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Monday, July 31, 2006

Just came back from TSF camp!
its was fun and Pastor Christian Cortes from Perth was..... Superb and HYPER!
Well, the things he spoke about was very logical and practical.
which was GREAT

The Rappers Sunny and Tru was cool and yup! THEY CAN rap!!!!! =)
the best was Adelle! She is Hot! Shes a mother of 2, Self taught breakdancer and Hip Hopper.
Shes a woman of God, and she was great. we spoke alot.
She kinda inspired me (^.^)

Came back yesterday (Sunday) in the evening. Slept at 12am till 12pm today.
i know... im a pig...
i actually broke my sleeping record!!!! hehe.... never in my life i slept that long.... =)

During the afternoon, i went to IOI mall with Lynn n MuM. its been like ages since i've stepped into that building. went look for kids' clothing for concert.
Came back from there and worked in the kindi till 8.30pm... sigh..... im so TIRED!

Oh well... btw, WMU commitee is goin 4 a trip to melacca A' famosa Resort so i hope that u guys will help me pray 4 Journey mercy and let us not get sick and hope we ENJOY!!! thx

login off..... super tired*

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I finally finished my Summer Semester!!!!!

muahahhaa.... FREAKING happry.... XD

Have bee studyin like sum weird nutto... n now its finally OVER!!! hehe.....

FUN and BUSY week ahead!! Camps, cruise with HITZ.FM, meetings with the Seventeen finalists and also Church Anniversary drama.... =)

aite!...... logging off...... SHOPPIN!!!!!! muahahahahaa...... XP
Finally finished my History Finals. Sigh... its like harder than usual but the essay are ok... so.... i dunno what to say, I'll just have to wait for the results to come out.... perhaps Middle of next month?? Im aiming higher than 3.50 cGPA this time.... can i do it?? hmmm.....

Owh well, have update u guys about my Music graduation huh....
Last Saturday, met up with Frens n Teacher at Broadway Mu8sic Academy for practise then left for ARMADA HOTEL.
Did 3 performances there. Played the Violin, Sang in the Choir ( i oni sang the songs less than 7 times!!! i din rmb the lyrics so... hahhaa.... sum parts i was just noobing.... XP ) and sang Solo 'Think of Me". Thx kT for burning the song 4 me!! <3
Well, on that day itself i woke up without any voice.... so yea... sang in sexay voice. =)
Took sum Pix (www.yennzpic.blogspot.com) Check it out.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Seventeen August Issue is finally out!!!!!!!!

Saw the pix.... hmmm...... i thought that there were mosre nicer pix.... aih.....

Anyway, go go go... faster go buy d mag n VOTE 4 me!!!
Dunwana buy mag aso can!! just send SMS!! or Vote on9!

SMS: type 17STAR Yenn
send to 33888
one sms costs 30 cents
send as many times as u like!! XD

on9: create an account on www.hitzfreak.com/ www.astro.com.my
you can send once a day....

thats 4 now!!! gotta study!!! finals next week!! ****

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Dis week is super hectic... lecturer was hospitalised so d time table was everywhere... hmmmm pitty her... shes real nice.

I got elected as the Event Manager of WMu Committee... mean i'll b organizing sad events like orientations
(hmm... every sem aso d newbie so noob..stress lah)
Lynn got the Publicity Job.... so we'll be workin Hand in Hand!!! =)
My 1st job is to Organize the Committee Retreat 2 Melacca.. hope everything goes well!!


Dean's Award is This Friday!!! my 1st Award in Uni!! muahaha..... =)

Exam is whole of next week after that, im goin Shoppin!!! Haven use my bday voucher from P&co yet.... hehee..... *

29th-30th July
TSF camp @ Genting

1st August
a day out with HITZ.FM Ford escape Cruisers to 'Promote' myself for Seventeen Star Search

2nd-3rd August
Retreat with WMU/ADTP Commitee @ Melacca Town (food Feista) den a nite over at A'FAmosA Resort Hotel

5th August
Meeting with Seventeen Finalist and Organizers at BLU. INC building Seksyen 13
might b havin a CATWALK n VOCAL TRAINNING SESSION as well....
(lookin forward)

Thats Life till 5th August! =)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

This is probably the WORST day of my driving life!

I think u ppl can guess by now la....either accident or saman.
Yeah.... i got saman-ed =(


was rushin 2 music class that was suppose 2 start at 10am
unfortunately, Putra Heights had sum issue coz the Maid had probs with the Supervisor. (the maid got attitude prob wan la.... alwiz think that shes is smarter then ppl)
So Lynn had 2 ruch 2 Putra Heights to Council both the Supervisor and the Maid. By the time she came home was about 10.40+
I couldnt call n tell the music centre to tell em im not coming coz it was a very last minute notice and it was a replacement class!
So i rushed dere like mad......
couldnt find parking
*Hey!! I din know taipan wud be full even at 10 sumthing in the Morning!! ISnt everyone suppose 2 b workin?*


Finally after a few rounds of driving ere n dere, i found a parkin quite a distance form the centre. Rushed like sum mad woman n forgotten to pay my parking ticket.


finished class came back with a Belated Bday Pressie from MPSJ.



i had no mood to study and there was an exam today.
I did the exam the best i can. i've got one confirmed wrong in the exam.
Now im just hopping i'll get the other 19 correct.
A 19/20 is better than nothing.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sorry i din have the time 2 post recently
But i have loads of pix up 4 u guys at my picture blog okie!!

Birthday Celebration
with Dearie kT @ The Curve, Italiannies
Before goin down from the car, kT gave me a big pressie.
i opened it... wah.. how many layers of newspapers.. i didnt count
when i finally ripped of the last piece, a cute lil England Reebok Handbag was lying there......
the bag was so ''SUEYENN"!!!!!! thk u kT. i Lurved it!!!
haha... den we went 2 makan
The food was Great!!!! Huge portions and yea.. was expensive.
Thx DD!!!!

