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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Door in the Face

I have thought, discussed and even blogged about this even before coming back to Malaysia. Back then, it was just a mere thinking that a lot of Malaysians just don't give a hoot about acknowledging another the other person when he/she takes the initiative to leave the door open for you.
Just when my 7 weeks here is about to end and the mentality of "Malaysians aren't THAT rude after all", this fat lady I met today just decided to make me change my mind.
I am not complaining because I have to go the extra mile for a complete stranger, in fact I do feel good about myself when I do a good deed. I guess I am just pissed because that arrogant a** did not bother returning a simple 'Thank You' or at least a smile to acknowledge me.

*Like 'HELLO' do I look like your personal door opener?!
And even if I am paid to do so, are you so darn poorly educated that your parents didn't even teach you BASIC MANNERS? wth?!

All I am asking for is AT LEAST a glance to let me know that what I do is appreciated.

This was what happened.
I met a fat rude Blondie wanna be woman today.
Let call her the BBB (Blondie Bimbo Bi*ch) shall we?
And since she did not bother being nice to me, why should I even care about her? Plus, its not like I am posting her picture online to let the entire world see who she is, nor did slam the door at her face for being such so arrogant towards me.
Just let me rant okay.

As I was entering a shop as SS14 today, I opened the door (of course to let myself in).
I had no idea Mrs. BBB was walking out and as she did, while I moved towards the left to make way for her before I entered (although I was the one who got to the door first) Mrs. Fat BBB just pushed her way through with her nose stuck in her head and waddled off slowly as if I blardy owned her money.
Then again, I don't want to generalize ALL MALAYSIANS, after all I am a Malaysian myself. But I seriously think that the third world mentality has got to go pretty soon before we get pushed off the world map.

Gosh, I have opened so many doors for random strangers and even many of them did not return a 'Thank You', at least they acknowledged me. And you fat BBB think you're so freaking high class to even look at me in the eye. Grrr.... I hope you have a door slammed on your face one day and that will teach you to be grateful.

I simply have no idea why am I overreacting so much but hell yeah I am annoyed with her insensitivity. Probably I only had less than 3 hours of sleep last night because of late night dance practices for this Friday's Taylor's Dance Competition.

On a happier note, I found a long time post by Missycheerio and I am so touched!
Love you long time girl.

sleepy :(

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