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Thursday, April 24, 2008

I am officially a workaholic
yay!! money money come! I wanna go shopping!

I finished my exams a week ahead because all of my exams were scheduled before the exams week. Since I couldn't go out in celebrate because everyone was busy studying, I decided to work my butt off, earn some extra cash and spend it on Summer Shopping and Vacations.
I have done the dining (filling up silverware, making sure everything is in order and cleaning up), deli (make on the spot sandwiches for hungry angmohs), bakery (yes I made a total of 800 naans for the Muslim association), checker (swipe cards for people to come in to the dining to eat), cooks help (made a gazillion amount of dishes for lunch and dinner) and etc...
I worked 8 hours yesterday from 11am-7.30pm and I feel so proud of myself.
*grins happily*

These are the cookies I made in the bakery.

This is the Deli where I make sandwiches. Can you see the crazy amount of cheese?
*haha.. mind my pimply face from no sleeping early. Ma, I want facial when I get home please*

All sorts of bread for people to choose from.
Jewish Rye, white, wheat, whole grain, bagels, pita, lemon wraps, red pepper wraps and tonnes of other breads you can think of.
*I was looking out to see whether was anybody noticing that I was camwhoring cause if they did, it would be a lil embarrassing.*

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