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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Got Tagged by Cousin CloverJo

1. What disappoints you the most?

The fact that I set such high goals and aims for myself and not being able to reach it.

I bet everyone has felt that way before.

Well in my case, I just wished I had more exposure and training for my acting, singing and dancing so that I can be as good as the Americans.

2. Where will you go if someone sponsors you a tour ticket?

I will travel the world!
Since I am already in the Land of Freedom and Dreams, I would very much like to travel to Europe to explore and experience the culture, food and lifestyle there.
Plus, I heard that the world's best restaurants with Michelin stars are there.

3. What's your favorite thing to do?

For now, I just wish that I could spend time with the people that I love and miss.

4. Do you think money can buy happiness?

As superficial as it is, I would want to say that Money Can't Buy Happiness.
But I think that I can't say much about it until I go through the experience.
Before coming to the United States, I always thought that money is not important.
So long I have friends, love and happiness, life can go on.
But now that I am here in the real world (not technically) all by myself, I have learned that

But whether can it buy happiness or not, that is a whole new phrase in life for me to find out.

5. If you can have one dream to come true, what would it be?

I'd wish that I will live a well rounded lifestyle.
That would mean that I will do well in my career, have good health, marry a man of my dreams, have a family with him and serve God.

Maybe a little too much to ask?

6. Do you believe you can survive without money?

Haha.. same answer as the above.
The fact that Lynn and I love each other very much but we still have occasional fights just about money.
What do you expect?

7. What are you afraid to lose the most?

My family.

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?

A liposuction!
*laugh out loud*

*see last time my face so thin!!
But I am not kidding.
In the performing industry, everything is about the physique.
Just last semester my professor told all the girls in my class to lose weight!

AFTER THAT, I will travel the world with my loved ones, organize a charity drives, and save the rest for my kids' education so that they don't have to work their ass during college to pay off loans.

9. What have you learn recently?

A whole lot about myself, life and people around me.

10. Give a reason why you want to die ?

To go to heaven.

11. What makes you happy?
Knowing that my future is secure.
*But that is difficult because no one knows how is my future going to be like*

A more realistic answer would be, to know that the people love me for who I really am and not try to change me into someone I am not.
~I guess I am happy now :)

12. What have you wished most recently?

To understand more about myself, what I want and to live the American Dream.

13. What is your ambition?

To perform in Broadway, a World Tour, and probably go into Hollywood.
*I bet you readers are thinking that I am high on drugs or alcohol right now to have such an insensible dream*
Then again, I would have to aim for the moon to fall among the stars right?

14. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

I would want to have the ability to talk to God and hear his replies loud and clear.

15. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?

My dear supportive family who've seen me grow throughout these years.

Not forgetting my friends who are God Given Family without blood relations.

16. What do you do when you're alone?

I binge eat and sleep.

Lesson to learn: It is not good to be alone, it makes you fat!

17. If you have a chance, which part of your character would you like to change?

Not to be emotionally vulnerable to love.

18. Give comment on the person who tagged u.

Cousin Jo, my cousin who is a year older than I am.
I remember us hanging out as kids and the older we got we grew apart because family reunions became less. Cousin Jo has an awesome personality. She is shy at times and despite doubting herself once in a while (like how I always do), she does have talent and is very lovable.
I just wished we had more opportunities to hangout through the years that we grew apart.
Well thank goodness for the internet, it brought us back together :)

19. What is your least favorite animal?

I am afraid of rats. Ratatouille is exceptional :)

20. What is your ultimate addiction?
I am currently addiction to things that are bad for me.
Hmm.. come to think about it, addictions ARE stuff that are bad for you huh.
I guess I am addicted to Fattening Food and Shopping (if I had the money)

*Thanks for keeping me from boredom Couz Jo!*
Time for a bubble bath! :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

What Sue-Yenn Ng Means

You are the total package - suave, sexy, smart, and strong.

You have the whole world under your spell, and you can influence almost everyone you know.

You don't always resist your urges to crush the weak. Just remember, they don't have as much going for them as you do.

You are a very lucky person. Things just always seem to go your way.

And because you're so lucky, you don't really have a lot of worries. You just hope for the best in life.

You're sometimes a little guilty of being greedy. Spread your luck around a little to people who need it.

You are friendly, charming, and warm. You get along with almost everyone.

You work hard not to rock the boat. Your easy going attitude brings people together.

