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Thursday, August 31, 2006

HaPpY NationaL DaY!!
unfortunately I din go celebrate.... ish*

Yesterday at 8pm my family left for MuAr Johor.
Well, as usual... me n Lynn would chat awhile then sleep in the car. It would normally take almost 3 hours to get there. But ytd nite was real Quick. Maybe because Dad drove the Merz and there were oni 4 of us, so the car is lighter.... LoL*

Basically a trip back Muar would be more of an Eating Fiesta.
Let me see... as soon as we got there we went straight to the hawkers and bought the famous Mee Poh, O-Chian (my fav) n Leng chee Kang. The Leng Chee Kang tasted different form the ones in Subang.. well, its still very nice n refreshing.
Sigh.... i Have a confession to make....
I told myself that i would take pictures of the food I ate.. but I totally forgotten about it. So i oni took pictures of the food the next day (which is today)

After my huge n heavy supper, chat awhle den went to sleep...
It was raining in Muar.... i heard fireworks, but I couldn't c it from the hse.
So, BaH!!* Screw it.

Woke up today ffeling cold as i slept on the floor bcoz the sofa was too hot.
I used 2 blankies ytd, sumore there was no air cond....
oh well, had the Muar's Kuih thingi (i dunnno what is that called) and Carrot cake (my fav)

After that was a shopping spree at Wetex Parade.
At least I wanted to hv a shopping spree but i bought a few cheap accesorries instead.
Nothing 2 buy i guess...

Then went to hv lunch. This time,..... I remembered the Pictures so i took em!!
had Moi And Gizzards It was simple, nice and totally kampung.
Then we went to get fruits and pear juice n off we go back home.

Well, theres nothing much of my Merdeka just eating most of the time....
Im gonna eat again at my Grandparent's hse later ...
a totally fattening program JUST before the competition.

sigh* I'm such in an EMO mood rite now.....

Sunday, August 27, 2006

SUpeR BusY WeekEnd!!
hmmm..... come to think about it... my weekends are ALWAYS busy.

Saturday- Blu Inc Pre-Rehearsal & 10th Anniversary.
Saturday was basically the busiest day of the whole week. Yup! this week is the most hectic.
I've not stepped into the hse (excluding taking my clothes to church) till 12.15am since morning.

kT dear fetched me 2 Blu Inc in the morning when he suddenly decided to follow me in there to sit n observe the other gurls. I was surprised that he actually wanted 2 follow me so okay, as long as he feels ok about it, why not?

The Pre-rehearsal was basically about showing the organizers what we're gonna do that day.
So one by one, all the gurls went n dis their thang*
Yasmin Rapped
Aimee Sang (super cute malay song)
Jureen Danced (a mixture n shes really good)
Ezra sang (wif a super powerful voice)
Germaine (sang, sweet voice but needs confidence)
*u can do it gurl*
Jennifer (did magic tricks, quite impressive)
Estee (sang a rock version of Somewhere over the rainbow)
Anita (superb belly dancer!! sexy arse)
Preeta didn't make it =(
I sang n danced

Throughout the pre-rehearsal the gurls were quite helpful, we suggested stuff that could improve the other gurl's performance.... i guess it was good that all of us were quite supportive of one another.

After that, we had our CatWalk session.
We thought Ezra n Yasmin to walk the walk as they missed the last meeting and catwalk session.
Then, we had some briefing then had lunch. Dominoes again! (^.^)
i think the part that kT enjoyed the most was the food.... LoL*
*haha. u pig*

After the whole thing, we went staight to my hse to get my stuff den headed 2 church 4 music practise. Then it was drama practise. Everyone was practising under the sun which was so hot but we had no choice as the stage was outdoor. Sweat was dripping but everyone was quite a nice to not moan about it. Lastly it was the 2 hour break.
*whew. tiring*
we took that time 2 eat n play the games at the boothes.
At about 7.30 the Drama started.
Everything went on quite smoothly n everyone was happy with it. At least I was
*thank God*

Then we sang River of Life n Rock of Ages.
Second round was Hari ini, Welcome the Family of God n Chin Chia Ho!
Third Round was High Praise.
After all the shoutin n fast beat songs was my Solo part.
went off tune a lil at the high part
but other than that everyone was enjoying the worship n God's presence.

