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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Carl's Jr. and Night Out with the Wacky Brady Bunch
This is a really short word post containing a whole bunch of pictures.
Because I am lazy.

Lee Suan from MYC Magazine called Lynn up one day and asked if we were free for food tasting at Carl's Jr on Thursday. Well of course me being me, dying of boredom and desperate to go out agreed.
Free Burger ma... :)

Do you know that in the United States Carl's Jr. is called Hardee's.
It took me a while to find out when I was at Washington DC having lunch, I saw that Hardee's had the same star logo and the same font as Carl's Jr. and both were Charbroiled Burgers so I read up a lil about it.
I guess the only difference is that Carl's Jr. is super darn expensive (for a Malaysian meal) and Hardee's is like any other fast food at the States.

Lee Suan took pictures of our 'sexiest' burger pose and interviewed us and that was it.

It was a pretty short session I must say. But the Burgers were good.

Lynn and her sexay pose.


BFF shirts

StephJie was gracious enough to make Lynn and I BFF shirts upon our return from US.
Love love love loved it!!!
It may look the same but its all different details and everything was hand sewn by StephJie herself!!! :)
Check out the process at her blog. *StephChai*

The Ding Dong Bells'

Everyone in white at Station One

Well, many things have changed every since 11 months ago.
So many new malls, shops, routes, and this Station One place. Everyone's talking about it.
Well besides the overpriced food and drinks, I thought the atmosphere was good. I like it when they have live performances. It not only gets to entertain customers, it also give more people a chance to show what they can do with their voices.


The Apartment with the Wacky Brady Bunch

Well we were suppose to got o Scarlet to meet up with a friend for his birthday but apparently Scarlet's cover charge for boys are insanely high and we couldn't find the birthday boy in there. So we decided to just drop by the apartment for some cocktails and beer.
Our first Wacky Brady day out! :)

The apartment.

The BFFs all dolled up pretty.

Don, Khee Wah, and Kee Weng

Well of course girls being girl camwhore alot. So watch out for the pictures!

Don and his horsey

The couch/bed in the apartment is way more comfortable that my stupid futon/bed in US.

Don looked like he was caught humping the horsey. Bad Boy!

The kawaii pose.
I really never understood how cute can the kawaii pose.
I mean why do people do it??? Is it really that cute? I find it rather overatedly annoying.

Anyone interested in hiring a nerd secretary for the next 4 weeks of my stay in Malaysia?

Or would you prefer a sultry manager for your taste?

My loves

Pretty ladies all in a row.

Love this shot StephJie!!!!!

Well, this is my sister whom I've lived with for the past 20 years of my life. And now I'm embarrassed.
But I still lub her :)

Till Then

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