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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

IM SO GLAD!! GOT CHOSEN AS ONE OF THE FINALIST FOR SEVENTEEN STAR SEARCH 2006. WISH ME LUCK!! =) Got PhotoShoot and interview next Friday at Sunway Lagoon, 7.30am


KL Motor Road Show on Sunday
Interesting. Learnt alot about cars and the fact that some guys take opportunity to 'touch' gurls. Not really touch but... just kenakan gurls la.
I wore a long sleeve button up top n skirt. While walking around looking at cars. A guy, the walked fromt he opposite direction purposely bang me on the chest with his shoulder. And yes, i do feel FLATTEN >.<
why do i use the word Purposely?
Because if one looks in front, u can still c movements from the corner of your eye. What i saw was that he was walking towards me, looked at MY direction den purposely move his shoulder to the angle of my 'boobs' then BANG*
Kurang ajak punya desperado.... >=(

No Apologies Seminar on Monday and Tuesday
Went to church for the seminar. It wasnt really a 'Christian' event coz it by the Focus on the Family group. So it applies to all different young people from different races and backgrounds. The theme of the event is Love, Life and Sex.
The seminar was mainly about PMS. Pre Marital-Sex and the consequences. Although those stuff that they talked about was stuff that i knew, but i didnt really take much note in it because it wasnt really enforced. All i know is that if we have sex before Marriage there is a possibility of gettin pregnant, HIV and other STDs. The Facilitator taught us alot and there were LOADS of interesting activities.

KeeWeng, KheeWah,Lynn and I each gave little ideas that formed this POEM. Enjoy!

Condoms -(To be read in a typical Malaysian accent)
Condoms come from the rubber tree,
It is used to prevent Family;
Rubber-tapper work so hard,
Early Morning aso he start.

Condoms come in many sizes,
Competitions give it out as prizes;
I can use it for my birthday party,
Make balloon- Make children Happy.

Condoms come in many colors,
Along with strawberry, durian and cempedak flavours;
Manufacturers now so 'Chia Lat',
Can even make 'Glow-in-the-Dark'.

But then again, condoms are not foolproof,
Especially when they start to leak through the roof;
Once it bursts, YOU get a child!
POW! Instant responsibility now!

But why u wana 'mafan' all these things,
You will surely 'malu' to buy those things;
Why dont we all practise Abstinence,
Sex after Marraige feels like Heaven!

Wednesday, First time facial
Mum could'nt tahan my face with so many black heads. So she finally made the decision to make an appointment with the Beautician to do facial for me. Well, started at 2pm and it ended at around 5pm. Yupz! she squeezed ALL my black heads and pimples out. And now my face is so freaking RED and uneven. Well, this is the process of facial lah*
1st they'll wask ur face
2nd press everything out
3rd put sum fruit thing as anticeptic
4th put mask
5th peel off mask
6th apply cream
Lastly, go around looking like an ugly kitten for the next few days till ur face recovers.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

was real bored at home.... so got sum stuff to keep me thinking. =) dun mind yah kT!!

