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Monday, June 26, 2006

Im so Tired..... ZzZzzzZzz...... call me inhuman

feel like sleeping now.... dont know what has gotten into me but, im am FREAKIN tired! yawnz* luckily there is only one class today. well, actually i am suppose 2 b doin my research but... BAH* no mood, too sleepy.

Saturday- inhuman? sigh* sorry my dear Lucky
Saturday after doing research paper, went down to bath my darling Lucky boy. Lynn asked me to cut his hair or else there is no point bathing him. (keeweng, reminds me of cuttin ur hair lerh..) Lucky's hair so lebat*
well, started cutting for him... he was such a cutie for stayin still and letting me do everything peacefully. Then a dumb cat came by and stared at Lucky. (lucky forgotten that he was tied up on the leash) he sprang from his sitting position and wanted to chase that ugly cat away. sigh* he basically strangled himself. he practically flew to the air and landed with a loud 'thud'
Poor darling
After 'sayanging' him, went back to cutting his hair.... after dat he kept moving around maybe coz im not a pro. and he is impatient.
Suddenly, while i was busy cutting his hair he gave a short yelp.
sigh* guess wat
i accidently gave him a cut. poor lil thing
yea, he bled. thx 2 me.
sigh.... everytime i think about it.... i can feel a lil twist in my tummy. im just so careless!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

This is probably the worst day of my Uni Life!!

Well, i had this assignment that was 8page long, font 11 by an ex-journalist lecturer. Meaning, she has high expectations in our research paper. well, thx to keeweng that helped me alot on doing the research. After a few days of concentrating, in the assignment, i finally did 6 pages.
The stupid thing i did today was, after finishing the 6th page, I was darn satisfied.

Yenn: yay! i finished 6 pages!! ( then plucks out thumbdrive from laptop)
Lynn: oh good, save it in the comp ya..... save it in the comp ya....... hurry up!!!! eat lunch adi
Yenn: wait la..... ( quickly inserts thumbdrive in the laptop again n clicks copy then accidently moved to the button DELETE)

Sigh* i guess u all know wat happen la... sobz
all my hard work just went flying into the dustbin within a click.
haihz...... im so annoyed and depressed right now.... cried my eyeballs out.
now i have to start all over again......... but my sentences?? ALL GONE!!! i dont remember what i wrote. AT ALLLL!!!!


well, the assignment is due end of next week. so what i planned to do was to finish everything fast so that i can think of a suitable play for the youth on FGA's 10th anniversary. Now? sigh..... i dont even know how am i goin 2 start doing my research paper ALL over again!!!! even the points that i have typed down in another notepad was gone. The interview i did with employers are all GONE!!!! have to start from a scratch again ='(


At least something good happened today, got 9 out of 10 in Modern Western World Test. Thank God.

*prayer requests*
plz pray that somehow i can restore the file back into the laptop
plz pray that i'll have time for other things like the play
plz pray 4 health *not feeling ok now*
plz pray that i will b able to understand my interpersonal communications subject ( haveing slight problems)


Monday, June 19, 2006

This is a very long post on last week, but trust me, its not gonna b boring! =)

Sorry lah* i din have the access to the internet, thats y.

Saturday- Dance Class
I never knew i could feel so high when i dance. Sounds weird huh but its like omg...!
Well, we finally finished our comtemporary dance routine. its a chinese song. and when u dance to it, its like Heaven! =) Im serious!! ask Chee Wei! Its the 1st time in my whole life that i felt so "in the song". i felt like i am part of the song. and when i dance i felt like there were goosebums, not because I was scared, cold or wtv. It was because i was high. =)
After dance, we went to SS15 PinKee with the gang, had dinner then went for music practise for Sunday Service.

