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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Okay, I am still alive and well besides the fact that I don't know why am I always so tired.
Gosh I've got so many preparations to do before school starts that I kinda regretted coming back so late or probably staying in Houston too long. I've got a credit card to apply, fees to pay, books to buy and etc. Too bad its the weekend, can't do much.
So many things to do and so little time!

Looking at my schedule kinda scares me because I've got classes, work, and rehearsals packed every single day from 8 in the morning onwards till 10pm at night. Plus the fact that I have been *holidaying* for the past 4 months (Summer classes doesn't count because they're easy) freaks me out even more because I have more 'Hands On' classes this semester.
Guess long holidays aren't so good after all, I enjoyed it too much :)

Well I guess I won't be blogging that often anymore :(

Owh by the way,
Happy 51st Birthday Malaysia!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I am so darn jet lagged right now.
I sleep late at nights and I wake up only at 10 in the morning and I still barely can keep my eyes open after lunch time.


I'm at Texas, Houston with Dawn Chan right now.
Enjoying the not-so-humid weather and even freezing up whenever I enter a mall or a restaurant with air condition. And I thought Texas was hot. lol.

Dang it. I just found out that I have a whole load of homework to prepare before the first day of class and I have no internet and no time till I get back to Kalamazoo. Shucks. A monologue to memorize, 2 plays to analyze and a song to get into my head.

Okay, lets skip the stressful stuff.
I miss my LOVES!!! :(

I was just looking through my pictures and I miss you guys already :(

Missed the one and only day we hung out officially throughout my entire stay back home in Malaysia.

Chee Wei was our driver while 6 of us squeezed in his Small little Kancil. And good for Suelynn that she had a big ass, she got to sit in front in the spacious but not so spacious seat.

Junkang, WernSern and Me.

We went to Pavilion at KL and felt really out of place because everyone except us were nice and posh while we were all ditsy and acting stupid.

My Favorite People Who Keeps Me Sane.

We found a mirror next to Baskin Robbins and started camwhoring like nobody's business.

My favorite part was we got to eat authenic style Chinese Beef noodles at Jalan Alor

Miss this right now.

We to Euphoria and met Niki and Lisan outside the club.

Camwhored again.

haha... wei wei looks like he was squashed by us.

Apparently the club was pretty sucky that night. Music sucks and it was extremely loud.

Owh well, I'm so busy right now.
Just wanted to update so you readers won't die of boredom.
Okay, bye bye.
Can't wait to get back to Kalamazoo!!!! :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I have less than 12 hours left.
pack pack pack!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Guest Blogger

Good day people.

First and foremost,please allow me to introduce myself. I may not appear here as often as yours truly herself but I am definitely gonna take this opportunity to pen down some thoughts here. We just got back after a long and tiring day shopping in Bangsar! =) Had lunch in Delicious with Yee Wa,and boy we sure did had a great time! Guilty pleasures,but it was all worth it.

I am here sitting down in front of her computer,hoping to leave an impact on her page which i doubt it'll work but oh well; I am feeling terribly sad now because my dear best friend is flying off on Sunday. Its been a great two months spent together and its just awfully painful to know that its all gonna come to an end soon. You will be missed dearly. =(

She was such a great friend,and that fact has never changed. I'm surprised that the time and distance hasn't change one bit about us and whoever said that friendship doesn't last? You may disagree with me on everything else,but this you must not. I love this very dear friend of mine,and i promise to save up money to get my ass to US to visit you okays! :D

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Some things that money just can't buy.
P/S: I Love You.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

i seriously hate it when every freaking person sides the other when they don't bloody know the whole story. i hate it when you pretend that you are always right and i am always damn wrong just because of age difference. and just because i speak my mind out in front of everyone and let everyone see the real me doesn't mean you freaking sly can act pitiful and get everyone else to pity you. owh you poor darn thing. i am sorry you have such a sister to take care off. you bloody pathetic. you can freaking curse at me when we both are alone and when i response to you in a text message you effin' had to show the world in black and white. seriously, just leave me the hell alone and go live your life. get out of my face.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Less than a week left

Gosh, at first I thought coming back for 7 weeks would be a little too long.
I couldn't imagine life without class or work for 7 whole weeks. I mean, what am I suppose to do throughout that time? As much as I like hanging out with my friends, the fact that everyone are having classes and exams kinda got into me and left me thinking that I probably wouldn't be doing anything important or productive throughout my 7 week stay here in Malaysia.
My initial plan was to travel around for food with my Rm1000 savings and hope that I can survive with only that. Thank goodness mum saved up the Angpaus from uncles and aunts who are lovely enough to give even though I was overseas.
I remembered having all those plans of hanging out here and there, visiting places, doing this, that and everything I could think of in Malaysia under the sun. haha. I even blogged a list of *Things to do* on the 1st of July and I still have not achieved half of it.

Lets check the list shall we?