Do you still talk to the person you had your first kiss with?
Yeah...... of coz....=)
What would you do with 1000 plastic spoons?
keep em for the next party?
What kind of music did you listen to in elementary school?
well..... any song my sis play in the radio cassette.AND my own rambling in the piano.
What is the best thing about your current job?
My current job requires me to wake up late coz if i dun, i'll b dead bored.
Do you wish cell phone etiquette was required?
Are you against same sex marriage?
erm... all i can say is that these kinda stuff leads to not-so-good-stuff so... im not against it,BUT i dun encourage it. :)
How have you been in the past week?
The usual.. chilling around being bored. excluding movie times =)
Where are you going on your next vacation?
I have been havin my holidays for the past 1 month n i hv not been goin anywhere.So anywhere for my vacation would b cool.
Quote a song lyric.
Free my soul I wanna b, what I wana b. Aint nobody is gonna put me down, full force ahead is what I c...... I am what i am.....la.... la...la...
Are most of the friends in your life new or old?
I have the best from both worlds ;)
Do you own any furniture from Ikea?
My mum loves Ikea. So wadaya think! ;P
Do you like your parents?
Of coz!without em i wun b ere.
What state/country are you from?
Malaysia.For ur info kT, Selangor is a state. LOLx =P
Tell us about the last conversation you had?
Me n JinWei discussing on what subjects we're takin 4 d next sem.
Where do you see yourself in one month?
Gettin ready for Midterm then Finals. gonna b very busy.
What is your favorite smell?
ah..... d smell i like cannot b decribed.... XP
What is the time and the outside temperature at the moment?
ever since i woke up, I hv not step out from home.
Have you ever done anything vindictive to your co-workers?
co-workers? I had co-workers for only a day at Pizza Unos.. nothing much i can do.
Have you ever gone to therapy?
One day i'll need Psycho-therapy.
Have you ever played Spin the Bottle?
Yes.... of coz. was dared 2 kiss sum1 on the cheek n touch sum1.... OMG ><
Have you ever Toilet Papered someone's house?
Nopez. i dun celebrate Halloween. I'll b caught n thrown in2 jail.
Have you ever liked someone but never told them?
these kinda stuff.... i dun recall..
Have you ever gone camping?
camp as in real camp or yf camp? =)
Have you ever had a crush on your sisters friend?
OoooOoo.... dun rmb either. even if i did, im sure it was a long itme ago.
Have you ever had sex on the beach?
Nopez.. Im as innocent as a doll! =) cough cough*
Have you ever had a stalker?
Ermm.....I doubt so..not rich enuf, not pretty enuf. Just an ordinary gurl. I wun attract dis kinda of stuff rite?
Have you ever gone skinny dipping?
Mayb one day in Nude Island or sumwhere... XD
Have you ever laughed so hard you cried?
nopez.... but i laughed till i pee-ed on my maid's mattress whne i was in primary school! =)
Have you ever gone to a party where you were the only sober one?
sober? I've been 2 a party where oni a group of us dance like mad n the others just stare speechless! XP
Have you ever been cheated on?
Nopez. IF i were cheated on, the person WILL get it from me.... muahahaha *evil laughter*
Have you ever had sex with one of your Myspace friends?
I dun use MySpace.
Have you ever felt betrayed by your bestfriend?
yeah.... bout 2 years ago?
Have you ever lied to your parents?
Anyone dat says no is fake. coz even while lies r counted as lies rite. =)
Have you ever been to the US?
No. Will be though XP
Have you ever thrown up from working out?
No.... working out is fun fun fun!!! i mean if dats in the gym wif all ur frens. =)
Have you ever gotten a haircut so bad that you wore a hat for a month straight?
oh my.. yeah i'hve gotten a major bad hair cut when i wan fm1. but i cant possible wear a cap 2 skool rite?
Have you ever eaten 3 meals from 3 different fast food places in 1 day?
Nope. i'd rather skip 2 meals.
Have you ever gotten so wasted you didnt know what was going on?
I dun understand the question.
Have you not realized what you had until you lost it?
Yeah. regreted sum stuff. but theres where we learn from rite. =)

Boredom logging off*

Monday, May 22, 2006

A meaningful day
Watched My Girl & I in the morning wif kT. It was kind of like a tragic love story. Made us think the what if sumthing happen 2 one of us and all... well just hope not! After that, kT fetched me 2 Vocal class while he went to Mc D's drive thru 2 study.
Vocal class was ok. Although it was like going back to the basics coz the Classical Teacher emphasizes alot on 'technic'. After 3 classes of 'ah-ing, Oo-ing,Li-ing' and many of the vowel warm ups to 'find' my right voice that comes from my nose, Mouth hard and soft pellet,lungs, even head! yeup. Singing is NOT ez! Im saying that if u wana tok about the right Classical way. Finally I was given a song 'Beautiful Dreamer'. Well i must go on practising man!! its tough n i hope i'll dispose my old style of singing n adapt to the new. ASAP!
After Vocal kT picked me up n went for lunch. I had Teo Chew STyle Porridge. SLURP* its been a long time since i ate dat. Then we went 2 Caltex 2 get Blackforest Drumstick. Both of us sat down n the playground near my hse n enjoyed our 4 hour chat. t'was great. more like a Getting-to-know-u session. =)

