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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Continuing from the Previous Post on Carmen's 20th Birthday...

We had a lil surprise party at our place when everyone came over at 12 midnight on her birthday.
Thanks to Jon, Ken, Yenni, Chi Weng, Willy, and Kenneth, I think she was pretty happy with the lil LOUD surprise and the Yummy Ice Cream cake they bought for her from Cold Stone Ice Cream House.

The Happy Twenty Year Old

Ken even bought her an emergency cake just in case everyone else forgotten about the surprise plan.
So she had a mini Blueberry Muffin.

That night itself, we all went to a Japanese Restaurant for her birthday dinner.
My first RAW fish in 5 months.
But I didn't get to eat Salmon.. :(
*mummy!!! daddy!!! promise you'll feed me Korean and Japanese when I get back!!!!*

Yum yum Kumo.
Price was considered ok compared to the other Japanese restaurant down town.

The Happy Birthday Girl and her Babe.

And finally its time for FOOD!!!!!!
I didn't get to take a lot of pictures of the food because we were sitting at a long table and I was sitting at the other end so it was kinda ridiculous to ask people to pass down their food JUST for me to snap a picture of it.

All time favorite Tempura Shrimp

This is actually called a California Roll.
Yes, There is a difference between California Roll, Sushi, and Hand Roll.
Sushi would be the ones with just Japanese Rice and Raw fish on top.
Hand Roll would be the usual 'california roll' that we eat in Malaysia, the one that looks like a cone.

Weird huh? Lynn and I were pretty confused when we placed our order too.

This was what Carmen ordered.
Super Yummy looking.

This was what Lynn and I shared.
The most affordable Bento Set with everything and it was quite good.
We should have ordered Sashimi instead of Sushi.. :(

I swear I will go to Walmart to get a HUGE slab of Raw salmon and eat it myself.

Mike and Lynn
I seriously don't know why is Lynn pointing at Maha

Willy, Maha and I
Lynn snapped the picture and there was a joke about her being a racist that went on the entire night. :)

*Lynn snaps picture and looks at the camera*

Lynn: Eh, the picture very dark lah*
Maha: (being a typical Macha) too much la you, just because I am in the picture then you have to say that the picture is Dark lah.... (with the typical indian accent)
Mike: Yeah lah! Damn racist lo you. not the first time already sumore...
Lynn: *speechless*

Mike: eh!! take a picture of me and the Birthday Girl!!!
*Yenn snaps the picture*
Yenn: Why do you look like you're pissed with her?? Smile a bit lah....

I like this picture because they look so retardedly smiley :)

Group picture
*taken by honorable Mike*

Hey Mike! I cut and paste ur face in the Picture ok? :)

Thought of the day,
I am so UNPRODUCTIVE AND LAZY..... And broke.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

To my dearest, sexiest, most crazy, utterly random, very understanding, super model, vain pot, sampat,gila, straight to the point HOUSE MATE, FRIEND and CONFIDANTE

Carmen Yap Yee Mun
see.. I colored your name Blue coz I know you like blue... thoughtful or not? :P

A Very Blessed Twentieth Birthday to You!!!!
Congrats on being the eldest among us 1988 kiddos that I know.
You have officially entered your TWENTIES...... are you afraid?

Thank you for always being there when we needed to talk.
Thank you for being the one to
shush Lynn and I when we both fight.
Thank you for
bringing happiness and joy into our humble little apartment.
Thank you for
making those weird funny sounds when you are bored just to amuse yourself
(at the same time.. us)
Thank you for being the smart one,
giving us the best advices.
Thank you for
cooking your super nice ABC porridge and Fish Curry for us.
Thank you for
being so open to us that we feel comfortable to be around you.
Thank you for
opening Lynn and MY eyes to human sexuality
Thank you for
making red date *tong sui* and sweet potato tapioca *tong sui* for us.
Thank you for being an
Thank you for being

I wish you all the best in your studies and life.
Okay... don't think so far first lah*.
I just hope that you will have a memorable birthday here in the United States and you get all your hearts desires.
I wish you all the best in getting your internship during summer.
I wish you GOOD health and Immune System especially when the whole Western Student Community is getting sick because of the unpredictable weather.
I wish you will love the presents that everyone will be giving you.
(well, I wanna apologize for the delay because the company is delivering it only on Friday)
Stay Happy and Bubbly girl.
I love you.