I guess the whole Night was a success and everyone was really happy with it. Thank God it din rain n thank God everything was fine. Food was Good!!! i Loved the salted vege soup towards the end..... =)
Came home at about 1215am, was too tired to wash my hair..... so i just did what im capable of doing. Just a short shower n leave the hair to the next day.
I slept without my pillow case.....

Sunday- Voting results n Paktoh
i wanted to sleep till maybe 10am due to the tiring day before. However my ever so hardworking parents didnt allow. Since 8.15 they've been knockin on the door asking me n Lynn to wake up but we just ignored...

At 9am..
mum barged in the room

After i woke up n had breakfast, i went to check the votes on9 as it was the last day of the Hitz.fm Votes.
whoa..... i dropped from 40% to 10% man!!! Everyone else we less than 1% excluding Germaine. She was 7%.
Ezra's vote went all the way up to 80%
*quite hard to believe, must b the botting program*
I tried clicking to raise my votes but it din work.... it just stood there no matter how much i clicked
(she was clickin on her side as well)
Then i gave up
*haha, malas la.... go lunch wif kT n enjoy*

Went to the Ikea for the hotdogs, meatballs n the Daime Cake
walked around abit, got kT's formal top then walked around again n went home.

Had Canadian Pizza for dinner den went back to check on the votes.

My vote was lower than ever..... Shes still not giving up.
*not bad gurl u do have the Determination*
Ezra 80% n still rising!
aiya... leave some for us la...... not like we want that Ms. Hitz title but at least give us a little so our 5% wont b so sad case.

Thank God for sum friends that kept on clickin for me or else i think i wud drop till 0.1%

At 10pm, kT n kW came over. I turned off the laptop n went to watch the Sleeping Dictionary. starrin Jessica Alba in Sarawak.

Didn't care anymore about the votes... wtv....

screw it

I just hope everyone will do their best in the competition and that it would b a fair competition.

Well, all the best gurls!!!

I'm lookin forward to the sleepover on Friday!!!


Reminder again

Plz come n support us in Pyramid concourse area This Saturday 3pm-6pm!!!


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Last Day of Work
Today is my last day of work.
For some of u, im working with my Uncle
Yup, happy n sad that its over.

Happy coz
no more sienness...
I get to do more things that i like rather just sitting ere
More freedom
Im getting my pay!

Sad coz
no more Fast internet connection
*I need streamyx!!!*
No more cheap Chap Fan!!!!
*sigh* I love te Leng CheeKang!
No more source of income other than my allowance

Well, wat my experience???
I admit that i just found out that im blur
i can be VERy Forgetful at times
*I forgotten 2 take down a client's number... yikez
well, actually there is nothing much 2 learn about la coz Im part time so I cant help much. all i do is just attend to ppl when my Uncle boss is not around, sign mails, pick up phone calls, open n close shop.

well, i just recieved the news from Winnie [Seventeen Mag]
that I HAVE to perform this Saturday at Blu Inc.
I have not perfect my routine yet!!
how how how???????!!!!

Also, I just found out that we'll check in on the 1st September
to Pyramid Tower hotel
I was hoping that me n Estee can share room.. LoL*
The next day [2nd Sept] will b the competition.
We'll b meeting the organizers for a rehearsal at 6am in the morning.
*thats y we get 2 stay there!*
too early la... everyone wud be like...
In drowzy land... and preeta wud b asking 4 coffee!!

Anyway, I'm excited and very anxious for the coming big day.
We're gona first do our 5minute performance,
then Catwalk *Roxy's clothes better b nice*
Last, Q & A session.

Neway, I hope everyonewill do their best!! and for those ppl out there,
Please come n support!! u can make cardboards and everything!!
Its gonna b fun!