*to those who r having exams..... Good Luck! u can do it!!! =)*
aja-aja fighting!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

whoa... hv been missing lately n now im back. =)
Thursday: Shopping in Midvalley wif my dear frens.
Its been along time since i've met up wif sum of the senior Cheer members along wif new CHARM members like Steven and not so new members like Florence. We went over to Midvalley to celebrate D'Andre Lim Chee Wei's 20th Birthday. =)
Its wasnt just a normal outing. Not for kT. It was sum sort like a getting-to-know-u session between him n my group of frens. Well, im darn glad that dey can click! Means..... all of us can hang out more often. =)
Shopped at Seed. CW,CC,YP n kT got great 50% clothes. I almost gotten a gurl design of what kT bought (formal button up long sleeve), unfortunately dere was no more 'S' size.
Watched Da Vinci's Code that costed RM12!!! can u believe it!! a movie ticket for RM12!! It might b quite usual for sum of u but.... my.. its my 1st time paying so much for A movie. with 12 bucks.. i can watch 2 movies in Summit! oh wtv.... I still had fun... =) no regrets! Movie was fun n a quite thrilling. However, i felt that the movie was also very shallow. I just hope that non-Christian viewers AND Christian viewers will not just believe what the read or saw in the movie. Infact, they themselves should do their own research in the bible n pray about it. Just treat it as a fiction movie la. =)
Friday: Went to Semenyih
Went for a visit for KheeWah's birthday (in advance). Ate dinner at Broga (ikan bakar). was superb!!!!!! GREAT!!! CHUN!!! XD
senery was perfect, food was super fresh, everything was great (excluding a lil fishy smell around that area) what can u expect! it was like a typical 'kampong'!
Went for yF at nite. Sis. Daphne spoke about mission at Buthan. t'was interesting.
Saturday: Dance class!
Went for dance class after not attending for 2 weeks. Dance was real fun. and for the 1st time in the whole month.... i sweated. =) it felt great!!!!!! i cant wait for the next dance class. if oni it was more like an express class. if oni it was nearer 2 our place. Other than that. IT WAS GREAT!
at least i FELT thinner ( a lil) XP
Sunday: GREASE, is the word!
After church in the morning, yam cha wif church-mates, came back home n got ready for GREASE the Musical. Dad drove to Asia Jaya n we took the LRT to KLCC. Ate at Mdm Kuan's. food was good. walked around, than went to one of the halls (forgotten the name of it) for GREASE. Show was good. it definitely reminded me of Greasy the Musical Hairshow the me n sum frens performed in. Overall the musical was ok although i thought that they cud be a lil more enthusiastic in sum parts.

*Im gonna take part in another production and the Audition is on Tuesday n Weds. SO pray 4 me yah!!!!! thx*

God Bless & Take Care

Monday, May 15, 2006

Star seach 2006
On Saturday morning, went to church for a little while to get my audition CD from kT. (Thank u so much for helping me wif it. Thank u for sacrifcing ur sleeping time for it. thx thx. hugGz) After that me n lynn made our way to Pyramid. Went there, got Lynn's new nerd Specs then went to the Lowest Level of East Wing. Signed up for Star Seach 2006, did my make up (by Fasio) then found out that i had to do my stuff on stage. Before i left the house, i was wearing jeans.
Lynn: wear ur skirt la.... u look nice in it wat. of all days u choose to dress down...
Yenn: ok lo..... (went to change to mini skirt)
After i knew that i had to do a slight performance (they were recording a short video of me) I went to Lynn n my mum.
Mum: okok... go upstairs and get a pair of jeans.... (then she brought me to Esprit coz she had 30% dicount)
Lynn: wah!!! u bring Yenn ere.. I aso want!!!
Yenn: huh!! u bring me ere... I dun shop ere wan la.. everything is so expensive. Im not use to buying stuff ere. Although u have 30%, things still cost alot.. this is not my class. (went out n ran to P & co)
Went in there and mum and Lynn grabbed 3 pairs of jeans for me to try on, paid for the one that suits my shirt tha most then ran downstairs hoping that they havent call my number yet. (It was my 1st time shopping in such a hurry... but i untung man!!! coz normally i will have to spend my own $$ on my stuff... THX MUM!!! =D)
Waited while watched another girl do her stuff on stage (she was very daring!! lol) in less than 5 mins, it was my turn. The Star search commitee interviewed me but i had to speak to the cam.. (my 1st time.. SO WEIRD!! its like we're suppose 2 look at people in the eye when we talk but becoz of the camera, i had to look at the hole while talking... haha)
StarSearchCommitee (SSC): Hi Sue-Yenn. tell us about urself
Yenn: Well, u can say that im very enthusiastic and Im quite active. I dance, I sing. I use to be a cheer captain and i have been cheering since i was 13........ (i cant really recall our conversation)
SSC: ah.... u were a cheerleader! Tell us what do u like about cheerleading.
Yenn: I get to express myself there. Coz we get to cheer alot. When we cheer, we make people happy and we make ourselves happy. Its really interesting!
SSC: thats cool! so tell us about ur style.
Yenn: Well i can be quite versatile. I can be very sporty to very girly.
SSC: U sing rite. tell us what kind of songs do u like.
Yenn: i love Broadway!
SSC: Broadway! Cool! wat is your favorite musical?
Yenn: i love Phantom of the Opera!!
SSC: Oh thats cool! ok, what would u like to do for us today??
Yenn: I can sing and i can dance.. which one do u like me to do?? (smiles)
SSC: hmm....since u like Phantom of the Opera so much.. sing us a song fromt there!
Yenn: ok!! (in my heart i was leaping for joy!! coz its sumthing really familiar to me..hehe)
I think now u all would have realised that they din ask me to dance. Further more, Im wearing my new pair of jeans to dance for them. I guess all i can say is that im so lucky!!! Got a new pair of jeans!!!! muahahahaha....... (winkz)

