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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Seventeen Magazine Makeover at Midvalley
met the lovely ladies who were in charge of the particular article that I am in.
Had my make over by Fasio make up artist.
Took pix ere n dere... pose pose pose............ snap*
Then went to Roxy to try my outfits!
The best part of the makeover... muahahhaa!
Tried on a long sleeve black with denim skirt. Plus a handbag.
Second outfit was a sleeveless top and a checkered skirt accompanied by a hat.
pose pose.... snap snap


regret that i didn't bring my camera with me.

Well... just look out for the Seventeen's December Issue!

Till Then. See ya Peepz!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Sorry for updating after so long. I was busy..
*as usual*
Halloween was a BLAST!
People came, they dressed up!
haha... we were so worried that they won't.
Performances was great!
People had fun dancing the Old Skool YMCA n Macarena.
I never thought they will. Proves Malaysians can b sporting too!
Open Dance Floor was great!
Everyone participated.
It wasn't just about break dancers anymore coz everyone did dance.
Games was good!
although we didn't do the Raw Egg game. =)
Food wasnt enoughbut we ordered Dominoes
no one complained.
All Committee members really did helped alot.
The party wouldn't be the same without u!!

I just wana thank God for those people who prayed for this party that it all went well.
Thank God that it was a clean and fun Party.
Thank God that there weren't any Problems that needed the Security people.

Well... thats all for now! I'll be updating the PIX soon! =)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Recently I wrote a Creative Paper for a Uni Assignment. It is worth 25% of my marks, yeah.... thats why i have been editing the paper for the past 2 weeks.

I wrote about a girl's life back during World War II.
Why did I write about that?
Because my mum use to tell me about those times.
Not like she was around during that era.. But she use to tell me stories of her Grandfather.
My Great Grand Father was a rich man. He owns a bank. (so u can imagine how rich he is that time)
One day he was there, the next he was gone. The Japanese Soldiers just came and took him away. WHy? because he is rich.
Then my dad use to tell me those days, girls would have to dress up as boys or else the Japanese Soldiers would just capture them, rape them, then kill them.


Why are men such animals?
I can't stand it when i read about girls getting rape.
Worse, I curse at those who gang rape innocent people.
These guys deserve to go to hell's 18th floor man!

I find it weird, if you wana fulfill your sexual desires, go look for a prostitute.
Nowadays, you can get prostitutes practically everywhere, not to mention with cheap prices.
Why go and grab a girl on the street and rape her?
You not only rape her, you ruin her life.
Her ENTIRE life!

I dunno.... just felt very angry writing about these heartless people.

In my opinion, the government should change the punishment for rape cases.
Instead of just throwing Rapists into jails,
The government should just Chop that Heartless Animal's Private Part
(that includes the balls)
That way.... he will never have anymore chance of raping another innocent girl.
And his Progesterone hormones would reduce.

Sorry guys for being so harsh and insensitive about ur Genital Parts but if you are innocent, why feel the pain?

Just speaking out my mind. hehe*



Monday, October 09, 2006

Last and Final Meeting about Halloween
The WMU committee had our final meeting.
Discussed about MC, Schedule, Food, Games and everything
Well, i think that if everything goes well, this would be the Best party ever coz its not just some sit-down-watch-performance party.
Its a party where everyone will mingle and mix around and play games.
Well, the response is quite good and the ticket sales has increased tremendously. Hope it continues to increase as we have 2more days to sell.

I just came back from Dance practise at the Kindi. Practise ended at around 10.50pm. Well its considered early compared to normal. So came back, bathed, upload Genting pix and ere I am blogging. Feeling tired.
The dance is ok, improving. Steps are fine. The only stupid thing that we have to think about is the attire.
we dun plan to spent cash... so we're trying to be as low budget as possible.
This Halloween Pop Dance will be out first performance from out dance group which is formed about 2 months ago. i believe that this dance group will grow.
What we do is we just get friends together to dance all sorts of dance. We're planning to form an Association or a Society for this. Now that we're still small and learning, we meet at my mum's kindergarten every week.

