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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I am currently studying the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) in
Voice and Movement Class.

It is like studying an entire new language.
The IPA can be used for every single language in the world be it with a British accent or Japanese. I am sure most of you would have indirectly encountered it before.
You will usually see it in dictionaries. When you want to know how to pronounce a word, you just read the IPA beside the word.
Instead of the normal 5 vowels we use in English, we have 28 vowel sounds in IPA.
*cool huh*
And most of them sounds almost the same.
This is how my name is spelled in IPA:
su jεn Ili,z∂,bεθ ŋ
Sue-Yenn Elizabeth Ng
know how to read it?
It is pronounced as Soo Yen Uh-lee-ze-b-eh-th Ng

Monday, October 29, 2007

What is Halloween?

Many countries out of the States DO NOT celebrate Halloween because they perceive Halloween as an evil celebration where people dress invite devils to theirs houses and young rebellious teenagers vandalize public property and throw tissue rolls on people's roofs.

Apparently, it is NOT.
We don't celebrate Halloween for any evil reason.
In fact, I think I have stated ALOT of times in MY blog that Halloween is just another reason to have another Dress Up Party.
I don't know about anti-Christ believers and cults, but technically we DON'T do anything evil.
As for the 'showering of tissue rolls on trees and roofs',
it is something students do when they appreciate their professors.
Sounds weird huh, but that was what happened to my Musical Theatre History Professor.
When his group of students graduated last year, they threw toilet rolls all over his place.
Oh well, another weird American Tradition
I guess you have to be really sporting to handle all these weird funky stuff.
Like Eating lunch in class during lectures,
White students putting their feet on tables,
People going to class in their cute sponge bob square pants or Halloween printed Pajamas Pants
*both guys and girls*
What else?
Ooo... I love watching student class presentations because they give out Apples/ Popcorn/ Pringles and etc to the class during the "intermission" of the presentations.
On the other hand,
Here's how we look like when we do our weekly Shopping at Meijer's/ Walmart.

Everyone is getting ready for Halloween so there are tonnes of candy, chocolate and pumpkins!

You know what, Halloween actually reminds me of Chinese New Year back in Malaysia.
There so much candies and tit-bits everywhere!
Cute Decorations in malls, hypermarkets, houses, even on the balconies across our house!
Hypermarkets even sells fruit hampers just like our Chinese New Year Hampers.

LynN and Jon looking for Vegetables

Housemate Carmen at the Meat Section

Did I tell you that we normally shop at the Hypermarket at 11-nish at night? That is why it is so empty. *I love 24 hours hypermarkets!!! :)

Candies for Halloween!

*I wish I'm a kid*

Pumpkins for sale

Funky Pumpkins

They have EVERYTHING in Hypermarkets. Even Gold Fishes and other tiny aquarium fishes.

Apparently, they were on sale.

LynN & Tired Mike

Breast Cancer Awareness Edition of Pots and Pans!

*This is dedicated to Obsessed-with-Pink-XIAXUE and her Princess Bedroom (if she ever comes to my blog, which I highly doubt so)

Now we're looking for a real Non pink- non stick BIG Pan to goreng Nasi

Carmen and her long tongue (I wonder what does she do with it..... )

I miss Hot Milo.

Till Then,
why such weird timing?!?!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I got my Hair Bleached for Halloween
So yeah, that previous post was not my real hair. But this is.
*HapPy Halloween People!*


International Program Council Halloween Dance Party
on a Friday night

Girls being girls cramping up in the bathroom making up

The End Product: Carmen, Miss Sexy Police; YenN, The Dumblonde; Mike, The Goth RockStar;
LynN, The 70's Bimbo

We have two prisoners in the house, Ken and NgaiHou

The cutest couple: who both happens to be my housemate

ChiWeng, The Clown with Mickey Mouse Hands

Mr Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Carribean, Edward Scissors, Bimbo, Dumblonde

The Crowd in the Party, one thing I have to say....... Sunway Halloween 2006 was MUCH more interesting! But there are more variety of costumes here
I'm still wondering whether is it because this party is for international students so everyone are just a shy...
*Simple Cheryl* You peepz look more happening back home! :(

Tis so Gory... *pukes on the floor*

We have Dumbledore from the left, Mr/ Miss Hooter, Rat with cheese and Mr Clown

I still think the best part of Halloween is the process of finding a costume and dressing up then taking pictures. I don't see anything more wow than that.