Thats all.... Peace out


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

WMU's farewell to Michigan Fall 2006
Yesterday after dinner with kW, Bel, Shuen and Lynn at Salmo Steak House,we went straight to KLIA
[not forgeting a stop at my hse 2 get the camera]
After parking, we walked to the Interational Departures Floor.
Stopped by Body Shop to get Elsie a gift
[Oceanus bath and parfum]
Then finally met up wif the other students at their check in place.
Things were going well at first,
we were joking and chattin around, takin random pictures,
I caught a glimpse of WeiJun aka Solomon and family.
His parents were prayin 4 him
[i assume for a safe journey and his life n studies at US]
I was so touched!
I was just looking at them.
The whole family was standing together laying hands on WeiJun with their eyes closed.
I was moved.
As i was starring at them WeiJun's tears rolled down his cheeks.
Thats when I sobbed.
I straight away turn to Lynn n Hugged her.
I dunno why...
its not me leaving
Im not THAT close to WeiJun altho we are Friends but..
What made me cry?
I guess I was thinkin about me.
What will happen when it is my turn to leave for Michigan?
[thats like in a years time]
Will my farewell b a happy or a sad one??
I thought about the time when i leave,
I'll be hugging my parents and bidding my farewell to them, laughing and crying at the same time. I'll be hugging all of my friends goodbye.
Church mates, Sidewayz, Uni friends, etc.
most of all, KeeWeng.
This is sad.
I don't know.
By looking at WeiJun and family, I just can't help but to cry.
Isabel was like "whoa, chill gurl!!"
KheeWah was "wah, she cry adi!!"
Lynn was "wait!!! wheres ur camera?! i needa capture this moment!!"
too bad she didn't as it was in my pocket
My emotions were mixed inside.
then i told myself and IsabeL
This is gonna b the first and last time I send people off
I didn't wanna experience this kind of feeling again.
I don't know how 2 explain this.
It was more like a happy, painful, sad, excited, anxious feeling in me
although i wasn't the one leaving.
If i sent Dawn to the airport on her departure day, I would surely cry because I was close to her.
Although all of us met up with her on her farewell and the day before she left at college, i didn't felt it.
I think it was the atmosphere that caused me to feel
Well, i wasn't the oni person [whos not leaving] that cried.
Alexis and her friend cried too..
They were infact worst than me!
I sobbed, They cried.
Well.. thats because they were closer to that friend of theirs that left to Michigan.

Oh Well, enough with the depressed story

On the way back from KLIA,
Isabel n Shuen played this mind game with kW, Lynn n I
it was funny especially after i found out why.
I was the first to find out the solution the the mind game,
Lynn was the second.
kW.. still trying

*ngek NgeK*

Never mind, we'll contiue the game on Thursday night
this time, with KeeWeng

WatCh OUT!!!


Too all those 15 students that left for Michigan,
Have all the fun and don't forget to study too!
Also, I hope u guys don't get any Jet Lack especially after 3 plane transitions.
Yeah.... one at s'pore, second at Tokyo, and another at Chicago
well, this is the oni way if u wana save money.
Neway, back to the dedication
eat well, study smart, sleep well and dun mix with the wrong ppl!!

Thatz bout it.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I've been Tagged!
I don't mind actually coz im dead bored ere.. LoL

