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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

an Update of the Makan Session with MissyCheerio, Alvin, KheeWah, LynN & KeeWeng
an Update that cost a rush to all the other posts before this.
Especially when they are not just any ordinary posts...
I know... they were supercalifregalistically long........!
haha... bet u all think I have Loads of time..
answer is not.
I have my Pacific Rims (Asian Studies) Midterm this Thursday.

*u see shiyin, I've made sacrifices for you*

Anyhow, enjoy the Camwhore Sampat-ness of the Nutty 6.


Chinese New Year Dinner @ Pizzeria Bella Italia
*LyNn* *ShiYin* *YenN

The Macho Men
*owh... did i tell u that we changed dates that night?*
YenN- Alvin, ShiYin- KheeWah, LynN-KeeWeng
our dates?
okay lah.... towards the end we still sat together with our boyfriends.. haha
so much for a Blind Triple date huh*

My miserable piece of Fried Button Mushroom that fell on the floor while i was cutting it.

Monkey Faces
Not exactly, I was the only monkey!
LynN *smiles sweetly* ShiYin *noobs* YenN *makes a dumb monkey looking face*
u know what....
i think i mix with Keeweng too much.

Shiyin: Eh! dun snap the picture!!!!!!!!!
YenN: Heh? u took a picture?
*as camwhore as I can be...... Im still a noob*
Look at how dumb I look! I wouldn't even post this picture if ShiYin doesn't want if..
+ eh! Missy!! y u want this picture for?? we BOTH look NOOB! +

I tell u, i think someone spiked my ice kosong that night..


in a way i know i look like a witch...
Then in another angle, i look like a sad puppy
In another angle again, i look like a nerd..

so i think I'm a sad puppy who looks like a nerdy witch


KeeWeng: U want to eat my Cheese?
YenN: Do i look like a sotong to u??
oklah! all of u must take the same picture with the same pose!

keeTz, for the first time.... Ur eyes were huge!
Not an offence!!

Alvin just cant stop laughing...
SHiYin, another nerdy sotong

oUr turn our turn!!! exclaims the 2
*put on the witch hat.......*


keeTz: Hey!!! look n see what i can do!!!!
YenN: I also wanna do!!!! lets take a picture together!!!

ALvin & Yin stares in disgust...... u two sotongs.....

The Sotong fish Strikes!

While laughing and taking the glass out from our mouth, keeT knocks his teeth unto the glass
SUrprisingly, his tooth did not fall, chip, nor did it shake...
But he broke the glass.

can u imagine that?!
especiAlly the glass was so thick...
We are still wondering how did it happen....?

*SOrry Pizzeria Bella Italia!!!!!*

SMile noobly at the camera baby!

Kheewah went home....... still a sotong...

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Futsal on Saturday, followed by Gymnastics, then Lunch, then Visitation, then Dinner
can pengsan man!!!!!

Cam-Whoring in the Car
Its pig's year!!!!!!

The ladies that played
*GirL power!!!!*

Futsal field at the Old KFC place/ driving range

*I'll be posting the Dinner pix next. So stay tuned to that.
**sorry ShiYin.... the pix are coming!!!!!!

DaDDy's Birthday at San Fransisco Steak House, Summit

Silly Billy Milly me...
I accidentally deleted dad & LyNn's picture together.
Some more daddy is the main star of the night!!!
*slaps myself*

Ribs Eye

Seafood platter

Lamb Shank

Birthdaay Boy enjoying every bit of his ribs eye

LynN Digging into he lamb shank

Mummy busy with her ribs eye

YenN YenN posing with her mouthful

3rd and 4th Day at Bandung, Indonesia
Theres gonna be less pictures in this post because we spent most of our 3rd day shopping and we left Bandung on the 4th day after breakfast so there was not much to take pictures of.
Anyhow, ENJOY!!!

