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Friday, June 06, 2008

*To young to think about it?*

First scenario-

Friend #1 : I just got engaged!!!

Yenn: Really? Yay! Congrats! When are you getting married?

Friend #1 : In 3 months.

I have never heard people getting engaged so often in my entire life until I got here to the United States. I did wonder why how come so many girls have big diamond rings on their ‘ring’ finger until it came to the point that I actually thought that it was actually fashion (which WAS NOT).
I mean how can there be so many people engaged at our age, am I not right?

The first person who told me that she was married was a 20 year old angmoh friend. She was flashing her diamond ring at my face while telling me about the wedding plans and who she was going to invite and all the other details.
While I was thinking to myself

“Whoa… I am going to be 20 in a couple of months and I can’t imagine myself getting married to someone at her age. I mean even if I really did love that special someone, how can one be ready to spend their entire lives together for the next 100 years at the age of 20?”

No offense but really, will they divorce in a few years for rushing in too fast?

Or maybe I still have not found that special someone that’s why I doubt their relationship will last. Or, I am just being a typical conservative Asian.

* haha… I bet some of you readers might be laughing when you read I AM JUST BEING A TYPICAL CONSERVATIVE ASIAN because Sue-Yenn and conservative just don’t match
But really, compared to the Americans I am pretty conservative.

Okay, back to the topic.

Second scenario-

Friend #2 : I just got engaged!!!

Yenn: Really?! Yay! Congrats! So how did you meet him?

Friend #2 : Its an arranged marriage.

Yenn: What?!?!?!?!

I didn’t know arranged marriages still exist?! Are you for real?

I wouldn’t want to be freaking forced to marry some weird guy. I would rather run away from home and marry a beggar that I am in love with than a guy that I have no chemistry with and am forced to marry. Who freaking does that in the 21st century?!

Third scenario-

Yenn: So how do you feel about marrying someone that your parents chose for you?

Friend #3: Actually it is not that bad, it is more like an ONLINE DATING SERVICE except the online agents are your parents.

Yenn: *looks at her with jaws touching the floor*
You’re kidding me right? How does it work?

Friend #3: Well basically we just tell them what we want in a husband and then they’ll search for the ‘perfect guy’ for us.

Yenn: Har!! So weird, I cannot imagine my mom choosing a boyfriend for me, let alone a husband?! So you marry him right after that?

Friend #3: Of course not. We’re living in the 21st century lah*

Yenn: Yeah right 21st century still need your parents to look for husband for you?

Friend #3: *looks at me as if I was super Kampung*
We date after knowing who the ‘guy’ is. My fiancé is in Australia now, we’re just exchanging photos and emails and we talk on the phone. We have been doing that for a while before we got engaged. It’s like a relationship.

Yenn: Wait, you still haven’t tell me how the parents thing work!

Friend #3: I told my parents that I want someone who can speak English and is tall. So my parents went and look for a guy who fits the criteria.

Yenn: Owh… Sweet.

I kinda think that the parents thing ain’t that a bad idea either because usually after getting together with someone special,
the most important people to like your partner would be your parents because they do play a big part ESPECIALLY after getting married.

PLUS, you get to date!! So if you don’t like him… dump!! *evil laughter*

You definitely can’t deny the fact that you know someone who are in bad terms with their Monster… I mean Mother-in-law, right?

Plus, I know that my mom would definitely find me a rich and handsome guy…

*Laugh my ass off*

Sigh… I am too young to think about all this wedding-I-love-you-forever stuff.

I’ve got so darn many years ahead, a steady job, a car, and probably an apartment to think about.

All I know is I want to have a wedding song written and performed by my future husband and I OR a kind of ballroom dance, either Tango, Foxtrot or Waltz.

Too demanding?

Lol, I think I just scared my future husband away… boohoo (if he ever reads this)







I think I’ll just marry a gay guy lah… so I can get my Green card.

Ps. just kidding


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