Sunday- Dawn's Farewell Dinner
After the 1st and 2nd service of back up singing, went home, had rojak with daddykinz, had a nap, then got ready 2 go meet Dawn along with kT, kW, sL and uni gang at 1 Utama. Hung out with Dawn, Marcus, ShuWen, and PoPo Char sau Pau Isabelle at Burger King while waitin 4 everyone 2 arrive. Soon came Chi Hoong, Chi Weng, Chyn Wey and Elsie then we went shoppin! Checked out the new Forever21 boutique. Saw cute dresses but was lazy 2 try them on.
After a while of shoppin ere n dere, we finally made our decision 2 go 2 Wong Kok Hong Kong style Restaurant for dinner. Ate and had fun takin pics, food was okay but not GREAT. Then we countinued our kai kai session then ended the nite. Gonna Miss u Dawn!!! +.+

Monday- College
As usual, went to class but stayed at college for extra few hours due 2 the stupid connection i have at home. sigh* i wan streamyx, i wan a new laptop, wtv la.... i just wanna use a super fast, anti-lag comp.

Monday- Class and Committee Interview
Did i ever mention that i hate Afternoon classes? First of all, the whole day wouldnt be as productive as having morning classes. Second, who would wanna study rite after Lunch time?? Well, i was dozing of History class...... hmmmm...... thx God that Dr. Anindita gives us breaks. Unfortunately, to keep me n Lynn from sleepin, we buy junk food 2 munch. Well, so its like a Get Fat Program. Sigh*
After Class, me n Lynn had an Interview to enter the ADTP Committee board. They asked a few questions and we're officially in! =)

Tuesday- Makan Lok Lok at Taipan
After coming back from class, met up wif kT n kW at Taipan 4 Lok Lok session. Never ate so much before. n it tasted GREAT!

Wednesday- Walking Bananas at Sunway University College.
The new Western Michigan University T-Shirt is out and its YeLLoW! Its this creamy yellow as in yellow banana, yellow butter yellow. LoLx. So Wednesday was T-shirt day, everyone was walking around with Yellow shirts. haha.
Me n Lynn paid for the shirt then got a refund coz we are in the committee so.... GriNz*
Save Rm 20 from that Huge Shirt. Apparently Im wearing it now coz i havent changed since i wore it ytd 2 sleep. 0.o
Went for prayer meeting then yamcha after that at nite.

Thursday- Sick Day
Yesterday's nite was filled with flam and dried throat. UggH... sux
Woke up this morning, ate a few cookies and swallowed 2 Vitamin C's, 2 Garlic pills, 1 multivitamin pill, 1 Calsium pill along with a gush of Redoxon.
Feeling very cold and a lil blurry dizzy. Hmmm... plz pray 4 my health.

Friday- Movie and Hair Cut (not mine)
Spent the morning or at least half of the morning watching a Movie calls Aquamarine with kT. The movie, well.. Chiq Fliq. Haha. My kinda stuff, I just like things dat makes me laugh and release any tention I have. After that was Lunch wif my mummy at a Thai Restaurant. GREAT tomyam there. =)
After music class, kT fetched me back home. Our plan was to go for a walk coz it just finished raining and the weather was great.
Unfortunately, kT came up with the idea of me cutting his hair for him. Well, after the persuasion, I finally gave it. I was SO nervous that I wud ruin his hair… LoLx. Well, things went on great I guess. =) I mean for my standard lah*

Saturday- Dance Class
Dance!!! Great!! =)
We revised on our contemporary routine then went on to another new one. Was suppose 2 do Rock and roll, we did Theatrical!
We were suppose 2 act and dance like those Bimbo gurls in sexy bunny suits! Yeah…. Super BimBo-ish, but its fun when u do it! =)
Its like typical Butt shaking session. Even when we walk we have to shake. LoL.
T’was fun.

