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Thursday, September 28, 2006

8 days under medication.......
spent Rm75 on medicine from Poliklink Nasreen. (Nazneen's mum)

Today is quite tough.... weird incidents and arguements happened.
Feeling depressed now thats y i've got no mood to blog.

Im going to KL Museum for sociology research tomorrow.
Just hope the guys dun kidnap me n leave me at KL while they go shopping.
i just wana go home rite after the research.
n sleep


Sunday, September 24, 2006

How would u feel if u hv like so many stuff to do, just that u dunno where 2 start??
haha... weird right?!
sien la.... assignment ere n dere.

i woke up today feeling a lil weird.
my sleep last night was quite groggy due to some breathing problems.
i felt like my throat n nose was stuck...
while brushing my teeth, i noticed that the right side of my neck looks different.
as if there is a bump under my right jaw.
when i put my hand over to give it a slight rub,
BoY! there something round inside that bump!
i was home alone anyway... so i had no one to complian to.
im just worried that its sumthing big.
lets just pray that its jus me being heaty k!

for the past one week i felt like the right side of my throat aches when i swallow stuff, other than swallowing, its fine.
yeah.. the bump might be the cause of it...
hmmm...... i need a Doctor!

i just finished giving CheeWei n Sebastian vocal training.
they r taking vocal level 3 & level 4 from the Austrialian Guild Music n Speech Board.
practice was ok, manage to help them choose their exam pieces.

good! satisfied!

now... back to assignments!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Haha!!! finally!
well.... nothing much.... just that I've finished this weeks class....

as u all know that i have been quite stressed up a few days ago due too a hill load of assignments. I handed them all in today. =)
So i can enjoy till Sunday before the Hectic week starts again.

Next week's upcoming stuff.
Do Sociology Assignment and Study for Test.
Go dinner with dear
Go to Astro at night for for interview with Hitz.fm

Class from 8am till 5pm
have to stay back for meeting till bout 6.30pm
having dance for Halloween and will be giving vocal lessons to Cw.

Mum's kindi is having Concert Rehearsal. PA system.
Study in the afternoon.
Music class at night till 9.30pm
Study till i Sleep

Sociology Test (3 chapters)
American Studies Journal Due
Plan trip to Orphange on 30th Sept (project)
Can Paktoh for the rest of the day. =)

Sociology Class trip to KL Museum for assignment
Music Class in the Afternoon.

Mum's Kindergarten's Big Day.
(loads of stress coz if it doesnt go well, we'll have her nagging till next year's concert)

Back Up Singing in Church

Besides all these, i'll have to plan the Halloween Party.



Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Im going CrazZy!
I need some real Sleep!

Past few days have been quite hectic. Mornings would be spent at mum's kindie, helping out with the sound system as the Annual Concert is next Saturday. Afternoons would be filled up with extra assignments to type.
Tuesdays are Oh-so-Lovely days coz I'll be at college from 7.15am till bout 6something in the evening.
Yesterday Committee meeting held me n Lynn up till 7 something.
Then we had dance practise for the up-coming Halloween Party.
Trust me ppl. This time, performance is gonna be dem real good.
No more Same Old Break Dancing.
This time would be style.

Yesterday night after dance practice, I taught CheeWei singing and lynn taught Sebastian.
They are taking vocal Exam this nov/dec. Same time as me.
See... we're busy ppl.
We oni reach home at 12 sumthing in the morning.....

HecTicness is bad

iM down with cough now.

just hope it'll go off soon.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Saturday Night- VuLcanZ Halloween Pot Luck
CheeWei, ChengChoo n Joling dressed up as Cowboys n Girls.
Me n KeeWeng Dressed up in pajamas (coz we couldnt think of anything else since it was so last minute).
FuHun.... the star of the night. The Confused Cheerleader.
haha!!! *funnyCrazzyness*

Well, not all of the Cheerleaders dressed up.
Last time (when all the seniorz were around) EVERYONE dressed up!
so ytd I was like "what happened to the Sportingness"?

oh nvm.... time has changed

makes me think....

