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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Yup! so Here are the Spring Orientation Party's pictures.

We started of preparing the night with blowing tons n tons of balloons....
These we just half of the amount.

We also had our Mr. Bean entertainer for a MINI MINI sketch.
Erm.... one that people were wondering about what was he doing....

Harold, Mr Korean Boy who helped us with Blowing the Balloons...
See! he is Multifunctional!

Our 3 SamPat Poh's.
The balloons were left outside at the balcony when the cheeky wind decided to play with them.
The wind blew most of the Balloons up to the sky....
Thats when these SamPat Poh's ran n chase em......
*funny sight*

The Soh Poh Emcee herself

A solarized picture of the View from the Roof Top Theater.
Beautiful huh!
Its more romantic at night with the lights!

The student condominiums and apartments.

The freshies Q-ing up for their dinner.

Lecturers makan-ing

Students playing +Juicy Chick+
When they heard the word +JUICY CHICK+ they were like.....
One of them: "where? where got juicy Chick?"
YenN: erm.... not showing you somebody la..... its a game! a fun one too!
One of them: "aiyo.. we thought u wanna show us Leng lui....."
YenN: Haha.... erm... leng lui? there!!!! so many ere!!!!
*points around*
A few of them: "OooOooOoo... so are you considered one?"
*cheecky smile*
YenN: erm.... haha... nvm let get on with the game.......
*ignores them n continues to explain how was the game going to be played*

Are u a Juicy Chick?

The Phantom of the Sunflower

I like my HUGE nostrils!
hehe.... Just like a pig huh.....

The best picture I;ve taken that night..........
This is what I call art!
ModeLs: Carmen (Barbie) & Ken
Photographer: Ms YenN herself
Location: In a corridor
Effects used: Negative & Night mode

*SampaT........ Acting pro nia..... dun mind me... teehee*

By The way, I AM FAMOUS!!!
I am seen in the entire Singapore!!
Last year, we joined the CHARM ALL-STARS (Malaysia) to perform in Singapore's Annual Chingay Parade. So....
Yeah! I'm in their Photobook!
*LoL Bangga*

Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Orientation Party of Spring 2007 has come n gone.
n LOADS of stuff happened.
Good & Bad

The Bad thing is we had heaps of unwanted conflicts, misunderstandings and unprofessional crap.
it was bad... sigh*
I really wished things didn't turn out that way, but what was done, was done.
Cant cry over spilled milk.
*Politics, I hate em*

Well, guess we have to learn from them huh.
*hope people who do wrong noticed too*
Other than politics, we had loads of last minute planning too..
Prizes for games weren't even prepared till last minute of the event.
Our own committee members we blur of what is happening because of lack of briefing from the organizing group of people.
*smart la.. the committee was suppose to be the organizer n now they dun even know what is suppose to happen because the organizing group didn't tell everyone everything*
Funny bunch of people.

*Disclaimer: I am not against you guys or anything, I m just stating things that we should learn from in future*

The Good Thing is........ it was going to rain.......it did rain...
only for awhile. =)
One of our issues was about "Where to have the party".
we were suppose to have it outdoor, and few days before the event, the weather report said that it was going to rain.
we debated and some chose to have it the safe way (indoors), n some chose to take the risk because they don't want their plans to be disrupted.
So.. thank God it rained lightly.
And thank God that the crowd was responsive and sporting.
It helped me a lot in Emcee-ing the event.
I think i did a fairly well job..... *smilez*

Well, thats about it... I'll be uploading pix in the next post... so check it out!!


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Work Place in 4 months.
*Drum Rollz*

Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre!

The first time I went to KLPAC, I was with Dear kT .
how did we get there?
Besides taking the KTM, we walked the whole way from sentuL KTM station to KLPAC.
NOT FORGETTING, we didnt know where on earth it was.. we we walked EXTRA.
Well, being a "kuai Lui" that stays home and goes out to VERY near places, I managed to jalan jalan seperti the true KL Orang.
*hehe* Not bad eh?!