An Experience of a Model
Yesterday after church, came home and had a super short nap theat i needed due to a late nite the day before. AFter that, I bathed then it all begun. Lynn took more than 3 hours to curl me hair (thank u so much) and then after that we rushed to the venue (somewhere in cheras) Because we left the house late, my mum practically flew there.
While driving,
Mum: Whoa!! Im driving at a 140!! never drove so fast before. Hope I dun get a saman lah. (continues driving)
Within 25mins, we reached our destination. Went in there, sign in then waited for the batch before us to finish. While waiting my Sifu Aunt JS refreshed my memory by asking me to walk thru and fro and practised to walk with the scarf. The competition started at 5. All of the make up artists had to do a 10 question exam. Then it finally begun. Like always mum did what she did when we practised at home, just that i kept my mouth shut coz there wasnt any mirror in front of me so i didnt know what was goin on. I found out that mum is quite easily distracted coz while makeup-ing she would just stop and look at other people. Then i had to nudge her.. (was funny :p) After one and a half hours, everyone was done with the make up and the hair styling. All the models had to do a little catwalk and do a pose (to show off their self confidence, make up and hair) Then it finally ended.
The results of the list of semifinalist was announced at 7pm. Although we did not get in, all of us did have alot of fun fun and fun. =)

This modeling experience gave me:
1. Cat walk knowledge
2. Make up knowledge
3. pimples due to excessive make up
4. New friends
5. A motivation to 'gam fei' XP now... i can eat anything i want!! LoL

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Weird things have been happening to me and I think there are some real weird and funny ones that i should share. Well as some of u would know that im taking part in a Make up Modeling competition. My mom ( a retired beautition b4 she steppted in the education industry) = the make up artist. Me (a fat ass) = model. Well, hv been through one catwalk class and hv put on make up on face (tryouts) a few times. And yes, there were many random situations.
Random Situation #1
Obviously one must draw on eyebrows after putting on the foundation. Well, my mum's mistake was she accidently used the lip-liner (dark brownish red) coz the both looked the same. Both pencils r black. the only difference si that theres a small lil pic of an eye for the eyebrow pencil and a lil lip for the lip-liner. Yea... as u will imagine... i hv SUPER BROWNISH RED eye browns.... Mum complained that she bought the wrong color for the eyebrows. And when she complains... she doesnt stop.
After a while, when she start drawing my lips... she burst out laughin.. NON STOP. I asked y, den she said: OOPZ..... i used the lip-liner for ur eyebrows..... no wander the color was so disgusting....
random huh. i tell u, if this happen in the competition, im gonna laugh till i drop.
Random Situation #2
2 days ago, mum tried styling my hair.. Well, we need hairspray n she bought it. While buying it, she bought a fabric cleaner (spray) along wif other stuff she needed at the same time. so Both were in the same box. So when we were styling my hair, she took out the spray and just started sprayin my fringe. I told her n Lynn that the spray smelled like sum weird soapy thingi... after a while she was like: Aiyah!!! u c wat i use 2 spray on ur hair!!! Fabric Spray!!!!! muahahahha* she n Lynn started laughin.... (-.-") gonna la my hair.... had to wash it again...
Random huh!! i wonder what will b next.... :)

