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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Greetings from KeeWeng's soon to be OLD APARTMENT in Melacca!
Yup! I am here!!!

This morning I took the Rm 9.40 Metrobus from Subang Jaya USJ8 all the way to Pudu, and then to Melacca's Central. From there KeeWeng picked me up after his last exam paper and went to have the super CHEAP and YUMMY Chicken rice that would cost DOUBLE in Subang.

Then we went back to his current apartment to pack and to bring all the stuff (plus his room mate's HUGE bag) to his New GORGEOUS apartment!!
Its Big, CLEAN, with nice tempting swimming pool, and a beautiful environment of a club house!!

Anyway... lets say bye bye to Keeweng's old apartment. But before that, let me just show you his tine miny room shared by Kae Quan
(for those in Melacca, i bet you all know him as KeeWeng's Lou Poh Chai XD)

His simple Little roomie

The Sampat dude with the Shirt that I bought him from Penang! *nice?*

The MMU students (and some family's) little neighbourhood view form his apartment window.

Drug Addict-ish looking YenN updating her blog while Mr Sampat takes a picture

Well, Im glad to be here in Melacca again! Besides the Cheap food, its been a long time since I've seen Mr. Sampat!!! and now... He'll be going back to bug me during his 3 week holiday.

PakToh time!


Monday, May 21, 2007

I Just want to Dedicate a Post to my dear Friend, Brother, Brother-in-law.
His name is Chai Khee Wah.
And, he just turned 21 yesterday!!

*applause*sings birthday songs*pats him on the back*

Chai Khee Wah has always been a Great friend and a GREAT BROTHER-IN-LAW
that never fails to take care of his friends, his lou poh chai and me!
He always insists on me following him and his wife to dine
and makes sure I had enough to eat and even paid for mine!

Chai Khee Wah is a great Brother-in-Christ with a heart of Gold
that never fails to look to God and pray if there is anything wrong or even right
He always gave a hand and prays for his friends AND girlfriend (especially) whenever they are down or having tests.
AND even prays for his dog when even when theres a faster heart beat on it's chest (i think XP)

Chai Khee Wah,
Thank God for you.
You are a blessing to everyone, everyone thats around you.
I pray that God would bless you and always keep you safe,
I also pray that God would grant you your dream job since you are already a graduate.
I didn't intend to write a poem.... it just came out while I was typing here thats why it doesnt really rhyme.
*forgive me*
Happy 21st Birthday again Mr. Chai Khee Wah!
Now that you are old enough to vote, please do!
*Do some good to the country lah*

Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Trip to Penang from 14th May to 16th May with the Cheerleaders
Part One

These *Cheerleaders* I have known these really Great friends since form 1 when we started the Vulcanz Cheerleading Squad in the year 2001. We started of a just team mates. We practiced together and learned AND tried to come up with out own techniques and styles of lifting a girl up into the air.
Yup I was one of the guinea pigs. I remembered falling from a one human height face first unto the ground while practicing a stunt called the *Elevator*.
For those who are cheerleaders I'm sure you all would know, the elevator is probably the easiest stunt compared to the Basket Tosses and Full twist cradles.

To cut the story short... This is was our trip to Penang.

A trip with dearest Lim Chee Wei, Lim Cheng Choo, Sebastian Kor and Ng Sue-Lynn

Yup! us! The Ghostly Faces.. =) From the left: Sebastian, CheeWei, Lynn, Yenn. ChengChoo at the bottom.

The first picture of the Trip.

This picture was taken in the Bus stop at Penang where the bus stopped us.
It was 4-ish in the morning then... thats why we look retardedly sleepy and Piggy!

*Darling Choo and I*

ChengChoo's Uncle came to Pick us up from the Bus stop and brought us to a hostel at his work place to rest since is was 4something in the morning and it was too early to do anything.
There were only 2 single beds in the Hostel. So obviously, the Girls had to share one and the guys another.
Aren't we pityful?
We slept sideways with only the top half of our bodies on the bed and our legs on the floor
This was how we slept for 2 hours! I woke up with a sore due to the crampyness.
But its okay. We were too sleepy to make a fuss

Time to wake up! The Boys and the Pig *LynN* were still sleeping.. too tired to move.

The first place we visited in Penang was a Temple on the hill.
Although I am a Christian and Temples have nothing to do with me, I find it interesting in terms of cultural knowledge. Anyhow we are still Chinese right?

Sebastian and I
ChengChoo the Rabbit and Sebastian the Tiger
The Ladies in white posing in front of the pond.
The Cheerleaders. I mean I'm an Ex-cheerleader already but, Once a Cheerleader always a Cheerleader right? =) As long as you can jump and shout, YOU are a Cheerleader!

Ladies on the staircase
The View from the top. The round objects at the left corner are carved stones ready to be used for construction.
owh... did i tell you guys that the temple was having a renovation?

Chinese Always believe that Tortoises bring Longivity. Thats why temples have ponds filled with them.

On the way down from the Temple, we walked through stalls selling heaps of goodies, clothing, beads and cool stuff. So, we shopped all the way down =)

BayView Beach Hotel at Batu Ferringhi

Checking In to the Family Suite at 4Star hotel

A King Size bed for 3 Ladies! *maximum enjoyment man!*

We can actually fit 5 girls on the bed!CheeWei and Sebastian each have their own single beds at the other room... Sweet huh!!

