la... mayb is d (sleeping wif non air-cond) effect... LOL but haihz... freaky man!! =( d 1st nite i dreamt dat me n kaTie got prob. den got another guy kacau... aih.. i aso dunno la.... dun rmb much aso..... just dat i hopre i doesnt happen... sobz*
den ytd nite, i dreamt dat my wrist broke..... oni it broke, d flesh was torn!!! OMG freaky man!! den d more i move d wrist, d more it hurts, den can c d bone inside..... =( den ni woke up. when i move my wrist, it hurted as well..... but d pain was d cause of my old injury (sprained my wrist). i was surprised.... how cum d pain came back....?? weird huh?? aih.....
neway, i din get 2 go dance class ytd...... sad but true.... well, d dance class called ytd 2 change d class back 2 friday... hmmm.... i dunno good or bad. but i definitely like tuesdays more den i'll hv my friday free...

Final Exam Schedule
Introduction to Theater = 14th April
World Ecological Problems and Man = 17th April
English, Thought and writing = 18th April

after finals i'll b free!! hahah!! holiday for 5 weeks =) cant wait!! but i'll have nothing 2 do... hmm.. thinking of doin music full time (dat includes teaching) KC Foong offered me 2 teach vocal... =) i'll b glad 2 do it... i'll just hv 2 check my schedule =)

*pray 4 good health*
*pray 4 world peace*
*pray 4 good memory 4 studies*

Monday, April 03, 2006

Oh.. wat a beautiful morning!

woke up at 8.15 today. i was quite surprised that even the air-cond wasnt on it was quite cold. (u noe.. global warming.. :p) anyway, tucked myself into a 'Pau' n 2 Jacobs wif cheese spread.... slurpz* studied a lil of geog den came to college!

well, later at theater class, we r gonna b watching 'emily of Emarald hill'. i dunno how wud it b, but i really hope dat it cound b a great help for my final term essay. which reminds me, I NEEDA STUDY!!!!!! haihz.... dis few days got no mood la..... wtv it is... mood or no mood, gotta force myself adi loo..... 1semester! dun play play*

later goin 2 my 1st class for Jazz Dance!!! woot* im freaking excited coz its been a LONG time since i hv danced. d best thing is, we r doing contemporary dance dis mth!!! weehheeee* just hope dat i still hv d flex n d stamina 2 do it larh.... XP

congrates 2 CHARM ALL STAR for bagging the CHAMPION title in CHEER competition. not to mention, beating MOCHA!! =)

*pray 4 health*
*pray 4 studies*