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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fun @ Work in the Cafeteria
with a Tropical Paradise Theme

The management treats WMU students with a themed meal once every semester and this time we have the tropical paradise theme.
Which means.... Pineapples, Shirmp, Coconuts, Mocktails, Kebabs, and funky decorations!!

Straw Hats and Hawaiian Props for decorations

Helium Filled Balloons, Coconut tree Streamers and Lays *flower necklaces*
Neil and I and my National Flower :)

JephJeph and Neil, our co-workers

I stayed extra hours to set up tables and decorations.... more $$$$$$$!!

Our very own TIKI Bar for Strawberry Daiquiris and other mocktails

Bryson our Supervisor and my Big Captain Sis LynN

People who work with us in the Cafeteria

Roger and I at work.... yes, we are all required to wear aprons and caps OR hairnets.

Our Ice Cream bar with super yummilicious Sorbets

The place where all the Pizza and Hamburgers are Served. Check out the cute balloons in the air.

The Salad Buffet Bar

Handmade Napkin Roses for decorations all done by me :)
Cool huh...

And while I was bored doing the same thing, I made myself a bra since all my bras are spoiled right now. *Can't wait to get new ones in Malaysia :)

Mikey Zai my red headed neighbor indulging himself in all the fattening custards, jello, mocktails and etc. :)

Sorry la, I got no mood to blog right now.
I'm just blogging for the sake of uploading the pictures and to keep my blog from dying.

My toe nail came off!!!!

I was opening the door and I didn't realize my foot was underneath the door and it scraped of my toe nail. All I see is the left half of my toe nail and raw flesh on the right.
It freaking bled for 10 minutes and when I washed the blood away, it bled more.
And this time I am not even joking!
It isn't any stupid fake looking makeup class. *rawr*

Anyway, my audition at campus today was horrible.
I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to perform in any musicals because I am a piece of crap and I can't act or dance or sing as well as the others.
Owh well, too bad for me.
I should just stay home and suck my freaking toe.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Calling all wannabe Dancers, Movers, Actors and everyone else!!
Another Fun Filled Event brought to you by the Five Arts Centre

Please click on the Image for more details.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I lost my Liz Claiborne Sunglasses
while running around campus that day during the International Food Festival.
I know I am a klutz but you can't blame me because I changed into practically FOUR different outfits on that day because I had my auditions and performance.

Knowing that I am a silly cow, I have decided to get myself a cheap pair of Forever 21 Sunnies, just in case I lose it again.
And mind you, Sunnies ARE VERY NECESSARY because the sun is so glaring and imagine the sun's reflection on the white snow. I does hurt your eyes pretty bad and plus,
Summer is coming!

I was quite in a hurry when I was buying em sunnies because I don't want to have Lynn, Carmen, Jon and Chiweng waiting outside the store of me. I just picked up a pair that looks similar to my Dear Lost Liz Claiborne Sunnies, paid for it and left the shop.
The thing is I didn't realize that those Sunnies were so huge!

So don't blame me.



Forex Trading Polls

Hah! Bimbo Sunnies. Tell me what you think about it.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Random Weekend Window Shoppin'

We were so DARN Bored last weekend so we decided to go to the Mall to hangout.

Don't know whether have I blogged about this or not but the Mall here in Lil Old Kalamazoo is SO DARN 'HUGE' that it only has 2 escalators and 2 floors. It is like Subang Parade in Subang Jaya and unfortunately it is the ONLY walkable mall in Kalamazoo so how cool is that?

Anyways, we were window shopping and we went into a punk shop with lots of cute nonsense, costumes, posters and etc.
And look what we found?

A ruler to measure Mr. Winky down there.
If you can't read the description, just click on the picture for a larger view.

All sorts of Sex Toys, Dildoes, Vibrators and anything you can imagine.

Sex Books

Body Candy

A 'tongue'

Kama Sutra that only cost 10usd

Lynn holding a whip

I don't know what on earth is this but I assume its a wearable 'Winky' for lesbians

Vulgar toys

Boobie Danglers to hang in your car...

Well, that was it. And it is NOT even a SEX SHOP. I wonder how a real Sex Shop would be like.

I'm tired from class, from work, from carrying a 300pound backpack all day, from cold......*deng

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I am having my first packet of INDOMEE after I don't know how many months.
*taste like heaven oh my gosh yummilicious*
Random Conversation 1

So it had been snowing like Monkeys and Donkeys yesterday.

The snow was literally 12inches high
*yes I measured*
I slipped and fell TWICE as I was incapable of differentiating the walking pavements from the sidewalk curbs and grassy area because they all looked just like a pile of snow when it was all covered in snow.

We were in class when my professor received a call from someone about whether are they continuing rehearsals or not because the roads were so bad that many students could not make it to class as they were ALL either stuck on the way or they could not get their vehicles started.

