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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

2nd Chapter of The Road Trip
After leaving Holland and South Haven, we made our way to Glennie which was 4 1/2 hours away from where we were. Its a pretty mother nature lake paradise.
People would rent grounds to camp there in tents or caravans, or just normal cozy cabins for an over night trip.

In our case, we rented a cabin that fits 8 with electricity and two more cabins that fits only 4 each WITHOUT electricity. Nothing inside except double decker bed bunks.
Sounds exciting?

That place was so darn deserted that we couldn't find the cabins at first. There wasn't even Phone Services or networks available.

While waiting for Kenneth to confirm the location we decided to take some crazy a** pictures on the empty highway

Yup its a freaking highway and a lake beyond

We explored the area around and found the lake

And the beautiful sunset

All I wanted at that moment was the people I loved the most around me

And of course a DSLR camera for pictures purposes

Lynn and I tried taking lots of 'romantic/emo' scenery shots

The ripples of the lake

I realized that we had too much clothing on and it wouldn't turn out as nice as a picture with a model wearing something body hugging. At least the silhouette would be more defined.

Lynn looking out into the sunset

We didn't have any Prince Charming with us so I thought a sister shot would be great.
And it turned out well :)

I made Lynn take out her Jacket in the freezing cold just to take a picture because she just had too much going on.

My masterpiece of the day with Kenneth as the model.

We found the cabin/camping ground.
The Alcona Park. I highly recommend this place if you are all outgoing, ready to get dirty and active. Its a sweet place for people who wants to get away from city, internet and phone calls.
Haha.. betcha can't stand that.
But seriously, I think it is a great experience and you know we should always try and be open to new and totally absurd things.
Or else what would they mean by living life to the fullest?

Did I mention that we would have to PAY to take a shower?
And yes some of you guessed right, some of us did not shower AT ALL for the 3 days that we were there.
*its not that bad lah... winter where got people sweat wan? hehe

A dollar a token. A token only lasts for 3 miserable minutes so too bad for those to take super long showers.
*Daddy, this reminds me of those stories of yourself when you were studying in England. I do realize how lucky I am now :)

Yenni and Ken

The big deserted area for Cabins and tents

Alcona Park also provide rafting, canoing and kayaking services.
Thats what we're there for.

The Big Bear Cabin. The only cabin with electricity.

Kenneth with the Bonfire he made. Somehow Kenneth always looks good in my pictures (hehe) guess he is my official model for the trip ;)

See.. the others don't look as good especially if I'm in the picture

Chilling outside after out dinner listening to the yelps and barks of Coyotes that roam around in the woods.
I was amazed with the visibility of the stars that night. They were so clear and the consolations were so darn obvious.
Too bad for me that I only know the Orion's Belt and the Big Dipper which leads to the North Star. I kinda regreted not buying an astronomy book I saw in one of bookshops which only cost 5usd. Silly me, that would be the best time to learn more about stars :(
I swore that if my camera was kickass I would have taken a picture our the night sky.
Nothing like what you would see in Malaysia or even in Kalamazoo.

The Last morning. Mikey and CheeKian... the culprits for....

laying bread on sleeping individuals

Owh, I forgot to mention about the incident that happen on our first night at Alcona Park.
No, we did not get attack by the wondering wolves nor coyotes.
Well, I was saying that we rented 2 cabins without electricity right and apparently the weather had been really crazy and freezing. So technically, the other 2 cabins without electricity was like a life sized freezer.
The boys couldn't stand the cold even with socks, sweaters and comforters.
Lucky for Lynn and I, we did not have to suffer because we slept in the cabin with the heater. But the first thing I saw when I woke up was random people sleeping on chairs, Carmen and Ken squeezing themselves on the oh-so miserable couch, and the other half of them were sleeping in their vehicles.
It had been a crazy night.
So for the second night, 19 of us squeezed into the 8 person cabin.
Some slept on the floor, 2 on the couch, from the picture above you can see 6 (2 big ones on top and 4 small people below and that includes me) on a double decker single size bunk beds. We were literally sleeping horizontally with our legs either hanging out or curling into a ball.
Well, it was an experience we all could never forget :)

Besides hanging out, cooking, and chilling around the cabin, we went Canoing on the first day.
We spent about 2 and a half hours in the freezing river wearing only boardshorts and a long sleeved top. I didn't dare bring my camera because I was afraid that it would fall into the river. But I brought it along on the second day when we went rafting.

Rafting was much more light and easy. It was more for seniors and little kids who don't want to get wet compared to canoing. Rafting only took about an hour and on the other hand the canoe and only hold 2 people in a boat.

Lynn and I on the raft with our pajamas on (because it was the only long pants I brought)

Baru bangun punya muka

The scenery was awesome and peaceful. We were hoping to see wild animals but I guess we were too noisy. The river was cold, it would be much better if we came when its much warmer but we didn't have a choice because that was the only week we had holidays.
I was pointing to ICE!! See I'm not kidding, it was freezing!

I loved the outdoor experience and I would like to do it again some other time definitely in a warmer climate :)
I thank God for the safe and wonderful trip in overall that although the weather was crappy and all we did enjoy ourselves and we weren't hit by the crazy storm that was going around demolishing houses and stuff.


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