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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


The 'Pony' Brand originated from United States. It is quite famous and it's ambassadors are people like P'Diddy and etc.
So.... who says its a 'Paria' brand? Just because it is sold in Bata?
Bata imported Pony in because they just want to try something new.
Now they are selling it in a very low price (lower that cost price) because they want to get rid of the stock as their licience of selling it in Malaysia is about to expire soon.

Well.. just check this out!

Anyway, I am only a few hours away from Prom!
Im so excited!!!!!!!!!!

Randomness logging off.......

Sunday, November 26, 2006

.My Super Happening Weekend.

Yup Yup Yup! Finally had the time to blog. haha.... was so busy!
So, My Super happening weekend started on Friday.
Its was Stephnee's Birthday party.
Yup, it was super happening. SO MANY PPL!
Its a miracle the we could all fit into the hse. hahhaa... =)
Although it rained a little during the makan-session, thank God that everything else went well n everyone had fun.
And, Stanley is BACK!!! means we're gonna have a happening-musical-christmas!
Also, I had my first PERSONAL glass of white wine. =)
I use to share it with Lynn. hahaa... *big gurl liao*

Boys will be Boys
From left: Stanley, Cax, KWah, Iain, Eric, Jon n kT below. *SideWayZ*

The Mission to squash Cax to bits.

During the Process, Kelvin yelled: "Oh Crap! Help Help! Get off! Some on stepped on my nutz!" Check out the fella tearing...LoL* This Poor Unfortunate soul

Stephs Choc Icing Cake! Super creative. Guarantee no face smashing on it. Really pretty and sweet, made by Don n his mummy?

The Gang

kT meditating on Carlsberg and Lamb

Stan playing as a light bulb that goes *Blink Blink*

Steph's Prezzies. I wana b a birthday girl with loads of pressies too!! ^.^

+Me n StepH+ Oh goodness, i Look so 'pale n halfdead' beside her

Saturday was happening as well coz other than working for mummy in the morning, I drove kT's car!!!! hehehhee.....

Thats due to some alchohol the night before so he left the car at my place. hehe..
I drove to USJ 2 from home, to USJ 6, then to his hse.

Yeah its not really long distance but ok la... satisfied with my driving. at least i din bang anything.

At night me n Lynn went to ChiHoong's hse for a farewell party.


and the view was..... OH-MY-DAWG!

The place is at Cheras, Bukit Segar.

On a hill top Overlooking the whole KL city.

From the main door of the hse. Check out KL's view form ere!

*Man I can imagine watching fireworks from there*
The hse was hugely pretty. The landscape in the garden was *whoa*

Well, we had loads of fun.
Played truth or dare.
*the last time i played that was like fm 2!*
So it was really fun. We did LOADS of Crazy Salty stuff. hahaha... =)
Im not gonna say anything coz everything is kept within the circle.
I drank white n red wine. *loved the red wine, it was sweet!*
Im sure gonna miss chihoong when he leaves, no one to disturb adi..


YenN, Wilson n ChiHoong at the Waterfall

LynN, BeL & I

YenNeY & Yenni

Check out the Beautiful Sunset behind us.... sLurpZ* How romantic!

ChiHoong playing cards with the Plasma TV behind

Our Dinner table. The others were at the round table beside us. AND, the food was SUPERB!

Assam Fish, Fried SharkFin, Butter Prawns, Garlic Vege, Fried Rolls, Salted Vege Soup.

Oh Goodness, They can have a restaurant! Dessert was... FAntastic! Lemon jelly with cheesecake crust and cream, corn jelly and traditional malay stick cake.


Sorry, no pix. Was busy enjoying the food.... ngek ngek*

The Farewell Cake.

ChiHoong is the happiest man in the world with pretty ladies in a row.

From Left: Yng Juin, Yenni, BeL, Lynn, YenN, 'sorryforgottenurname' & Joyce
Gurls Frenz

The Guys of the night.

From Left: Koutaru, Ngai Hou, Wilson n ChiWeng

Sunday was super busy for me.

Right after church I rushed to Summit Auditoruim for rehearsal for the Charity Concert. I practically stayed n practised there till like 12.30pm, had a quick lunch, n rushed back for make up n flew back in the rain. *whew*
The concert was performed by Broadway Students and the main star was Gan Ying Han. Shes an excellent pianist, a great singer and an extraordinary celloist.

I went there as a guest artist.

We sang The Prayer as a Duet, I joined the group singing and played in the Octet.
An Octet is an 8 person orchestra.
We had 4 violins, 1 Saxaphone, 1 Cello, 1 Bass n a Piano. Was fun.

I wish i can have my own concert.
Hahaha..... Cheewei, Choo n I were planning our future concert and it will be a fusion of music AND dance. Cool huh!
Can't wait for that day to happen!