sLeepOver tonight.... and i wont b able to make it although i paid... ><>
StartSearch is tmr, gotta record my video fast!!!!
Modeling rehearsal is also tmr...
hv been in a bad moon these few days, n eating is good for cooling me down.... apparently... i think its just d wrong timing... coz modeling competition is ON SUNDAY!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I feel like killing myself. Y is everyone in a bad mood??!! Not only that, y do u have to release it on me? Whats your problem??? This is not happening only yesterday nor today, ITS FREAKING EVERYDAY!!!!! What the heck?!!!!!? BlardY hell* ArgH!!!! Sometimes I feel like I want to run away from home. Run away from life. Run to somewhere that is just filled with green pastures, hills and streams, Flowers, clouds, rainbow and stars. Away from all these cRaP! NonsenCe!!! SHIT! ARGH* God help me.

Im lazing around....... =( i wished that i worked... at least i wud make sum cash.. sigh* time time time... is either u hv loads or none... oh well, hv been spending quite alot of time wif kaTie. Next week will b her exams so wish u luck yeah* Just now went to MV wif kaTie 2 get kW's bday n mama's day prezzie.. got what we wanted then suddenly my mum called n asked me 2 get ready for an audition by a Opera Vocal singer/teacher at 2pm. guess wat time she called, 11.45... shuckz man!! rush like crazy, i told her 2 delay it then she said: no need lah.. just get ready k. In the car on the way back, she called n basically screwed my head from the fon... ARGH* was so annoyed!! cant u tell me earlier that Im suppose 2 meet up wif that teacher?? but wasnt her fault as well, the vocal teacher called her last minute too.. ><>
came home practised, only to find out that its cancelled coz that teacher is really busy.... haihz..... nvm la.. im suppose 2 practise singing anyway... take it as a motivation 2 practise lor...

mother's day is this Sunday. Im acting as the mum in the short skit... well, i feel that its kinda lame n all... i just hope that everyone watching the sKit will know wat we're doing... just hope that no one is noob n all.... well, were goin 2 hv 2 practises oni so.... wich us luck! Other than the skit, after church at dunno what time (assuming afternoon) Im going 2 hv my modeling competition. MAN!!! i hipe things will turn out fine. its my 1st time modeling so i hope weird things like tripping over my heels or skirt wont happen to me. wish us luck yeah!!!!!! *pray 4 us!!!!*

sleepover is this friday.... really hope we'll hv fun. i also so hope that Kelv can make it... what ever happened to him n the guys..... sigh* i hope u guys can reunite as frens... n forget bout the past. Kelv..altho im not 100% sure bout everything... im sure things will turn out fine... just hope u'll accept their apology yeah... :)

i guess that about it... pray for all conflicts to end and all upcoming plans to be successful*

Sunday, May 07, 2006

I don't know what is happening to me but I'm getting very easily angered. *sigh* PMS???

Vulcanions, if u r reading this..... buck up!!!! no more dilly delly.... nothing is easy on earth, u just gotta work hard for what u want.. What do U want?? ask yourself than work towards it. You gurls AND GUYS can do it.. i know you can. All you need is the faith, hope and full commitment. Vulcanz has always been one of the few always-spoken-of teams.. You people now have the responsibility to keep that tradition going. If the guys squad arent goin to compete, my... Im sure u'll be a topic.. just that its more negative than positive... Plz BUCK UP! Wai Hou!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!! The team needs you. You are the leader. Of you are the 1st to bail from the team, I've got nothing to say. All of the seniors are just going to be dissapointed, coz WE appointed YOU as OUR successor. If you wanted to do something about it, there is still time. Im not saying that its going 2 be easy, but if there is a will, there IS a way...

You guys n Gurls can do this. We've done it before and we can do it again.