Professor (cheekily turns to us before picking up cellphone):

I hope she is calling to inform us that school is canceled so that we can all go home
(picks up phone)
Yes, the attendance today is really bad.. there are only like *counts us*
1, 2, 3, 4...... less than 10 of them here today.

(person on the phone said something)

What?!?! they are not ploughing the roads today JUST because its GOOD FRIDAY?

(all of us students looked at each other in disgust)

(Professor said something else, ended the conversation and looked at use)

tsk tsk tsk. They are not ploughing the roads because its Good Friday?!

Like seriously, WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?

*hope you guys get the joke*

I bet Jesus would not let a zillion cars get stuck in a million inches of snow, I bet He would not want unnecessary car skids and accidents too.
So much for Good Friday

Random Conversation 2

Yenn: What?! They are not ploughing the roads today?! SHucks!! Does is mean that I will have to waddle myself back home later at 10pm after critiquing the play?
*It is part of my assignment to watch a play an critique it*

Everyone in class stares at me with wide open eyes

Everyone talks at the same time: No Yenn!! Don't!! Really?!! Get a ride?! Pretend you're drunk and get the Community Taxi to get you home!!

Alicia: Yenn, we DON'T walk home at night IN America.

*haha..LaughMyA**Off. She put it in such that I came from a kampung so I walk to wherever whenever like those little kids in the poor India villages*

But thank you anyway for warning me about safety precaution :)

Truthfully, I would walk back home in the night ANYTIME in the US than to walk in Malaysia because *touch wood and hope I don't jinx it* Kalamazoo is safer.

I mean, people leave their cars unlocked and nothing would happen.
Even if you have your car door locked in Malaysia, you would find your Radio and your Rm600 Oakley Sunglasses missing.


Random Conversation 3

I was sitting in the cafeteria with my colleagues having lunch.
Big Sis Lynn just started her shift then. She was walking around wiping tables and filling up napkins unto the little basket on the tables.
Half way through, I saw my classmate walking towards the Pop Machine getting herself a glass of Diet Coke. Obviously I waved at her and said hi.

Kayla: Owh hi Yennagain *thats my little nickname she gave me* we were JUST talking about you!

Yenn: Me? why are you guys talking about me? *picks up bag and join their table*

Kayla: I don't mean to be racist or whatsoever but we saw this girl and she looks exactly like you!!! you guys have the same face, the same body structure, and everything!! We were about to wave hello......

Sam: Yeah!! and the we suddenly realized that she wasn't you.

Kayla: And we STARED at her... trying to figure out.

Sam: Yeah.. we literally GLARED at her.

Kayla: owh my gawd.. I hope she doesn't think we're rude because she caught us staring so much. I feel so bad right now.

Sam: I hope she don't sue us. Really, we were staring THAT BAD.

Kayla: She went towards the table that you were sitting at said something to you guys and pointed toward our table. Gosh I swear she was talking about us. I didn't realize you were sitting there yet because you were facing your back at me.

~I just smiled sweetly~

Yenn: You know why is that? Because she IS my SISTER!!!

Kayla and Sam: What?!?!?! *and that cracked up and laughed their butts off* Oh my gawd!!!! She is your sister?!?!?! What I didn't know she was here?!?!

Kayla: No wander you guys look SO MUCH ALIKE!!!!!

*seriously, all I could do was to laugh*

Yenn: Yeah, and she was not talking about you guys just now. She was just pointing toward the tables around your area and said that she wanted to get more napkins refilled.

Kayla and Sam: You serious? But she saw us staring at her.

*Lynn walks towards us, just in time*

Yenn: Hey Lynn, these are my friends!

Kayla and Sam *looks at her terribly embarrassed*: We thought you were her. Sorry for staring.
Lynn: You guys stared? I didn't even realize?!

You see, I have such Awesome American Friends and Superb Professors. Love em'

Friday, March 21, 2008

My First Kissing Scene Experience

So I am taking a SHAKESPEARE ACTING class this semester.

And usually, all of us would get to work on our own monologue (a one person act) and we will get assigned to a scene partner and a specific scene by our Instructor.
I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity do the famous ROMEO AND JULIET balcony scene.

For those who don't know, the balcony scene would be the romantic goosebumish lovey dovey scene where Juliet cites her famous
*O Romeo, Romeo, Wherefore thou art Romeo*
I was really excited about the fact that I get to work with a guy this semester because I already worked with two other girls for my scene last semester while everyone else had opposite sex partners.
Not only I get to work with a hot straight guy in Romeo and Juliet, I actually get to kiss him.
*omg!! like seriously yes!*
~ eh I'm not horny okay, I just never had the opportunity to do so before

But goodness gracious me, it was NOT EASY okay.
After getting everything memorized and my scene partner finally got together to work today.