My own-made porridge!
White broth+ A little chicken stock+ fried onions+ slices of chicken meat+ spring onions+ a little pickled vege+ "yau char Kuey"+ sweet sauce+ a little chilli.
OooOoO lala!!!
was a little spicy tho... hehe

I cant help but to post the beautiful greenery over here just to remind myself how beautiful the place was!

A duet..... AWwWwWwwwwWww.....
keeweng!!! when can i do that with u?!

Karaoke-ing the night before leaving Puncak

We were singing and singing..... until it started to rain
*must be our singing =)
Then while running back, dad n mum were so CUTE!!
They shared mum's jacket so they both won't get wet.
I couldn't help but to snap them while running in the rain.....
and i was wet

Dearest LyNn & I

Packing up

The only group picture we had.
And it looks super nice with the pool as the background

Bye surya indah!
I had a pleasant stay! really i did!
except the fact that all the mosques started saying their prayers through the loud amplifier at 4am
Not 1 mosque, not 2, not 3.... i think there were about 5!!!!!
nuts man!

Posing before leaving the cottage resort

The antique door.
This would probably cost hundreds of thousands!
maybe a million!
people practically carve those flowers one-by-one
pretty huh!

Lunch on the 3rd day.
Vegetables, fish and fish..........

I was surprised when one day Yenni told me that Avocado Fondue is delicious.
In my head i was like... heh?? Avocado with chocolate just don't go well?!
I guess coming to Bandung kinda changed my perception about the Avocado fondue thingi.
In one of the restaurant, mummy ordered avocado juice.
And here it is!
Freshly blended Avocado with Chocolate ribbons!
What a combination!
*Keeweng's Language: SUPER KAO!*

Our restaurant for the first and last day.
The lady in the picture is the owner of the place and she is from the royal family

This is a proof that no matter how much LynN talks bad about my Crocs and how fugly it looks, she still wears them.

GoodBye Beautiful Bandung!
I really did enjoy the shopping, eating, scenery, and most of all
The wonderful cooling weather

The Army plane that landed at the airport before our flight

My Masterpiece
It makes me wanna soar!
Look at the clouds! The higher ones are smooth and silky looking and the lowers ones are puffy and cotton-ish.

Sorry for the super long post.....
I wanted to separate the posting but.... i had to rush because someone wants the pictures. =)

Neway, Thanks for reading!

Day 2 at Puncak, Bandung

The Ladies of the trip.

Look whats behind the van
So that you know.....
We passed by this place, a village i mean called Subang
Then we went to a factory outlet called Summit
Then this. CIPANas
LynN: from Subang to Subang, Summit to Summit, Cipan to CIPANas!
*i wonder why do they use the same few names...?*

This picture is taken on the way Up.....

I feel like rolling on the "blanket" looking plants.
All the way down the hill

The beautiful view outside our restaurant

Bean curd fish
(heaps of fish....... thats becoz we cant eat too much chicken because of bird flu!)

Fresh and hot steamy deep fried fish

Sate.........Chicken & Beef
haha... not the rabbit sate.. =)
somehow I think Malaysian Sate is the best!
check out the smoke!

These raw vegetables are called Ulam.
take em- dip em into belacan- and chew like a cow.


Okay so we went to the Safari after lunch.
I've never been into a safari before.
It was great! SO much better than a zoo where all animals are caged up looking skinny and miserable.
It was a refreshing personal encounter with the animals.
I couldn't post ALL the animal pix as there were too many!
Anyhow, Enjoy the pix!

Out of ALL the animals, I love the zebra the most.
Its was the first Creature the greeted us and boy, we were so shocked to see it all so tame, coming near our vehicle windows, eyeing whether do we have anything carrots for them.
I love this color contrasts and the way it carries itself.

Chubby clumsy Elephants

Mr. Camel walking by

Hippo..... the lazy "water pig"
LoL* all they do is sleep eat, sleep eat.
we've seen so many!
and most of em aren't awake!
but.... how sweet is the picture.... mother and child

Little baby dear...

llama standing in between our vehicle n the van next to us.....
super near!