Q1) Sleep with or without clothes on?*
I don't sleep alone u c, and im afraid of the mosquitoes
Q2) Prefer black or blue pens?*
Blue, i like something that has color
Q3) Dress up on Halloween?*
if my frens r sporting, I WUD!! =)
Q4) Like to travel?*
with cash, DuH*
Q5) Like Someone?*
No, but I LOve someone! winkz*
Q6) Do they know?*
Of Coz! i speak my mind!! =)
Q7) Who sleeps with you every night?*
My sexy Patrick!
Q8) Think you're attractive?*
Im 70% confident of the way i look..
Q9) Want to get married?*
Q10) To who?*
To the ONE
Q11) Are you a good student?*
I canot say that im good, mayb above average?
Q12) Are you currently happy?*
More like sleepy
Q13) Have you ever been cheated on?*
Thank God No
Q14) Birthplace?*
Assunta Hospital
Q15) HARI RAYA or Halloween?*
Halloween coz I think i like the idea of dressing up! hehe
Q16) Colored or black-and-white photo?*
Q17) Do long distance relationships work?*
If both Parties r working hard enough
Q18) Do you believe in astrology?*
Guess so?
Q19) Do you believe in love at first sight?*
No..Love has to b built
Q20) Do you consider yourself the life of the party?*
NOt sure
Q21) Do you drink?*
Very Little
Q22) Do you make fun of people?*
Yes if the person is sporting
Q23) Do you think dreams eventually cometrue?*
Well, if the person's will is darN strong, mayb
Q24) Favorite fictional character?*
road runner.
Q25) Go to the movies or rent?*
Rent. NO, download *im a cheapskate*
Q26) Have you ever moved?*
Q27) Have you ever stolen anything?*
hmmm.... guess so?
Q28) How's the weather right now?*
Its Malaysia la!! what do u expect? snow?
Q29) Last time you cut your hair?*
Darn long ago coz my haor grows very slowly PLUS its curled!
Q30) Last person you talked to on the phone?*
Kim Han
Q31) Last time you went to school?*
a month ago
Q32) Loud or soft music?*
Q33) Mcdonald's or Burger King?*
Mc'D's price and Burger King's cris-cutt n cheese sticks
Q34) Night or day?*
Depending on the occasion
Q35) Number of pillows?*
Q36) Piano or guitar?*
Q37) Future job?*
Q38) Current job?*
Student n loving it
Q39) Current love?*
KeeWeng <3
Q40) Current longing?*
My bed n a hug
Q41) Current disappointment?*
Lynn's slumber-ness
Q42) Current annoyance?*
the fact that my eyes r closing
Q43) Last thing you drank?*
Leng Chee Kang for RM1!! muahahahaha*
Q44) Last thing your physical education teacher said to you?*
don't have one
Q45) Most recent thing you are looking forward to?*
SleeP n a family holiday overseas
Q46) What are you hearing right now?*
the sound of the air-cond
Q47) Plans for the weekend?*
Saturday: Meetin at BLU INC, get ready for musical for the 10th anniversary, celebration at church.
Sunday: sleep longer in the morning, meet up wif darling n practise dance.
Q48) What did you do today?*
sat in front of d comp doing random stuffs due to boredomness
Q49) Pick a lyric, any lyric or song?*
Think of me, think of me fondly when we say goodbye
remember me once in a while please promise me u'll try
Q50) Pick a movie quote?*
Im anxious excited, definitely [parent Trap]
What do u think of a...
Halloween Party
For Orientation Night of Fall Semester 2006?

would it b fun?
would the students of WMU dress up and participate?
would they even come??
what about performances???
should it be the goth, scarey, halloween style??
where should we hv that party??
Uni?? indoor?? outdoor?? student center??
budget?? food??

*Hmmmmm.. Loads of Planning to do*

+Mad wif LyNn+
Today Lynn was suppose to fetch me to work coz my uncle had sum stuff to settle and couldnt pick me up.
was suppose 2 reach at latest 9.10am
I told Lynn my plans and everything yesterday. I also told her that my Uncle picks me up at 9.20am to avoid the Jam.
However, i also mentioned that i have to be there earlier.
So... i woke up at 8.30am
*that pig still sleeping*
did my own thing and at bout 8.45 oni she woke up.
I kept remeinding her that i have to leave early n stuff....
but she still take her own sweet time...
*sumore sat on the bed n brush teeth*
*rolls eyes*
When we left the hse i pointed that we should u another way, rather than the Summit way coz its alwiz Jammed u over there...
She din listen... sumore stop a pump petrol...
*Hello.... u can drop me 1st oni pump wan rite*
*so many petrol stations around my work place*
Last minute oni switched road to the 'less traffic jam way'

As predicted... i was late 4 work.
My uncle called in a ask what time i arrived, i said 9.20
*actually it was 9.25am*
Uncle: I told u 2 come early adi ma.... ask u to work den like that..
YenN: So Sorry, my sister was late thats y
Uncle: haihs.... i got nothing 2 say la....
*Hangs up phone*

LynN u dumb ass... i hope u r Happy with what u did ok...
U just ruined my day


sigh*..... Geram sudah dilepaskan.......

