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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sunday @ the Heart of Malaysia

Although I am a 'Subang Kia' and Subang is so darn freaking near to KL, I don't usually go there unless there's an occasion. The last I went to KL was when I was performing at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC) for 'That Was The Year' and that didn't quite count because I wasn't exploring it. Simultanueously, my mom is a 'Orang KL' and she herself use to walk on Bintang Walk almost everyday of her life, thats before she met my dad.
My say is that I kinda took Kuala Lumpur for granted until I went overseas because I've always thought to myself that KL will always be there and its only like a 20minute drive away.

Daddy was and is having an International CFO meeting at the Grand Millenium hotel right beside the Pavilion and he was going to be there till Thursday. So he brought us over to KL not only to drop him off, but to spend 'quality time' together until he comes back.
Not that 4 days is gonna be long but Lynn and I are only going to be here for 7 weeks, so family time is pretty crucial now.

We've been pretty excited about going to 'THE PAVILION' because while we were at US everyone's blog seems to be talking about it.

We were greeted by live models modeling for the brand 'Soda'.

Besides shopping (more like window shopping), after dropping off daddykins, mommy treated Lynn and I with a Fish Spa. Well, I myself have been wanting to try it ever since I saw it on XiaXue's blog a couple of months ago.

We were practically squirming throughout our first 5 minutes of our 30minute session.

Check out mom and Lynn's red faces from the teeny fish bites

Lynn had most of the fishes on her smelly feet

I was pointing to mom, showing her the humongous fish that was as big as my clenched fist sucking on my toe.

My share of fishes suck and nibbling on my dead skin

Mom and Lynn pretended to feel relaxed

There were 2 parts of the fish spa, one with the smaller fishes and another with the grown up fishes. Basically the grown up fishes are more 'painful' so people will have to try on the smaller fishes first before dipping their feet into the pool of 'piranhas'. Personally, I prefer the bigger fishes as they don't feel as ticklish and the baby fishes. Their bites are more solid and the baby fishes tend to have smaller and quicker bites.

While mom and I moved to the 'bigger fish area', Lynn stayed on to enjoy the baby bites.

This place is highly recommended because not only its cheaper than other Fish Spas that I know of, it also provides rather good foot and body massages, slimming services and etc. The only problem is the place doesn't have its own bathroom and the public bathroom outside was horrible and it smelled like 10,000 people took a shyte there.

*either that or I am still use to the sparkly clean American bathroom -.-"

At Bintang Walk.

Mom who is born, bred, studied and worked in KL said,

"I use to walk along this road every single day. Even then, this place was one of the most developed area. I use to do my course in the morning, work at KFC in the afternoon and sell hot pants at Chee Cheong Kai at night."

Lynn and mom outside Lot 10

We then landed at the famous Ramen Siu Long Pau palace for dinner

On the way back to the car park at Grand Millennium

At the Grand Millennium.

Well, it was a 5/6 star hotel with a funky public restroom. The place was filled with international tourists and I guess the rooms were pretty cool too. However the place somehow smelled weird for my taste and the carpark sucked big time for a 5/6 star hotel. Well, I guess the place is just new but how would it be a 5 star hotel?!

Till then, xoxo

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