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Saturday, May 03, 2008

I am back!!! :)
Back from a Five Day trip supposedly to the beach but unfortunately the weather just had to turn its back on us and gave us its crazy chills despite the fact that it was suppose to be warm because Spring is here.
We were all geared up with bikinies, sun dressed, spaghetti tops and shorts and too bad for us we had to freeze our freaking legs off throughout the entire 5 day trip.

19 crazy Malaysians on a fattening trip to South Haven, Holland and Glennie
Our first stop was South Haven.
We rented a place called the Asylum Inn. We were freaked out because of its name and the fact that it was supposedly a private hospital and the inn was about a 100 years old.
We were all so worried that we would see and hear things in the middle of the night.

As soon as we got there we were pretty amused and satisfied with the place as it was really pretty and the rooms were all decorated with different themes at different floors.
Owh, there were three different floors and there was a jacuzzi, and a kitchen in each floor.
Imagine how big the place was.

Apparently it was too cold to do any barbecuing like it was planned. Kenneth (the planner) and Jon (Mr. Chef) decided to split us into 3 groups (since there were 3 kitchens) and have us cook.

My group made Rice Wine Ginger Chicken Stew, Black Sauce Broccoli Beef, and a cocktail drink.
And we won!!!! :)

We had almost all the ingredients in the world and considering none of us being professional cooks we ALL did pretty well. We had a variety of dishes from Sweet and Sour Fried Fish to LiL pancakes to Bacon Wrap Bak Choy and etc.

Introducing the Three Judges.
Jonathan (Mr. Chef who holds a diploma in culinary arts),
Ma (A friend's mum who is super happening so its weird calling her auntie, so we called her mama),
Kenneth (the super trip planner, the one who made sure we all had fun)

At the end of the night, the winners (us) got to plan Deal or No Deal

Our Super group of Alcoholic Chefs (because we had white wine, rice wine and beer in out Chicken Stew) and we won 25bucks each!!!

Did I tell you the winners had to clean the house too...... So much for winning right? LoL
We had Nasi Lemak the next morning and thats a darn good and super expensive tupperware of Sambal we bought from a Malaysian Restaurant.

Yup so this is the outside of the Asylum Inn.
In fact some of us did hear random door bells and weird sounds in the middle of the night but none of us were hurt. Whatever it was, the uninvited guests were totally harmless.

The Humongous 4 floored building (plus the spooky laundry room basement)

One of the pretty bedrooms

We could enter every floor from the outside balcony.

LynN, YihWen, Jeong and I before going to the Beach

swing swing swing

Did I mention that it was only 42degrees (5 Celsius) that day and we were freezing out legs off.
And ALL of us we 'smart' enough to bring Summer Clothing only

Found the Beach, took our pictures and ran home to the heated house

And since we were on the beach already, we decided to just take off our jackets for a picture's sake in the freezing cold.

Vainpots, what girls would do

I can still feel the chill by looking at the picture


T'was freezing but no doubt Spring is here. The trees are finally blooming pretty white flowers

We walked around the little town of South Haven and went into a Princess Room full of every thing a little girl would want.

We went into the homey book shop which Lynn loved, one that we could sit with a cup of coffee and curl our legs on a cozy couch and read all day long in the bookstore.

Found a cute book which somehow reminded me of KeeWeng. haha.

These Sweet Tarts looked so darn yummy right... Guess who were they for?

We found em at a little Dog Shop and yes, those Sweet Desserts are for DOGS!!
Pies, Donuts, Cakes and Pastries all for em lucky dogs in the world!!

We went in the famous Chocolate Cafe and had the most yummilicious Chocolate Cake of the century.

Barbecue at night despite the FRREEEZZING weather

wah... I looked so fat :'(
Truth is I think I gained quite a few pounds from this trip considering the fact that we ate and sleep like crazy throughout the entire trip

Carmen poking em Marshmellows into the Satay Stick

There wasn't any space in the little pit so we roasted our Marshmallows on the Stove which were yummy too

We made our way to Holland on the Third day of the trip.
Not Holland real Holland but little Holland in Michigan.

We went to the tulip farm

Jeong, Yenn and Lynn

It wasn't as cold as the first two days but it was still cold.

Wilson and I

Taking pictures with all the pretty Tulips

Lynn and I outside the Windmill

Mikey and I

Jon and Yenni posing for a picture

The farm was gorgeous.
*Daddy, I bet u would like it. I even thought of buying you tulip bulbs for you to plant em at home but I doubt they'll last in the plane*

A farm full of flowers

Loved the color

This picture was the best of the day.
Mikey skipping in the air...... and boy he looked happy. He looked like he was one of the actors from a Bollywood movie and I guess I kinda ruined the picture by standing there.

Group Picture!!
From Top Left: Mike, Lynn, Jon, Ken, Carmen, Yenni
Bottom left: Wilson, Yenn, ChiWeng

Love em tulips

I wished I had a DSLR with me.......

Pretty Daffodils all in a row

White Tulips

Can you see me?

Thats it for South Haven and Holland.
Stay Tuned for the Cabins and Canoing at Glennie, Michigan!

classes starting tomorrow... deng it was fast

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