The honey bears

Okay, look at this picture.
It has droplet of water on the screen.
Yup i took it after a short drizzle.
But can you see?
That be fat llama, so close to the window??
I was so afraid that when i open the window, it'll chew my fingers or hair!

I just found out.... I like Giraffes.
They are huge but cute at the same time!
see its pretty eyelashes... Sexay*

The Handsome Peacock
LyNn: why doesnt it flare its tail?
YenN: yeah! I wanna see!!!
Daddy: It'll show off when its angry or when it courts. make it angry la!

A male lion courting a lioness
*this pic was blur because we weren't allowed to open the van window or else they'll attack us*
see how close are they to our vehicle
The mountain goats

The gigantic OrangUtan with huge FACE (its a male) waving at us

saggy three boob with two nipples orang utan waving at us
*i wonder were they trained to do that or what*
or do they just want food?

a spotted deer passing by us

The instructor awarding the albino tiger with milk

the brave one jumped through the ring of fire

All the tigers giving a bow

SsSsSsSs.... says the SSSNake

in the safari gift shop with cute lil puppets

smiLe at the cam baby!!!

LynN on the boat

YenN n her classic cheeky smile

Black swans so near to us...

The romantically misty weather

LyNn: Queen of the Hanging bridge

i bet u heard of bumper cars.
but over there, they have bumper motor boats!
It'll be so fun if we had all of our craZy friends around then we can play...
Its very cheap over there!

Pelican feeding on fish

This is my favorite picture form the bird park.
parakeets all feeding AND please take note that.... I DID NOT USE THE CAMERA ZOOM
they were THAT NEAR TO US!!
if you dare you could actually touch em! just that I'm afraid that they'll bite me

Love birds oh-so Lovey Dovey
they look so adorable!

Daddy (acts celebrity) waving at the camera with the handsome peacock with LynN smiling noobly

A hornbill, a sister, a daddy

That bird's feathers look like velvet!

a pretty pink vain flamingo

a racoon that passed by us

The Royal Taj MahaL & the Majestic albino Tigers

Okay... for those who read keeweng's blog
He said: to know how my son looks like, ask Sue-Yenn
YenN: how on earth would I know?! I'm not God?!

But secretly, I know Keeweng's son will look like his father.
Like father like son!
So, I would like to introduce you all to KeeWeng's son!!!!
+up above+

*no offence yeah*

I believe, if LynN happens to reincarnate, she'll turn into an otter.
believe it or not?

super beautiful tea plantations

On the way up to our resort

2nd Night
We stayed in Surya Indah at Puncak
beautiful green place
check it out!

This is the view outside our cottage resort from our cottage resort.
two VERY different worlds huh!

In Malaysia, we have Taxies.
In Bandung, the have little vans without the door closed.
cute huh!

This was the cottage we stayed in

Haha... poser on the bridge

2 sister sh*tting in the middle of the Garden...
*rolls eyes*
I wonder why did we do that "pang sai" pose...

LynN screams: I own this big HUGE GIANT satellite dish!
nah... she didn't do that....
most of the the big houses around Bandung has that,
i bet they can receive almost all the channels broad casted!

Ask me, whats with the table?
Truthfully? I dunno...
I dont even know what kind of weird pose is that!
Was that me?
AgrH* i look like nutz*

Family Portrait+ me snapping the picture!

Mummy & Grandma

MOre like swing on little baskets

Back to Childhood!
Dad & LyNn just look so cute together right?
can u imagine LynN being super small wearing pampers?

According to LynN, we were Bollywood dancing under the typical coconut tree.
but its fun right?!
Well, daddy daddy.... thats whom I got my crazy genes from.

All the greenery was just so fresh!!!!
even the air smells better!

Daddy, being a green finger person (means he loves gardening) loves admiring the beautiful gardens and landscapes.

Im about to jump to the..... erm........ satellite dish behind the tree!!
watch me!

My Oh-so-lovable parents

LynN always with her silly sotong face.
But that is what makes Kwah Love her right??