At times, you can be a little flaky and irresponsible. But for the important things, you pull it together.

You are a free spirit, and you resent anyone who tries to fence you in.

You are unpredictable, adventurous, and always a little surprising.

You may miss out by not settling down, but you're too busy having fun to care.

You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people.

You also have a very active imagination. You often get carried away with your thoughts.

You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals.

You are deeply philosophical and thoughtful. You tend to analyze every aspect of your life.

You are intuitive, brilliant, and quite introverted. You value your time alone.

Often times, you are grumpy with other people. You don't appreciate them trying to interfere in your affairs.

What's Your Name's Hidden Meaning?

Although I know these Blog stuff are just scams that are nothing but a waste of time, I kinda think that whatever my name meant (up there) is somewhat true.
I wonder how do they actually put everything detail of information together.

Whether does every Alphabet mean something different?
Every syllable has a meaning to the name?

Oh well, it just proves nothing besides the fact that I'm am bored out of my skull.
I have few random thoughts in my mind recently.
Care to help me out?

1. What is love?

2. How would you know it when you start to love a person?

3. How would you know that it is love and not just pure infatuation?

4. How would you know whether are you ready for a steady relationship?

How la....

Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol Season 7 Winner is
David Cook!!

It is just unbelievable that this TV show has been going on for 7 Successful years.

Here is a video of 3 of his last performances in American Idol.

As sexy as he is, his voice is even sexier.
An awesome well rounded singer that has the capability to make everything in the world sound good. Lets just see how well he does in the real world.

And look what I found!
Musical Theatre in American Idol.
*jumps around gleefully*

David Cook singing one of my favorite Andrew Lloyd Webber musical number,
Music of the Night

Runner up of the Season, David Archuleta singing Andrew Lloyd Webber's Think of Me.
He isn't that bad either, although his voice and David Cook's are totally different styles.
I love his creativity in transforming songs though :)
Good Job


Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I always thought that people sleep more during the winter and get more active during the summer. Somehow I think it works differently for me.
These days I get so darn tired after I had my minimum 6 hours of sleep.
I am just waiting for the swimming pool outside our apartment to be open so I can dive in and swim my fats away. I am so unmotivated right now.
All I do is wake up, go class, go work, come home, stone, and finally sleep.
Super no life right?

On the other hand,

I finally got my toy!!!!!
Thanks Mum and Dad for the Sony T300/R Birthday Present in Advance!
Love you guys.

I just cant wait to go out to somewhere to start clicking away.
I took my first few pictures in Walmart.
Haha, pathetic right?

Doesn't look like anything different.
I guess I need to learn more about my Sexy Cam.

Focus, focus, focus

Lynn's engagement ring from mum :)

Yay pimply face.


Monday, May 19, 2008

A day trip to Cedar Point!

The overall view of Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio

I've been wanting to go to this Amusement Park ever since I've heard about it.
I even planned a 4day 3 night trip to Ohio just so I can ride one of the world's craziest rides.
Lol, guess the trip that I planned didn't work out because it was not open 3 weeks ago due to the extremely unpredictable cold weather.
Well, anyway we did finally get a chance to travel 4 hours to Cedar Point with the International Program Council with a whole bunch of friends.

Yup yup, just a few of us walking along aimlessly looking for rides to entertain ourselves.

This is one of my favorites.
It is called the Mantis. Unlike the other coasters, we stand instead of sitting down.
So you can imagine us going up and around the loops STANDING.
Pretty darn fun.

Caitlyn, Lynn, Jun and I waiting for the Mantis ride.

That crazy track behind me is called the Millennium Force.
It was the BEST and Freakiest ride I have ever been on.
It was almost a 90 degree fall downwards.
It was awesome.

Jeong and I

The Snoopy Boutique behind us.
I think Snoopy is the Ambassador for Cedar Point.
It was everywhere.

The weather was crazy that day.
The forecast the day before stated that it was going to rain the entire day but thankfully it only drizzled twice for a short while.
We bought Ponchos to protect our cute lil heads anyway :)
I think we all looked like graduate students and Lynn, sorry although Mike took this same picture 4 times, you still had your eyes closed in all of them.

Carmen is officially the girl who loves spinning rides.
I still can stand spinning and spinning and spinning so many times in a row.
I swear if I go on two more rides, I would puke.
Guess I'm more of a roller coaster person :)

Crazy Caitlyn and I.

