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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Teacher: It's nap time so please try to sleep and not disturb your friends.
Kid: But I don't feel like sleeping at all.
Teacher: Okay then if you don't feel like sleeping, just day dream.
Kid: Teacher, what is day dream?
Teacher: Day dream means dream with you eyes open.
Kid: *speechless*
(while bystanders laugh their butts off)

It is true that I can be quite sarcastic at times especially when I am not thinking to myself.
Recently, I have been helping my mom at the kindergarten with the kids (not as much as my sister of course but enough to at least make a decent conversation with them and help them with their homework) and spending quality with mostly anyone I could find. I think based on my facebook profile (if you have noticed) I have been having tonnes and thousands of camwhore pictures with darling Missycheerio.

So here are some of mine from a Go Green shoot today.

I've decided to name this shoot *Go Green* because, well obviously I was wearing green and I am in a park. Besides that, every since I went to the States I realized that the Westerners do give a lot of attention to the cleanliness of the environment.
Alcohol packaging would be in the typical brown paper bag and even fashion boutiques like Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, West Seal (and etc.) sells funky Environmental Tees and even Duffel Bags.

After returning home to Malaysia, I wasn't use to the incredibly polluted weather and instead of having the usual clear blue skies, we're surrounded by greyish skies with a hint of blue whether you notice or not. Also because I have been living in a secluded 'kampung' for the past 11 months, so yea I should stop comparing.

I was pretty tired before this shoot as I only had 4 hours of sleep the night before and since missycheerio was going to start her classes next week, I didn't want to postpone the shoot.
Well, I guess it turned out pretty well for both the amateur model and the newbie photographer.

I myself was more satisfied with my shoot for missycheerio as her pictures turned out pretty well and the angles were experimental and different (which turned out pretty good for someone who hasn't shot a professional shoot).
As you can guess, we were shooting each other and to see her pictures visit her blog :)

On the other hand...
I am leaving for Macau in less than 10 hours and I am darn excited!
Cheap Shopping here I come!!!

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