Stay a pig dear.. XP

Blessed Birthday again!

Monday, January 28, 2008

I was browsing through youtube when I found my coursemates' final musical.
You see, last semester for my Musical Theater Analysis subject our professor gave us the liberty to choose to do a take home final paper OR write a musical (with a list of criteria).
Well, obviously you can't just write a cheapo piece of story and add cheapo music into it right? There should always be a beginning, climax and end (even for music)
The entire class chose to do the take home exam except a group of seniors.

The video was taken in class.

The musical was all about a lady named Lorena Bobbit who chopped her husband's winky.
*did i attract your attention? :) *



I still think watching the video is a hundred times worse than the real life thing because of the sound and video quality, especially when the guy (Micheal) pulls on the high note.
But it is totally different in real life.
It sounded pretty darn good.
So if you think they are good in the video, they ARE very good life.
The Story was written by themselves and the Music and Lyrics were written by Micheal Potsic (the guy who acted in it)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

A day as a Hairdresser.
Yes, besides trimming my pathetic-full-of-split-ends mane, I cut other's too.
Wanna try?

eh..... wrong picture......

Introducing................. Mikey Zai our neighbor.

He was one of the nice and helpful seniors who helped us newbies back then settle into this lil county called Kalamazoo.
Besides that, he always made sure we don't die of hunger by bringing us to Walmart or Meijers in then middle of the night to get groceries.
AND he introduced Trance music to us and I actually grew to like Lyrical Trance
Yes this is my Sweet Big old Brother.
(except the fact that his hair was chilli red when we first met him)

This is actually my second time giving him a hair cut.
Since we didn't have nice equipments, we made do with what we had.

So, I used the Big Black Trash Bag

Big Bro Mike with his big hair and the trash bag

We had the hair cut session in my good old tiny bathroom.

See how small the space was, I could literally sit on the Toilet Bowl.

It was on a Saturday afternoon, and Lynn was so called the 'supervisor' because I needed 2nd opinion (just in case I cut a hole on his head)

Mike being his typical adventurous self bought himself RED highlight Dye

Loreal Color Rays which cost him 10USD

Pour the stuff in and mix mix mix

It actually looks like cake icing to me..... which was kinda gross and VERY stinky

Made him a red porcupine head
Well, its actually my first time dying a person's hair.
I actually lied to him saying that I did it before..... o.0
Hope he doesn't read this.... shhhHHhhhh!!

Love this picture....
I look like a Murderess with my Bloody hands

This picture is a kinda VULGAR but I don't care.
He's just kinda shy..
Plus, I like the way his porcupine head looks. :)

To quicken the process, we used the hair dryer.
And since Lynn was bored, she drew on his Garbage napkin.



I was actually pretty satisfied with the results. He looks good huh :)
The fact that we're in United States, THERE AIN'T NO SUCH THING AS SEAFOOD PEOPLE aka. Lala zai, lala mui, si ham zai, kat zat mui.. etc.
Plus, people here aren't as judgmental as people back home in Malaysia so you can do what ever you want.. :)

Don't look at me, I look horrible.
I'm at home on a Saturday afternoon and I slept late the night before so excuse my small Panda eyes.

Anyone else wants a Hair cut?

Miss Farter (because I kept farting today... Wanna smell?)

pfffffttttt..... I'm bored

Thursday, January 24, 2008

It was a public holiday and there was no bus...
So I walked......

and Camwh*red on the way.

This is the bridge I would have to cross if I use the short cut to the Theater Building from my house. It takes about 20 minutes to walk from my place.
Its not very far, I just didn't like walking on the slushy dirty looking show.
Keep in mind that SNOW is beautiful. But if car tires go over it again and again and mix it up with mud.... its disgusting. Its like SEVEN ELEVEN's SLURPY.
Sounds cool but I doubt you would like walking on it.

Anyway, enough of yapping.

