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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Trip to Macau & Zhu Hai (Part 1)
Yes, I am finally back from the blazing hot land of Casinos, Culture and Seafood.

Months before we came back from the States, daddykins told us from the phone that we were going for a family trip either on a cruise or to Indonesia's famous island, Bali.
I of course being in the freezing cold weather for almost 5 whole months and desperate for sunshine opt for Bali's white sandy beaches and deep blue seas. It was after a few weeks after that phone call when daddykins confirmed with us that we were going to Macau.
My reaction was like,
*why Macau? Not that it's famous for anything. Plus, we don't gamble. I don't even freaking know how to play 'Chor Tai Di'?!*
But then since daddykins was paying and the fact that we trust his taste, we then went ahead with the plan.

Day One

After landing in Macau's International Airport, we hopped unto a Taxi and made our way to the port to take a boat over to Zhu Hai- direct translation for Pearl Sea.

Lynn and I on the boat overlooking the coffee looking water

Dad and mum sat in the shade

A port being a port has a whole lot of boats and people living in their floatable homes. I never knew that I was sailing into the land of Seafood until I stepped down the boat.

Macau's view from Zhu Hai.
As you can see, that Macau and Zhu Hai is so darn close together. It barely took us 10 minutes to get to our stop.

It was just like the morning market except its super darn hot and humid. Imagine being there are 2 in the afternoon.

As I was saying the there are tonnes of seafood there.
So our first stop was to grab lunch.
Daddykin's friend picked us up in his comfortable van and drove us to the nearest seafood area.
It was like entering a market full of people selling fresh live seafood freshly caught from the ocean.

The concept of this is something like The Curve's Marche where you pick and buy whatever seafood you want to eat and they will cook it as you like it. It was a whole long stretch of stalls and different kinds of seafood from shell fishes, to crabs, to fishes all alive and moving.

Stalls right in front of the restaurants.

Interesting seafood that I have never seen.
Clockwise from left: Shell fish, Cock eggs, fresh abalone, sea urchins and star fish.

Highlight of the day- The Joeduck (I'm not sure whether is that the way you spell it)

Yenn whispered:" Lynn look! There's the albino dick".

Daddykins: "Kinda looks like the male organ".
Yenn: "haha daddy, you don't have to make it sound so decent."

It really does look like a dick. I mean sorry if I offended any guy readers but don't you think so?
It moves in and out really slowly and it looks gross. Lol.

After walking along the stalls, we then went into a random restaurant and waited for what our host ordered. While waiting we cleaned our chopsticks and bowls.

*Did you know:-
That the tea that they serve are not for drinking? You are are suppose to clean your spoons and bowls before you actually pour away the tea into an empty bowl that they prepared and they only use the cup for the tea.

I, being a person who don't favor beer actually liked their beer because its much lighter. More like a ladies' drink.

We had about 8 different kinds of dishes on our table for lunch. May I repeat, for lunch. And no one eats so much for lunch. One of my favorites was the Mantis aka. Lai Liu Har.
Was damn good.

It was a little tougher the prawns and the side tasted like soft shell crab. how to not like it? :)

We also had shell fish and 'dong fun'- a kind of noodle which was delicious too. Too bad we were too full to actually enjoy the food. The amount of food that we had could practically feed us full for both Lunch and Dinner (and I am not kidding)

The best thing was Raw Joduck aka. Albino Dick aka. Male Organ dipped in Wasabi and Soy Sauce.
Tasted like Sashimi. :)

After lunch, Mr Host brought us to the spa for a full body massage and a hair wash.
I never taught that we would be having a grooming session and we were treated like VVIPs.
First they applied a cool creame to get rid of dead skin cells.
After sending us to the shower, we were given a full body massage with a fragrant massaging oil.
Mind you when I say a full bady massage, I meant full body massage and that included the boob area.

You may ask, "omg, they've seen you naked!"
Yes they did.
And the question would be "Was I turned on?"
Answer is "No."

*Aiyah.. so easily get turned on merh? Like that rapist rape you also turned on la...?*

Anyway, back to where I was.
After the massage, we were packed into a little bag which had a heating system.
Layed there for about 30mins to perspire to get rid of body toxins and then we were given a kinda of chinese tea for detoxification.

