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Friday, November 30, 2007

Random update

Finally its the last weekday of the week.
I am so tired, I just wanna take a long nap and sleep a day away.
There was so much to do this entire week.
Owh well, it is always like that towards the end of the semester.
Owh how time flies.
I am having most of my Practical Final Examinations next week, and I will be having Theory Exams the week after next.
Come it think about it, I have already been here in lil old Kalamazoo for a little more than three whole months!
I just can't wait for the holidays, there are Christmas decorations everywhere.
Lights, Pine Trees and all.. So pretty :)
Somehow Christmas has this magical thing about it that lifts my spirit.
I'm lovin' it.

Too bad Lynn and I are going to be all alone for at least a week without anyone else right after finals because our Dear neighbours are going back home to Malaysia and our darling friends from Frat Village AND our Sexy Housemates are going to New York City for a holiday..

*I envy them so badly*

Lynn and I are both broke. We only have just enough for the month and nothing extra.
Thank God I am starting work next semester so at least I can save myself some money and buy myself a little somethin'-somethin' or go on a holiday to Miami or whatever.

Oh well, back to busyness.. I heading of to tutorials!
Current Temperature: -1 celcius

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

LynN found my new idol!!!
Another Asian who was involved in Broadway Musicals.
Lee Hom is working on his own musical now, I don't know where and when is he going to stage it but, seriously if I have the chance to audition for him...
I'd be so............. speechless :)

Anyway, I got a callback for the Musical I auditioned for last week and another callback for a play that I auditioned for yesterday.
I am pretty happy about it.
I am an amateur so, I am already happy that I got a callback.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Dinner @ Kristy and Carl's place
A real American experience at an Americans' home

Kristy is my Malaysian Senior I met from Church. She has been here for 10 years.
So too transferred to Western from Sunway and did her Bachelors and Masters here and then got married to a typical nice and friendly white guy and settled down with three beautiful children.
Kristy is like a big sister to me. she even brought me to Walmart to get me medicine when I had really bad congestion.

So yeah, sweet Kristy invited Lynn and I over for Thanksgiving Dinner
We wanted to help out so she said she would pick us up earlier, but since Lynn had assignments to do Lynn said to go to her house at 4pm (about 2-3 hours before the typical dinner time)
Kristy called me at 11am on Thanksgiving morning.

Kristy: "Hello! what time do you want us to pick you up?"
Yenn: "owh...Anytime you think its most convenient will do"
Kristy: "How about 11.30?"
Yenn: "aikz.. i think its a little too early because Lynn wants to finish her assignment before she goes over. Can we come at around 4?"
Kristy: "Oh...erm, but we're eating way earlier than that. At around 2 something"

I was thinking..... wow... dinner at 2pm? ok.. maybe we're going to eat from 2pm to 8pm so..

Yenn: "owh, ok then. you can come and pick us up at 11.30. Will See you soon. THANKS!"
Kristy: "ok! bye"

We were both puzzled but soon forgot about it.
Carl came and pick us up, and got to their place in no time.
We were greeted by Carl's parents, Kristy and the three lovely kids.
I think Kristy knew that I was pretty confused about the dinner timing so she began to laugh when she remembered that I am a typical Malaysian who eats my dinner at 7-8pm-ish.

Do you know that.....
Americans have Dinner for Lunch and Supper for Dinner?
Where else Lunch would be lunch and dinner would be dinner for us..
I was like owh.... right.
I use to read Enid Blyton and I knew about that but it never cross my mind. I thought only British practice that.
Then again, since we're following the British in term of pronunciations and spellings, why aren't we using Dinner for Lunch and Supper for Dinner?

Owh well, we had a good laugh about that then we started playing with the kids and chatting with the adults.
Everyone was very nice. Grandma was a big kid herself, Grandpa was a joker, Carl made S'mores for us and Kristy showed us her AMAZING Malaysia collection of ingredients which she manage to smuggle through the customs.

For those who don't what are S'mores... I bet you'll love em.
We roast Marshmellows in the fireplace, then get a chocolate in room temperature and sandwich them in between Graham Crackers.
Bite em and feel the texture of melted marshmellows and chocolate in your mouth....

Am I tempting you? :)

Carl and Cameron with the 21 pound Turkey from a pail

LynN putting the Turkey into the super Deep Fry-er.
*We had deep fried Turkey instead of the traditional Oven-nized Turkey with stuffing the day before*
Which was good because we manage to try two different kinds. :)
Both were good in different ways.

Do you know... a turkey has both white and dark meat?

So if you feel like eating chicken and beef, just get a turkey.
You'll have both.
How convenient is that?!

Koryn, Kassy and Lynn at the Fire Place

Sweet Koryn and I

I think I spoiled the picture :( I should have taken the picture without me inside. I look like a clutzy jacka**

I love the fireplace. I can imagine it with a Christmas tree beside it and snow outside.

*I'm so excited for Christmas!*

Cameron who is 7 and 3 year old Koryn

*Kids here are freaking tall. seriously! And they speak so well compared to kids back home*

Kristy and Carl carving the Turkey

Busy in the kitchen

Collared Greens, Corn, Sweet pickles, Normal pickles, Olives, Sweet Potatoes, and Hors D'oeuvre. Not forgetting the Fat 21 pound turkey with Cranberry Sauce.

And Devil's Eggs :)

*Hors D'oeuvre would be that pretty looking assorted cheese with spinach dip*- drools

Cameron, Koryn and 5 year old Kassy
*I bet you all are thinking "They don't look a bit like Asian man!"
Cameron is the blend of both parents, Kassy would me mummy's girl and Lil Koryn is Daddy's girl
But to me, they still look white :P

Grandpa and LyNn


Homemade Peach Cobbler *super nice and yummilicious* and Homemade Pumpkin Pie and with whipped cream

After dinner and the kid's nap, they became darn hyper and started climbing all over us.

