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Monday, March 26, 2007

This is probably the "most free" week I have since I've started my semester on January and my Production rehearsals on February.

I use to woke up in the morning thinking about the whole day schedule, assignments, biology lab reports, research papers, and essays that i needed to complete.
But this week.... is GREAT!

I had 2 MAJOR research papers due just yesterday (monday).
I worked hard for it... and when I woke up today... I was just too bored!!!
I went to daddy's room and switched on the LCD TV to watch Happy Feet.
The penguins were SO FREAKING ADORABLE!
*i know I'm outdated for watchin it probably half a year after the screening in the cinemas, oh heck, I was just TOO busy!*
And today I'm just too free..
I even complained to LynN saying that I was too bored and that I had nothing to do!
I wanted to sleep longer, but the habit of waking up early to do all my stuff just kept me from lying in my cozy bed.

My class starts at 3pm today, and here I am in Uni at 11am doing nothing.
Normally I would be crqacking my head in my Biology textbook, preparing for quiz!
I think I know why am I so free now.
Theres no freaking quiz this week!!!!

I hate Biology Quizes.
I study like crap and still can't remember anything!
Canb anyone explain to be what on earth is the KREBB CYCLE?!

okay, lets not talking about Biology here.

Anyway, my mum went to Taiwan for a workshop and she took the camera with her,
Soo.... sorry readers!
No pictures until she comes back!

Oh yes, I need to know.
Has Digi's MTV PowerPack changed to Friends n Family Plus?
I think those who have that MTV plan is automatically changed to FnF plus.
If you are not sure, check ur account status.
But what I need to know is, what is the plan for FnF Plus?
How much a minute? How much a SMS?

Anyone knows?

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hey Guys!!!

I am SO Sorry for not updating throughout the last whole week!!
You see, my internet has gotten down down down!!
*Im blogging from Keewengs house*


Its the laptop's problem.
Although my dear old Fujitsu Lifebook has been faithfully allowing me to blog, chat and do my researches, I guess its just too old to function properly already.
Plus, that fact that Im going to the States in August... hmmmm..
Maybe its time for a NEW LAPTOP!!

Which one should I get?!
*blink blink*

Can anyone give me some advice??
I want a CHEAP, and GOOD laptop.
Preferably with a in build webcam and microphone.

Oh, By the way.
I know that a lot of people that I don't expect actually visits my blog.
So, Dear readers.
Kindly leave a message at the tagbox on your left ok?
So I know that you actually came by.
*not to mention, my chat box is 80% dead*
So lets just hype up that pasar malam there alright?!


Saturday, March 17, 2007

This post is dedicated to Mr Ong Kee Weng

*wide grin*

I just wanna bring back some memories... =)

I was just browsing through some old pictures when i Suddenly saw these super valuable pictures.
A moment that would probably and hopefully happen once in his entire life!
SO... I decided to blog it.
sorry dear...

i know when u come back to Subang You'll probably skin me, den squeeze lemon juice on my raw skin and then rub sea salt on my fresh raw flesh and then deep fry me.

But its okay.. I'm taking the risk.

Remember Your First Time?

If I were your Girlfriend then.. I would probably cry my eyes out...!
Thank God nothing like this happened... so far
*cross fingers*

Apparently, I know a lot of people who does BreakDancing, Cheerleading, Gymnastics and all those Extra-Cool Stuff that requires a HUGE SAFETY PRECAUTION.

*A piece of Advice: Think of those who love you before doing anything....
AND please don't try to Front Somersault During a Concert. You'll probably end up like that guy above.


see dear.. this post is featuring entirely on you!
touched anot?


Friday, March 16, 2007

The Bright side of a Stormy day

I had a very very bad time yesterday.
I was so caught up with all my assignments, responsibilities and everything till I finally exploded.
Thank God for LyNn, I was just talking to her in the morning when I just suddenly broke down.
I cried like a baby.
I was too stressed up, I couldn't stand it.

Thank God for her being there to lend a shoulder, to give a huge hug, to comfort me when I needed love the most.
I love u jie.

Then, I went to uni.
Everything was fine without my speaking.

When people asked me why did I look so down, I tried to hold everything back.

But I couldn't, the minute I open my mouth to tell them I was fine, tears rolls down my eyes again.
Such an embarrassment, sobbing and breaking down like that when everyone who passed by stared.

Thank God for Yng Juin, she quickly sensed it n pulled me to a corridor where I poured out my feelings and stress to her.
Thank You for being there for me.