The woods that I have to pass through.
It gets dark at around 5.30pm in winter so the woods would be too scary and dark for me to walk after that.
Kalamazoo is Much Safer than Malaysia. No snatch thefts and all but... we'll always need to keep extra caution right?

Now that building is the car park and the taller building on the right is the Gilmore Theater Complex. It contains the Acting Studio, the Black Box York Theater, the Shaw Theater, the D.Terry Williams Theater and etc.
So yeah... that building is big.
Its where I have my acting classes. Most student productions are performed there.

The stairs that I came down from..

Thats the bridge from the carpark to the Fine Arts building.

This is the Music and Dance School.

My personal practice room.

The tiny almost sound proof room.

And ME!!!!!!
Yes, all pictures were taken with my humble-less-than-one-megapixel hand phone.

Till then, ta!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

have you ever felt like your close friend or your blood buddy, even worse your sister stab you in the face?
i just felt like that.
of all the people in the world.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

So yeah, I have officially attended my

First House Party


I didn't really liked it.


Wait.... it was actually
okay except for one part.

The thing about Kalamazoo (or maybe most places with Universities) is that unlike Malaysia, most parties are held at home.

Thats why its called a
House Party. American Students rarely go Clubbing in Clubs.
Another thing to take note about in America (I know I can't stereotype but its MOST of America) is that people drink to get drunk. I am sure there are lots of people in Malaysia that are like that too but seriously, American Students Drink to Get Drunk.

*I am so totally against that. I find it

You think you are cool doing that? Trust me, I find it dumb.

This is what we call, PEER PRESSURE

can drink to get high just to make you feel good, I have nothing against it but I believe that WE should all know our limits and stop when we know that we're tipsy. If you want to drink more, go ahead after you feel more sober. I don't think the feeling of vomiting and getting hangovers are THAT worth it enough to get drunk right?

*or maybe I'm not. some people might think that I think like a grandmother. but so what? That is just my opinion, if you don't agree please don't get offended*


I once had a chat with a few of my American friends and then I told them,

"I have never gotten drunk before and I am NOT planning to anytime soon."

I swore that their eyes popped out unbelievingly saying,

"Oh MY Gosh! You serious?! You've never gotten drunk?!?!"

Now that is one thing that I am proud of.

*pats myself on the back*

This is how a house party would normally look like.

(I googled for this image as I didn't have my camera with me)

Nothing special, it just looks like there are lots of people in the house and yeah, most of them would usually be carrying a drink.

One of the advantages of a house party would be the people.

Since its a house party, most of them would be a friend's friend, or the neighbors and etc. But since it is in America, there are also random people that nobody knows attending the parties (it doesn't happen very often but yeah, it wouldn't be surprising)

My point is, house parties are a good place to know people and it is more personal.

The disadvantages of house parties would be...


Well, how big can a student's apartment be right UNLESS you live in a town house or a Fraternity House.

2. The fact that they have ROOMS in the house.

Those would be the places where drunk people, sober people, itchy c*** people, "hamsap" people... (whatever you call them) get laid.

I am not saying that people in Malaysia DON'T get drunk and sleep with random people they meet in clubs but I guess it can't happen THAT often because Clubs in Malaysia are public areas.

You can't possible have sex with a person unless you do it in the restroom or in the car. Worst case scenario, drive the person to the nearest hotel and get a room.

My point it, it ain't THAT easy because it isn't THAT convenient. And THAT adds the advantage to it


My Personal Experience yesterday was... okay.

I liked the fact that people are friendly and I got to meet a lot of new and nice people.

The party was organized by a fellow employee in the cafeteria so he kinda invited a lot of the workers (like us) to the party.

It was a good thing for me since I am new in the cafeteria. I got to meet many of my 'future' workmates and get to know more about some of my current workmates.

Thing thing I hated about the party was this particular person.

HE was nice and friendly at first but then I guess he didn't know his
boundaries at all.

He was asking me to go
get more drinks when I was still holding half a cup of what they call 'Jungle Juice', a kind of liquor.

That wasn't anything wrong is just that
I don't like people pushing me to drink. Its as if they are trying to get me drunk. So yeah... I don't like it.

(Note: I do like to have a couple of drinks at home with my group of friends where I know nothing stupid will happen. Just not in public.)