We were at the indoor coaster ride too.
We even bought 3D glasses to look at the 3D stuff.
I thought it was silly though, because eventually the glasses will fly off during some part of the coaster ride.
I know that I was holding on to my 3D glasses the entire time. LoL

The View of the Millennium Force in Cedar Point.
It was an amazing trip as it was very worth it because we only had to pay 40usd for the entire thing (excluding food)
The tickets were 36 bucks and we only paid an extra 4buck for the 2 way charter bus with a rest room in it.

The only regret I had was not going up the Dragster which is super crazily freaking high.
The entire ride is basically less than 18seconds but the amount of thrill and adrenaline will kill.
~Details about the ride~
Height: 420 feet
Drop: 400 feet
Speed: 120 mph
Angle of Ascent and Descent: 90 degrees (as in straight up and down, as in you can't get any steeper!)Type of Coaster: Steel Hydraulic Launch, able to go from 0 to 120 mph in about 4 seconds

Crazy huh. Too bad it drizzled during the time we were lining up for it and it had to be shut down because it would be dangerous for us to go especially when it is the tallest thing around.
Who knows we might just get stuck there or whatever.

Well, we had nothing to lose. We can always go back next Summer since its only 4 hours away and plus, school trips are always cheaper.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I was walking sleepily along the pathway to the Jogging Tracks Recreational Centre for my super early jogging class.

*Don't look at me in a weird way. Yes, a jogging class for my Health and Wellness Area in my General Education*

So I was walking and there was an African guy in front of me.

All of a sudden, he turned behind toward me and said,

"Hello, how are you doing?"

I ignored him thinking that he was talking to some anonymous person behind me and plus, I have never seen him in my entire life and if you think logically, why on earth would anyone walking in front of you randomly turn behind and say 'Hi' to you.


African guy: *rudely* Hey I'm talking to you. I said hello.

*I suddenly woke up from my day dreaming self, turned back back to double check who was he talking to and realized that he was talking to me and I replied him*

Yenn: Erm, Hi?

African guy: I was talking to you, I don't mean to be mean but don't you think that you should always respond when a person talks to you?

*Kena bomb no.1 *

*totally stunned and speechless* I'm sorry? And hello to you?

African guy: And what happen to your face?

Yenn: My face?

*what the heck, do I have toothpaste stuck on my face or what? I know that I didn't bother putting on any make up today but what on earth was he talking about?!?!?!*

African guy: Yeah, you should go see a doctor. *continues walking*

At this point I was kinda flippin' out in my mind when I realized that he was talking talking about my ugly pimply face.

I know lah that I got pimples you think I want wan arr??

What the hell, coming from a total rude ass stranger some more.

I was already shocked and speechless about the way he approached me already and plus, I was so darn sleepy because I practically woke up less than 25 minutes ago without make up, dressed in ugly jogging clothes and hair tied up into tight ponytail.

*Kena bomb no. 2*

Yenn: ERRRRR....... My skin has still not yet adapt to the climate and weather changes here.

African Guy: Owh, I thought you were American. Well, see you.

*with tonnes of fire and irritation in me* Ok, Bye.

-end of conversation-

ARGH, I felt like Screaming!

Are you serious?
You, stupid annoying random stranger stopped me just to tell me I should go see a doctor because I have pimples on my face?!
Hello!!! I am technically still a teenager and teenagers DO HAVE FREAKING BREAKOUTS EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE you stupid dumbdumb old INSENSITIVE AFRICAN BUTT HEAD!!
I feel like ripping my !@#$%^ Horrendous Face of my Stupid head.
What the hell man, I was insulted by some weird a$$ stranger for nothing.
Well yes, actually something!
Something that I have no control off.
I know I have breakouts on my face and I DO SPEND MY OWN HARD EARN CASH on products to at least HOPE that it will go away.
You think I like having FUGLY zits on my forehead?!
Try being me for a week!

To be honest, my self confidence dropped so much because of it,
I am in the showbiz and I always have to be so conscious about my ugly face and you freaking think that I'm having fun?!

Thanks for making me feel low, I appreciate it so much.
If making people feel low early in the morning makes you happy, well I am sure you are glad right now.
Hope you marry a super pretty wife with clean and clear face.
Good riddance.