First Impression of KLPAc:
OMG... its like another world compared to the oh-so-swashed-up shop lots opposite it.
Its Big! Huge! Gigantic!
AND, it has that old beautiful historiographical buildings.
kT & I went to KLPAC to watch a play called "My Mother"
It was a solo act by a Japanese Lady whom was born polio.
*sad huh*
But she was good.

The second time i went to KLPAC was also with dear kT.
This time, he drove.
So, transportation wasn't a problem.
Since we were there early, we explored the beautiful gardens and the lakes.
KLPAC had little wired looking couches and swings in the middle of the garden.

Yesterday was the 3rd time.
And this time is a night show.
Okiku was a great show despite little tongue-tied mistakes ere n there.
Its was a great experience. and YES. a little scary.

We left USJ with kHeeWaH & sTepHcHai at 6pm met Don halfway den ZoomEd to KL.
On the way.....

We CamWhoreD
*as usual*

Took Pix of KheeWah's Spasm-attacked head CamWhoring too....
Who say guys dun camWhore?

We then dropped by at sum Kedai Kopi at Jalan Ipoh for StepHChai's recommended DIMSUM!!!

I love DimSUm.... I can eat that everyday for breakfast!
*If i had the cash to do so.... =.=
I loved the Lou Mai Kai..... busy eating till I forgotten all about the Camera!

We then head STRAIGHT to KLPAC just a few shoplots away.

The First Building that pass us by..........
*stooooooopid Camera. Calls itself a Kodak but can't freaking take a night shot!*

I love this pic. Its the Clearest my camera can go when I take night landscapes.
*SentuL parK*

This is KLPAC at night

*The NutTy Four*
sTepHcHai, KeeWeng, DarLyNn, Don

The big ol' Tree

I like the connection between ChiLd & Play.
Children are suppose to play! If you wat em to learn, yes.... thats why they should learn through play!
Wat wrong with Kiasu Malaysians forcing their kids to a hundred and one tuitions a day when they are only standard one?
+Big Problem in future. Get ur kids outta here in future!+

Yes, This is the swing I am talking about. Romantic huh!!!
This pic was taken in around February to March 2006 i think.
Our first visit to KLPAC

SexY sTephChai strutting her model pose!
Lovely lovely.. kaka*
Thanx so much for helping me with my Audition video!!!!

The SamPat tWo
My dear dear DarLyNn
eh.... if u dun update ur blog arr.... Im gonna take all ur beautiful pix n post it ere!!!

Thats about it folks!

<3 style="color: rgb(153, 255, 153);">Ps. Please pray for my University Application at Western Michigan University.
I really want to get in the uni.
I am desperate.

Monday, January 22, 2007

WooHoo!!!! Super Hectic Week ahead and Its Only Monday! *tsk tsk tsk*

Come to think about it, I have loads to be done for this entire semester.
I've just finished my Biology Lab work this morning AND tried sample questions for my math quiz on Thursday.
hmmm... sad thing is I don't understand nuts about my math chapter and i have to call up my lecturer for extra class or else i would probably get KNOCK-MY-HEAD-ON-THE-WALL results.
Tomorrow I'm going to KLPAC for OIKIKU.
Its a Japanese play by Malaysians. and its introduced by LynLyNn coz she has been working there for the past few days to fulfill her theater practical.
I heard the Play is very good. Its HORROR!
Quite good for a play coz there wun be dumbdumb-lame effects to scare people out of their skins. So if this play is scary, its gonna be good. Coz everything would be based on the Actor/Actress's expressions.

I have Math QuiZ on Thursday AND Biology Quiz on Friday.
Oh yeah... I am also Emcee-ing the ADTP's Orientation night on Friday!
gonna b a BUSY BUSY week.
And starting form next week, I'll be going to Taman Tun Dr Ismail every weekday night for the "In 1969" Musical's rehearsal. So.... u see. we're gonna practice hard.... s0 DO COME when the show is on. That'll will be From 30th April- 13th May.

~CamWhore-Siao Poh~

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sorry People, This is an EMO post.

