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Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol Season 7 Winner is
David Cook!!

It is just unbelievable that this TV show has been going on for 7 Successful years.

Here is a video of 3 of his last performances in American Idol.

As sexy as he is, his voice is even sexier.
An awesome well rounded singer that has the capability to make everything in the world sound good. Lets just see how well he does in the real world.

And look what I found!
Musical Theatre in American Idol.
*jumps around gleefully*

David Cook singing one of my favorite Andrew Lloyd Webber musical number,
Music of the Night

Runner up of the Season, David Archuleta singing Andrew Lloyd Webber's Think of Me.
He isn't that bad either, although his voice and David Cook's are totally different styles.
I love his creativity in transforming songs though :)
Good Job


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