Oh yea... attack of the kids

I love them dearly.............

Then we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa's house which was about 5 minutes drive away from Kristy and Carl's
And they had a Mini Railway Station!
So Christmas-ie!

so pretty!
Cameron was doing what every little boy would do

Then it snowed when we drove down to Indiana, Michigan City (not in Michigan) in a snow storm.

We were travelling as slow as 40 miles and hour.

So yeah, we were shopping at midnight in the Lighthouse Factory Outlet Stores. It was the Black Friday Sales and seriously EVERYTHING was darn freaking CHEAP. If only I had loads of money, I would get those Coach Handbags, Calvin Klien, Ralph Lauren, Nike, Areopostle, Timberlands, Adidas, Reebok, Liz Clairborne, Aldo, and MORE MORE MORE

It was crazy, I just wished I had taken picture of the line to the counters. People had to line up even to get into the shops in the cold

Some shops that only open at 5am in the morning had people camping out in the cold with TENTS. I'm serious!!!!

It was as if all the shops were giving free stuff and trust me.... Malaysians and Singaporians are not the only Kiasu people. That changed my entire perception on Americans are Laid back. Seriously, when it comes to shopping... IT IS CRAZY!

It was like we were fighting a battle and we had to strategize which shop to go to first and as soon as we enter the shop, one of us has to go line up without buying anything while the others go look for stuff. Then we took turns as longas there is a person standing in line or else we would had to line up for hours. Even doing so, Lynn and I stood in line for a whole hour!

Imagine that

Yup it wasn't really snowing and the snow already covered my boots... I wonder how would it been when it is winter.

LynN took these pictures when we first saw snow. cool eh.. :)

Till Then.... Thanksgiving Holiday is almost over.. :( Back to busyness!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

The day before THANKSGIVING.
Dinner @ Frat Village

So yes.
We planned this dinner for Malaysians.
well, actually Jon did MOST of the planning.
We only went over to help cook, clean, wash, and make noise.

Those who were living in Frat Village (Chiweng, Kenneth, Wilson, Jon) and Yenni started cooking and backing as early as the night before the dinner.
We only went over on the day of the dinner at around 4pm to help because we had some stuff to do at uni.
Anyways, not many pictures of the process were taken because all of us were busy cooking and washing.
It was a HUGE buffet course!
From Assorted breads, to Mushroom Soup, Mixed Rice, Mashed Potatoes with Bacon in Potato Jackets, Roasted Lamb Leg, Stuffed Oven Turkey, Roasted Ham, Cookies, Pies, Sweet Potatoes, wine and etc.
No Doubt, it was a
it was a HUGE FEAST!

Everyone was charged 5 dollars to help cover the cost since the food was real-made-from-scratch-non-cheapo-ingredients.
Well, obviously it didn't cover all the costs. Merely half.
But thanks to the generosity of Jon, we all had an excellent dinner.

The Cooking Crew

One of the super yummy dishes.

*Mashed Potatoes with Bacon and Shrimp bits stuffed in Potato jackets topped with mozzarella and cheddar cheese*

Sounds good? :) This picture was taken before the Potatoes were sprinkled with cheese and "oven-ized"

The super messy place before setting up the dishes and candle lights

Kenneth was one of the cooks who contributed his talents. Other 'small farts' like us just washed and chopped and blended stuff.

Fixing up the Chocolate Fondue Fountain.

This was my favorite part. :)
Yenni and I made our own Gingerbread train

We were given blocks of gingerbread, icing, and candy

I felt like a kid playing LEGO again :)

So we sticked pieces of gingerbread together with icing

And decorated it with colorful candy and MORE icing!

Looking good.......

Ain't it tempting? :) Why don't we have this kinda stuff in Malaysia :/

But guess what, we set the Gingerbread Train beside the Chocolate Fondue which was not working properly. The Fondue machine vibrated the entire table till Gingerbread train kinda toppled over. :(

Worse, Chiweng couldn't stand seeing that toppled over train on the dessert table so he took it and dumped it into the dustbin within a flash. *sigh, all that hard work*

All the preparation was super hectic. People were yelling at each other from the top of their voices. I really felt like I was working in a super busy hotel kitchen. haha.

Some of the food

This was how the yummilicious potatoes look like after the oven. I'm sorry that the camera couldn't focus nicely because I was using Carmen's camera and I didn't know how to function it.

My Housemates: Hot Stuff Carmen and Athletic Ken

LynN and June

*look at the background, we even printed out the names of the dishes and the significances of pumpkin pie and turkey*

The candles, lounge instrumental and the Rock Star Drum makes it even fancier.

Chun Yee, Meng Chun and Siok Yee

Chi Weng had the honor of cutting the Turkey

Pei Li and Jia Jun helping themselves with Mocktails

Kenneth, making sure the amount of food was sufficient for the 'Good-food-deprived-Malaysians'

I know I was rude snapping pictures of people eating ;)

Chyn Wey the Turkey Slicer had a huge big fat drumstick himself.

Mike who was indulging himself with Roasted Ham which tasted a little like "Char Siew"

Kenneth's tired face.

Well, there were many more tired faces. Jon who was super busy had to take a short nap while everyone was eating.

So yeah, people eat, people leave and the Small Fart Crew was back to work. Washing those dishes, wiping the place and of course, someone had to empty that huge load of trash.

We hung out and play WII games and then it snowed. :)