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Thursday, September 27, 2007

How is life back in Malaysia?
I miss you all back home.
Things are not as smooth here either.
My emotions have been up and down like the roller coaster in Cedar Point.
Sleeps are getting late and assignments are piling up like there is no tommorrow.
Thank God the week is coming to an end where I can feel more relaxed.

Life's Updates

I am taking part in the National Association Teacher's Students State singing competition.For me, winning would probably the last thing on my mind now because for one, I am in freaking United States of America and everyone is so darn good and talented here.

Secondly, I'll be performing in one of the theatre event in Uni to raise funds.
yeah, it caught me by surprise when one day I just recieve an email saying it is mandatory for me to perform.
Not that I am scared or what so ever. It just all came all of the sudden.

Third, I am in Kalamazoo First Assembly's Worship ministry.
That I didn't know either.
I am in the choir and we have performed twice on the Sunday services.
Just a few minutes ago I recieved a schedule for Worship practises.
haha.. cool..

Fourth, Autumn is finally coming.
Leaves are turning in to bright yellow, orange and red and it is really a breautiful sight.
I am just waiting for all the trees to turn red then I'll snap a picture for you all to see.
I love the weather.
Its not too cold neither hot. It is just right.

Fifth, I suck big time at Ballet.
Why are those terms all in freaking French?!
I cant even pronounce it!
Being a musical theatre student ain't easy at all.
We have to be good in both theory AND practical which is not easy at all.
Plus, we are compared to Music major students in our music subjects, Dance majors in our dance subjects, and Theatre performance Majors when we do theatre subjects.
We have to be all so well rounded!

Oh well, things will be getting better right?
At least we're going to the beach tomorrow....

Apparently, that is the only thing that is keeping me sane throughout this entire week..

Everytime I look into the sky and see stars glowing,
I pause and think, what is life all about?
Why are we here? Why are we who we are right now?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

sorry that I have been missing for a while.
I just didin't have the time to blog! Been pretty busy lately so forgive me.
Anyway, for those of you who didn't know, I have another special someone now.
I call him SuperBart and he IS cute.

SuperBart is a very sweet guy. Although he is a little short but... yeah.. I still like him. :)

I'll simply go crazy with him around

He like all of my friends too.
From Left: SuperBart, Elsie, Derek, Lynn & Kingston

Yes, I love SuperBart.
Mum & dad: I was joking... Don't take it too seriously ok? :)
Miss you both

This is the Malaysian restaurant which is pretty near our place. Portions are quite big and its cheaper than any other restaurants. PLUS, Lynn and I always share a portion when we go out so its pretty cool.

Next, Pern Fong's Birthday!

I tell you this is nuts, there is bound to be a person's birthday every single weekend! Was it the mating season 9 months ago??

Hand made Lanterns by the seniors

The Malaysian gang

HapPy 20th Birthday Pern Fong!!!!!

Then we went back to our place for a chilling heart to heart and a little drinking session.

That night was fun and NO, I did not get drunk means I did not drink that much. Just a little Barcadi Apple. :)

To Grand Rapids
The best part about Grand Rapids is the Oriental Market. and YES! we got our Ham Choy, BeeHoon, red & green beans, bitter gourd, radish... etc. :)

Mr. Shaun and Mr. Mike

We had our first dimsum but nothing beats Malaysia's. We just had a teeny weeny little bit because everything was so expensive. I think we only ordered one dish and ate the other's left overs.. haha

From left: Elsie, Irene, Kingston & Ivan

Lynn, YenN & Jia Jun

Love this picture... they look so cute.. :)

Stay Tuned!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

" Yenn, you are always so calm and quiet that it scares me!"
said a classmate of mine (known as Matt)

Since when do I get this comment in Malaysia?
I know that friends back home would just turn around and give me that *SHUT UP* stare when I ask or answer too many questions in class.. but quiet?!
Gosh.... I didn't know I am THAT quiet until Matt said so..
haha.. Bad thing.
I am still very shy and timid in class although I am getting use to my classes and stuff.
For the pass two Acting classes of mine we read the play *Three Sisters by Chekov* everyone was jumping around volunteering to read varios characters except me.
I don't know why but then I was just so so shy!
I thought to myself: *lets wait till no one raises their hands THEN only I volunteer*
nono.. BAd Choice
I ended up not getting any part to read.
So much for being polite (as our culture taught us to be)

Change Yenn, CHANGE!! This aint Malaysia anymore..
You don't have to be SO polite!

Moral of the story:
Ask and you shall recieve. DO NOT expect any offers!
You are in America for goodness' sake, try to at least act like them!!