Thank You for caring.

After my class, I went to by the reload card I needed for my handphone as it had expired.
I had no change for Rm50, and the machine didn't accept it.

I had to go around asking whether does anyone have five 10ringgit notes.

Nope, no one had it.

Thank God for
Jon, he borrowed me Rm10 when I needed it.
Thank You.

I went to the machine to get the card, The machine ate up my Rm20.
I was so pissed then.

What the heck?! What kind of stupid blardy machine was that?!
I called the hotline written on the machine,
but no one picked up.
I was going to burst.
Thank God for
Daniel for lending his handphone to me to call the company.
Thank God for
Carmen who was there listening to me rant my head off when I was so depressed.
Thank You, Thank you for caring.

I came home, had a chat with dear on the phone and felt better Then I took a nap.
I was suppose to go rehearsal for my musical production but I couldn't.

My head was too heavy, my heart was aching alot, my eyes were red and big from crying.
I couldn't go to practice.

My parents came home and asked where was I.
They both sensed that I had a bad day without anyone telling them.
The first thing they came home, they ask
LynN how was I.
They really cared.

I was really touched.

Although my day had really been bad with all the crap that was going on,
for the first time in my life,
I felt real love.

from my
friends, my love, and most of all my dearest family who stood by me through my ups and downs.
We had the same blood you see.
One can feel another's pain without even being notified.

We are one body.

At a convention at Genting 2006

Mummy's Birthday at Australia 2004

LynN's birthday 2007

During my singing Sound of Music competition at Istana Budaya 2004

Seventeen StarSearch 2006

My Music Graduation at Armada Hotel 2006

I love you Mum,
I love you alot Daddy,

I love you LynN the best.

Thank You all for being there for me.
Thank God for all of you.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Lately, I've been really very very busy with everything that I am Loaded with now.
I just want apologize to all those who are close and dear to me.
To all my friends, family, and most of all my dear boyfriend,
I am sorry, I will try to make as much time as possible for you all I just hope that you all will understand my current situation and just bear with it for the next two months.

Somehow, I don't know.
I felt that I had to blog this as I have taken advantage of all the closest friends and people that past by my life. My busy and hectic schedule had always been the excuse and reason for not spending time for all of you.
Its not that I wanted it, but I know my actions of not appreciating you all enough is gone way too far.
I'm feeling very very very depressed today.
I hope that I can cope with all this.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Back to Busy-ness
*deng deng deng*

By the way......
*screams loudly and runs around the room*

yea... I miss my long wavy hair.. its been with me for the past year.
So long! and my curls were still tight.
I went to the hair dresser's at pyramid and then I thought to myself..
"hey.. I'm getting bored of this curly thing"
SO I told the hair dresser
"ok lah* I think I wanna get rid of the curls.. sudah-boring lah*"
And then he looked at my hair....
*snip snip snip & SNIP*
It all fell unto the ground lifeless like dead grass...
*okay maybe not dead grass.. but still!!!*

Now I'll have to wait another year for my hair to grow again coz it grows like super slow...
I suspect it is half dead.

I came back home, amazed that I actually had the nerve to cut it off...
Well, its just "hair" anyway....
yeah... but it was my pride and joy
*puppy eyes blink*

Yea... people say I look younger...
*duh* straight and short ma...
now at least Lynn would feel more secure because people wouldn't say that she is younger than me.
*I'm fine with it by the way....*
Thank God of the Highlights mum gave me... or else I would look like a high school kid!

Lynn posing with my mummy's shower hat..
Mummy got it from Japan.. its actually shaped in a Joker's hat!
*you know.. the one with bells*

Yup yup... this week is practically Biology week for me.....
*all the assignments, reports and tests....*

As I've said....
Back to BUSY-ness

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Ra-ra Girls & Boys with CHARM at Johor Bharu on Saturday.

Yup! once again we're out for an Adventure!
Being an ex-cheerleader myself, I just couldn't resist going for a one day trip to JB just to Cheer for *TUPPERWARE* why not?!
I mean... I really needed to De-stress n hangout anyway, what more..
We Got Paid!!!!
Who wouldn't go? You get paid for having fun man!!!
*grinz excitedly*
After Learning a simple, super short & easy routine we set off to the Johor International Convention Center at JB for a less-than-3 minute routine, and back.
So... we left Sunway Pyramid at 12AM. yes TWELVE in the MORNING.
yeah... hoping that we'll sleep in the bus, most of us barely slept for more that 2 hours.
haha... how could we when we are surrounded by friends, friends AND friends?!