1. Hug my Dear Parents the minute I arrive.
*which I have the second I saw them :)
2. Go around searching of yummilicious food.
*Hmmm... I guess I can't consider myself doing that because I have yet to taste my favorite Nyonya Laksa, Taiwanese Beef Noodles, Lemang, Crab Pan Mee and etc.
3. Clubbing and drink up some good cocktails.
*Yes, I absolutely LOVE Euphoria for the fact that its a smoke free club. Unfortunately alcohol here in Malaysia is so darn expensive compared to America's cheap beer and liquor.
4. Visit all the new malls.
*I have not been to The Gardens yet!!!
ANd I am still dying to go to the Curve's flea market :(
5. Get a few sets of Underwear and Bras.
*hehe... bought Rm300+ worth of it and I am happy :)
I even bought a stick on bra for special occasions! whee*
6. Go for the Fish Spa
*Yes, and it does work although it could be freaking ticklish at first.
7. Hang out with the Brady Bunch
*Yes I have but I still wanna go to Sky Bar!
8. Karaoke Sessions
*Gosh... its either I have never been to a Karaoke Box or I over sang. I guess I have been there about 5 times now throughout my 6 weeks here excluding the singing sessions with missycheerio :)
9. Visit Sunway University College and my Juniors
*Erm, guess I have not visited Sunway University but thank goodness I have met up with simple cheryl and friends for clubbing. Wish I could do it again but she will be leaving a couple of days.
10. Support Chee Wei in So You Think You Can Dance Season 2
*Well, sad that he didn't enter top 4 because of producer's predetermined results. But what the heck, in the end the most talented people will rise. At least I've been to Rumms to watch his opening dance and not to forget, we even competed together at Taylor's Dance Arena just last week! :)
I guess I could consider that as my most productive thing that I have done here in Malaysia.

So yeah, I have FIVE more days left.
Five dear days.
Gosh, this is bittersweet.
It's like I am dying to go back to the laid back lifestyle, to see my dear friends and to hide from MummyDearest's constant nagging. (her excuse is that she is going to nag as much because we're going to be gone for a couple of years and she wants to make up the nagging years that we're going to miss and its getting pretty...... annoying)
On the other hand, I don't want to leave my family, my homegrown Malaysian friends (you know who you are) and of course the absolutely mouthwatering variety of foods. If only I could bring everything back with me and have the best of both worlds (which I know is pretty darn impossible).
I have so many things to do this week.
Pack pack pack, go to the dentist, take family portrait, meet up with more people, eat local food, sleep and etc.
Boy, why didn't I do those earlier?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

People who are freaking self centered are pathetic
People who are pathetic does nothing but invade other's personal lives
People who invade another's privacy are anal
People who are anal have their anus' on their faces
People who have their anus on their faces should get lost.
And that is what you should do.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dua Coopang- Taylors Dance Arena

So after having multiple sleepless nights, the competition day finally arrived.
Pictures was taken right after rehearsal as thus we look gross and sweaty.

With Hottie Choo
Darling CheeWei who choreographed most of the dance and Hottie Choo

Wern Sern and his peace sign :)

Sweetie Big Sis Lynn who came and stood throughout the entire competition in heels to support us.


hmm... I guess we kinda did pretty okay for a one-week-start-from-scratch-routine. But then again, it was darn messy and the stupid technicians covered most of out important parts with smoke. For example, did you notice that we were doing alot of walking at the begining?
Well, the entire begining had a story behind it.
Each of us played a different character. We had the geek, the playboy, the indecisive noob, the slut, the bimbo and the bitch.
Betcha didn't notice.

Yup, we're ranked 2nd place in the Taylors Dance Arena.

Although it was only a thousand ringgit shared by all six of us, the main reason we took part in the competition was to have fun especially when I am leaving in exactly a week's time from now.
I am so going to miss you guys. Love you all so much. This was probably the best thing I have done throughout my 7 weeks here in Malaysia.

Picture taken along with Chee Wai and Nazneen the other ex-Vulcanianz.

The silliest thing that happen that day was the fact that Jun Kang was so darn excited that we won and that he dived (may I repeat, DIVED) off the stage and fell into a bunch of tables which ended up on top of him.
It was so damn funny. Look at Chee Wei laughing his head off.
Poor Jun Kang. We still love you no matter how ridiculous your actions are :)

Our crew name *DUA COOPANG* along with the other crews.
Look at Chee Wei pointing at Jun Kang... LMAO

Yup, the clown of the day.

Hottie Choo

moi :)

Sexy Alyna who didn't join us in the previous camwhore Korean Drama Shoot.

Bboy Wern Sern

Love this shot of Hottie Choo and Bboy Wern Sern making out

hehe. Darling Chee Wei looks like he is about to pull Sexy Alyna's head off.

My Mr. Clown of the night.

And of course, my Big Proud Sister who got so darn excited during the performance that she recorded our dance with extremely shaky hands. tsk tsk.

A slice of THE CHEQUE.

Dua Coopangs with the Champions of the night, COOKIE MONSTER from Taylors University College who did a very good job in their energetic hiphop dance performance.

Love you all long long very long time. :)
Hope we get to perform again.


And as for the after effects of the intensive late night practices.....besides bruises, more zits, and panda eyes......................


Gross rough dead skins

Blisters that are nothing but hard.

And of course, the super grusome blister that tore :'(
*I know la... so gross that I shouldn't have posted it up but I wanna share my pain with you all ma... you know that because of this fat ass blister I had to walk like a duck for 2 days?

till then. xoxo.