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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sometimes I find things annoyingly weird.
Hmmm... Go figure

Things I don't understand.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

People whom I call family

Obviously that would be my boyfriend

Well, although he gets into my nerves alot, but then again
If u r not close to that special someone, you wont be opening up yourselves to each other and having late night debates right?
Isn't it a privilage?
heart u.

My college mates of course

Although I have been Missing In Action in College because I have finished all my subjects and so-call graduated, I seriously still miss having lunch with everyone. :(

I'm really glad to be in college yesterday so much that I had to sessions of Lunch! one with my future housemates in WMU and the second with dear Simple Cheryl and Daniel.

*I wanna yumcha again!*

My old school mates. Well, I can say that I didn't really have one particular close friend since form 1 and most of those who were close to me were my cheermates because we work together. SO what?! :D

At least I still get random calls or sms-es from super unexpected high school mates for yumcha and even swimming sessions! :) and I'm lovin' it babe!

And of course that includes my real parents.
I love them from them bottom of my little pumping heart.
They are the people that one can count on most and the ones that give great awesome advises.

Owh yes, that includes my sampat brother-in-law AND the WHACKY bunch :)

Lastly (save the best for the last ma) hehe

My dearest sister, best friend, mother, grandmother, nagger, slapper, whacker, future and present room mate and a truck loads of names that I can name her. :)

PS* Go support Dennis in the Grand Finals of So you think you can dance! :)

Till then..

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sometimes do you feel that you have been tied up so tightly that you feel like breaking free?

Go figure it out.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Well, some of you might know that my parents have been away to the States for 2 weeks for a business cum educational trip.
I've got some pictures here that I'd like that share about their trip so sit backl and enjot aite!

This is my parent's networking business' headquarters at ADA Michigan.
It has the Biggest networking and it is the Forst networking Company in the entire world.

Well, while visiting ADA at Michigan, they also dropped by my University in Kalamazoo.

*Western Michigan University, HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!*

My daddy took this picture for the SIDEWAYZ CREW... cool right?

This shop is somewhere in Kalamazoo... near my Uni.. :)

oh well, I'm just being random here. Not in the mood to blog right now coz I'm feeling like crap.

Have a good day there. Ciao

Monday, June 25, 2007

Some review I found in Sunday Time about my recent Play called *That was the Year*


And this is the an article from The Star online about the winning of the VulcanZ All-Boys


*Quoted from The Star*
The other winners of Cheer 2007 are: first runner-up Shirtliff (SMK Seri Bintang Utara),
Second runner-up Vulcanz All-Boys (SMK Seafield),
Fourth place Vulcanz All-Girls (SMK Seafield),
Best Newcomer Award Calyx All-Boyz (SMJK Katholik),
Best Dressed Award Strikers (Sekolah Sri KDU),
Silkygirl Merit Award Vivacious (SMK (P) St George),
Galaxie Best Cheer Award Muriel (SMK (P) Pudu),
Teacher of the Year Award Chen Pei Li (SMK Seafield)
Best Supporter Award Blitzerz (SMK Bandar Utama Damansara 4).


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Congratulations to VULCANZ of SMK Seafield!

I am certainly very very super duper proud of you girls AND guys for working so hard towards this year eventhough the school treated you all like *shyte*.

And to Puan Chen *our Vulcanz advisor of 5 years*, You are finally awarded for your sacrifice and love for all of your Monkeys.
We ALL LOVE you!!!!!!

Oh well, I'm sure some of you might be wondering whats the big shout out all about.
But guess what?!
CHEER 2007 on Saturday and Sunday AND Vulcanz Won 3rd AND 4th place for All boys and All girls
AND our one and only Puan Chen got the Best Teacher of the Year award from the Competition as well!!!!

