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Friday, June 20, 2008

It's 12.15am...
I guess everyone is tired of coming to my blog reading about how boring my pathetic life is right now huh?
This is where we bring BOREDOM to another level.

Carmen was bored on one random night and after making her usual funny animal noises, she walked over to our white marker board, cleaned the entire thing, and started a list.
Well, since she didn't know how to write Chinese characters, she used what we called
*HAN YU PIN YIN* instead.
(For people who don't know, Han Yu Pin Yin would be the way to pronounce a Chinese Word)

Lynn and I looked at the Marker Board and then decided to help her out. Lynn then wrote Chinese Characters on the Board and then wrote down the first thing that she wants to do.
Then of course all of us joined in with our random compulsive wants and even added cute little stick men sex positions on the board.
*Which was of course Carmen's doing... *wink wink*

At the end of the night 3 of us Lonely Bored Girls had 3 wishes on the Wish List.
Guess which belonged to who!

*The winner gets a peck on the cheek after I come back ;)


On a random note, I went to the Health Center in the University today because I was having an acute pain on my lower abdominals a few days ago.
After a whole long list of questions from "Explain the kind of pain" to "When was your last Sexual Intercourse" and many other private questions...
After performing a medical check on me, the doctor told me that I might have a Kidney Stone.

Why wouldn't I be surprised, I practically pee every half an hour and I DO have the capability of peeing in my underwear whenever I try to hold it. I just didn't know it will come this soon.

Thankfully, after more analyzing she diagnosed me with a Urinary Tract Infection.
But I would have to go back for more tests after a week.
*scared :(


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