Anyway, I'm going to another Halloween Party tonight, this time is for the Musical Theatre Students.
This time I'll compare an International Party with a Pure American Party.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Have you ever experienced this?!?!?!

Now that I am in United States, I do.
Toilet paper here is so expensive and really, I don't know but I feel that at the rate my housemates and I are using the toilet paper is as if we're eating it for every meal.
It freaking finishes so fast!
We save on everything, I can't even stand seeing people tearing 10 sheets of toilet paper just to wipe their wet hands. I find that very Very unnecessary.
Guess what, I am missing my toilet back home.
Not that I don't like my bathroom here in Kalamazoo, but at least we have that thing that we can use to spray our butts with after we finish our business.
We have that because it is the Malay culture to wash themselves clean.
*which I appreciate alot now because over here we don't have the luxury of spraying our butts!*
So yeah.. I miss the spray!
Anyway, its Halloween next Wednesday!
My Ballet teacher said that we have to dress up to Ballet class but then we're suppose to be able to move around in our costumes or else why go to the class right?
So.. what should I dress up as?
A Dead Zombie Ballerina?
I need ideas man!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

I am so So SO SO SO getting fat.
I don't know why but I AM overeating and I don't know what I am not doing anything about it. *sigh*
Good news is, I got an A for my Vocal and Ballet Theory MidTerm and a BA for my Ballet Practical.
I am pretty happy with the results but yeah.. those are the least of my worries.
I am just waiting for my Aural Comprehension results.
My hearing skills *especially for rhytmn* sucks big time.
As long as I pass that paper, I am happy.
I am not expecting for an A for that.

On a random note..
A Short History of Medicine

2000 BC.
"Here, eat this root"
1000 BC.
"That root is heathen, say this prayer."
1850 A.D.
"That prayer is superstition, drink this potion."
1940 A.D.
"That potion is snake oil, swallow this pill."
1985 A.D.
"That pill is ineffective, take this antibiotic."
2000 A.D.
"That antibiotic is artificial. Here eat this root."

How ironic is that?
Everyone is going back to the basics now.
The more advanced we get, the more we long for simplicity.
Its like back home in Malaysia, seems like more and more people are enjoying old town kopitiams and organic foods.
Old school curry noodles, roti bakar, Kopi O, Char Kuey Teow and etc.
Now that I am in USA, we practically take ABC porridge at least once a week.
Just last week itself we had ABC porridge two days in a row!
how cool is that?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A new start starts with a new hair do

Yes. Maybe some of you have heard that I have cut my hair.
I've got fringe now and its short.
Lynn cut it for me yesterday when I told her I am bored with my hairstyle.
PLUS, halloween is coming so...... I want to look different.
I know this is an ugly picture of me but.... hah! It is the only picture I have taken since my hair cut because my camera went out of battery and there is something wrong with my handphone camera.

Welcome to Lala Land!
*but since I am in the United States there is no such thing*

My eye bags are getting bigger and bigger day by day.......... weee*
Looks like I don't need a Halloween Costume already.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Inside the great mystery that is,
we don't really own anything;
What is this competition we feel then,
before we go one at a time through the same gate?

Life is so simple yet complicated.

Sometimes I wonder why are we placed on this earth to suffer?

Some people enjoyed life, others had to go through so much.

If God loved us so much, why can't we go straight up to heaven and be with Him?

Despite all we have on earth; our riches, our friends, our career, our families, and etc.

What would we have left after we're gone from earth?

What would heaven be? What would hell be?

Life is so simple, yet complicated.

There was a Tornado warning yesterday night.
I was at Uni watching the multimedia dance show called sexyteenloveidol.net
You can actually cheack that website out.
Anyway, before the show started, one of the dance professors came up front and said that there was a tornado warning and IF ANYTHING happens, we should run out to the Tornado safe area.
So yes, I knew there was a warning but its US of AMERICA here so I thought,

"Hey, they have like police and ambulances everywhere and anytime a little tiny thing happens so they would just wanna play safe. Nothing bad is going to happen lah"

So yes, after the show it rained and thank God my friend sent me home.
We were suppose to go to Tortilla Flats after that for Salsa but then everyone said that the tornado siren rang not long ago. AND we decided to stay home :(
So much for a after Midterm celebration
Anyways, Mike n Maha came over and we watched a 2006 movie titled Gridiron Gang featuring The Rock
T'was a great movie plus it was even better because it was based on a true story.
You guys should check it out.