*muax to all out there*

VulcanZ came a long way since 2002.
The squad was formed because of Lim Chee Wei and Andrew.
We were like a cinderella story.
VulcanZ always got kicked out of school, they weren't allowed to practise near school compound..and loads of crap UNTIL
the VULCANZ all girls won the Best New comer and no. 5 in the National CHEER competition of 2003 led by Lim Chee Wei
The Next year, the girls did badly in CHEER 2004 by getting only top 15.
In year 2005, The Boys won Best new comer and no.3 AND the girls got no. 8
Last year, the all-girl team only made it to top 10 and the boy squad didn't manage to enter the competition

And finally this year VulcanZ all Boys got 3rd place, Girls got 4th and even our teacher got the Best Teacher Award!
Gosh... this is definitely VulcanZ's year.
Just when the School and the head teachers starts to desert the cheerleaders, there were more supporters than ever and of course they did very very well in the competition!

The supporters of VulcanZ
*KeeWeng... why la... that monkey face =.=

KheeWah and LynN

KeeWeng and I

Oh yes... and we met Wern Sern!!!!!!!!

*sorry for that monkey face... "Wern Sern! I want those pix of us in ur hp!!!!!*

The VulcanZ and the people interviewing them ;)

The Girls all with red eyes after tears of Joy. :)

Everyone scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Puan Chen the teacher that looks younger than us. We love you!!!!! *muax*

Smile Smile Smile!!!!!!! *All full of JOY!!!!!!!!*
Congratulations again all VulcanionZ and to the Supporters that were there that day. We never had so much support. Thank You!!!

To the Head mistress *Pn Wang* IN YOUR FACE!

Teeehhheeeheee... =)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I just found out that I have gained 2 kgs extra

Well that does it. I'm going on a slimming session.
That means...

Jogging at least 3 times a week
Swimming with Shiyin hopefully every weekday
Eating half of my normal portions
No snacks
More protein and Vitamin B
AND anything I can do to lose 5 kgs!!!!
*help anyone.... tell me how lah*

Thats my goal.. we'll i know I won't be able to achieve that much but its better to aim for the moon coz if we fall, we'll fall among the stars right?

Well, of course thats my quote of the month. ;P
Alrighty people!!

Wish me loads, heaps and a mountain full of luck!
*Love YenN

Oh by the way, read ShiYin's Blog for our random camwhore shots after swimming.
Just to let you know.
Please dun expect bikini shots or whatsoever.
Because the pictures we took were..... well, (for me) quite bad especially after a long dip in the pool and our eyebags starts to swell.=)

Plus, I decided not to wear both my bikini and 2piece swimwear because I have a tummy now.
*sobs... It grew man! I didn't any last time*
So I wore my sister's one piece swimsuit.
Its the normal monokini and its a triangle bottom!
*Gosh.. come to think about it... I've never worn a 1 piece since I was form 1 AND I've never wore a *triangle-bottom-only* since I was...... I dunno
I just don't remember.

Yea... I was an Ah Mah yesterday. But its okay.. I'm doing it for the right purposes. At least I wont have to feel barenaked when I'm out of water. =)
*Still.. I hate the triangle bottom*

Then again,
Enjoy the randomness because thats all I need!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

To all Fathers, Fathers-to-be, God fathers, Grandfathers, wanna-be-Fathers:
Happy and Blessed Father's Day!

Dearest Daddykins,

Thank you daddy for being there for me whenever I feel down,
Thank you for scolding me when I get B for my Asian Studies because it shows how much you care.
Thank you for laughing at me when I cry due to stress because in a way it makes me laugh too,
Thank you for bring us to KFC whenever its raining and when mummy is not around.
Thank you for reminding us of the things to do and not, to make sure we are always in perfect appreance.
Thank you for teaching us Great table manners and flicking our ears whenever we misbehave because it makes us a better person.
Thank you for being so strict yet so fun to be with.
Most of all daddy,
Thank you for being our dad
We love you very very much and I pray and hope that God will keep watch over you.
Bless you with wealth, health, wisdom and love.

Whenever people tell me that I am ditsy and nuts, I just tell them that its who I am.
I am the ever hyperactive Yenn.
Well, I think most of that genes came from my dad.

Daddy is always the one making sure we have perfect manners and enough food to eat.

He too pays our fees and support us mentally by giving tips on how to write fast during exams and study smart.