Later we're going to send Elsie, Bobo, JoWey, Irene, WeiJun, Pern Fong...
and anyone else that i missed to KLIA
Their leaving for WMU, Michigan.
Hope they have a safe journey!!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

*A BusY weekend*
Come to think about it, my weekends r always busy.
Because of that I've missed my dance classes and all... *i haven been going dance or more than a month!!!*
This coming week also cannot go because of the FGA USJ 10th Anniversary.
+Oh well, i AM a Busy Lady+

9am-1pm: at church directing the Semi-Musical
1pm-1.45pm: at DarL's hse having lunch
1.45pm- 4pm: at Donovan's office acting for Steph's short movie
4pm-5pm: at home to shower and freshen up
5pm-7pm: at DarL's hse waiting 4 DarL to freshen up and for kW 2 pick us up.
7pm-10.30pm: went to Restaurant Talipon at OUG. kW, StepH n Aunt Wendy spend us.
Reach home, showered again and sLepT

7.30am -9.30am: Church 1st service
9.30-10.30am: Dim Sum Breakfast wif parents
10.45am-11.20am: went back to church
11.25am-1.30pm: at DarL's hse gettin ready to go pYramid while playing wif DarL's old scout uniform
1.40pm-2.10pm: Went to pyramid to get DarL's new nerd spex and dropped bt Shell station to buy muffin n bread 4 lunch
2.10pm-8.45pm: at church directing musical and had music practise along wif the banner practises and dinner.
Went home, bathed and laid on the bed till I fall asleep.

+PrettY Hectic eh?!+

oh well, uni is startin soon and I'm still deperately hope that i'll b able to take 5 subjects instead of 4 this semester. Also, i PRAY that i'll b able to do better than I did last semester. Previously, I've gotten oni 3.5 cGPA. Although I'm in the Dean's List but i still felt that i could do much much, much better.

Subjects for Fall Semester
[Lecturer super Strict, Plus.. Im NOT good at Sociology!]
[Lecturer very kiam siap when i comes to giving marks altho she very nice]
American Studies
[very nice lecturer, just hope the subject is nice too]
[i still den get Y on earth do we have to take that when we've already it during SPM]
[i really wana take that subject but the time table does not allow, still hoping that it will change]

UnI starting soon!! Im anxious Excited Definitely.

Friday, August 18, 2006

CheCk ThiS ouT!

My Personal Dna Report


Don't know whether isit true or not..... Well, its d results!!!!

I'm thinkin of the MeatBalls I had Ytd nite wif kW & LyNn
I love food but i gotta control myself
I was this super fatty giant hippo!
I am quite out of cash
I can't wait till i Get my own house and a sports car
I hate being alone
I adore people who r successful in the work, uni, love n family
I had a terribly nite ytd due to STUPID mosquitoes!!! arGh*
I ate Cheap Chap Fan at SS15. Thx 2 Cax n kW
I drank Leng Chee Kang!!! sLurpZ*
I just realise that I'm d laziest when it comes to doing theory homework
I use to b muscular, flexible n fit =(
I wish That i employed even b4 i graduate.
I need to take a shower
Its going to Rain
*y dun i just take a shower outside since there is free water*
Now I am full of pimples
Yesterday I was a light bulb shining on 2 love birds
A week ago I was 1 kg lighter
2 Years ago I had braces
During form 1 I had boy-cut!
During Std 2 I was a thin as a bamboo tree
When I was 3 years old I was the cutest baby anyone has ever seen
When I was 4 months old naked pictures of me bathing were taken
In Future I'll have 2 kids and a big dog named Lucky II

Guess u all can c that I'm bored.. hahaha!!
neway, i had lunch wif Cax n kW just now... Thx yeah 4 making time 4 me eventhough both of u were full from ur breakfast... =)

Well, to day is my fourth day of work. Also, for more days to go! =)
I'm kinda looking forward to the new semester.. im just hopin that i will be able to take the Math subject.... (plz change the time table!!!!!)

I just realised that time passes as fast as the sun rise.
In a blink of an eye, i'll be studyin overseas, at Michigan. not that im not lookin forward to it but....
the thought of leaving my frens, darling and family behind kinda stops me from lookin far...
how i wish i could just bring all of u wif me then everthing would b so different.
then i wouldnt need to think so much.
Im kinda lookin forward to living without my parents *not that they r mean or wtv, just that i wana try live the life of independance*
Living overseas would probably show what I am truly made of!
whether i am dependant or not.

Truthfully i can survive alone.
If i want, I can.