Briefing in The Bus while taking off Sunway pyramid

The two Charming dudes that kept us company throughout the whole journey.
Steven tells your future from your birth date,
Wern Sern tell you about your character by knowing your horoscope.
Obviously you can't be bored with these two!

Mabel and Steven
The Birthday Kids

A birthday Cake that says:
HapPy Birthday Steven! Work that High V!
*for those who don't understand Cheer Language, a High V is some kind of motion*
*if you still don't understand, never mind.
I forgive you

Get it out! Get it OUT!

Birthday boy with the cake on his face

All so tipsy due to the lack of sleep at 5am
Rock on CHARM!

Alyna, ChengChoo & I

Guess What are we doing?

Well, I know we look stupid...
Especially me!
We were walking while hugging each other because we were too cold....

Darling ChengChoo & I

My babe whom i've known since I was form 1. She adopted me as her daughter when I was Form 2. She gave me AngPau for Chinese new Year when I was Form 3!!
*dont ask me who my father is.... =)
I cant tell.. Mummy is still looking for one.
Love you Mummy!!

Mummy Rachie & LynN

Eric & Dennis

USJ 13 male models?
nah... more like the 3 musketeers from USJ 13
hmmm..... Mr Comel, Mr Cool, Mr Charm?

Just go All the way straight... You'll reach Singapore's Custom.
Really! if only we brought our passports.. =(

Think he is cool with shades?
*eYerr! its a woman's shade! says wanna be model

male modeling?

The pathway to f00d

My long lost brother dear..

YenN & Rach

Although this picture was taken randomly..
I love it!
Its so natural right?!
Hunks of CHARM!

Pretty Babes all in a row doing that Kawaii!!

Can You feel the LOVE?!
*Group HugGz*
Charm Rock On!

We stopped by Pagoh on the way back to buy fruits...
*yum yum!

I love bananas and I cannot lie...

I LoveLoveLove Sarawak Pineapples!

Dennis posing with his fruits...

Steven & I
*salute to u Mr. Coach*

LynN unwillingly poses for the camera..
check out that *not-enough-sleep-till-wanna-faint face*

Going to Thank God its Friday's for a romantic dinner.
KeeWeng just loves to act cute huh..... LoL*
worst than me man!!!!

This is my trustworthy Double X

Multivitamins that keep u up & energized all day long! *especially for uni students like us that eats rubbish for most of our meals..* now we can have all the sufficient vitamins and minerals that our body needs =)

*For your infomation*
It is taken by the world's fastest runner Asafa Powell,
the man who broke the world's record of sprinting 100m in 9.77 seconds
*cool eh*

extra boost of eNergy!!!!

My new Sports Bra from Dear Keeweng!
Thanks for the surprise gift darling!!!
i love it!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

For those people who thinks that ADP-American Degree Program is
All Day Play,
Please shut up. take your words back, and try the course for yourself.

This semester is pretty hectic and its driving me totally nutz!
I really can't stand it!
I can't wait for my holiday...
I'm just so exhausted...

Do you wanna have a sneak peek at my NORMAL week schedule.
Mind you, its NORMAL week, not MIDTERM / FINAL week.

Monday 12th March:
Survey for Asian Studies Research Paper. Math Assignment Due. Musical rehearsal (8pm-11pm)
Tuesday 13th March:
Finalize Seminar Presentation for Asian Studies. Musical Rehearsal (8pm-11pm)
Wednesday 14th March:
Biology Lab Report Due. Musical Rehearsal (8pm-11pm)
Thursday 15th March:
China's Economy Presentation for Asian Studies. Netball Match (5pm-7pm).
Musical Rehearsal (8pm-11pm)

Friday 16th March:
Biology Essay Due. Biology Test. Music Theory Class (1.30pm-3.30pm)
Monday 19th March:
Theory Examination by WMU *specially for me*. Musical Rehearsal (8pm-11pm)

yeah.. I feel so honored for the People in US to come down for my theory exam.
but what the heck... I suck in theory.
+i cant take the stress+

This is Only 5th Last week of the semester and everything is already so HECTIC!
I probably won't survive till the last week....

*the monthly pain is killing me man... world is so unfair... why women suffer?*


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Oh yes!
For those who don't know

CHARM- Cheerleading Association Register Malaysia
Is organizing and Cheer Dance & Cheer Stunt Championship!

oh yes oh yes...

The competition is on the 25th of March 2007, Sunday

So please come and join the excitement!!
im feeling it.

