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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I always thought that people sleep more during the winter and get more active during the summer. Somehow I think it works differently for me.
These days I get so darn tired after I had my minimum 6 hours of sleep.
I am just waiting for the swimming pool outside our apartment to be open so I can dive in and swim my fats away. I am so unmotivated right now.
All I do is wake up, go class, go work, come home, stone, and finally sleep.
Super no life right?

On the other hand,

I finally got my toy!!!!!
Thanks Mum and Dad for the Sony T300/R Birthday Present in Advance!
Love you guys.

I just cant wait to go out to somewhere to start clicking away.
I took my first few pictures in Walmart.
Haha, pathetic right?

Doesn't look like anything different.
I guess I need to learn more about my Sexy Cam.

Focus, focus, focus

Lynn's engagement ring from mum :)

Yay pimply face.


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