Actually I can leave for US in early may 2007, just that some things r just holding me back.
1. LyNn
2. KeeWeng
3. Parents
Therefore i've made up my mind to go for the Fall 2007. Besides it'll b the official orientation and i would get to meet new ppl!! =)

Anyway, I'll b goig pyramid wif Dear later!! gonna shop 4 his specs!! =)
that clumsy dearie sat on it again.....
Don't u learn from mistakes?

*RanDomNesS LogGing oFf.......

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tuesday- LyNn's Superwoman Stunt & Elsie's Farewell Dinner

Well, i guess that some of u all heard that LyNn sprainned her ankle.
Luckily it wasn't major but according to her, she sworned she heard bone cracked.

LoL, drama

Well, how did it happened?? hahah!!! u'll laugh man!!
Started when kW arrived our hse and her was suppose 2 take her 2 lunch. She was so excited bout his arrival and didn't want him to wait. (u c, she misses him la!!)
So what she did was........
She ran down the stairs.
Towards the end she mistaken 3 steps as 2. so...... she tripped and flew to the living room and landed beside the couch.


Well, kW was outside n he heard sher scream.
Happy la he!! Jadi superman...
He climbed over the gate and shouted..
"sL my LOVE r u ok??"
"dun u worry, ur Superman is here"
yea.. im just exaggerating. but its sumthing lie that la.. hor...


i was at work when it happened but this is how LyNn described to me.

LynN called me when i was at work n she told me bout the fall.
I dunno y but the first thing I said was....
OMG, y so dumb wan?? 2nd time u fall adi u know!!!!
Sumore this is ur HSE!!
After that i was laughing my head off
Then, LyNn cried..
She was so upset!!!!
I really dunno whether to laugh or pity her. SERIOUSLY!
She was so upset that she couldn't go for Elsie's http://www.elliev.blogspot.com/ Farewell.
Also, she was look forward to shoppin @ 1 utama the next day.
With her condition, she couldn't even walk!!
sigh* wasted

Well, due to the fact that i've lost my main source of transportation, i had to rely on Andrew to fetch me to BBukit Bintang that nite.
Wastn't that bad actually (excluding the fact that i had to wait for them for about 1 and 1/2 hours ALONE at SS15)

as soon as the picked me up, we went to Jalan Alor Bukit Bintang.
Had all the good food, conversations and Cam-Whoring.
We basicaly hung out from the Hawker's place to the Classy Star Hill Gallery.

We Took lots of SS-ing Pix and feel free to browse it!!

After walking around Bukit Bintang, we sat at Lecka Lecka and had our Ice-Cream, which wat darn freaking yummilicious. The others also had Strawberry ShiSha.

After that, back home!

Wednesday- Roxy Fittings and Lunch at Chilis

At 10.15am, Germaine came over to my hse to pick me n Jennifer up to One Utama for our Roxy fitting.
Arrived there and tried on our clothing.
i NEVER KNEW that Roxy clothes were so...... eEk*
we were'nt able to choose what we want to wear or wtv.
Well, they picked weird clothing 4 me.... sobz*
the bottoms were ok i guess
but the TOPZ!!!! argh*
one was this super-see-through white top.
they asked me to wear a bikini inside so its like pee-a-bboo
BUT, there was no cup in teh bikini... so i look........ weird!!
*boobz were everywhere*
The 2nd top was more like a pajamas............ i din know that ROXY wud even have that in their collection!!!


Apparently they said that they were just trying out the sizes (i freaking hope so)
They said that when the new stock come in, we'll b wearing those

+cross fingers+

My Impression towards Roxy Clothing totally changed.
For now onwards, im only gonna look at their bags and accessories.

After the fittings, the girls and I wetn around shopping and tryin new stuff.
At bout 2 something, mum n Lynn came over (final she can walk)
We had lunch at Chilis. +sLurPz+
Real nice food. Very expensive too.
but its oni once in a while... XD

Neway, People i'll b very Glad and grateful if u all keep me in ur prayer.
please pray 4 my competition that i'll do my very best.
Also, plz come n support!!


2nd September
Sunway Pyramid

to know more, get the August issue of Seventeen Magazine

or get an ePass and log on to Hitz.fm

Thanks PeePz


*YenN loggin of after a VERY long post.... =)

Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday- 1st day of work
well, i woke up at the normal time, wich is 830am. got ready, then went downstairs to wait for my uncle to come pick me up at 920am.
as soon as i reach him office i turn on the PC n i never left it since (excluding my lunch time)
my job is basically answering phone calls and attend to customers when my uncle is not around.