Syok anot? :)

Then we had a hair was which was nothing like I ahve experienced in Malaysia Salons.
They washed our hair with us lying down the entire time!
It was awesome and unlike some of the hair dressers over here, they massage our heads (while they washed it) for at least 30 mintues. After washing, we sat up and they massaged our backs, rinsed our hair and sent us to the professional hair stylist to get our hair styled as we like.
In my case, I got my hair blow dried till its straight to perfection.
Never in my life I had my hair blown so straight as if it was straightened.
Indeed I was a happy girl :)

After we checked in, only we realized that Mr. Host booked us the Presidential Suite (which was the best room in the entire hotel) Not only that, I found out we had the best hotel in the entire city. To cut it short, we had the best of the best.
Check out the the bed that was bigger than a king sized bed!

Well, although the suite only had one bedroom, we had extra beds ontside in the living room for Lynn and I, which we didn't mind at all. It was awesome.

Day Two

Daddy woke us up at 7.30 in the morning for our busy day ahead.

Got ready and made up for picture perfection.

While waiting for mumy dearest to get ready we camwhored a lil bit.
This is the living room, also the room which Lynn and I slept in.

Antique looking Telephone

Mr Host brought us to Zhu Hai's tourist attraction which was China's first President Sun Yet Sen's hometown and house.

The area was huge, filled with pretty greens and old statues.

Well, as usual uncivilized people would leave their territorial marks like how animals do.

The souvenir shop filled with more people than souvenirs to sell.

Daddykins and I with ze Mama Pig and her piglet

The doorway of Sun Yet Sen's House.

I took this picture to show my American Friends that during the olden days the Chinese kept their wine in vases like these.

I wonder how would it be like if I were living in those days when the brides had to hide in that little box. It would be stuffy and hot and goodness gracious me bumpy I suppose. The thing I probably like is to not see the groom for a day.
Keep the passion bottled up in a little coke can, shake it and open it during the wedding night. :)

May luck, wealth and peace be with you

Lynn amongst the flowers

The walls were covered with real oyster shells. Not only they get to recycle em old shells, they make pretty decorations too.
The metal grill those days.
Outside the resting area.

Check out the roots of the old tree. The roots were painted white to protect the tree from frost bites during winter.

The big bell, probably to wake the entire village up in replacement of the rooster.
(just kidding)

Outside the information centre with all the pictures, history and writings of President SunYet Sen. As I have said before, he is the first democratic leader of China before the communist leader Mao Ze Dong. Sun Yet Sen was a doctor and he graduated from Honolulu and was a Christian.

On the way out from the tourist zone for shopping.
This building above was where alot of Chinese Movies were shot.

Chinese Pronounciation: bo ai
Meaning to love one another.

The streets were filled with people, why am I not surprised. Not only it was crowded, it was also humid, super sunny and darn freaking hot.
Check out the lines for the street food that they were selling.

We got Squids!
Awesome taste of tender juicy tentacles with a crunchy touch to it.

My Squid :)

The streets

I loved their statues all over the place. They even had statues showing the traditional wedding and etc. Great was for tourists to learn the culture and their way fo life.

Lynn and Daisy (the lady who brought us around)

Awesome architecture. :)

Fried chicken wing and yummy balls.

Gui Ling Gao was magnificent considering the crazy weather.

This was hoe they sold puppies.
Poor little things all trapping in ONE cage. No space or anything to move at all.. :(

Lynn and I were walking around when we found a Gucci Shop.
And that was StephJie's Gucci Pose. :)

We then headed to a seafood resturant for dinner.
Our host was crazy enough to buy pay for our Presidential Suite, EXPENSIVE Seafood Lunches, Dinners and even worst, he paid for all of our shopping.
Mind you I bought a cheongsam and Lynn bought two for herself.
Everytime when we were about to pay, Daisy rushed in to make sure no money comes out from our pockets.

This is a restaurant, not a pet shop although it looked more like a fish shop to me.

Huge Rays ready to be eaten

Water Turles.
Awesome architecture and of course... models :)

Check out the length and size of the lobster.

After dinner, Mr Host treated us to a bowling game.

He heard that daddykins plays really good bowling so he challenged daddykins to play while we played along the sides.

Daddykin's high score.

And of course he won the 100 rmb bet.

Mc. Champ and his wife :)

Just as we thought we were done for the night, Mr Host brought us to the same grooming salon and treated us again with a foot massage and manicure.
Truly a VVIP experience.
We were all so embarassed and didn't know what to say and how to reject.

Dipping my feet and doing my nails, doubt I could experience that for the next couple of years.

My pretty manicure :)

Lynn's funky Pandas done by an Eighteen year old manicurist

Well.... Thats that for the first two days of ZHU HAI.
Stay Tuned.


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