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Monday, May 19, 2008

A day trip to Cedar Point!

The overall view of Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio

I've been wanting to go to this Amusement Park ever since I've heard about it.
I even planned a 4day 3 night trip to Ohio just so I can ride one of the world's craziest rides.
Lol, guess the trip that I planned didn't work out because it was not open 3 weeks ago due to the extremely unpredictable cold weather.
Well, anyway we did finally get a chance to travel 4 hours to Cedar Point with the International Program Council with a whole bunch of friends.

Yup yup, just a few of us walking along aimlessly looking for rides to entertain ourselves.

This is one of my favorites.
It is called the Mantis. Unlike the other coasters, we stand instead of sitting down.
So you can imagine us going up and around the loops STANDING.
Pretty darn fun.

Caitlyn, Lynn, Jun and I waiting for the Mantis ride.

That crazy track behind me is called the Millennium Force.
It was the BEST and Freakiest ride I have ever been on.
It was almost a 90 degree fall downwards.
It was awesome.

Jeong and I

The Snoopy Boutique behind us.
I think Snoopy is the Ambassador for Cedar Point.
It was everywhere.

The weather was crazy that day.
The forecast the day before stated that it was going to rain the entire day but thankfully it only drizzled twice for a short while.
We bought Ponchos to protect our cute lil heads anyway :)
I think we all looked like graduate students and Lynn, sorry although Mike took this same picture 4 times, you still had your eyes closed in all of them.

Carmen is officially the girl who loves spinning rides.
I still can stand spinning and spinning and spinning so many times in a row.
I swear if I go on two more rides, I would puke.
Guess I'm more of a roller coaster person :)

Crazy Caitlyn and I.

We were at the indoor coaster ride too.
We even bought 3D glasses to look at the 3D stuff.
I thought it was silly though, because eventually the glasses will fly off during some part of the coaster ride.
I know that I was holding on to my 3D glasses the entire time. LoL

The View of the Millennium Force in Cedar Point.
It was an amazing trip as it was very worth it because we only had to pay 40usd for the entire thing (excluding food)
The tickets were 36 bucks and we only paid an extra 4buck for the 2 way charter bus with a rest room in it.

The only regret I had was not going up the Dragster which is super crazily freaking high.
The entire ride is basically less than 18seconds but the amount of thrill and adrenaline will kill.
~Details about the ride~
Height: 420 feet
Drop: 400 feet
Speed: 120 mph
Angle of Ascent and Descent: 90 degrees (as in straight up and down, as in you can't get any steeper!)Type of Coaster: Steel Hydraulic Launch, able to go from 0 to 120 mph in about 4 seconds

Crazy huh. Too bad it drizzled during the time we were lining up for it and it had to be shut down because it would be dangerous for us to go especially when it is the tallest thing around.
Who knows we might just get stuck there or whatever.

Well, we had nothing to lose. We can always go back next Summer since its only 4 hours away and plus, school trips are always cheaper.

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