So please come and Cheer and Support the Cheerleaders!

Everyone is born a Cheerleader, so please don't tell me you ain't that kind of material.
As long as you can scream and shout for LeeHom, Rain, and your favorite Bands,


Cheer on People!
*once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader*

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I found some old poems that I wrote when I was in Form 4.

*its been a very long time since I've written*
haha... I just want to share it with you guys ok!

Oh yeah, this poem is about a couple.

+ Things You've done+

If only I did, things wouldn't be so lame
I wish I could turn back time, back to how it was before
and that is to follow my thoughts and listen to my heart's core
All I can do now is to be strong,
hope and pray that nothing will go wrong.
All I can leave is just sweet memories of you,
All I have, is the heart that you broke into two.
Be strong and couragest, do not be afraid.
That was all I could say to myself and regret nothing but the days.
I could still remember the painful words you said.
"with the courting skills and her attitude, surely she'll take the bait"
I didn't believe what I heard, I thought it was a mistake!
But sadly, it was true, oh how stupid I was, after all those sweet words he said.
Thinking back now to what has happened before,
There is no use moaning outside that bloody bastard's door.
Be strong and couragest, my mama use to say,
That is life, it is me, and the stupid mistake I have made.
I thought it was real, because it seemed to be
It felt really sincere, when you looked at me.
I thought it was a dream.
A dream that never will end
It felt so right, too right when you held me with your hands.
Although I made a promise, a promise that I had to keep,
A promise of me, not being in this relationship.
But then again, could this be true?
If I let go, I might waste a chance to be with you!
So I broke something really special to me,
And that was the promise that I didn't want to see.
With sweet messages, everything went so fast!
That was the dream, the dream I wanted to last.
But then I looked again, and saw what I see.
It was you with the mask on, betraying and cheating on me!
Your true colors, oh how could you!
It was then, I felt my little heart break into two.
How I wished I kept that promise, the promise that I have made,
The one that would save me
From crying on my bed.

*sniff* *sniff*
You guys must be thinking...
"wa... so emo, really happened kah*?"

haha... its just a poem my friends... a very old poem written 3 years ago!
*ish ish*
makes me feel so old, plus it brings back all the memories reading stuff so long time ago.
Just in case you don't know... I have plenty more!

Don't worry I won't flood the blog with *emo-sniff-sniff* stuff..

Friday, March 02, 2007

SidewAyZ Annual Chinese New Year Makan!

Introducing SideWayZ*
Basically the SideCrews that are missing are Vernis, Serene, Kelvin [Kaipei] & XuZonne.
This picture was taken MOre than a year ago... so u can still see my AH-MOI fringe AND at that time, the guys were having the LONGEST-HAIRathon
Look at Keeweng's hair man... he looks like a GIRL!!!
*i wonder why WAS i attracted to him...must be his sweet character la*

Okiez... so for this year we decided to have lunch at The Vietnamese Kitchen
No doubt as it looks... the food was great, just that the guys didn't have enough.

You see.... most of us over there are bloggers too....
So when the food came.. everyone started to take out their super-canggih handphone
*click* *snap*
yea... n i brought out my old REAL camera to take pictures of them with their canggih-manggih phones...
simply because... I don't own one.
I was suppose to get a brand new handphone because of SPM..
But Daddy said it was a waste of money since I'm leaving for US soon, and in US Handphones are free when you buy the line.
*Daddy arr... u can at least let me buy ma... at least I will us it for more than a year before I leave!!*

But anywayz, I still love my Samsung Blue Eye. (the one without color)

See kT ant his phone

Iain & Kelvin with the phones

Eric snapping pictures...

Last but not least...... No one can Beat the CANON.

yeah... since everyone was snapping pictures of food, I decided to snap picture of them with their canggih-manggih gadgets.

At least a little different ma hor?!


Anyway, I JUST FINISHED my Asian Studies Midterm!!!!
I feel so freeee!!
Still have Biology Midterm next week though....
Anyhow, Its still s Celebration!
*for me at least*
I went to watch *Dream Girls* at Cineplex Damansara..
The movie= Was AWESOME! *for someone like me lah*
kT found it a little too much singging... hahaha*
That was because Jennifer Hudson IS a Soul singer (so duh* extra expressive la!)

Oh well, next movie will be Music & Lyrics!!
*sorry ppl, I know I'm OUTDATED*


Ciao people!
FutSaL tomorrow man!
Prepare to faint in the futsal field!!!!