I'll update the Concert's pix in the next post.
Meanwhile, enjoy and have a great day ahead!
God Bless!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I just had to post these pictures up coz it really reminds me of those high schooltimes.... hahaha... also, its a good laugh looking at it.

Form 1

Form 2

Form 3

Form 4

Form 5


3 Days ago, I was eating at 'Pink' outside uni for lunch after my usial sociology class.
We were all chattin bout prom and stuff until Lynn pointed out someone to me.
Someone that i was once close to.
And Oh-My-GoodNess.....
She looks SO FREAKING different!
Shes SO Thin! Not that she was fat but...... when we were fm1, we were the same size.
Slightly bigger than me,
I still recall her telling me...

"u c my boobs so big, haha i hv to wear this kind of camisole."
"oh..... I like the lace tube...... its sexy"

hahahha... all those things were funny and we did have fun together during our junior high school years.
Unfortunately, she shifted to Sri Sedaya when we were late fm2 because her mum says Seafield has bad influence n stuff
*something that made me wonder.. but i Totally disagree*
*Im not all that bad right? +innocent smiles+*

Well, yup! there she is.. sitting with her boyfriend chatting and having fun.
I really couldnt believe my eyes! she was half the size she use to be!
the first thought that came to my mind was..

OH-MY-GAWD is she aneroxic?
I din mean to be so mean saying this out loud but.... yeah, Im just being truthful.

Well, i was just starring n starring at her.... and i was still arguing within me whether is she who i thought she was....
Is she Amelia?
I couldn't stand any longer, n i just walked up to her n smiled at her.

Yenn: hey! amelia! u remeber me or not?
Amelia: *Smilez back... nods her head, and says nothing*

This made me even more confused. we were good frens.
If she really did recognize me, she would at least say hi...

After lunch... i was at a really confused state....
I dunno why but i just felt that way.
Suddenly memories just came n flooded my brain n whoa.....
Im Starting to miss those Good Old days

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What could be worst??!?!

sigh..... Im so...... ARGH!!
*ok... whining session again!*

1. My Laptop went down again. *this is another laptop!*
2. Can't go on9
3. Printer Rosak
4. Assignments due tmr!!!! OH-MY-GAWD!
5. Forced to do assignments in uni computer lab
6. Computer lab had a maintainence session just now so we had to move.
7. Moved up ere to the library computer lab.
8. So many people!
9. Not enough computers, so I got the lousy one.
10. The sceen of this computer is blur.... Plus my tired eyes..... die
11. I have music class later.... gotta finish everything at 7pm
12. waiting for Lynn......
13. I just printed ONE of my assignments, 2 more to go.
14. OMG.... stapler went out of 'bullets'
15. Account not enough money.... not enough for the other 2.

Im going nutz!
Why all these technical problems now?

Thank God for weekends, they make me feel so much better from the stress i get from weekdays.
To me, a friday is already a weekend.

Things Im looking forward to.
1. Shopping tmr with darling.... gotta get the coat he wanted for the prom!
At the same time.. I needa shop for nice topz.
2. Stephs Bday party on Friday! means FOOD!
3. Farewell Party at ChiHoong's BIG BIG BIG house at Cheras on Saturday nite
4. Performing as a guest artist at a Charity Concert at Summit Auditorium on Sunday

Omg...... busy weekend!
Well, at least... its more like busy-fun
not busy-stressed

Till then...
God Bless

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Random pix...

Just a random picture of kT's Phone light taken by kW with my Kodak C360.
Nice huh?!

My newly "Zhnged" phone. Done by kT.

Just another angle of it..... theres a slight bump there at the right but its fine......
Thanks kT*
God Bless

We went to Holiday Villa's Buffet lunch. Hmm... wasn't good. ><
Atrium at Sunway Tower Hotel is still better especially when the prices are almost the same.
Bad choice of Buffet.

Yesterday (saturday), I was at the kindi helping my mum with the kids.
Me n Lynn made a deal that we'll both take turns to look after them on Alternate Saturdays.
So, ytd was my turn.
Kids kids kids.............
Well, they can be so cute, adorable n sweet sometimes, but goodness, they can be little devils too!
Most of the kids that come on the Saturdays are boys. So u can imagine how havoc it was...
Mum went out for grocery shopping n i stayed at the kindi with em.
The boys could really drive me nuts!
I could actually strangle them if they were my brothers.
Its like when u tell em something, they'll just either ignore u, or listen for 5 seconds then get back to their mischievious selves .
Especially those in primary schools.
u know, as u grow older n u mix with more ppl, u tend to get naughtier.
Then in primary schools, the classes are so big that even if u do naughty things the teacher would get too lazt to discipline the kid,
yeah.... so u can imagine. 2 Big primary school kids were more than enough.
Since they were big, they became the 'tai kors' leading the lil ones making havoc.
Well, boys are boys.....