I remembered the week when I had my Uni finals and my 2 music diplomas and 2 other instruments' exams ALL in a week. I cried and daddy was the first one who laughed and made me laugh.

*He even took a picture of me with his new camera-phone and showed it to my Aunts.

Daddy too always brings us to GREAT Yummy and posh restaurants during occasions and only buy things from F.O.S or Metrojaya when he has vouchers or when theres Grand Sales.

You see, he always wants the bests for his wife and children but he saves up on himself.

Dear daddy, thank you so much again. I love you. Happy Father's Day!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Such a random subject I know... the word kept popping up my mind

Do I have any Bestfriends? as in Best friends since kindergarten till now?
I've always thought of this since I was a kid. That I never really had real good friends. Ever since I entered school I've realised that I never had anyone particularly close to me.
I studied in Lick Hung a very difficult school to enter, I had to study in Sungai Way for about 3 months before I could really enrol into the school. Thus, I went in late.
By then, all the kids already had their own cliques.
On the first day of school, there was this kid that happened to be away *to the toilet or something*, and my form teacher asked me to sit in his seat. When he came back, he scolded me for sitting on his place and obviously Ms New girl me had nothing to say.

*who to blame?
The teacher of course!
A boy came up to me. His name is Koy Leon, my first friend in Lick Hung.
He was sweet, charming etc.
*To a little girl anyone nice is sweet and charming... no stoopid thoughts ok!*

We had our breaks together and everyday I would talk about him when I come home and my mum would still sometimes laugh and said that he was my first love.
*haha... how weird.. I was a kid for God's sake*

Then of course, other kids would make fun of us saying we're a couple and then we would just blush and look away... we then grew apart.
Still friends but not BFFs anymore.

Then, I met YanYao.
My first Girlfriend. We were practically twins during standard one and two.
I remember my mum use to say that we're the two pretty dolls in our class
*Yes, I was cute and pretty then.. I don't know what happened to me.. I think i got bitten by the fat ugly monster*

Well, we were Best of friends until standard Two when another girl came out of the Blue and joined us.
She accussed me for stealing her best friend and said that they were best friends in kindergarten until I came.
*wokay.. I didnt know that then.. sorry girl!*
Since then, there were 3 of us all the way up to Std 6.
Although we were best friends, we fought, b*tched, backstabbed each other because there were 3 of us.
Each time I'll come home to mummy and cry on her lap.
*how dramatic huh*
Well, you know 2 is a couple, 3 is a crowd and too many cooks spoiled the broth.

When I went to secondary school, YanYao moved to another school all the way in Puchong.
God I missed her.
So there is 2 of us left. SD and I.
At first we stuck close together because we were in a new environment then we got to know other people and new friends with similiar interests.
I then met Amelia.
There was both of us until yes.. the same thing happened, SD came up and demanded to have her friend back (me) and there again there was 3 of us until later we had another close friend, BY.
Amelia left to another school, and our girl group splited up.
Since then I've learned that I can't get too close too people especially Chinese School students.
I'm sorry, no offence. Dont forget that I was a Chinese School student as well.
Its just me... I realised that I always got into trouble for being too outspoken. Whatever I like or dislike, I would tell the person straight and not backstab them.

Based on my own Experience *NO OFFENCE*, Chinese Ed people have the tendency to keep their thoughts and rather tell other people about what they think of a person than to tell the person straight.
Thats why there are so many backstabbing involved and etc.
*I'm just speaking out my mind.. I'm sorry to offend anyone*
Then again, its me. Its my character to blame for not being able to adapt to people.

*not that I've never bad mouthed anyone before.. but I've learned its stupid and dumb because the biggest victim will actually be yourself when everyone finds out*

From then on my close friends were always English Ed people and most of them are guys.
Not that I'm such a pain that i dont even look at Chinese Ed people.
*Look I'm not trying to create a stereotype here and Yes.. I still ahve Chinese Ed friends that apperently are very very very nice too! serious!
I'm just speaking in General.. and I hope that you readers don't get offended
I also realised that I can connect to guys easier because they dont backstab as much too. Whatever they don't like, they'll shoot Right At Your Face!
In a way its good.. :)
but I realised that I was a dumb ass as well because I had real fantastic girlfriends that were right beside me all the way.
Friends like Chloe. Ngeow You know who you are.
*most trustable girlfriend that I've ever had*
Sadly, I had a boyfriend. *puppy love thing*
And we were drifted apart. That was my fault.
You think that you are the happiest person and all you need is your boyfriend..
crap* thats freaking wrong.. friends ARE EQUALLY IMPORTANT!