Oh Wait..
haven told u what my uncle works as..

Well, he owns a shoplot DIRECTLY infront of Taylor's Main Campus' Main entrance.
The sigh board is Green in color and its called Advance Studies Advisors.
Basically what he does is that he help students apply 2 Universities overseas. Mainly UK and Australia.

So far i have only attended to 2 Pakistan students. So far so good.

Well, the good things is that i have axcess 2 streamyx!
Or else i wud b bored.
So my best fren 4 the 8days that im working shall b my Beloved PC.

Btw, if any1 wants to come and visit me during my lunch break...... PLZ DO!!! dunwana eat alone!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Its a pleasant day today.

It was relaxing and fun. Well, nothing could b more fun than watching a movie at home, spending time wif kT. =)

This whole week was more like a movie marathon.
Watched a movie every morning with kT.

Well, today after the movie we went for lunch near my area then straight to 1 utama for shopping!!! hehe... =) was suppose to shop for kT's floral long sleeve button up but instead, i bout an Esprit top and A pair of Vincci's wedges for RM70. not a bad bargain huh!!

*satisfied smile*

Then came home, showed off the stuff to Lynn den when to Aunt's hse for black chicken soup (my favorite!!!!!)


Normally I look forward going to my Aunt's coz my Aunt is real nice and cute. PLUS shes a GREEAAT cook!!!! muahahhaa..... =) Shes d best!
We talked about everything. From uni, to food, to my competition and the ppl who gossiped bout it. Everything!!! Its more like a let loose session... haha.

Mum told everyome that im rotting at home and that i should look 4 a job.
not that i don't wat to, but who would wanna employ sum1 for 2 weeks?? LoL
So my uncle said that i could work for him coz his office gurl just resigned.
Obviously I'll take the job!!!

1. I've got my own time to myself
2. I can start studyin for next semester.
3. More time 2 do my music theory [ i've been quite behind with it]
4. I can kap chai!! muahahahaa..... [my office is located DIRECTLY in front of Taylors] Dont worry kT, I c oni.... not touch.... winkz*
5. get experience
6. im gettin paid! muahahaa.... means more shoppin [altho i know i should stop]

*big smile on the face*

Great day today... duncha think??


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I dunno whether should I blog about this or not. A part of me says that I should no bcoz I would wana save myself from the trouble, and another part of me says that i should Express my feelings and no 1 should make me stop. Its a free world right?? I have my own rights to say what i want! =)

Oh Well, this involves my Star SearchCompetition. Sigh... this is basically my 1st obstacle I'm facing from the compeptition, and not to mention MY CAREER in future!! Well, at least it does have the similiarities.
One fine day, kT told me that Aunt XX told Aunt ZZ that i appear in Seventeen Magazine in a bikini. Well, i guess they were just concern. I appreciate that.
Aunt ZZ then told kT's parents bout me in the bikini and then kT's parent had a chat wif him. They advised him to tell me about it. Which I REALLY Thank u for doing so.
kT told me the 2nd day.
Well, i was quite shocked as I didnt know such a small teeny weeny thing could cost SO MuCH trouble.

I was actually very hurt bcoz they could have came straight to me rather than going all around. I felt that they were backstabbing me. Also, if they think dressing revealing is a sin, what makes u think gossiping isnt? If u didnt wanna come straight to me, y cant u go to my mum then? instead of going to my BOYFRIEND's parents? what do u mean by that?

well, in my point of view, on that photoshoot day, i was having my 'visit'. OBviously, i couldnt wear a bikini bottom. So they gave me the bikini top. If u wana compare, the gurls were either wearing the bikini top or the bikini bottom. So how?
Secondly, we were modeling for a SwimWear company, Roxy. Its all about bikinis, monokinies and boardshorts. No Baju Kurungs.
Thirdly, I was modeling at SUnway Lagoon Surf Beach where EVERYONE was wearing BIKINIES!! I wasnt standing out.
If i were dressed like that in a mall, shoot me however u want. gossip as much too. But Im at Sunway Lagoon. Does it ring a bell to u?