As for the girls....... Well, ytd there were only 3 girls.
The 4 year old kid joined the guys playing so she was ok.... Obviously the most well behaved among the boys,.
The other 2 were sisters. (with very kia su parents)
yeah..... so small aso send the kids to tuition la, kumon la, swimming la, music la, ballet la.....
*i'd go crazzy!*
*but come to think about it, i'd be a genius among my frens*
*multitasking... hehe*
yeah, the older sis was a doll. Shes 9 this yr. smart, n helpful.
the younger one... is 6 and obviously more manja n cheeky.
I was helping them with their kumon homework. Making sure they finish everything within a certain time.
The older sis could do super difficult divisions That I cant do in 3 minutes!!! 2 pages u know!
the questions are like 356/ 78 = ?
crazzy... hahha. i have to admit that i can never do those espcially with the convenience of the calulator now.
Yup... so i can say that the older sis was superb!
Well, the younger sis....... not that shes not smArt....
but she was....... EXTREMELY........ (wat word should i use. sly? cheeky? erm.....)
lets just say cheeky so it sounds better ok?
yeah. i was timing her doing additions. she was suppose to finish her set of questions in 10mins.
yeah.... unfortunately, she mmg lazy wan la. everytime ask her to do she got TONS of excuses wan.
wat happened was when she finished i just flip thru to check the answers.
Guess wat?!
I found that she just scribbled random answers to the questions.
Obviously I scolded her for that, then i erased everything off n asked her to do it again.
the second time, she did the same thing but to only a few pages.
STILL!? u think i stupid ar?

Come to think about it, I was also like that.
My mum use to say that at home I was such an angel. wtv she asked me to do, I would do it happily.
But everytime, when she go see my teachers in schools, they would complain n say I was naughty.
*u c i talk non stop... even now*
As for hw, whenever I could escape from doing it, i would.
*not like now, doing assignments in advance sumore*
Well, so no matter how naughty or cheeky a kids would be, they would still change.
I did, n Im glad I did. :)

Well..... I cont upload pix in this post coz I dun hv the adapter with me now.... but its coming soon ok?

*God Bless

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Whoa! I'm glad :)

I just love the focus of this picture. That why I still post it up although it is so random.

I finally knew the cause of the internet problem at home. Well, the good news is, its not the line problem. Just the laptop.
My poor old laptop... My super old Fujitsu Laptop.
I think i had it since like.... maybe when I was fm 1? yeah.. meaning it is already near 6 years old already...

Well, thank God for daddy for bringing back his compact for me to use.... so at least I don't have to go to Uni just to finish my assignment like wat I've done the past week.
And that was definitely troublesome man.

Anyway, I have some updates for the presentations 2 days ago. I couldn't update em because I wasnt able to come on9.
So... Sorry for the late pix post!

This is me being the 'Ang Moh' Lawyer named Judge Elizabeth Joan Johannson.

This is when I took out my blonde hair n all of us became our normal self.

The Cast of the short presentation drama.
YenN as th Judge, Lynn as Gish Jen, Yng Juin as Maya Lin & Ngai Hou as David Ho

Elicia with her newly straightened n cut hair. She looks Fabulous! Duncha think?

Well, anyway..... I went shopping with kT ytd for his attire for Soul Soiree (Funky Formal Prom) at 1 utama.
Yup! its been a long time since I have been there n yeah.. we got lost. hahah
Yeah... its kinda hilarious coz u know, we're locals... how could we get lost in the mall itself?!
but u gotta admit that the place IS HUGE.
Well, ytd was like a pampering day... i practically spead rm40 on Food!
*Dinner + Dessert*
And that wasnt the price for both of us...
JUST me. JUST dinner.

Roses by dear kT.
That Dude is all about surprises.


hmmm..... but it was all worth it. The whole week had been hectic and crazzy... we were all stressed up with out assignments and stuff.... also, its been a long while since we had a nice western dinner. So... its all good.

After dinner, was shopping.... kT Shopping.

haha.... so funny seeing him try on those coats n acting cool n big in em.... he posed n took loads of pix. Well, u guys will just have to hope he post them in his blog.
Then u can laugh at his poserness.... XD

Till then.... God Bless

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I feel as if a huge load of burden was just taken off my shoulders.