Back to the tornado story.

I went to class today and spoke to my friend about it.
He said that the tornado was actually only 5 minutes away from our area and it actually disrupted the electricity at my friend's place
*which was only less than 2 miles from my place*
I came home and Carmen said that Kalamazoo was hit very badly by a Tornado in the 80's and people are worried that it is going to happen again since the weather changes like crazy here.

Pretty scary huh.
What if the Tornado hits us!?!?!?!

Thank God it weakened before reaching us yesterday night.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I finally FINISHED my Midterms!! :)
So I have to wait for the weekend to check my Midterm results.
Music Aural Comprehension was BAD :(
I don't have no ear for music dictation.
My rhythm is bad, my melodic skill ain't that good either... I don't know how but I'll be darn happy to just pass this paper! But Guess what?!
I need to get 79% out of 100% to pass!
*what on earth!*
But besides that Vocal was great, Ballet was great, Voice and Movement was Good, and Musical Theatre History was okay.
So yeah.. I know I won't get a 4.0 cGPA this semester because of Aural Comprehention but what the heck... I just want to pass this subject!!!

Besides the entire day of exams, I had a so-called Acting-in-front-of-everybody in my acting class today. My scene was on the Chekov play called The Three Sisters. Well, I had good feedback. My professor said that I was genuine with my acting and he really felt my presence on stage. I was acting as one of the sisters in the play who was so stressed, who even thought about commiting suicide, who is going ballistic because everything in her life is going topsy turvy. Unfortunately, I can't cry.
I think I have lost my tearbuds and I can't freaking cry!
I use to be vulnerable and I could excess my emotions easily.
Well apparently, I think I left it in Malaysia, under my comforter or something.
Looks like I have to start from square one.
Oh well, I'm pretty thankful that my Professor gave us the few very demanding scenes to work on. At least I can learn more right?

Anyway, I have decided on the subjects that I am going to take next semester.
Its going to be 16 credit hours plus 300 total hours of Practicum
*crap that'll be 20 hours a week without getting paid!*
The sad thing about that is its going to be winter so travelling to Uni frequently would be a problem.
Oh well, good news is that I am taking 2 Jazz Classes so I don't have to worry about getting to fat over the winter. LoL
*cross my fingers hopefully*
Anyway, I will be auditioning for two Musicals for Next semester.
Wish me luck!!!!!!!! :)

On a random note, Western Michigan University's Fine Arts Department was awarded for the Best Fine Arts Program in the State. In conjunction to that, the governor is going to send someone to our class tomorrow to video tape our Voice and Movement Class.
I'm so honored!
Till then, assignments assignments assignments!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hari Raya @ Kalamazoo
Yes, we celebrated Hari Raya on Sunday and Yes! Pure Malaysian Food!

This picture looks like a family portrait. They are the current students and seniors of WMU

YenN, LyNn, Afina

The food they cooked was.... *oh-my-goodness-super-delicious*

We had, Beef Rendang, Ayam Masak Merah, Ketupat with Peanut Chilli, Tomato Rice and Fried Chicken AND Kuih Raya all the way from Malaysia! ;)

Darn good food. Daing can cook so well!!!! Yeah, so on that day I had my breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea and dinner at one shot. It was the only super filling meal I had and it was DARN FREAKING GOOD!!!!!!!

I want more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sambal Sambal!!!!!

Gimmie gimmie gimmie more!

Oh yes, so I have completed 2 of my Midterms yesterday and today. I've got three more to go tomorrow and one more on Monday then I am free of exams for awhile. :) One thing I realized today is that I have horrible horrible horrible grammar and I suck at English so badly that I seriously think that I need English lessons. I need a writing partner. :(

On the other hand, Halloween is coming!!!!! But what should I dress up as?!
*sigh* I've got 2 parties to go to and I don't even know what am I going as. My super cute classmates are dressing up as The Wizard of Oz's characters. So we have Dorothy, Tin man, Scarecrow, the Lion and the Doggie... I need Ideas that are cheap and easy!!!