I'll let you guys watch the Romeo and Juliet scene then you'll understand my anxiety
The Shakespearean language ain't easy to understand at all but try to listen carefully, I hope you guys can understand it. Its worth a watch!! :)

SO sweet right!!! I even have GOOSEBUMPS watching it myself and I even giggle to myself reading the play

So we met up and discussed all the blocking for the scene.
Like which part of the scene should he climb up the balcony and etc.
Then we tried working the scene.
So yeah, half way through the scene, he climbed up the wall up to where I was standing and we acted all the way till our scene ended.
*we were suppose to kiss a few times during the scene*

But seriously, ITS SOOOO HARD!!!
His face was like half an inch away from mine and we were staring at each other in the eyes
*his pretty blue eyes*
Imagine looking at each other so awkwardly and not knowing which part of the scene to kiss
*because we decided to "let the wind take us to the kissing part"*
At the end of the practice, we didn't get to the kissing part.
So much for awkwardness.
I bet he felt stressed up too working with an Asian girl.
He might not be as open as he would if he were working with an American girl.

Owh well, I will try my very best and probably get the scene recorded so I can post it up for you readers to watch :)
*fingers crossed- hopefully*

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

International Food Festival 2008

It is an International festival where all the international students come together to share their culture and different sorts of food from their country.
So it was pretty fun.
It was a huge event as there were altogether around 2000-3000 estimated who came to the event. And that doesn't include a few hundred more who are actually INVOLVED in the event.
Well, I personally had a lot of fun though it was physically tiring as I had 2 Major Auditions on the same day.
So you could imagine me running to campus at 9.30 am on a SUNDAY morning for my audition,
then to the Ballroom where the International Festival was held at the OTHER END of Campus IN MY OXFORD PUMPS, and the back again for my audition callback.
Mind you, I have not worn heels for more than 2 hours since I came to the United States because there isn't any occasion appropriate enough for nice high heels during winter.
Plus, your toes will freeze and get frost bites if you wear them out in the cold.
So yeah it is not practical.

I felt that Lynn and I really benefited from the International Festival because we were involved in the Dance Performance.
As Usual by getting involved, we get to hang out with people we don't really hang out with.
In our case, we got to really know 3 other Awesome Beauties and a Macho man.
From Left, Faezah *supersenior who already graduated*,
Anisa *who enrolled into Sunway University the same time as me but I didn't get to hangout with*
My Sis Lynn, and
Lin *an Education Major who is currently doing her Masters now*
Ashraf *engineer going to be*

Sweet Anisa and I

Yenni Chen, Lynn in Anisa's Baju Kurung and I in Lin's Baju Kebaya

Sweet Anisa and Lin *who I think looks like Siti Nurhaliza*

Nathaniel who goes to the same Music tutorial as I and Hottie Lin

Nitha, Maren and I

Lynn, Martin Bragalone *the man who can say Hello in 13 languages*, YenN and Sexy Bobo

The Mascot of Egypt and I

Sexy Housemate Carmen in my CheongSam and I
*I can't believe that she can actually wear my CheongSam and it fitted her like a glove. I wonder how did it fit me... LoL* I am so darn happy that she looks so good in it.

2 random Dominican Republic boys who took pictures with me

Sweet Anisa, Supersenior KingSiang, YenN and LynN
*note: SuperSenior would mean someone who already graduated from WMU "in my vocab"

YenN, DJ ChynWey and BigSis Lynn

Lynn and I with Adarsh who came all the way from Sunway University

Neighbor Maha dressing up as farmer and I

Another silly moment.
My feet hurt so bad after running around from one end of the campus to another end and to auditions that I walked around barefooted after my dance performance :)

We danced to Tiara Jacqueline's famous Asmaradana which I am pretty sure that is not a surprise because most Malaysian Students who study abroad dance to that particular song.
Anyway, my friends recorded the video of that dance performance we did.
I am just waiting for him to send it to me the I will post it up for you guys :)

Till Then,
my body aches so bad, thanks to multiple push ups and no physical rest since last week.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I kinda played a trick on you guys.
just hope that you readers don't throw a smelly shoe at me for doing this


I wanted to know whether did my 'wound' look real.
It's actually another picture from my Make Up Classes.
In fact, its my last make up class for the semester.
So did it look real?

*sorry mom!! I know you freaked out!!*

My friend who was the model for my make up professor

My friends Topher and his dramatic hand.

Till then,
I will be having a mock audition next Monday for a Musical called
Sexy Girls vs. Pretty Boys

and I am suppose to sing songs from Spice Girls, Destiny's Child and En Vogue.
Where on earth am I suppose to find a Spice Girl song?!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I was working in the Scene Shop for my Practicum and I accidentally cut my arm with the machine I was working with.
It was SO DARN painful and now the edges of the cuts are all bruised up.