Then he asked me to
dance for him.

Heck no. I DO NOT dance for anyone,
I dance for myself. the worst thing about it is that it IS a house party so what ever you do, people will look at you and I am not comfortable with people looking at me dance. UNLESS everyone else around me is dances then only I will dance. I'm sorry, I'm not as sporting as most of you thought I would be, but yeah. THIS IS ME.

Owh yeah have I mentioned before?

People here DON'T DANCE.
They GRIND. Like hello?!?!?

I Don't Grind with Random People or anyone I know unless they are hot.

(haha... I'm just kidding lol)

I tell you, I was so uncomfortable with him and I was like trying to run away by talking to people whenever I could.

The worst thing was,
HE asked me to go and have a chat in the room "where there's more light" and "where its more quiet".

Just because I am friendly and I had a couple of nice conversations with you, what makes me think that I will go into the BEDROOM with you ALONE? ARE YOU FREAKING INSANELY OUT OF YOU"RE MIND?!?!

*deng I wanna whoop his ass*

I stood there and said,

"Sorry but nope, I'd rather stay outside"
*and then gave him a sweet smile*

Whoa... I was freaked out a lil.

Lynn wasn't feeling that all comfortable either (he hitted on her too... but not as bad)

So yeah, we left after that.

Thank Goodness the party was less that 2 minutes walk from our apartment.

*well, actually that was the reason we went to this party after turning down a dozen parties*

WAIT, the story hasn't ended yet.

THAT guy, offered to walk us back to our place.....
*heck no!*

On the way out of the house Lynn quickly called another of her friend to walk both of us back
just in case he tried to take advantage of us.

I may sound a lil paranoid but still
Girls have to trust their instincts. If you don't feel right, just do what you think is right.

He was a lil disappointed because we didn't invite him up to our apartment.

PEI!!! *kickurgatalballsargh*

Yup THAT was my first House Party Experience.

Everything was fine except that particular GAT*L BAL*S fella and the fact that I smelt like a chimney when I got home.

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against people partying, I liked partying myself but seriously we have our own boundaries and we just hope others respect us.

I guess I am not so much of a party person after all..

On the contrary, I did meet a few VERY nice people there.


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Introducing Charice Pempengco

It was 1 o'clock in the morning when my house mate asked,
"Yenn, guess how old is this person singing?"
Judging on the super strong vocal voice from Carmen's laptop, I said
"Hmmm.. 30's? 40's?"
Carmen said,
"Come and see!!"

Oh my freaking helicopter goodness gracious me.
That Girl Hasn't even develop boobs yet!!!
She freaking has a voice of a.... I don't know how to explain... a HUGE Black Woman?!?!
*Disclaimer, I am not being racist here. my point is Big Black Women has AWESOME voices*

Okay, I'll shut up and let the video do the talking.
This girl is only 14 years old. And owh my.
She doesn't have a voice of an angel. She sounds more like the voice of god.
haha... I'm just joking. But you'll get my point :)

Star Struck?

I personally thinks she sings better than both Jennifer Hudson AND Beyonce Knowles. Not to mention, she DOES have attitude, stage presence AND showmanship.

Know what, I think Philippines produces Superdeeduper Awesome Singers. I'm serious! Like Lea Salonga, Her, and many other people who went out of the country to work in Classy Restaurants as singing chefs. I mean, they might start as singing Chefs but... seriously many of them have a lot of potential.

*temperature today: -14 Celsius

Friday, January 18, 2008

Ah..... I love Fridays.....
This week was so darn tiring, I swear I aged 10 years!!

I've been a good girl this whole week. I went to bed early and I still feel so tired.
*heck, I just woke up from power nap and I still feel tired*

My week has been a typical week.
I go class, work, class and come home tired and dead exhausted.
My toes, calves, butt, arms, abs all hurt because of the intense jumping, stretching AND the amount of walking I do.....
I tell you I've never walked so much in my entire life.
Its like the only time I really walk back in Malaysia is when I go SHOP.
Hah!! Spoiled Brat huh...
We had a car and it was like out legs to us..
*I miss Lynn's Small Little Kelisa*

Owh well, I had my first Makeup Workshop today.
Its a class about stage makeup.
Sounds fun huh! :D

Hmm... Nope we're not going to learn so much about fashion makeup. Just STAGE MAKEUP.