Well, I m sure u ppl can guess that I have finished both my presentations. Haha.
Well.... Socio was.. ok only.
Maybe I should say above average.
We only finalized everything like 15 minutes before the presentation.
Haha... Lucky As*

As for American Studies, it was good i can say.
I was a clownish Judge name Elizabeth Joan Johannson.
I wore an ugly Yelloe wig and held on to a toy hammer.
We spoke about the Chinese Identity in America.
Chinese? American? or Chinese-American?
okay, i shall not give u peepz any boring lecture on that.

what I can say is thank God my team mates did their part n they were so great.
Thank you all so much for bearing with my naggings n hurring u all for the research n summary. Thank U!


I feel so much more........ lighter now.
thanks to those who listen n endured my crappyness ytd.

God Bless

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Feeling Blue.....

well, I have felt quite stressed up lately.
It like i have TONS and TONS of work to do and prepare! Yet things just don't go my way.
Yeah... things just don't go your way everytime I get it.
I have 2 presentations tomorrow, yet I am not able to finialize evrything that i want.
because my team mates are so laid back.
maybe its me being too anxious about the presentation
but how can it be? is it wrong to feel anxious when ur presentation is tmr?
Hello. I am NOT a last minute person.
I am currently not only preparing for my Presentations n research paper, essays, homework, music to practise, finals to study n I have my music thesis to write as well.... So i feel so packed n bloatted.
*sigh* just ignore me.... i just need a space to vent out my feelings.
i didn't do very well in American Studies. very dissapointed with my midterm especially its one of the subject that i want to get A in. My mid term screwed it all up. So im darn counting on this upcoming presentation to pull up my marks. but how can i do it alone?
This is a group project.. even if i wana do all the work, i can't coz I still have to wait for my Team mates to finalize their part (which is God-knows When)
So Annoying!
Well, now im at Uni doing my research for my music thesis, power point for AMS presentation tmr and signing up for my toefl exam on9.
See Im multitasking... thank God for that or else i'll probably knock my head on the Computer screen.

*ah.. done.... i feel so much better now that everything is out*
Just keep in mind that im venting out how i feel.... i dun have any hard feelings

Sunday, November 12, 2006

A day with kTs K750i
Yup! I did have fun with it. Plenty :)
haha... i didnt have to bring my camera along anywhere i go. Which make blogging easier.
*thanks dear*
So u know, Girls and their 'camwhore thingo' i bet u all can guess that I took quite a number of pix huh*
hahahaa.... super proud of myself :)
Anywayz, thats not the most important thing.
The most important thing is that my mum's bdays is in.....er 2 hours n 10 mins.
yeah since her birthday is on a monday, dad decided to bring her for her bday dinner earlier at a 2 week old Japanese restaurant recommended by his fren.
The food was good.
Price was reasonable.
The total bill was Rm123.17 for about 11 dishes.
Not that bad for all the raw stuff especially when it is fresh!
FuKuTei at Klang (Business Centre beside Jusco) *sorry for the blur pic*

Fresh Raw Octopus

Garlic Rice *super yummilicious*

Mochi Maki

Fresh Raw Salmon

Tempura Mushrooms

Prawn Shasimi

Fresh Raw Butterfish

Our Appetizer, salad (love the wine glass, makes it look all classy)

My week ahead
Oh well, ive got a super duper busy week ahead.
tests and 2 presentations.
I gotta dress up as a blonde lawyer and bang the court table using a toy hammer.
Im so excited for that,
Ill try to get pix for that orite!

Sociology Test on Tuesday (Family & Religion) Im just being bored ere.. :)

Just a random pic. Sexy Technology for you *winkz*

Till then.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Latest news.
I like this angle. Not bad huh =) well, all the pix are taken with keeTz* k700i.

During class. I was tooooooo Bored practising exam songs. *sigh* Plz pray 4 me yeah... i really need it. Thank u.

My Model 200. Paid by my own cash. *sobz*
Guess what, I just realised that my music exams is on the week as my Finals!!!
My violin exam is even on the same time as my American studies.
Yeah.. thats how bad it is!
Finals TimeTable 13th December (9am-11am): American Studies
14th December (9am-11am): Sociology
Music Exams 12th December (9.50am): Level 4 Drums & (1.15pm) Performing Piano Diploma
13th December (5.15pm): Performing Vocal Diploma & Level 4 Violin
Well, thank God I managed to change the Violin time to the evening.

Getting creative by wrapping my bottle. LoL* dun feel like taking it out now.

My Art work inspired by Uncle Boon Seng

KeeWeng walking towards the car after chasing pigeons
oh well, Im actually doing somehting illegal ere. haha....
my hse internet has gone down.
As in really down.
*stupid* Line or Laptop?
Im at USJ 11's field using free wi-fi. super happy!!!
*thank u God for free wi-fi*
while im typing in the car, Keeweng is outside chasing pigeons.
*LoL* yeah... he does look funny.. hehe
Thank u dear for bringing me out ere to use the wi-fi or else I would not be able to mail my assignment to my fren. Muax