At least, try.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

felt that this week was more on lazing around..... so must b more progressive next week. Model competition is coming nearer. it on mothers day! hope i'll b all prepared and stuff. =) its gonna b so exciting! well theres a 1st time for everything and this is mine! oh well.....
2day was suppose 2 b a very bz day for me. so many activities lined up for me to do. Workin out in the morning, Dance class, dinner with aunt and lastly music prac. 2 bad... nothing happened. morning, mum said 2 hv bfast wif me n lynn den asked me 2 clean the upstairs coz my maids r 'the worst of all' having them are like NOT having them... so makes no difference. if we rely on them cleaning up our rooms n stuff. we'll b FREAKIN DARN dissapointed.. so i rather clean up myself. No dance class coz i hv a very bad stomach ache. Spent my dance class time sleeping. Dinner with Aunt was cancelled coz she was busy. Mum lazy 2 go out 2 eat so in the end we had Dominoes. Music prac, was suppose 2 go for dinner with Aunt so called the worship leader 2 tell him that we're not going adi. Plus my tummy is still aching. so din go... How eventful huh! =)

*sigh* I'm feelin kinda dissapointed with sum stuffs going on and I really hope it'll stop before things become from bad to worst. Before things become more hurtful. Before people break down and evolve into a monster. Before Karma happens.

*real moody now. dun bug me k*

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

i had such a weird random nightmare yesterday night. sobz*
tell me who would have dreamt that eng park dyed his hair n became a gangster ( due to boredomness)????
y isit that in my dream i was forced to shave my head bald by some lady that kidnapped me?
*sigh* i dont know. the dream was SO FREAKING weird, but this was all i remember. I woke up with some tears in my eyes. I guess there were also crying in my dream. ^wat on earth^

Yesterday during prayer meeting. Doug Duncan went around and prophesied to many people. among them,there were many of the youth sitting in front. well, when he came to me he said..
*Doug: You are like.... like a KUNG FU FIGHTER!
(everyone laughs) (from the corner of my eye, lynn was trying not to burst)
*Doug: When you fight with the devil, not only you'll use your hands, your feet, you'll also use your nails!! (ganas man)
(nods my head n covers my mouth with my hands trying not to laugh too much)
*Doug: You'll be a justice fighter. You will not fight for yourself, but you'll fight for others. So many a times you'll get into trouble. Not for yourself, but for others.
He said many other stuffs but i just cant seem to recall. oH Well, I want 2 b like what he said 'the justice fighter' i hope that God will take over me to be what He wants me to be.

*Teach me to walk the way you want me to walk*

Monday, May 01, 2006

Went to church at 7.30 feeling kinda tired coz din really had enough sleep the day before. After service, went makan wif Liteng, Po Po, Kelv, the other youths, Lynn, kWah, Jon, EeLeen n kT. One of our conversations during our meal was that I should quit my job (when i have not even started working that time) So we were planning on how long should i work n stuff, blah blah.. After breakfast, kT sent me to work. Work was very fun, actually i liked it, although the kitchen guys were kinda like 'deprados' coz all the female workers warned me bout them, n everytime i send plates into the kitchen dey were like sayang dis sayang dat... but it not that bad. the Myanmar guys in the front (bar tender, pizza guy) r great!!!! really funny n frenly, helpz me catch up with things i cant, makes a latte for me towards my last half n hour of work, made pizza for all of us for our dinner/supper. =) t'was fun...... haihz.... im so dissapointed that i have to quit what i liked... i guess i found the right job, just at a wrong time *sigh*
WOke up, had a chat with parents and they really want me to quit my job, dad says, to think of the long term rather than short term happiness coz the modeling thing will help me with my resume and give me the experience that i need in future on stage. He also said that my mum is my greatest supporter all these years in money wise the the things i do. So he said that i should help my mum, to be her model for the competition. Well, and so i did. after Breakfast at old town kopitiam (taipan), went to Pizza Uno and told Patricia (my lady boss) that my family wants me 2 quit. Well, her reaction was very calm. she just said ok n then went back to cut her onions.. she is SO FREAKIN good at making me feel guilty man! I expected a lecture or sumthing. In less than 5 mins, i walked out of the restaurant, back to the car. at 2pm, i followed my mum n her frens to cheras to prepare for the competition. We did our cat walk thingi, Aunt Jan Sit taught us how to pose n relax, to stand up freaking straight (actually more than straight) mum practised her make up on me, tried on my dressed. and the list goes on.... it was kinda fun. enjoyed it. =)

*pray for the competition*