For ur info, im modeling for Seventeen Magazine. Read the word TEEN
Im not posing Nude, Im not topless.
Im wearing a swimsuit. Or at least a swim top.
The magazine is mostly read by young ladies and there is NOTHING sensual about the mag.
Im also sure they wont put anything Sensual in the Magazine also rite?

For what i know, at least for what God is concern, my heart is pure ok. I did not steal, i did not lie, i did not bomb any building. God looks at the inside rather the outside.
who cares if u r dressed up like a Egyptian Mummy n u go around sleeping wif other people??
Also, if u r afraid that guys would get turned on.. the situaltion would b the same if u put a lady in baju Kurung in front of a Lustful guy. He will still fantasize rite??

Its the heart that matters most.

If u think that Im sinning against God for wearing a bikini, what makes u think that u r not sinning for judgin people?
At least i din do anything to hurt people physicaly nor emotionaly. On the other hand, i felt that u hurt my feelings and u caused other people to think of me differently...

I dont know but no offence to anyone. Im just speakin my mind.

I just hope that you all would support what Im doing and not backstab me.

I'll be glad if u all would b able to make it to my finals with a supporting heart. I hate to say this but, If u guys r going there just to look at my performance and to judge it, then spead gossips about it, I rather u not come.

It'll make my life happier and it would not trouble u wastin car petrol and energy.

Im sorry again if Im too touchy.

Its just how I feel.

And please, Don't take it personal.



Monday, August 07, 2006

i don't know y but.... i don't seem 2 get enough sleep!
Oh well, i'll just try 2 sleep earlier and make sure i have a regular sleeping time...


Monday 7th August 2006
Had a nice beautiful morning with kT. Watched 'She's the Man'. I know, it's real late but... i was real bz the past few weeks due to exams n stuff. So we finally watched the movie and it was definitely NICE!! =)
After the movie, we had a chat bout some issues... Saddening issues, but Gotta Buck Up and face it!!!!! =)

Old Movies that i wanna watch

1. Pirates of the Carribean 1&2
2. Just my luck
3. Coyote Ugly
4. Spiderman 2
5. Miss Congeniality 2
6. Just like Heaven
7. Meet the Parents
8. Sleeping Dictionary

Many many many more... just can't rmb... LoL

Anywayz, those really nice people who support me by voting via sms..
now that the voting site is up, u all can vote via net okie!!!
its free and easy axcessed

just log on to www.hitz.fm/05/special/starsearch2006

get an epass by signing up 4 it den vote as many times as u want.

Thank u !!! hugz*

Sunday, August 06, 2006



I need my Precious Beauty Sleep..

Many things happened. Two days after TSF Camp the WMU Commitee members went for a retreat at A'Famosa Resort Hotel. We had fun at the Water Park as it was nice n cooling..... hehe* don't mind goin there again 'after my competition'.

Friday 4th August 2006
Me and Jennifer went with the HITZ.FM Ford Ranger Cruisers. JuReen was suppose to join us but there were sum issues i guess, her college n stuff.
Well, basically The cruisers was more like going around promoting ourselves. Well, it could b quite boring at times as there were oni me n Jennifer... if Estee, Anita and more people were around, at least we could Syok Sendiri.... hehehe... =)
Unfortunately, me n Jen still had to bear with it. Not like Jen wasnt fun to be with, but the more the merrier rite!!!


Yesterday, which was a Saturday 5th August 2006
The seventeen finalists had a briefing session, catwalk n vocal trainnin at BLU INC.
I found it very useful. There was a guy from Hawaii named William, he was the one givin good, personal AND useful tips on the competition. Well, I do Hope i can do well.

Personally, its not really about winning, its more on how we play the game.
Obviously, i would wanna get something, at least a title to bring back home but....
As long as I do my performance perfectly, i'll b glad =)

During our Catwalk session, we learnt half turns, partner work and many the way we walk. Well, more on posture i think. Im quite okay with it. Now the only thing i needa think of is what am i going to perform and what am i going to wear during the Roxy Catwalk. Hope i get something that really suits me!!! =)

I had Dominoes Pizza for two days in a row..... Now my face is turning into a pizza

Soon, i'll b A BIG FAT PIZZA!!

*sLeepY Head Logging off........