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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My life is so pathetic right now.
Well, not that it is but I'm just really tired of being on-the-go all the time.
Worst, I don't have my own freaking car to bring myself around especially late nights so either I have to trouble people around me or walk home alone at 11.59pm in the dark which is so darn freaking scary.

Here is my routine for these past weeks.
I wake up at 7.45am every morning to go class and work and I don't come home till super duper late at night (yesterday's case was at 12am in the morning) because I have extra rehearsals, performances and practicum hours to fulfill.
Some people might think...
*hah.. study musical theater very fun wan ma... no need to study*

Fun my ass lah... Its so darn competitive that you have to "bring it" every single time you practice. And its sad but true, but really the fact is if you are not good, you don't have friends because they don't look up to you.
So it ain't that easy.
I didn't have people talking to me until I was recently cast in a play for next semester.
We not only have paper work assignments, we have darn long rehearsals and other physical works too. Our work depends on our body and mind. So what if we're sick, we still gotta work because our partner depends on us.

Anyway, I have been rambling a whole because I am so stressed up with my Juries and all the other performances. So bear with me a little while okay :(
I just want the holidays to start so I can sleep and wake up late, swim in the pool and chill.


On the other hand, the weather is getting better.
At least I can walk out without a coat on right now.. :)

No need to wear no Beanies, Ear Muffs or Gloves no more..

Oh Mr Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun, Please Shine Down On Me... :)

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