I also had my Cheer friends who have been there for me since i knew them.
They were the ones who've seen me cry, scolded me for doing stupid things during practices, shopped all day with me, seen me grow fat to fit and back to sloppily fat again.
My point is, They've seen me for who I am and we love each other for that.

I have ShiYin as well. Good friends since we knew each other.
We had a history. Yes we did.
We fought so hard that we ignored each other for practically a year!!!!!!
Yea.. that was the year that hurted most. I heard lots of stuff that I couldn't even decided whether was it real or just a rumour.
Well, if those rumours were true.. It was really bad to that extent I didn't want to turn up for school.
Thank god we forgave each other and found out that it was all just a misunderstanding.
Whatever happened, happened.
We both are people who don't keep grudges and forgive and forget real easily so we became good friends again.

Owh well other than those I've mentioned on top, I've also go so many crazy people that stood by me thru ups and downs. I cant possibly name all of you but Thank god for you all and Love you!

And Yes. I do have best friends, great friends, good friends.... all in all, FRIENDS!

*Just that no one particular from kindergarten or Standard 1 because we're all so far apart form each other. Well, that doesn't matter. I'm pretty happy with my life, love and friends now. I love life! Just that perhaps I'm too bored thats why I'm posting this. =.=


I promise I wont be so random anymore.. :)

Before I end this post, I found something very very meaningful regarding friendship.

To realize The value of a sisterAsk someone Who doesn't have one.

To realize The value of ten years:Ask a newly Divorced couple.

To realize The value of four years: Ask a graduate.

To realize The value of one year: Ask a student who Has failed a final exam.

To realize The value of nine months:Ask a mother who gave birth to a still born.

To realize The value of one month: Ask a mother who has given birth to a premature baby.

To realize The value of one week: Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper.

To realize The value of one hour: Ask the lovers who are waiting to Meet.

To realize The value of one minute: Ask a person Who has missed the train, bus or plane.

To realize The value of one-second: Ask a person Who has survived an accident

To realize The value of one millisecond: Ask the person who has won a silver medal in the Olympics

Time waits for no one.

Treasure every moment you have.

You will treasure it even more when you can share it with someone special.

To realize the value of a friend: Lose one.

Till then.. (^.^)

Monday, June 11, 2007

15 minutes in Genting
not literally.
I mean excluding the time we went to the loo to pee. =)

Sad huh.. I mean we drove up all the way there, pay the Rm7 plus toll to Genting just to BREATHE the Cold air up there.
*We were expecting for freezing misty winds after the rain but in fail.. it was considered pretty warm up there compared to the normal nights.

On Saturday, we were suppose to drive to SS24's famous WILLIAMS but due to the rain, we decided to just go to a normal place nearby to have dinner. By 7pm, the rain stopped and LyNn called.

*LyNn: YenN, Don ask wanna go genting or not??
*YenN: HUH? omg so random?! ok la... we got no curfew for this week also.. *grins*
*LyNn: ok la.. we'll be going after dinner ok
*YenN: Settle. just make sure u tell the boys about the plan.

Yes. so that was the plan.
So, we had dinner at Sri Melur at SS19 then we drove up.
Half way through the journey up..

*Ring Ring*

kT: Hi mum... errr... we're going up to Genting now we're going there for coffee

And then he got a lil lecture from her for not notifying her earlier....
Like all parents, Aunty Cindy said that it is VERY dangerous to drive up the hill at night.
At the same time..

*Ring Ring*

KheeWah: Hi mum..... err... we're on the way to Genting now...

