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Thursday, August 07, 2008

A Girls Day Out
with my darling ChengChoo and Big Sis Lynn

I've always loved hanging out with Darling Choo be it to a bar, window shopping, a theme park or anywhere else in the world. I would never be bored with her never failing sarcasm that comes out from her mouth.

We were suppose to go support Dear Chee Wei in the Final Show for So You Think You Can Dance Season II but we met up way earlier for a jalan-jalan-girls-time-together session

Our first stop was Mid Valley's Manhattan Fish Market for Lunch at 4pm in the afternoon.
We were freaking starving out tummies before even leaving the house.

Waited for Darling Choo to finish class to pick us up.

Ordered the yummilicious Fisherman's Platter with everything absolutely mouthwatering considering the fact that I have not eaten real seafood for the past 11 months abroad.

Darling Choo giving me the yummy look.

We were talking about what should we do with heartless guys who hurt girls.

Darling Choo: "Take a kettle, fill it up with water and boil it. Then pour the boiling water unto the male organ till the kettle is empty, and lastly knock the bugger's head with the empty-but still hot kettle."

Yeah, I seriously think that the government should consider punishing rapists using either that way or MY way because a rapist practically ruins a life after doing his shyte. I mean what is the difference between raping a girl, hurting her physically, mentally and emotionally?
You might as well just kill her instead.

MY Way: Skin the penis, Sprinkle it with Fresh Lemon Juice and add as much Sea Salt as you wish. Finally, chop it out and prepare to serve chilled.
-Yes I don't give mercy when it comes to this. Therefore stay away.

Darling Choo :)

Finally went over to Rumms KL for So You Think You Can Dance II.
omfg it was freaking packed.
Darling Choo and I couldn't see a thing because we were too short
(hey, I am 5 ft 3'' and I was wearing a 4 inch wedges ok and I still couldn't see)
Choo got annoyed and then we decided to leave after the opening show, waited for Brother in law Khee Wah to pick us up to Mont Kiara.


Seriously, can you actually believe that camwhore is now actually a word?
I like! :)

We kinda got lost because we missed a turning so we drove up to Uptown's Treehouse to chill instead. The atmosphere was incredible and not to stuffy. And of course live singing are always my preference because that is an incredible way to appreciate art instead of buying fake cd's and playing it over and over again.
*Plus, that give people like me more job opportunities considering I am in the performing line*
The Thailand Style Fried Kangkung is a must try if you are looking for something lite and easy to share.

Awesome place :)

Love Birdies.

Acting Macho

Pretty Choo Snapping away

And finally us 'TRYING' to get all Macho and cool.
I want more Girl's day outings!!!!! :)

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