Have you ever felt as if you are invincible.
Especially in your own group of friends?
*Tough huh*
Yeah... I am kinda facing that situation. I am not alone by the way. There are also some other people facing the EXACT same thing... you know who u are....

Sigh* I'm so depressed. I felt as if my job has been taken away u know. Ok fine, in some "other people's" language, "you are trying to 'HELP' us" Deng* MY FOOT! OKay.. Thank you so much for ur "consideration" but for God's sake at least notify us that you will be appointing someone else to do the job we were suppose to do lah* We were completely INVINCIBLE in your sight huh.. really you didn't even CONSIDER our feelings.

Ok fine. Work is work. Friendship will be Friendship.
So lets not mix em together n not get screwed up feelings ok?
Yeah... I m trying to... but how can I not feel like Shyte* when the people I'm working with are my group of friends?
*deng* This Suck

Will friends that eliminate you from your duties.. what more about Backstabbing you in front of their closer group of friends? Yeah I'm darn sure that It already happened.
*I'm not surprised AT ALL* AT ALL...
I'm just so sick of this that I have to release it out ere. Its so annoying.... darn annoying! Try being in my shoes! tell me how u feel.

Just because you are "the Goddess" that everyone listens to you doesn't mean you can push people around as if they are soccer balls.
For Heaven's Sake!
Not everything is done ONE MAN SHOW!
If you think u can do it? Fine by me... go ahead..
Wait till you need help from the people you pushed away..
you'll see.

*Deng i hate that feeling*

Monday, January 15, 2007

Random Pictures........
Just to keep u PeePz out of boredom while looking at this lifeless Blog.

Back In 2004. I was strong baybeh! Check it out! I was a strong woman!
Was.... that is... =)
Can u see me?

Its me in kT's room.
He was showing me his new Calvin Klien Escape Parfum den we started cam whoring with the bottle.
Why do i look so retardedly scared?

Haha!!! I like this pic! it make me look evil....
ngek ngek*
Sampat Poh

I love the Crazzie Feature in Sony Ericsson's K800. Makes me look CooL!
*more like Cooly retarded*
I look like I got Pinched on the nose by Some invicinble dude.

ok. This is me. Looking like a sepet Hamster.

VuLcanZ Halloween pArty.
a nite to remeber.

Another Halloween Party Organized by the ADTP committee with me as the Organizing Chairperson!
My most well done event.
HoT sTuff!

I wonder, do i look nice in this style?
Its a whole new thing. So is it me?
Hmm... guess i Have fat legs.... cant wear it out lah*
PLUS, even though i Love that top..... Im BROKE

Flowers of Appreciation on the Dance of the Fleets Gala Cheongsam Night.
Hey PeePz!

so so so sorry that i have not been updating for the past I don't know how Long..
I was Pretty Busy with a performance that I had Yesterday at the Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel.
Its was a SUPER GRAND event organized by the Women Development Organization. The event is called 'The Dance of the Golden Fleets Gala Night'.

It was really cool, as the dress code for the night was Batik Cheongsam, and since it was organized by WDO (Malaysia) and a table of 10 is worth Rm3000, most of the people who turned up were wealthy stylish. Oh, did i mention that there were people of 62 different countries over there?
Plus, there were 4 presses, ASTRO's ASIA channel & TV3 was there too!
Yup! that was how grand it was.

YingHan, Valence & I were invited to perform.
We sang in acapella, solos, played the keyboard, violin harmonizing etc.
And for that performance, we practically practiced almost every night last week!
*That was why I was too busy to blog*

I'll have pictures of the night updated soon ok!
Do check it out!

Monday, January 08, 2007

I'm doing research on China's Rising Economy for my Asian Studies.
If anyone has any info or website about it, Please Tag me.
Thank you!!!

I'm like so busy but I dunno where to start!
I've have to memorize a monologue for my audition to the Musical Theater Department of Western Michigan University.
n daddy says I'm to expressive... I sound like a Chicken!
yeah.. I think I do tooo..... so now, I need to speak slower.
Well, I have lost my voice due to loads of singing n shouting recently..... and I am suppose to record my singing for my audition too...
So many things to do in so little time.
Thank God for Stephnee Jie Jie, shes helping me in ripping of the videos from my Video Camera and editing the video for me.
God Bless U!

what to do next?....

