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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tulip Festival @ Holland, Michigan

Yes, we've been to Holland which was 1 hours away from Kalamazoo just last week. And we're back there this time to visit its downtown and to watch the Tulip Parade

The trip this time was organized but the English Language Centre (CELCIS) Group for International students. There were 28 of us in a Traditional Yellow School Bus (the one without air conditioning) And 90% of us were Asians, a bus load full of yellow skinned people.

Mikey was kinda like our "official" photographer of the day because he had his new Canon S5.

First stop of Holland, the little humble park filled with colorful tulips

LynN and June amongst the flowers

There were people dressed up in traditional Dutch costume with wooden clogs and guess who we took pictures with?
The Mayor of the town and his wife!
*hah! what a coincidence*
From Left: Yenni, Wilson, Hector, Mr. Mayor, His Wife, Me, June, Carmen, Jon and Chiweng.

We saw a whole long line for Fat Balls.
Sounds kinda obscene, wanted to try it but we didn't have the opportunity because it was too crowded.


June and Lynn under the Snow White tree

Mikey took this picture, which I thought was beautiful.
*a sister moment*

Mikey took this again, and I didn't realize that I put on so much of weight until now.

I couldn't help but to NOT post this picture because my Carmen looked so darn adorable.

ChiWeng being ChiWeng NEVER let any candy or chocolate go by him without trying.
All of us were tempted too though, its been ages since I've had my fair share or cotton candy :)

An old vehicle.

A pretty little girl who know exactly what to do when someone asks if we could snap her picture.

The young adults who were performing traditional folk dances along the streets

Well, since I was learning about different kinds of Folk Dances in my Roots of Jazz Dance class, I couldn't help but to at least pose like them.
*Yenn grabs Mikey's hand and poses just like how everyone posed for the picture*
*Mikey: This feels so wrong*
*Yenn: aiyah... its just a picture ma...*
*Yenn points to another group................picture below*

*Yenn: That one even more wrong loh...*

Basically the entire parade was about groups around town (be it high schoolers, middle schoolers, Mc Donalds, Insurance companies and etc) coming together to either perform or the least, hold up a banner of their company's name.

Middle and High School kids we're performing in their school band with all sorts of musical instruments under their belt. I have always wished that I could play more instruments, I really do envy them. If only Malaysian kids could be more exposed.

That was one darn cute *kurang ajar poser* looking boy I've ever seen.
Don't think I'll ever find a boy who would have that kinda hairstyle in Malaysia.

We had expensive Fun Fair food for lunch,
Lynn's butt was not big enough, she wanted big ears too so she had Elephant Ears.

The crazy sisters

The grass was so green that I was tempted to lie on it, and I did :)

I call this piece *Lynn's emo picture*
Well, if she ever writes a book, I think this would be good enough to be her profile picture.
Don't you agree?

My sexay Big Butt Model.
*ruvv u to bits*

I got to take Mikey's emo picture with his Canon S5 :)

I love this shot, it made him look like a small boy all over again.

Had my fair share of posing for pictures too

As usual, I did horrendous leaps.
And this time, I broke my favorite pair of flats.

Tried to fix it but I can't because it literally broke.
Lynn took this opportunity to take an 'emo' shot of me.

So did Mikey

Deng I need a new pair of flats.

Okay back to the parade, we saw really sexy cars like Mr Jazz from transformers

Little carts to pick up Horse Poop from the handsome stallions that walked (while pooped) proudly during the parade

The Bar-cycle.
Its like a bar but people will have to cycle it for the bar bike to move.
Pretty cool invention I suppose, not bad for the fact that we get to chill and chat with our friends while we cycle. Thats if the distance ain't too long.

Macho Hummers. The left Hummer is for the Marines and the H2 on the right is something we could see everyday here in Michigan.

The big a** Tulip

I fell in love with Caramel Apples that day

The dragon who was about to kiss the ground.

One of the many floats during the parade

We had barbecue chicken for lunch

DarLynN and I

JuneJune and Moi

On the way back home Hector and I played silly kid games on the bus.
This one was *scissor, paper, stone* and whoever wins get to slap the loser's back of his/her hand.
Sounds familiar?

I guess the parade was okay.
We were a little disappointed because we expected Tulip Floats and Grand expensive fancy looking decorations. But then again Holland is a teeny weeny town.
So whadaya expect?


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