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Friday, July 11, 2008

It feels good to be back home.
There is so much to talk about that I don't even know where to start.

So let’s talk about our crazy 47 hour flight from Lil ol' Kalamazoo to Home Sweet house Malaysia. It was a total of approximately 26 hours of flying and 21 hours of waiting in the airports. The worst thing was that we had to sleep over at Atlanta’s airport because the waiting time for the flight from Atlanta to Korea was 13 insane hours.
After I found out that we had to wait for 13 hours (which was practically 2 days before the flight itself, I told myself that I can do it and that I don't mind sleeping on the couches than to spend a certain amount of money for a hotel).
Turns out that it is SO MUCH MORE easier said than done.
As soon as we checked out our luggage from the Atlanta Airport, we then searched for a place that could be possible to make ourselves comfortable but failed. We weren’t the only ‘homeless’ ones and everyone took up the couches and spots that available.

So we slept on the cold hard floor of the airport.
And out of the 13 hours of waiting, Lynn and I each only slept for 2 hours.
Not that we didn’t want to sleep but then first it was so uncomfortable. Second, both of us felt super insecure that random people would steal our laptops, luggage and hand carry. We then agreed to take turns to rest.

It was funny to see the transitions from the United States Airports to the Korean one and finally the Malaysian Airport.
Kalamazoo’s Airport is all white, Atlanta’s airport had a mix of blacks, Korean’s were all yellow skinned, and Malaysia’s was multicoloured. I was laughing all the way when I first heard the air stewardess speak Malay, I even confused it with Tamil for a bit before I realized that it was Malay.

I was asking Lynn on the plane,
"What is the first thing mum and dad will say to us?"
And I said,
"Mom will say...'Wah Yenn! Your face so ugly argh?!'

And that was what she said.
Well, I take it as a show of love.

Well, its good in a way because I get a facial treat because I really do need it.

I was pretty fidgety throughout the entire flight back. I kept on asking Lynn stupid questions like "What if our tummies can't handle the hawker stall foods?", "What if we die of heat stroke?" and a whole lot of silly what if's.
I was stretching my short fat neck for the sight of my beloved parents the minute we got out of customs and I was actually disappointed when I couldn't see them at all.
I thought they were late.
Turns out that they were standing at the back and my heart leaped the minute I saw their familiar faces.
Lynn said that I was pretty dramatic as I ran to my parents while tugging on my super huge bright red luggage back. I couldn't stop myself but to cry tears of joy because I have missed them so much throughout these 10months away.
Seeing tears in my parent's eyes made me more emotional.

The other amazing thing was that ShiYin a.k.a Missycheerio called me via Khee Wah's cell phone to welcome me back (Yes, Mr. Chai was there too, and even welcomed us with 2 beautiful bouquet of sweet pink roses) I was really touched by the entire scenario and I found myself chattering away like a toddler who just found out she could make vowel sounds.

I was actually pretty surprised and really glad that people actually remembered that I'll be back and even better, you guys remembered my birthday!!
I was so shocked when I checked my gmail (after 6 days of not connecting myself to the cyber world) and saw more than a hundred mails and more than 50 messages were facebooked to me just to wish me a Happy Birthday.
Thank you guys, Love you all to bits :)

I would like to thank ShiYin for bringing me around for the past few days and bearing my 'lostlessness' and the fact that I tried to adapt back to the Malaysian surroundings. I'm glad we hung out at the Republic and even met up with StephJie and her DarlingDon.

I’m sorry that this post was kinda choppy, I just didn’t know how to rephrase so many things in one post. Thanks to missycheerio for the pictures, I'll upload more about everything else soon.
The internet is so darn slow.

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