AND he too got the same lecture.
*How cliche is that?*


Yup.. so we got there, found a parking lot, came down to pee, took pix outside the toilet&starbucks, took pix in the garden, and Kheewah drove down with 6 of us all sardined in his mummy's Honda Accord.

Well, certainly We're the whacky bunch and we do Whacky Stuff.
What more can you ask from us?

AND.. we didin't even drink our Coffee..

Anyway.... here are the VERY FEW PICTURES we took

The whacky bunch plus Darren and KahHoe *stephChai's friends*
oh... and me the photographer

Dear StephChai and her DarlingDon

KeeWeng and I were walking on the Pebbled road for foot massage in the tiny Garden just above the Underground Staff Mamak

Chai Khee Wah and LynN

Yeah.. thats me and my whacky ditsy pose.

Till then.. God Bless

Sunday, June 10, 2007

So you think You can Dance
7th June 2007 *Top 10*

Yes, but before I talk about So You Think you can Dance, let me have a minute of fame by showing off KeeWeng & My new croc pins! =) nice?

Got it from Singapore when its only $3-somthing, Malaysia's tax for branded goods is too crazy that they jacked up the the price to about Rm12 per Croc Pin! =.=

Okay, back to the topic. We went to Rumms to watch the Competition AND to support our dear friend DENNIS YIN. VOTE for him people!

The very small looking stage

The top eight of the Episode
Yup Camwhores in KheeWah's Honda Accord (actually its his mum's)
KeeWeng and I. *muax*

*Till Then...

Friday, June 08, 2007

Singapore Trip. PART TWO
Sentosa Island

KeeWeng and I had planned a trip to Sentosa Island, in fact we planned to stay one night over there in one of the traveller's inn.
Too bad there ain't no space in any of the hotels in Singapore (so I've heard)
It was due to the Singapore AND Malaysian School holidays AND the Great Singapore Sale AND
Singapore's Art Festival all at the same time!

Camwhore pictures *as usual*

The weather was pretty fine. We were suppose to leave the house in the morning but it rained heavily. So we stayed at home longer.... And the pighead continued sleeping till afternoon. We only left for Sentosa after lunch via the MRT to harbourfront to Vivo City and Sentosa express.

*did i tell you that i simply LOVE LOVE LOVE Singapore's Public Transportation*
We walked to most of the places and sometimes take the MRT to very very far places.. Still, its MUch MUCH better than Malaysia's Public Transportation. At least Singapore has Pedestrian Paths. =)

Yeaha... I was jumping below the sign board when Keeweng snapped the picture...

I know I look retarded... Just DONT LAUGH =)

We spent most of the time in Siloso Beach mainly because there is nothing much to do except to chill and chill and CHILL.
Besides that we were there because of the LUGE and SKYRIDE too!! We were to late for the +Songs of the Sea+ show and Pink Dolphin visit

The one thing that I have been looking forward to about Sinapore was the hunks.

LoL.. no offence but according MOST of my girlfriends Malaysia is deprived of HUNKS!

*just pretend you didn't see what I wrote*
And Yes.. Keeweng enjoyed himself too... there were more Pretty ladies than Hunky men so... =)

At Vivo City
Just some random shots

Owh... this was taken in the Sentosa Express @ Vivo City

All geared up and Getting ready to Jump into the water

The magnificent view of the +man-made+ beaches.

Haha... as usual.. KeeWeng being the clown

I love this picture... it looks like im taking a picture with a bodyless man

Pictures all taken at Imbiah using Keeweng's Camera *love em*

KeeWeng trying to be a ghost.... he tried to do a one handstand on the light and he burned himself.
Sad huh*

A blur picture of Mr. Ong

The night view of the Imbiah Gardens

We'r going for the LUGE RIDE!!!!!

So freaking Packed... madness...... thanks to the holidays

Before going up the SKYRIDE

the view was very nice and different. I was pretty afriad that my CROCS would drop off.

the view from the top

Looking at the people below us

There were random shots of the people taking the RIDE

All in all, we enjoyed ourselves although it was very tiring and there were lots of travelling involved.

Till then, tune in for the next post! God Bless