Saturday, January 06, 2007

One big fat workout day!

Yesterday was darn freaking tiring.
Yeah.. hell it was!

As you all know, its been a year since I've quited gymnastics and yeah.... i grew fat, inflexible, double amount of bicycle tires and into an L size for jeans.

so, yesterday's gym was very effective.
*I feel the burn babe-beh!*
my flexibility was still there although I can't do a more than 180 degree side split anymore.
Cartwheels are still fine.
Roundoffs are... erm.... clumsy.. so are front-walks.
yeah my Back-walk-over was depressing.
Its been so lonf since I've tumbled, so i was darn dizzy when I was trying n trying again n again.

After Gym......

Went to church for HipHop rehearsal with the Sidecrew and had music practice for the Big-Big Nite!
Its FGA Youth and Young Adult's Surf's Up Rally of the Year just in case you didn't know.
The night was fun, tiring, spirit lifting n Yeah..... Lucky Christopher Ho won that Ipod Shuffle!
Fun fun*

came home with a sore body........................

*I feel old*

am I?

Friday, January 05, 2007

This is a late late post of my New Year's Resolution.

1. Lose 5kg or more.
Cause I have gained 5 KG Last year....

2. Get back to shape with consistent dance, gymnastics.
I have lost the lifestyle of Gymnastics.
Gosh! cant even do a freaking Back-walk-over anymore!

Yes, not forgetting my studies.
I have increased my GPA. N i shall continue!

4. Teach more Vocal Students.
*So I can get more cash for more Gym lessons!*

5. Continue to excel in Music especially Theory and Violin
*I'll need Theory for Uni...

6. Need to be closer with God
* I have to admit, I slacked.

7. I hope to have a mini-concert before I leave for US
*Its my dream*

8. Do well in the productions that I am involved in.
*Yes, its my dream to perform n sing*

Sigh* Know what? I'm Feeling stressed..
I just received an email from the Department of Musical Theater in Western Michigan Uni.
I'll need to send a video of myself and load of other stuff as a replacement for my audition.

Yea. I'm DARN FREAKING stressed.

Everything in the video HAS TO BE perfect because it is my only way of proving myself worthy of entering the University's Musical Theater Department as they only accept a certain amount of students per semester.


PLease PraY for ME!!!!!!
I need peace & guidance

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year People!!!!!

Sorry for the late post... as you know the internet have been down down down.....
yeah.. i just hate blogging with the slow connection thats why I din bother.

I am officially a Sophomore student!
For those who don't know, Sophomore means Second Year. =)
Yeah, Time Flies freaking fast!
Other than the New Year celebration, kT & I celebrated our 1st Anniversary too....
*totally didn't felt like one year... MUaX*
Another great news is......
I am in the Dean's List for last semester!
For those who didn't know... I was 0.02 marks away from Dean's List.
But Thank God for Yng Juin, she recounted my results for me and I got 3.6 GPA rather than 3.48!
Stupid Computer system made me so Freaking disappointed with myself for the past 1 week!

So Yesterday was the Orientation for Western Michigan University @ Sunway.
We all were suppose to help out as we go assigned to different jobs.
Well, rushed to uni after Lynn's work only to find out our names had been canceled without telling us. We were left wondering around doing nothing till our meeting ESPECIALLY when I was not feeling well & Lynn was needed at work.
*wonder who is that Irresponsible dude*
*rolls eyes*
WHatever it is... totally didn't like it... uni sucked yesterday.

This semester's timetable is really sucky coz I have to go to Uni every single day and my classes are like 1 and half hours oni. EVerything is so spreaded!

Subject List

1. Excursion in Math 1140
2. Pacific Rims (Asian Studies) 3340
3. Principles in Biology 1120
4. Biology Lab1110

Till then... Happy New Year again!