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Monday, July 14, 2008

So I have no laptop of my own right now.
My internet at home is pretty much screwed up.
I am out of the house spending time with whomever I can find most of the time and that is resulting to my slow updates.

So here are a few events that I wanna talk about.

more like yum zao ‘alcohol’

I’m really glad that I managed to meet up with my favourite people despite the second thing my dad emphasized the minute we saw him.

“No activities from Friday through Sunday because you are booked.”
haha… typical daddy.

ShiYin brought me around and showed me Sunway Pyramid 2.
*which was huge, and I felt as if I was in One Utama instead*

Dear missycheerio even treated me to a simple dinner of Sakae Sushi which I missed dearly and even bought me a ‘Sex on the Beach’ at the Republic.
*ahh… finally being able to drink legally at a nice decent bar after 10 months of being a minor*

We met up with the Brady Bunch, camwhored, talked about life and went back home in high spirits and satisfied to the brim.
*Keeweng was at Melacca :(


My 20th Birthday Celebration
was pretty simple yet memorable.

Usually what daddykins would do is treat the family to an expensive Western dinner and spend quality time together. Well, for my case it was totally different.
We ended up at ss17’s Neway Karaoke belting our voices out and enjoying their scrumptious yet simple buffet dinner. The fact that I’ve only been to a karaoke once (and I went there without any voice because I was sick before) got me really excited with the idea.
Daddykins with his low sexy bass voice was Elvis Presley although three of us females were the ones singing most of the time. Mummy Dearest enjoyed herself singing Chinese Oldies like “Yue Liang Tai Biao Wo De Xin”.
Well of course my sister who practiced all the Chinese songs while she was bored in US sang Chinese Pop and I tested out my newly learned belting skills in English songs like Avril Lavgine, Celine Dion and Christina Aguilera.

I have to admit at some point that I sounded like a Pig Oink-ing its last oinks but who cares? Family members are meant to see the worst side of me right? :)


I have Official Chopped of 3 inches of my hair
since the past 1 year.
The thing about living in Lil Ol’ Kalamazoo as an Asian is that getting the right hair cut is very difficult.
First of all, the American hair texture is completely different from ours as theirs is nice, thin and easily manageable (usually because of the weather) and ours are thick and bushy and it REQUIRES layering.
Second, the American hair dressers usually don’t do layering (because their hair is already thin) and somehow they usually just cut it straight across instead of our usual V-shaped ends.
I can’t generalize that all the American hairstylist don’t know how to ‘layer’ Asian hairstyles but from what I’ve seen and from what my friends there have experienced, it is absolutely impossible to get a decent satisfying hair cut UNLESS you travel all the way to the nearest China Town and get a typical China Wo/man to get your hair styled.
That is the reason Lynn and I have not trimmed or done anything to our hair for the past year.
I don’t wanna disgust you readers but mind you, our hair was really gross due to the drastic weather changes and thanks to that we or at least I had a head full of spilt ends to mend.

So Yay! I’ve cut my hair.

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