On a random note, I'm cooking Pork Chop today.. :)

Bloopers of Everytime We Touch

*something to laugh about.. :)

We only took about 3 days to complete the choreography. It was crazy! This was the piece that got me into Western Michigan University's Fine Arts Department. Well, I know my technique and moves aren't that all great but.... it ain't that bad for a non trained amateur huh! :)

Have fun watching and hope you all find it funny because it takes big guts to post this and embarass myself AND Chee Wei.. :)

Till then..

Monday, September 17, 2007


This would be our messy living room.
It always happens whenever we start studying but thank goodness we have Carmen-the-neat-freak, and the house will be all tidy again.

BBQ by the Pond @ WMU
well, I'm sorry that I don't remember the exact name of the pond.

LyNn & I

The view of the pond from the Gazebo

Mike & LyNn being as goofy as usual
The HOODIE gang.

It was cold and very windy on that day by the way.

May Peace Prevail on earth. *yes world peace pleace*
This was near the Gazebo where we had our BBQ, it was written in a different language at every angle.

The BBQ organized by the International Program Council for international students. There were alot of Indians, Japanese, Korean, and of course the Malaysian Clan.

Here is a memorial in the garden with many flowers and plants dedicated to the victims of Sept 11th.

LynN, Wilson & I

I like this picture best. It is a little overexposed but yeah... I like the concept. And of course the photographer is none other than my sister :)

*smacks Wilson for dreaming*

Group Picture!!!

Everyone is Malaysian! Except the vice president of the International Program on the left corner

YenN & LynN *on the way to Michigan City, which is at Indiana State

Celebrating Mike's Birthday at Logan's

HapPy 22rd Birthday Mike!!

Till Then... I've got HEAPS of homework to finish!!!!!!!!


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Off to Michigan City for Shopping today!
*at least there are some factory outlets here*

We had Barbecue by the University's pond yesterday.

It was organized by the International Programs Council for us new students. Will update more about it soon.

Its getting pretty cold now here...... Till then.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

*Post edited*

Sorry for not updating, been a little busy lately.
Anyway, life is going on pretty well, things are improving and yea...
I am not as emotional as I was last week.
Thank Goodness I have great lecturers, friends and neighbours.
They were the ones who helped me settle in smoothly.
I'm learning to live life my own now and I'm sure I'll be looking back in 10 years to come and be grateful for all the people that are and have been in my life.
Thank you mum n dad for sending us here, friends for teaching us and encouraging us..

We're going to Michigan City this Saturday to the factory outlets for winter clothing!!
Can't Wait!

Anyway, This was published in Malaysia by New Straits Times last Sunday..

I loved the dress that I was wearing... Its so pretty with all the sequins sewn on it.

We took so many pictures of different dresses and stuff! Why only 3 pictures? How sad eh? well, at least we were in the papers and we got a Rm100 voucher to spend at warehouse where I bought my precious Black Handbag that I'm using like practically everytime I go out.. *hearts*

Thanks Wern Lu

Quote of the Day
First of all the twinkling stars vibrated,
but remained motionless in space,
then all the celestial globes were united into one series of movements...
Firmament and planets both disappeared,
but the mighty breathe which gives life to all things and in which all is bound up remained.
*Vincent Van Gogh*

Friday, September 07, 2007

I miss being me.

*For those who have forgotten how I look like back home in Malaysia, this is me*

How's life back here at Kalamazoo?
Great. I love the weather, the Uni and etc.
Sad but true, I miss being somebody.
Not that i am an attention seeker but... yeah back home I was at least a somebody.

I was Miss Cheerleader captain and Drama Queen back in highschool,
Miss One of the Best singers in Broadway Academy,
The Big sister and Teacher at Mum's kindergarten,
Miss Lots of Friends and Event Manager at Sunway University's ADTP Program,
Miss Seventeen Star Search among my friends,
Miss Bubbly among my gang and Miss Hyper and singer and dancer at church back home.

Now.... I'm just nothing but the Yellow Skinned Hippo that has pimples on her face Chinese Girl.

I just Miss being Me..
When will I be able to fit in?
When will I actually feel comfortable to be who I am?
You know its so sad that I even thought... oh gosh.... why am I chinese?
Its not that I disrespect my heritage but you know...
I feel as if I am an Indonesian or Bangladesh maid back home in Malaysia.
Its not that people aren't treating me right.
They are very friendly people over here that would just smile or wave at me when I walk past them.
But still, oh gosh..
I just hope this won't last for long or else I'll be loosing my self confidence in No time.