I know I over reacted but I do have some feelings you know.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tulip Festival @ Holland, Michigan

Yes, we've been to Holland which was 1 hours away from Kalamazoo just last week. And we're back there this time to visit its downtown and to watch the Tulip Parade

The trip this time was organized but the English Language Centre (CELCIS) Group for International students. There were 28 of us in a Traditional Yellow School Bus (the one without air conditioning) And 90% of us were Asians, a bus load full of yellow skinned people.

Mikey was kinda like our "official" photographer of the day because he had his new Canon S5.

First stop of Holland, the little humble park filled with colorful tulips

LynN and June amongst the flowers

There were people dressed up in traditional Dutch costume with wooden clogs and guess who we took pictures with?
The Mayor of the town and his wife!
*hah! what a coincidence*
From Left: Yenni, Wilson, Hector, Mr. Mayor, His Wife, Me, June, Carmen, Jon and Chiweng.

We saw a whole long line for Fat Balls.
Sounds kinda obscene, wanted to try it but we didn't have the opportunity because it was too crowded.


June and Lynn under the Snow White tree

Mikey took this picture, which I thought was beautiful.
*a sister moment*

Mikey took this again, and I didn't realize that I put on so much of weight until now.

I couldn't help but to NOT post this picture because my Carmen looked so darn adorable.

ChiWeng being ChiWeng NEVER let any candy or chocolate go by him without trying.
All of us were tempted too though, its been ages since I've had my fair share or cotton candy :)

An old vehicle.

A pretty little girl who know exactly what to do when someone asks if we could snap her picture.

The young adults who were performing traditional folk dances along the streets

Well, since I was learning about different kinds of Folk Dances in my Roots of Jazz Dance class, I couldn't help but to at least pose like them.
*Yenn grabs Mikey's hand and poses just like how everyone posed for the picture*
*Mikey: This feels so wrong*
*Yenn: aiyah... its just a picture ma...*
*Yenn points to another group................picture below*

*Yenn: That one even more wrong loh...*

Basically the entire parade was about groups around town (be it high schoolers, middle schoolers, Mc Donalds, Insurance companies and etc) coming together to either perform or the least, hold up a banner of their company's name.

Middle and High School kids we're performing in their school band with all sorts of musical instruments under their belt. I have always wished that I could play more instruments, I really do envy them. If only Malaysian kids could be more exposed.

That was one darn cute *kurang ajar poser* looking boy I've ever seen.
Don't think I'll ever find a boy who would have that kinda hairstyle in Malaysia.

We had expensive Fun Fair food for lunch,
Lynn's butt was not big enough, she wanted big ears too so she had Elephant Ears.

The crazy sisters

The grass was so green that I was tempted to lie on it, and I did :)

I call this piece *Lynn's emo picture*
Well, if she ever writes a book, I think this would be good enough to be her profile picture.
Don't you agree?

My sexay Big Butt Model.
*ruvv u to bits*

I got to take Mikey's emo picture with his Canon S5 :)

I love this shot, it made him look like a small boy all over again.

Had my fair share of posing for pictures too

As usual, I did horrendous leaps.
And this time, I broke my favorite pair of flats.

Tried to fix it but I can't because it literally broke.
Lynn took this opportunity to take an 'emo' shot of me.

So did Mikey

Deng I need a new pair of flats.

Okay back to the parade, we saw really sexy cars like Mr Jazz from transformers

Little carts to pick up Horse Poop from the handsome stallions that walked (while pooped) proudly during the parade

The Bar-cycle.
Its like a bar but people will have to cycle it for the bar bike to move.
Pretty cool invention I suppose, not bad for the fact that we get to chill and chat with our friends while we cycle. Thats if the distance ain't too long.

Macho Hummers. The left Hummer is for the Marines and the H2 on the right is something we could see everyday here in Michigan.

The big a** Tulip

I fell in love with Caramel Apples that day

The dragon who was about to kiss the ground.

One of the many floats during the parade

We had barbecue chicken for lunch

DarLynN and I

JuneJune and Moi

On the way back home Hector and I played silly kid games on the bus.
This one was *scissor, paper, stone* and whoever wins get to slap the loser's back of his/her hand.
Sounds familiar?

I guess the parade was okay.
We were a little disappointed because we expected Tulip Floats and Grand expensive fancy looking decorations. But then again Holland is a teeny weeny town.
So whadaya expect?