Haze sux... gettin my eyes all teary. I dun understand after so many years of the same burning and haze the Indonesian Government isnt doing anything about it.
Its causing alot of kids and even adults to get sick..
Very very very bad......

oh well..... very tired.
i shall stop ere. =)

Friday, October 06, 2006

exams...... mid-terms..... diplomas...... drums..... violin........ piano...... vocal...... music thesis....... assignments........ research papers...... presentations....... *ARGH*


So much things to do yet so little time........ sigh*
i cant stand it anymore.......

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Pre Halloween Dress Up @ Sunway Uni
Well, To be frank, the tickets sales have been quite slow as everyone likes to buy things last minute. I mean.. when u approach a person, they'll seem interested, then they'll ask when.
If we tell em, to weeks from now... then they'll say..
"aiya. so long more, i'll buy next week"
whats up with that man?
I am still not getting it.
Typical Malaysians haha!
Oh well, ever since we dress up at college, we seem to get alot of attention from students passing by our booth.
Tell me, would u wonder ans be curious at a group of weirdly, funnily, n funkily dressed group of people?
i would!! haha!!
So Sales has went up a hundred percent since our last committee meeting!
*Praise the Lord*

*KeeWeng is suspected of having Appendix so pray for him yeah, he is at Melacca having his finals now. Pray that he still can focus*

Thats for now!

Check out http://www.yennzpic.blogspot.com for pix!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Feeling quite stressed lately.
Assignments, Halloween, and the other complicated stuff.
I feel so tired physically, mentally and emotionally because of all this.
Just came back from Uni, had dinner, bathed, then came to do assignment.
Commitee meeting was quite stressful because we had to think of all kinds of ways to improve our marketing plan.
Fall Semester just started and I'm already so tired.
Can't wait for everything to be over.


Monday, October 02, 2006

People Envy Your Compassion
You have a kind heart and an unusual empathy for all living creatures. You tend to absorb others' happiness and pain.People envy your compassion, and more importantly, the connections it helps you build. And compassionate as you are, you feel for them.
What Do People Envy About You?

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Friday- 29th September
Met at uni for Sociology Research.
After everyone's arrival, we made our way to KL Museum.
After getting the Question Sheets from the Lecturer, we went on our own around the Museum to look for the Answers to our Questions.
So if u were visiting the Museum at that time, u'll definitely see a big group of Malaysian and International Students bending, squating and standing at every corner of the Museum to take down notes.
The Questions werent too difficult i guess. Lets just hope i'll score full marks!
After that, made our way back Sunway, continue doing another research paper. (there were two)
Went to help mum at the kindi, went home to rest, then went for dinner with SidewayZ & the Youthz.

Food was great, yumyum
but i was too full.
reached home at bout 11.30 (because we only started to order at 9pm).

Saturday- 30th September
Met at uni early in the morning again.
This time, after the briefing, me n my friends left for Kajang to Desa Amal Jireh.
Me, Carmen, ChiWeng and YngJun have been planning this trip for the Moral Class students. Thank God everything went well.
Elicia's dad led 6 cars all the way to Kajang. Although we got lost but its ok. Luckily we left Sunway early. =)
Elicia got sponsors for craft (sand art) and food.
Carmen was patient all the way, tending to a disabled kid. Also she was the one who bought all the stuff for the goodie bags.
ChiWeng was the recorder and the Treasurer of the whole trip.
Lynn gave the children Story telling and helped me plan what to do and guided me in the kid's songs.
I led the kids to sing, dance and got em to wash their hands for food.
The other 26 classmates of mine were great.
I've never seen guys cuddle kids as if they were their little bros n sis before.
I was impressed!!!
well.... i can say that overall it was a success and it is all Thanks to everyone who participated whole heartedly.

You all are Great!

we all came back all tired and satisfied.

Me n Lynn rested and got ready for KINDERWORLD's ANNUAL GRAUATION AND CONCERT 2006.

it all went well....... althout i was running ere n dere keeping the parents away from the backstage.
*just cant understand whether do they understand the word NO ENTRY or not*
well, other than that things went Great!
Happy Happy Happy!

*Thank God*