Suppose 2 have bday dinner with family but we had meetin in my aunts hse regarding my cousin's wedding so we ended up eating with Aunt's family instead

Lynn couldnt tahan.. while studying in the afternoon...
LynN: can i giv u ur pressie now??? i cannot tahan la..... do u mind???? hehe..
YenN: up 2 u lo...... actually i dun really mind coz i adi 'so-called' celebrated my bday with kT adi ma....
LynN: u sure u dun mind??
YenN: aiya.... i told u adi.. up 2 u!!
Lynn went n get the pressie den gave it to me n said.. OPEN IT!!
hahaha.... it was d funniest pressie of all...
Curious 2 know wats it?? hehe*

Was happy coz many unexpected ppl called. thk u ppl so much!!!!
during the committee meeting dey kinda like had a small celebration for Dr Loh & me.
hehe* Thx ya!!
At nite, went to a Jap restaurant at Holiday Villa with Family
For Supper, went YAmCha wif Yin, Alvin n MingWei

*was a simple yet meaningful bday*
Thankz 2 all of u!!!


Saturday, July 08, 2006

You Are a Sensitive Kisser
For you, kissing is a way to connect
And you need lot of care, attention, and privacy
It may take you a while to kiss someone...
But when you do, it's total fireworks

Friday, July 07, 2006

+This is me+

You Are a Feminine Beauty!
You make any guy feel like a man, simply by standing next to himYou have a classic womanly appeal - and you've got a look for every occasionThis doesn't mean that you can't kick back in (designer) jeans and sneakersYou just prefer to be girly and sweet as often as possible
What Type of Beauty Are You?

Summer Sensation- BBQ party at Sunway
T'was fun. But did anyone mention that ADTP has the worst crowd ever?? everyone was like so dead n shy... LoLx sad case man those new ppl. hahaha. Sporting abit ma... =) nvm.. just hope by next Sem they'll b as SamPat as me aite!

Basically the place was hot coz there was BBQ. The food was ok the BBQ thighs, wings and drumsticks were great. there were tons of food. (^.^)

For Pix: www.yennzpic.blogspot.com [ or click Linkiez on the right -> then select Yennz pic]

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursday Recording @ Astro HITZ.TV
The seventeen Start Search finalist went to Astro for a shoot for HITZ.TV Top 10 LIVE program. Well basically we got there and did our makeup and dressed in ROXY attire (just like always) Sadly, i had like this WORST tummyache!!!! It felt like so bad i think it was the similiar pain that i got last time when i went to the hospital for Urinaral Infection. I was suppose 2 be like really enjoyin myself coz this is the 1st time gettin interviewed on TV. STupid Stomach ache potong stim oni.... ish.... Whiel waiting for everyone's makeup to get done i was like crouchin on the sofa and the floor as the pain was on and off. oh well. SUX but luckily it was better during the shoot altho it still hurt.
During the shoot, we were like the so called "crowd" so we response to the VJs and then there came a part when we got interviewed and sum gurls were told to strut their stuffs. T'was pretty fun. Not only that, Isabelle n friends were there too! =)
Ity was fun on screen. The cutest thing is that there were words on the shooting lens! ahhaa.... maybe i SamPat la... dunno this kinda thing. I've alwiz thought that the VJs had to memorize all those longwinded thing that they say. LoL. ITS FUN!!! I might consider doing that in future. =)
There are a few things thank I would like to Thank God 4. Im grateful that my Pain got better during the shoot. Im grateful for the Gurls who cared 4 me. Germaine, Winnie, Liz, Aimee, Ezra, all of the others and most of all Estee. MuaX! I'll never regret knowing u all....! =)


Wednesday: 3pm & 9.30pm
Friday: 10am
Saturday: 4pm

ALSO, keep watch ofr Seventeen's August Issue n
VOTE 4 ME!!!

u can do it as many times a day via SMS
AND once a day VIA www.hitz.fm
*keep in mind to vote more, create more accounts 2 vote ok!!*


Tak Tau malu-nya...... (^.^)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Many things happened and i havent any time 2 spare to blog. sigh*
ok Cheer 2006 went by, bla bla bla.... the Vulcanz girls did much better on the 2nd day manybe coz there was more motivational talk involved. i'll update d pix ASAP.

ok main story now.

yesterday my two dumbest maids in the whole wide world ran away. either they were tricked into doing it or wtv... im trying not 2 b evil but i really hope sum police man wud catch em n put em into temporary jail or sumthing. =.=
wana go home just say la.... send em home lo.... few weeks ago my mum brought the maid to the agent. the maid told the agent that she wants to go home coz she doesnt have a handphone. WTH?? she wan she go buy la!!!! think wat!!!!

of all weeks to run... run on my busiest week of the semester!!
Mid term this week, summer sensation this week sumore we had to perform. WTH!!! cant wait till we're more free oni they run arrr???? ishhh*

ok forget bout em.... they'll get their "rewards" soon. No Worriez*

Tmr im goin 2 to the Astro building for a shoot. All the seventeen star search finalists will be appearing on HITZ.TV so yup! we're shooting tmr. just hope everything goes on well.

btw, this Star Search thingi has a voting system included. so watch out for the August issue coming end of this month and vote 4 me ya!!!! =)

u can vote as many time as u want. the more the merrier.
via SMS or www.hitz.fm
for SMS u can vote as many times a day & HITZ.FM u only can vote 4 a day.
so to vote more, create more accounts. =)
dont trying goin 2 HITZ.FM now coz the news is not out yet. just watch out 4 it ok??


Thankz PeepZ*