Thursday, September 06, 2007

The first day of Class
Me and my housemates were all waiting anxiously for the Campus bus to come and pick us up for classes right outside our apartment. Thank goodness the bus stop was just in front of our place
The first thing I had to do was a Musical Theatre Placement test.
My class starts at 1pm so I went there at 730am just for the test.
I has been studying till late night the day before and I was a little tired.
but anyhow... I was excited!
I sat down, took the test, and realized that I only could answer 3 out of 20 Questions.
Yea.. so it started out bad for me.
I ran some errands, bought some text books, and went home for a Sandwich.
My 1pm class was okay excluding the fact that I went into a finishing class.
(I arrived 5 minutes before my actual class started but it wasn't that bad)
My Ballet class...........
I too realized that
I hated dancing

I swear that I was so going to cry there, right at that very spot that I did my arabesque, my jumps, my point toes and etc.
What happen was the dance faculty thought that my audition piece was so good that they thought that I am a PRO-Ballet dancer (which I'm absolutely not!)
They placed me in a Dance Major's Class.
So I went into class, the instuctor just gave a few instructions and then the entire class begin dancing.
And I was Shocked!!!
I don't freaking know no ballet french terms thats why I am lost.
PLUS, everyone was so PRO that they could do a Heel stretch withot holding the foot!
Worst, another dance instructor came in a decided to evaluate us because there are more dancers auditioning to be in that particular class.
He gave a few instructions and then I couldn't take it anymore.
I just went in front of the class a told him that I think my advisor placed me in the wrong class and that I am not of that level.
I was so depressed and upset that I embarrassed myself in class.
I am the only asian so everyone notices me!
They must be thinking who on earth is this fat ass hippo yello skined girl? She think she can dance??
Thank Goodness the instructor that came in to evaluate brought me to the dance faculty to drop the class and they even helped me sign up for the beginner's class.
So yea.. that was my first day.
Pretty horrible ain't it?
*Poor me*

By the way,
I spent about 400USD on my text and workbooks!
I know thats like alot.

Its like 4oo X3.5 ringgit!!
I'm so sorry mum and dad, most of the books that I bought were used so that it'll be cheaper but then its still crazy!!!
I have about average 3 books per subject and its crazy! I have 7 subjects YO!

There are tonnes of assigned reading for me even on the first day of class.
America's education is totally different from Malaysia's its tough stuff. Literally.
Plus being in a Musical theatre Performance major, its even harder because we have to be equally as good as the musicians in music class, equally as good as the dancers in dance class and equally as good as theatre majors in Theatre class.
NOT FORGETTING we are all required to perform in a few musicals and plays throughout the semester as the department has 10 productions in a academic year!
Crazy huh..?

Till then, take care
I've got to study!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Pictures of our Apartment
but before that, lets detour a lil.

This picture was taken in the aeroplane from Seoul to Atlanta.
We were crossing the Pacific Ocean and here's what we saw.
God's Wonderful Creation.
Come to think about it, Our God is an Awesome God.
I mean, who and how can anyone/ anything create such a sight?
Not forgetting what we have and who we are now!

Anyways, back to our topic of the day... Our Apartment.

I took this picture when I was standing on our balcony, its really windy and whenever we feel hot or whatsoever (we don't have a fan so its either air-cond or nothing) we'll just stand outside and enjoy the relaxing breeze that gently touch our faces whenever the wind blows.

Love it.

According to my other friends, they say that our living room ain't that big, well I think otherwise.
I think its just right for the 4 of us.
(Thats just less than half of our living room by the way)

The kitchen had been our favorite place for the past 3days. We experimented a few dishes and yup! I can make Oven chicken and it tastes pretty good too!! :)

*feeling proud of myself*

Our stove with the Oven underneath

Our Bathroom. The bathtub and toilet bowl is behind me

The bedrooms ain't that bad too.. Its cosy and bright at the same time. Thank God there is sunlight in the afternoons to keep the room from being to dark. Plus, there sunlight kills germs right? :)

I'm lying on Lynn's bed by the way..

This is our Build-in closets :)
How cool to have one huh..
I love my room!!
Well, thats because its bigger than my own at home's

Thats the Library and its just the tower clock
I bet u can imagine how big it is huh.

Somewhere in our Campus

Our HUGE campus.
This the view from entrance of the library.

I seriously don't know what am I doing. It looks as if I'm falling down or something.
I guess I was running backwards.

Anyway, we have to pass this path everyday to Uni which leads to a bridge to our campus.
Quite scary to go through it especially when its at night without street lights.

Well, thats all folks.
Till then,
God Bless