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Saturday, June 21, 2008


(took this picture outside the Music and Dance Building)

Well, I never really did miss home until a few months ago when I started thinking about the stuff that I wanna do. I do miss my friends and family but thanks to God-Give talents who created the Internet and Speedy Communication, family would be just a phone call away and friends are only a MSN message, Email or even a FACEBOOK Wall away.
Ain't that awesome?
Thank goodness I wasn't born 20 years ago... I swore I would have cried every night after leaving Malaysia.

I'm kinda worried that I wouldn't be use to everything back home.

The weather for sure would be definitely much more humid than the unpredictable weather here in Michigan. One thing I don't mind it being sunny and hot, but I remember working in the cafeteria in a Hot and Humid day a couple of weeks ago and that was not fun at all...

What else? The random passerby strangers on the street would be different.
And why on earth would they matter to me?
Hmmm... I seriously think I would encounter one of there scenarios at least once in my stay in Malaysia. I might have the possibility of walking in a mall waiting for the person in front of me to hold the glass door for me, and it would funny if s/he did not and I would smash my head on the glass door because I wasn't paying attention.
OR lets look at it this way, I might just hold the glass door for some random people behind me and they would walk through and give me the weird look as if I work there to usher people in and they wouldn't even say thank you.
HAHA.... =.=

I know traffic would be a HUGE difference!
There is no doubt we do see crazy white girls driving as if they don't have a driving license once in a while but then its been a while since I have heard any crazy honking coming from bumper to bumper Traffic Jams. So I might just freak out in the middle of the road if impatient Malaysian drivers honk at me. ALSO, pedestrians are always right on the roads and drivers are usually very much courteous enough to let you pass before driving down the lane.

Dang, I think I'll be getting a BIG TIME CULTURE SHOCK when I go back home

***** On a lighter note*****

When I was still in Malaysia, my mom would always ask me to practice my singing in front of her. Her excuse would be "Because I like to hear your voice and I am your number one Fan!!"
When I was younger she would even pay me to play for her.
"Yenn, practice for 1 hour and I give you Rm5"
*sho shweet right? ~blink blink~
I wouldn't be where I am if it wasn't for her and I owe all my improvements to you Mommy.

So mom, after 10 months of not hearing me play and sing from the piano, here is what I have for you. Enjoy!!!

A Change In Me from Beauty and the Beast The Musical
Please ignore my rusty piano skills :)

I Know The Truth from Disney's Aida the Musical

Tell me what you guys think about videos and where should I improve on!!! :)
Have a great weekend!!!


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