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Monday, July 14, 2008

It's not that I want to brag that the United States is better but seriously,
the food there is cleaner.
No doubt.
The rules and regulations for food cleanlines is so strict that food has to be thrown away after every 4 hours even though it has not been touched at where I work. And if anyone gets a stomachache or food poisoning from eating foods from a certain place, they have the rights to be sued.
*That is why most cafeterias, restaurants and food stalls in the States take precaution in the cleanliness and quality of the foods that they serve- excluding the China man restaurants because as usual, they don't seem to care less*

The reason why I talked about food cleanliness is that because
I am a victim of dirty food after being here for less than a week :'(
Its not that I am complaining but throughout the few days in Malaysia I have experienced constipation, diarrhoea and just yesterday I vomited once before I slept and once in the middle of the night.
*How not to complain?!- sobs*
I was looking forward to my trip to the ss2 Pasar Malam which was abosolutely tempting because I was deprived of hawker food for the past 11 months abroad. But what can I say, Malaysians definitely do have a stronger immune system because of their exposure to cheapo foods beside the longkang.
*why la??!
On a lighter note,
Just to let you know that if you do see me anywhere do keep in mind that I just did my facial so I look very UGLY. I am still under going the face treatment process.
Well, as long as I recover from my horrendous complexion.

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