So much for enjoying practicum life.

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Last Chapter of the Trip to Washington DC

My supermodel sister and I

Well, for the first day we visited the Arlington Cemetery.
It ain't like any cemetery in Malaysia.
In fact, the moment I entered this place, I felt so peaceful and the view was so pretty.
It didn't feel like any cemetery at all.

This was the place where all the Brave Soldiers who fought in World War II were buried.
The cemetery was HUGE!

These are the newer tombstones

Lynn and I

This is John F. Kennedy's Grave Site.
He was honored by the people with the eternal flame.
Look closely in the picture and you can see the flame.
It is called the eternal flame because it burns forever in Rain, Snow or Shine.
It contains some kind of chemical to help keep the fire burning.

Lynn, Martin and I

These are the older tombstones.
The difference is that back then rich people can afford to buy larger and more fancy tombstones but as time past, they had limited space therefore tombstones were restricted into a certain shape and size just like the ones you saw in the picture above.

We too witnessed the Changing of the Guard in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
It was a very special moment and routine where the soldier who guard the tomb exchanges his place with another soldier.
All these soldiers are trained and they all had the same strange yet unique way of walking and clicking their heels.

I don't know why is this tomb of the unknown soldier so important.
Probably they think the body belongs to some great big General or Colonel but they couldn't figure out who he was.
Whatever it is, he seems really important.

Maren, Lynn, Patrick and I

The thing about the Arlington Memorial Park is that the place and building's architecture is simply magnificent.
Being in there makes me feel like I am in some Royal Roman place.

Pretty ain't it?

I like the way they engrave words on ceilings and walls

See no Evil, Speak no Evil, Hear no Evil

One of the many random shots I took

My crazy bunch of friends

I can imagine the people back then watching Shakespeare plays and having conferences here.
Back in the days when there weren't any air condition and sound system.

We then visited Chinatown.
All of us were dying for Real UNAMERICANIZED Chinese Meal.
I guess we got disappointed.
Not only we got expensive AND small portioned meals, we even got Badassbitchy Hospitality for a typical 'Cina' waitress.
Seriously if I could, I would have just left the place unpaid. And maybe slap her.
I don't want to generalize on Asians but seriously, we ASIANS (excluding Koreans and Japanese) should learn and PRACTICE GOOD HOSPITALITY SKILLS!!!
I was so used to the Westerner's Friendly Greetings and Gentlemen-ly smiles and then this bitchy Chinese lady comes and take our orders, roll her eyes at us, scold us and forced us to give more tips.
What on earth is wrong with her freaking Chinese brain man?!
We chose that restaurant out of the so many in China Town because we 'thought' that it looked authentic.
ALSO, our Caucasian Friends trusted us to choose a good restaurant because they thought we 'might' know.
I as a Chinese myself felt so embarrassed by that bitchy Chinese Waitress.
I kept explaining to my 'guai lou' friends that only some Asian countries just don't focus on hospitality and friendliness as much as Westerners. And not ALL Chinese are like that.
She seriously need to go back to where she came from, learn some basic business ethics then only come back and take orders.

Right, so enough with that disappointed and emotional talk.

Pictures of Crazy Friends are more happy to look at. :)
From Left, Martin Bragalone, Haruka, Lynn, WeiJun, LaoShang

Super Yummilicous Homemade Ice Cream
There was even a Guinness Stout flavored Ice Cream that actually tasted pretty nice
It was said that the White House order Toffee Candy from them too.

The Three Poser Maidens

Martin and I
We even went up the Washington Monument and got the view of the Entire City

Yonghyun and Lynn and a lil annoying kid that came into my pictures repetitively

Group Picture!

The so-called very artistic angle Washington Monument

Jump Jump and show everyone the layers on my tummy.

The Broad Street

I even met Sister Act

And went into the house where Abraham Lincoln Died.
It was only opposite the Ford Theater where he was shot.

Everything was like how it was when he was there.

Awesome Architecture
Magnificent View

'Try to be' Artistic Picture

Another 'wanna be funny' picture

The circle in front of the Lincoln Memorial

One of the few pictures I took in front of the Lincoln memorial.

Yup! So thats it!
There are actually a whole lot more pictures but then seriously.. you guys would be so bored of looking at it because there are just too many.

On the other hand, it's Saint Patrick's Day!
And yet its another excuse for the Americans to Drink and get drunk.

I seriously don't know why do they like parties so much.
Some of them are even holding drinking parties tomorrow at 8AM

cough cough cough.
I think I am coughing my lungs out.
Please pray that I get better.
The sick pimply cow