Sunday- Amway Convention
Well, I would say the word Amway will instantly turn u ppl off. But what if I said LEE HOM? Massive Fireworks? Haha. XD
Mum bought RM40 tickets for our family, her fren n daughter, kheewah and keeweng.
Left home at 4.30pm and made our way 2 Bukit Jalil National Stadium ( the biggest open air stadium around that area). We went in different cars.
Although the Convention starts at 6pm, by 5, the road was full! We were kinda stuck in the jam and we missed Jaclyn Victor and Daniel Lee’s performance. How sad. We heard them sing though from the outside of the stadium while walking in. Sounded great! They sang a song together. A song form Carrie Underwood. Her American Idol song.
There were very motivated speakers and the stadium was filled with 43,000 people. Everyone was cheering like mad!! Was a great sight. Performance and speeches went on till 12.00 and finally, LEE HOM came forth. OH MY GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is SO FREAKIN CUTE! And when he played on the piano while singing, omg……… he looks so cool!
After his performance, as we got into the car, Fireworks broke out!

Romantic giler*AwwWWWwwww…
sigh, last nite together. KT going back Melacca for studies liao….

Friday, June 09, 2006


Today is the day of the Seventenn Star Search photoshoot at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach.
Went there early in the morning at 7.30am, met up with the others girls and began to chat and know each other. Then we started make up and hair do. All of us transformed from morning faces to pretty dolls!
All the apparels and clothes were form Roxy. yeah, never wore so much Roxy in my entire life before and it felt GREAT! muahhahhahaha*
I wore a bikini top and a tube dress for the 1st shot.

The 1st shot was more like a 'ball playing' session where we play, throw and catch beach balls. Then we started kicking water towards the camera. was fun! to me, it was like a lil bonding session. =)

After the 1st shot was the interview with HITZ.TV with Xandra Ooi. Hot chick! hmm.... i wonder how did i look, sound and acted in front of the camera. ish.. forgotten to ask when isit gonna be aired. silly me* =(

The 2nd shot was done with me wearing a bright colored bikini (I Simply love that bikini top!!!) and Denim mini skirt.
This time the shoot was with Estee and Germaine. So we were like havin fun posing like Charlie angels with our squirt guns (say oni squirt gun, but not working wan.. haha). Then we started playing with the floats and Estee started singing the 'Mr Bean' version of the nursery rhyme: 'Row, Row,Row ur boat gently down the stream. If u c a crocodile, dun forget 2 SCREAM!!
*t'was fun*

The 3rd shot was a solo shot. I was wearing a Black Bikini top, a Vintage looking skirt (very pretty), and a cow boy hat (hot stuff!)
It was a Quick shot as I didnt have any trouble posing in front of the camera. I just went there in struted my stuff. grinz*

The 4th and the last was a group pic with the other 10 finalist.
Basically the whole Idea of that picture was all of us walking towards the camera in the Surf Pool. So water was everywhere, all of us were gettin wet and we did it like SO MANY TIMES!!!!! OMG, now i know how many times a model wud pose just for one picture. =)

I have gained alot from this Star Search Photoshoot. Well, first of all i gained Friends!!! everyone was SO frenly and sweet! Just after knowing them in such a short time, I felt like I've been frens with some of them for like years. Is just so Open! im definitely Glad!! =)
Another things is that i gained this new found confidence in me and my body. Well, i've been like NOT excersizin for the past 1 more than one year. Before the photoshoot, i was like worried that i wont pull of the pictures properly. But now, althought i have not seen those pictures, i still feel good about myself.
Also, sad to say that its my 1st time wearing a bikini. So, yeah i had FUN =) ngek ngek*
hmmm.... there so many more other things to say!! Just that i dunno how 2 put it into words. All i know is I feel like a STAR!

Take note. On the 2nd September, the final competition will be at Pyramid. So hang around there and give sum support!!!! =)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

BaCk to Sunway University College, Western Michigan University!!!