Will my Halloween Costume Party @ Sunway b like that?

Will the majority NOT dress up??


Just too many unnessesary things for me to think about.

whats wrong with me?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sorry yeah.... i have not been undating for the past i dunno how many days....
I'm just too busy!!!
I've got Tests, Quizzes, Worksheets and Assignments to fill up my time.....

back to the blogging...
Well, Bel in ChiHoong's Bday was on Monday
Went to college Just to Wish them happy bday... hehe...
*u c la.. i so nice*

Since im the Event Manager of the ADTP Programme in Sunway,
I'll b organising a Community Service Trip to SPCA,
A fundraising sale,
and most importantly the Halloween night at Sunway's MultiPurpose Hall.

The Community Service would be for the Moral Studies Students and the WMU Committee.
Basically we'll b donating food and etc to SPCA, perhaps clean the place for em and bath the doggies. [can't wait!]
Therefore, we need funds.
So, we'll be having a fundraising event at the Cafeteria at Sunway Uni.
Will be selling Dominoes Pizza, Dunkin Donuts and Candy.
PLZ drop by ok??

The Halloween Night is something worth looking forward to besides Prom.

Venue: Multi Purpose Hall @ Sunway Uni
Date: 13th October 2006, Good Friday (just rite for the occasion)
Price: Rm 13
Time: 6.30 till the night ends
Dress Code: Its Halloween man! Dress up!!!! =)
Targeted people: Anyone from anywhere will be welcomed. Especially WMU ppl!

It is a Costume and Dance Party
Great food and fun is guaranteed!
Do Dress up, come and get Spooked!

For Tickets plz contact Yenn.
Number: 016 650 5305



Friday, September 08, 2006

Congratulations to Ong Kee Weng for qualifiying the JPA scholarship!


Went Shopping!!!!
Well, u can't really consider that shopping anyway.
Its more like going into a shop, taking anything u want thats worth less that Rm 500.
Which is even more fun!
*Smilez From Ear to ear*

Anyway, uni kinda Officially started, journals, lecture, assignments and research papers officially begun. All I can hope for is that I maintain my cGPA [which apparently is quite sad coz I ngam ngam passed Dean's List]
So its very risky, one B and i'll be out from it and no awards will b given to me.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My Picture Blog is'nt going to be updated for a while as my BloggerBot [Picasa, Hello] as gone crazzy. Lets just hope it's ok yeah.... sigh*

I've just signed up for 4 Music exams.
Performance Diploma in Piano
Performance Diploma in Vocal
Grade 4 in Violin
Grade 4 in Drums

Lets Just hope in Not doing anything stupid as the exams are quite near to my Finals.

Thank God Moral Studies will be done and over after our Midterm.
Thank God Dr Ratna is Pregnant so there won't be any Finals for the English 1050 Paper. Instead it will be replaced by a PortFolio...

So, all i have are the Sociology 200 and American Studies to worry about, PLUS the 4 Music Exams...

No more Last Minutes for This Semester. Can't afford to drop out of Dean's List and fail for Music.
Too expensive

Sunday, September 03, 2006

To All those Friends And Family Who came n Support my Performance in the StarSearch 2006,
Thank U All So Much 4 Ur Support!!!!
Also, I'll Needa Thank God for giving me my Talents, my Supportive, Straight Forward and HelpfuL Parents who spent so much money on my Music without u both I won't be able to sing,
Lynn who is so straight Forward n critics my expression n moves (without that I wudden hv perfromed like how i did)
Eventhough She didnt make it there to watch me She and KheeWah still made and effort to make such a beautiful card for me
*I'm So touched*,
My Darling who helps me so much in motivating me n helping me with the songs editing and transportation to meetings, So many things that he did that I can't name it out
CheeWei n ChengChoo, for helping me with the choreography. Without u guys my routine would b so normal. Thank u Cheewei for making the time to watch me dance so u can gimmie the ideas.
My cheer friends for cheerin for me when i was performing
Church friends who came n Cheered as well
Cheryl Lim for coming all the way from KL BY BUS, thank u for the support.
Isabel for cheering me on and asking the WMU ppl to vote 4 me.
My other friends who came and voted for me
*u know hu u r*
Without God I wouldn't have all these people by my side cheering me on. So Thank U my Heavenly Father!!!