Actually, We can All sleep on the same bed! We're all excited and going crazy in out Hotel Room and I'm LOVING IT!

Modeling the stuff we bought to show the guys. EVERYTHING was SO CHEAP!

That Top I bought was originally Rm 59.90 and i managed to *jual mahal* and brought the price down to Rm8 ONLY!

Anyone wants bargaining classes? *hehe*

The *Cam-Whoring* Moments =)

CheeWei and Lynn 7 years of Sibling Love!
Owh... did i mention CheeWei was Captian and LynN was Co-cap in the 2nd Generation of the Vulcanion Legacy!
Haha* I bet no one remembered.. Vulcanz was ANCIENT!

Stepping in the the lil river in between the beaches. Guess where the river started?

*Answer* from the longkang outside our hotel beside the main road. Its so disgusting! For God's sake... they should build a better drainage system than to let all those yucky water and God-knows-what-liquid go into the sea like that!

Pimply Face YenN and Pig Face Choo...

Real Friends are like footprints. They leave a Mark in your heart. They fight with you, cry with you, laugh with you and most of all the make fun of you.

Darling CheeWei, Dear ChengChoo, and Sebastian... I LOVE YOU GUYS! thanks for being there Always!

*Cheng Choo, this photo is for you* Anyway, I'll send all the pix to your mail and if I'm free, I'll burn it for you guys ok?

The sun was too bright.. making the picture overexposed... *but I love the picture!!!! how?*

Getting ready to Get WET!

Beside the Pool area... *The place where we hangout most of the time besides Shopping*

The Pool was huge!!!! It was 12 feet deep!!

Outside our first Restaurant at Batu Ferringhi

Our first meal near our hotel was Fish & Chips and Chicken Maryland.
Yeah.. I know la... *go Penang to eat Western Merh?*
Sorry la... but we couldn't find anything else cheap and Yummy near our Hotel.
Since we stayed in a 4 star hotel FILLED with Ang Mohs.. No doubt that the stalls Jack up prices like crazy to Buaya the tourists..

Well, we had a good meal of Rm12 each plus drinks! not to forget.. it was VERY FILLING!

Supper at One of the Food Court we found towards the end of the hill.. We had our super Yummilicious *Oh-Chein* there. Check out all the oily faces after 4hours of walking down to look for food AND to shop!!!

Boy.. shopping with Shopaholic ChengChoo is just nuts. We practically stopped by EVERY SINGLE FREAKING STALL there is in the Street!

CheeWei dear and I with his big Gigantic Sea Turtle that He Loves. Too bad he cant bring it home with him huh*

Penang Food! I Love!!

Sorry readers. There is just too many food pictures to upload so I just had to make a collage.. *I mean an UGLY collage* out of it.. =.=

Shopping!!!! At the end of the first day... we got a WHOLE KING SIZE BED full of goodies! Everthing for Rm8 tops to Rm4 DVDs to Rm14 Handbags.... EVERYTHING that you can get under the sun is just Cheap Cheap Cheap!
Shopping in Penang is like Shopping in thailand except in Malaysian Ringgit. which is even better!

Till Then, Stay tuned to The Posts for Day 2 and Day 3!

Heart All of you!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

A Day trip to Melacca with my Besties!
more like a double date actually

Sorry that This post is a little outdated.
We went to Melacca last week *i think*
But i just didnt have the time to gather all the pix and to upload it.
Neway, here it is!
I Finally went to Melacca to meet my Boyfriend accompanied my my dear friend of 7 years!!
*smiles widely*

A sweet dedication from Dear Shiyin.
Love you girl.
Thank you!

Dear Yin taking pix at the Hotel
We were quite pissed at the Emperor hotel management because the service was kinda bad, we then took a walk up to check out the pool.... and it view was NICE!

Washing off the make up from her face. We were all tired and very very sweaty die to the typical humid and hot weather

This darling Girl seems to be having heaps of fun eating the famous melaccan Satay celup!

nice boh???

Wanna go down there again??


Celup Celup..... Dunk and Dunk the taiwanese sausages, pork balls, kangkungs... Yum*

Keeweng and his always act cute face... *heart You*

We had Lunch at the famous nyonya place. The food there is real good and not too expensive.

Oh.. what am I talking about?! Food in Melacca IS NEVER TOO expensive!!!! Thats the BEST part!!!!

The view from Emperor Hotel. Yin and Alvin we suppose to stay there but the service just sucked. So they moved to Naza Hotel.

I love this picture.

Its classic*

I love you girl! 7 years of friendship with Heaps of ups and downs are just memorable!!!

thanks for being there

This picture should be in the Star Newspaper's photo competition!!!!!

Keeweng, should I send it??? LoL*

Seems like Keeweng loves food more than me! *sobs*
Pose pose with the water fountain at the newest Mall at Melacca

Me and my Babe

Taking a stroll and a pose at the red carpet that was placed specially for us!!! *as if*

I love him. But he likes to drive me mad... sometimes..

Our first photo in Melacca
What should We call ourselves? The Love birds? nah* too mushy...

I just love double dates with Miss Yin and Alvin. We're never bored!!!