My first step was to purchase my own Stage Makeup Set.
And Boy, I never knew how difficult it is for an ASIAN to buy makeup sets here.. ><

I bought the makeup set from the university's bookstore. (Its sold there because all Theater Students are required to have one set each)

So yeah, it came in a box like that. So how would I know which color to take?
And since I am ASIAN, I have to get a foundation that has a yellow or gold base to it.
Too bad they had none.
I could only choose from OLIVE, FAIR, or DARK (as in black)
Since it was one of the few items that cannot be returned after buying them, I took my chances. I picked a FAIR-Medium-Tan BEN NYE for myself.

All the basic colors to blend to your skin

Apparently when I used it today in class, it was a little too dark for me. I looked as if I had dirt on my face. LoL
Thank Goodness there is such thing as the creme Highlight Ultralight Blend.
Its another color to use to blend to your skin if its too dark for you.

The cool thing about the makeup set is, I have FAKE STAGE BLOOD and WHITE HAIR DYE!

Sorry about the blur picture... it was taken with my humble Nokia-less-than-one-megapixel handphone.

Right, enough about Makeup. I know I am boring you people out.

Till then, I have heaps of reading to do this weekend.
I just hope that I don't fall asleep reading them!!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm so sad
I'm so pissed
I'm so disappointed
I wanna cry
I wanna scream

I freaking missed my 8pm Audition because of work today.
My class started from 9am all the way till 4pm and I worked from then all the way to 8.30pm
Having Jazz Dance class everyday plus work is suicidal.
My feet and my bum hurt.
Everyone around me is getting sick
I'm getting sick too.
I sound like frog in Voice lessons.

Can someone send me an Osim Massage Chair or a Personal Masseuse?

Monday, January 14, 2008

My days so long and busy this semester that I get sleepy and long for my bed at 8pm.

*Tis ze FLU Season and everyone is getting sick*

Saturday, January 12, 2008

*A Darn Random Post*
Yes, because I am bored.

Randomness # 1

Oh yes, we do have Durians here in Michigan.
Good News eh??
It is only available in the Asian Market about 45minutes from Kalamazoo though..


The King of Fruits!!!


Like zomg..... Frozen Thai Durian?!?!?
Yea... I find it rather pathetic...
We laughed like mad when we first saw it though.. hahaha...

1.75 USD per pound...
I don't whether is it cheap or expensive because I didn't bother knowing how much does an average durian weight.

I just can't imagine people buying this. I mean if it doesn't taste good, obviously because it was darn frozen! Not to mention, its Thai durian so how nice can it taste? I seriously don't wanna know how long has the durians been there. I wouldn't be surprised if they had been here for 6 months and nobody bought them.

Randomness # 2

It snowed pretty heavily before school started, like almost everyday.
And it piled up until....


It is as high as a hill.

Look closely, you'll see a lil RED in that pile of hill
It was impossible to recognize your car..
Can you imagine walking out from your house seeing random snow hills in the parking lot.
How would you know which is your car if you don't remember which exact spot you parked it in?
*thats Mike's car by the way, you can't even see the side mirrors*

And that is Willy shoveling the snow of Mike's car.
Can you see how THICK the snow is?
So yeah, during Winter people would have to wake up WAY earlier to shovel of snow and scrape of the Ice from their cars..
As for me, I take the BUS :)

Randomness # 3

You know what, shoes are pretty cheap here and you can get all sorts of nice shoes in big *you-can-get-anything-stores* for a cheaper price.

Yes, I said Guess.


For only 30USD
I want I want!!!
I remember seeing the exact same shoe in Malaysia, and it cost like Rm200 something if I was not mistaken.

And then, I saw another super cool NINE WEST PEEP TOE PUMPS.
Guess how much was it?


20 USD
WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Only 20 USD for a pair of superdeeduper comfy leopard printed
NINE WEST pumps?!?!
I was so darn tempted to buy it man.....

Till then, I am itching like nobody's business..
Stupid Bed Bugs, Go Burn in hell!!!!!