Went to college yesterday 2 register my subjects and to get our individual payment advice. Well many of us changed our subjects yesterday, that includes ME! =)
Changed my Chemisty in Society to Modern Western World (History).
The good thing is that theres a Guest Lecturer for History this Semester, and according to my advisor, shes pretty good. So, i hope shes what she is what we heard =)

New Time Table
Monday: History- (1.30pm-3pm)
Tuesday: History- (1.30pm-3pm), Interpersonal Comm- (3pm-4.30pm)
Wednesday: History- (1.30pm-3pm), Interpersonal Comm- (3pm-4.30pm)
Thusday: History- (1.30pm-3pm), Interpersonal Comm- (3pm-4.30pm)
Friday: Interpersonal Comm- (3pm-4.30pm)

Yesterday nite went dinner with Dawn, Isabelle, Lynn, SengChee and Chyn Wey.
Its like our 2nd last or last meal together with Dawn..... sigh* shes leaving to US to continue her studies soon....... im gonna miss her like crazzy. UNI is NEVER going to be the same.......... Sobz*
Anyway, we went to Pizza Uno (my old work place). I was so shy when i went into the restaurant, hoping that i wont bump into any of my ex-collegues. But as i walked in i saw the few very nice once, smiled a HUGE smile at them then sat down n ordered my drink while waiting for the Boss.(SengChee) to come. A waitress came with my drink den shes was like 'pssssss', i turned to her n i said HI! (another of the few nice ex-collegues)
Food was ok, just that i really dun re-call saying that i want to order Oven Baked Chicken. Im not a huge fan of chicken meat, so when Lynn n Isabelle insisted that i said that wanted to order that, i was shocked. -.- I wanted to order Lagsana. But Lynn kept insisting that i order that chicken thing........

wasnt that bad la* just that i had craving for Lagsana.
Fellowshiping with everyone was cool ytd. i mean since it was so long since we've seen each other... but
Shes leaving next Monday at 2pm. Pity we cant send her off coz most of us have classes around that time.... sigh*

Oh well, life still goes on. Going uNi slightly earlier to pay fees later.

First day of uNi for Summer semester. First Short semester in my entire life. First time taking those subjects. First meeting those lecturers.
First time.... first time.... first time... Well, im still excited.


Prayer Requests
-Pray that i'll be able to adapt quick
-Pray that i'll b able to cope with studies, fun, music, any upcoming performance and life
-Pray for health
-Pray for me that the Seventeen Star Search PhotoShoot on Friday will b well and successful.


Monday, June 05, 2006

Well Well Well, its been 5 weeks since i stepped into Sunway University College. And now, Uni is startin on Weds. Im kinda nervous and i really hope that i can keep up with the busy study life due to too much relaxation for the past 5 weekz. I've never had such a long break in my ENTIRE life, coz last time whenever i have holidays, i'll work for mum's kindi full time and i wont have anytime for my own. And as for the SPM break, i started uNi in less than 1 month! so yeah... this is like my longest-not-so-productive holiday. =D

Well, if nothing goes wrong, my schedule is going to be like this

Monday: Chemistry (1pm-3pm)
Tuesday: Chemistry (1pm-3pm), Interpersonal Comm (3pm- 4.30pm)
Wednesday:Chemistry (1pm-3pm), Interpersonal Comm (3pm-4.30pm)
Thursday: Interpersonal Comm (3pm-4.30pm)
Friday: Interpersonal Comm (3pm-4.30pm)

Yeah... i betha guys must b thinkin my schedule is SO DUMB. yeah it is!!! cant dey just cramp everything in to 3 days?? LOLx yeah.... its the short Semester btw, dats y were oni taking 2 subjects. Well!! i hope im not maiin the wrong decision... Pray 4 me yah*

As for my Semester Time Table, its gonna b like this:-

6th June: Subject registration
7th June: !st day of classes
14th June: Last day to drop and Pay tuition fees
3rd- 5th July: Midterm Exams
21st July: Last day of classes
24th-26th July: Final Examination
28th July: Summer term Ends

Yupz short and Sweet, then its gonna b another 5 weekz of break..... ish..... >=(
dun like it

oh well, plz pray that i'll adapt into this studyin life and that i will do it Well!


God Bless*