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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Life without my dear laptop= B O R E D O M

Thankfully I am having my practicum now so I'll stay on campus till approximately 11pm every weekday night so I won't be bored without my laptop. But what do I do after coming home to the lonely apartment with Lynn feasting her soul laughing and crying away with predictable Korean Dramas and Carmen either chatting away lovingly with her dear Ken or girlfriends who are all the way around the globe or busy typing her assignments?
Its either I take a shower and go straight to bed, hangout with some friends while who are obsessed with the current NBA games, try to get Lynn's attention by updating her all my daily happenings or lie on my bed sing to myself till I sleep.
Pretty pathetic?

Boy I sure do miss my stupid Dell Laptop.
I was streaming Memoirs of a Geisha when I accidentally downloaded the freaking ZANGO program that caused my poor baby to be infected with annoying Trojan viruses which completely fcuked up my internal files and everything else.
And now I have to beg Lynn to sacrifice a few episodes of Korean Dramas for me to do my assignments and to update my blog to keep my blog from dying.
*Thanks Lynn*

*DANG, isn't that common sense? I have always been so careful about downloading stiff into my laptop but this one darn mistake really screwed things over.

On the other hand, here's my update on our Chicago Trip last Saturday!!

The City View of Chicago

Awesome structured buildings

The outdoor auditorium in the middle of a park.
Check out the designs and artistic structures of the auditorium!
Missycheerio, I wish you were here to share this with me......

And...... American girls sunbathing in the middle of the park.
*eye candy guys? :)

The Bean and I.
It was said that we would see the entire city by just looking at the reflection of the Bean in Millennium Park. And we did!

Bigsis Lynn and I.

Love this picture besides the humongous group of tourists in the bean taking pictures of themselves

Then it came my turn to camwhore

My slouchy Big sis and I. Check out the view behind us!!

The sampat Malaysian group

Charlie's Angels wannabe?
*yikes... not sexy enough... especially Lynn. ahahah

Michael Ng and the city

Love the picture although its super noisy

Lynn and I playing peekaboo in the middle of the garden

I'm still getting use to my camera settings.
And apparently it is not working out as nice as i thought it would be for this picture.

And we went to the famous PENANG MALAYSIAN CUISINE RESTAURANT for supper at 11pm.
*gosh.. it totally reminded me of yumcha sessions with my dear CheeWei and ChengChoo.
Check out the price of Roti Canai...
3.50 x 3.2 (after conversion rate) = FREAKING RM 11.20 (BEFORE TAX AND TIPS)

Oh my goodness, I knew that it was expensive but then I never actually did the calculations till 2 minutes ago and I am still so darn surprised.
Thankfully I'm going back in less than a month.
No doubt, I'm definitely going to eat Roti Canai till I lausai!!!

Till then, Summer lovin!

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