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Thursday, May 15, 2008

I was walking sleepily along the pathway to the Jogging Tracks Recreational Centre for my super early jogging class.

*Don't look at me in a weird way. Yes, a jogging class for my Health and Wellness Area in my General Education*

So I was walking and there was an African guy in front of me.

All of a sudden, he turned behind toward me and said,

"Hello, how are you doing?"

I ignored him thinking that he was talking to some anonymous person behind me and plus, I have never seen him in my entire life and if you think logically, why on earth would anyone walking in front of you randomly turn behind and say 'Hi' to you.


African guy: *rudely* Hey I'm talking to you. I said hello.

*I suddenly woke up from my day dreaming self, turned back back to double check who was he talking to and realized that he was talking to me and I replied him*

Yenn: Erm, Hi?

African guy: I was talking to you, I don't mean to be mean but don't you think that you should always respond when a person talks to you?

*Kena bomb no.1 *

*totally stunned and speechless* I'm sorry? And hello to you?

African guy: And what happen to your face?

Yenn: My face?

*what the heck, do I have toothpaste stuck on my face or what? I know that I didn't bother putting on any make up today but what on earth was he talking about?!?!?!*

African guy: Yeah, you should go see a doctor. *continues walking*

At this point I was kinda flippin' out in my mind when I realized that he was talking talking about my ugly pimply face.

I know lah that I got pimples you think I want wan arr??

What the hell, coming from a total rude ass stranger some more.

I was already shocked and speechless about the way he approached me already and plus, I was so darn sleepy because I practically woke up less than 25 minutes ago without make up, dressed in ugly jogging clothes and hair tied up into tight ponytail.

*Kena bomb no. 2*

Yenn: ERRRRR....... My skin has still not yet adapt to the climate and weather changes here.

African Guy: Owh, I thought you were American. Well, see you.

*with tonnes of fire and irritation in me* Ok, Bye.

-end of conversation-

ARGH, I felt like Screaming!

Are you serious?
You, stupid annoying random stranger stopped me just to tell me I should go see a doctor because I have pimples on my face?!
Hello!!! I am technically still a teenager and teenagers DO HAVE FREAKING BREAKOUTS EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE you stupid dumbdumb old INSENSITIVE AFRICAN BUTT HEAD!!
I feel like ripping my !@#$%^ Horrendous Face of my Stupid head.
What the hell man, I was insulted by some weird a$$ stranger for nothing.
Well yes, actually something!
Something that I have no control off.
I know I have breakouts on my face and I DO SPEND MY OWN HARD EARN CASH on products to at least HOPE that it will go away.
You think I like having FUGLY zits on my forehead?!
Try being me for a week!

To be honest, my self confidence dropped so much because of it,
I am in the showbiz and I always have to be so conscious about my ugly face and you freaking think that I'm having fun?!

Thanks for making me feel low, I appreciate it so much.
If making people feel low early in the morning makes you happy, well I am sure you are glad right now.
Hope you marry a super pretty wife with clean and clear face.
Good riddance.

I know I over reacted but I do have some feelings you know.

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