StarSearch 2006- Finals
Ever since i took part in this StarSearch, I've done so many things like Appearing on TV, Modelled for Roxy, Appeared in Seventeen Mag, Joined the Hitz.FM Cruisers etc. Most of all, Im so Glad that I've met a group of Young, Talented, Friendly, Helpful Girlfriends.

On Friday night, kT sent me to Pyramid Tower Hotel.
Estee, Anita, Ezra n Me shared a room. Jureen, Natalie (Jureen's friend) Germaine, Preeta& Aimee shared the other room. But, the rooms r joined so u can say that 9 of us were in the same room la... ahaha...
We were suppose 2 sleep at 11pm SHARP.
Unfortunately, how is it possible if there were 9 NOISY HYPERActIVE gurls in the room??
haha wrong decision
Well, we chat about all sorts of stuff, from Estee's Abercrombie gurl to Anita's fren who demonstrated 'how 2 finger a gurl'
*disgustingly weird*
Me n Estee were aware that we were gonna sing tmr during the rehearsal at 6am. Therefore we made the decision to sleep early. So we slept at 1am plus. It wasn't exactly early but definitely earlier than most of the gurls who slept at 4am.
The gurls had fun chattin and dancing while me n Estee were asleep
*we were awaked by the noise like a dozen times!!*

At 5.20am I woke up, washed up and got dressed along with the other gurls and then went down to our Catwalk practise n rehearsal. The whole thing ended at 9.30am then we went to wash up, rest n make up.
Thank God for kT. Well, coz i was dehydrated, they didn't provide water n breakfast. so i was thirsty like crazy.
*Thank you for bringing it all to me!*
I was freaking tired after the make up n all so i took a nap with my make up on.
Finally, 3pm came. Each of us did our performances quite well.
The fashion show was fine too...
I was suppose to wear Roxy's bikini with a white top outside. I was pretty upset with that idea.... But thank God They allowed me to wear the bikini over my bra...
haha.. at least i didnt hv to take off my bra in the changing room with so many ppl inside.

Some weird things happened back stage.
Weird things done by wierd people that deserved to be punished and thrown into prison!!
Well as u know, pyramid's back stage is basically 2 tents behind the main stage.
What happened was, we kept out bags and valuables in the tents.
Those tents were obviously portable and so the only thing that held the tent to the ground was metal poles. The walls of the tents were made out of canvas.
SO u can imagine that people could just stick their hands beneath the tents to steal our belongings.
BASICALLY, thats what happened.
ur hands deserved to b chopped, fried and fed to the pigs!!
i was so darn FREAKIN lucky as my Bag was almost stolen.
That Bugger took my bag. At the same time, my friend saw it and screamed!
Guess that chicken was scared out of his wits so he threw my bag back on the ground outside the tent and ran away.
I crawled under the tent and tried to chase that Stupid Bugger Chicken. But couldnt find him.
I am so darn thankful that my bag wasn't taken away. Eventhough my stuff was all scattered on the ground THANK GOD that it wasn't stolen!!!!

Results of the Day
Miss HiTz: Ezra Chua
Miss PhotoGenic: Anita
Miss Roxy: Anita
Miss Confidence: YenN
Miss Fasio: Jureen
Grand Prize: YenN

Thank u all for the support again.
Without ur support I be having what I have
Praise God